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An Apple A Day - Day One
Published Oct 30, 2009


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Enter the world of Apple Harvest - a girl a little more awkward than most...

Enter the world of Apple Harvest - a girl a little more awkward than most... Apple harvest was exceedingly normal the day she was born.
First and only child of Mathew and Delilah Harvest, Apple spent the first years of her life as any other child might.
She learned to walk, talk and use the toilet and she started school at age five, just like her peers.
There was nothing special about this child at all. The only word that described her to a 'T' was 'average'.
As Apple grew older and entered her teen years, nothing changed for her, except those normal changes for any growing girl - a developing body and increasing thoughts of gossip, boys and fashion.

Apple was happy with her life, the only thing she really hated was the smattering of freckles across her nose.
Boys didn't mind that though and the day Apple's life really changed, was because of her growing lust for a babe in her history class. His name was Terry.
On the day her life changed forever, Apple had been asked by Terry to meet him behind the local science facility. It wasn't the most romantic place by any means, but this was her chance to get closer to her crush so she accepted willingly.

She arrived a little early and decided to catch up on some reading for school while she waited.

Suddenly, something grabbed her, something that must have been hiding in the dumpster she was standing next to.
who knows what happened then? Apple wasn't even sure. She remembered hearing a noise, being grabbed....but then she was standing next to the dumpster once more, still holding a book....although it was now a different book than the one she had retrieved from her bag originally.

As she studied the book, one she had never seen before, she noticed something else.
Her hands! Her Skin! She was an unsightly shade of green!

Forgetting about her date with Terry, Apple ran straight home, keeping to alleys and back roads as much as possible.
This had to be some kind of terrible dream! No one could really just suddenly turn green, could they?

When Apple arrived home, her parents almost died of shock. They raced her to the hospital immediately, but they were told nothing could be done, the doctors had never seen anything so extraordinary!

At first, Apple was more annoyed by the fact that she had turned green but still had that smattering of freckles plastered across her nose!

Regardless of what the family doctor said, Apple's parents would constantly search for anything that might help their daughter.
For the next six years Apple stayed tucked away in the safety of her parents home.
Her mother home schooled her and the only time Apple would leave the house was to take care of her garden. She seemed to have a natural way with plants since the accident.

Although Apple's condition did not make her physically ill at all, the pain caused by her isolation and the anxiety over her appearance was double the hassle in her opinion. The only way that Apple had any form of contact with the outside world was by reading the newspaper or chatting to others on the net.

She tried to stay away from any sort of technology though. She had come to believe that her situation was caused by the constant experiments to update technology that was, in her opinion, fine the way it was. If people could just accept things instead of always trying to improve them, she would still be a normal girl.
A few weeks after Apples twentieth birthday, something happened that she had always feared. Her parents were killed in a motor accident. She was on her own!

She hadn't done anything outside of the home by herself for six years, she hadn't seen another person (besides her parents) for just as long. She cried herself to sleep, feeling guilty because she was more upset for herself than for her dead parents.

Apple didn't attend the funeral, she just couldn't pluck up enough courage to leave the house.

Over the next two weeks, Apple kept herself busy at home, and in her garden, if she could keep her plants healthy enough she would never have to go into town to do any shopping. She would just be a vegetarian.

As for bills, her parents had left her with plenty of money...or had they?

A knock on the door sent fear through Apple's body It was bad enough answering to the police after her parents accident, but they had said they would leave her in peace from now on.

Apples hands were shaking as she opened the door to find a balding, heavy set man in a suit.

'My name is Laurence Parker.' He said, as if he expected her to know who he was.

Apple merely nodded and waited for him to continue.

'I was your parents accountant. i was wondering if I could have a word with you, it's about the estate.'

Apple agreed and waited to hear what could possibly have forced this man to come over in person instead of just calling.

'Unfortunately, there is not as much money as expected. In fact, there is no money. Your parents were heavily in debt, mostly due to the medicals bills from after your accident. I don't really know what else to say, except that I am willing to help you with whatever I can.'
'What are my options?' Apple asked quietly, although a surge of anger was coursing through her veins.

'Well, you will need to get a very well paying job to keep this place. I would suggest that it is more likely that you will be able to survive comfortably if you sell this house to pay off the debts and find a job so that you can rent a smaller place. One that you will be able to afford.'

Apple lashed out. 'I can't sell this house! I can't get a job! I can't do anything when I look like this, how can you expect me to do all this on my own?'

'Well, as I said, I am willing to help you, Miss Harvest. I can put this place on the market and there will be a buyer in no time. As for work, perhaps you would consider taking one of the internships that I offer at my office? You would be starting from the bottom, but at least it's something and you would have your own office so there wouldn't have to be a great deal of interaction.'

Apple nodded and tried to get her head around the situation. 'Okay, do whatever is necessary. I'll start looking for rentals on the net.'

That night, Apple went to visit her parents graves. She waited until past midnight, made sure that no one was around at all times and hid in the shadows the whole way there.

When she got to the cemetery, she broke down and cried for a good thirty minutes. They had just been trying to help her be normal again, but they had spent all their money on something that was never going to be. Now she really had NOTHING. No family, no house, no money.
It took a few weeks but Apple did manage to find a new place to live, Mr Parker helped out way more than was expected.
He managed to sell the house quickly for just enough to cover all the debts. That was the only good thing. At least Apple could now start with a clean slate.

The home she had decided to rent was on a large block but the house itself was quite small. Only one bedroom and one bathroom. The thing that really got her was the massive garden that was just waiting for some love.

Mr Parker helped her move the last of her things in and over a cup of coffee suggested that Apple consider letting someone stay in the small room above the garage. 'It would give you that little bit more money and you will be able to buy your own home a lot quicker. I can help you with maximizing any savings you might have.
Mr. Parker placed an ad in the local paper to let others know about the spare room.
This part of town was very sought after and there were many applications. Mr Parker chose a few to send over to meet Apple.

Apple waited anxiously the next day, she knew that she had a meet a few people who wanted to stay with her. She still wasn't sure that she was comfortable with this idea, but she had to get over her fears at some stage.

She was completely healthy, it was just the colour of her skin that made her different. This is what she had to keep remembering. At least she have something really debilitating.

At midday there was a knock at the door and Apple went outside to greet her visitor.
Freddy Wright was gorgeous.
After a quick introduction, he told Apple how interesting her skin was, he also mentioned that he was in the military and had aspirations of someday becoming an astronaut.

Apple was surprised at how at ease she was speaking to Freddy, she decided right there and then to let him stay, she didn't even need to see any of the other applicants.

Freddy was ecstatic with her decision and asked if he could start to move his things in immediately.
Apple said that was fine and smile to herself. Maybe things wouldn't be so bad after all...


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Wonderful start \:rah\: \:\)

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