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The Andretti Legacy (91)
Published Dec 5, 2009


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The Andretti Legacy
Chapter 91

The Andretti Legacy
Chapter 91
"You didn't tell me we were going on a blind treasure hunt underground." Logan stares down at the big hole in the earth.

"...I didn't know either." She shoots an evil glare at him.

"Well...ladies first." He holds a hand out to motion her to walk ahead of him.

"Gee, thanks...oh brave husband." She rolls her eyes and he follows her down the stairs.
"It smells terrible down old wet wood." Lizzi covers her nose as they walk down the stairs.

"It certainly smells better than my Frog Legs did." Logan looks around the room the exit the stairs into as Lizzi rolls her eyes laughing to herself.
"Oh, look! Is this a silver bar?" She walks over and picks it up.

"Did you just pocket that!?" Logan shrieks. "That wasn't your's!"
"Oh no, Logan. Are the Cave Police going to get me!?" Lizzi shouts back as she slaps a hand to her cheek. "What will I ever do!?" "I don't think I like your sarcasm." Logan says stiffly with a snotty face as Lizzi bursts into laughter. "Okay, Trail Boss. What do you suppose we do with this?" Logan looks at her with a sarcastic grin.

"I put on your big boy pants and start shoveling away." She smiles ear to ear at him. Logan lets out a laugh and shakes his head in disbelief.

"You could at least call them man pants." He mumbles as he starts breaking apart the rubble.
"Oh great!" Logan claps his hands and starts cheering after a good 15 minutes of rubble clearing. "A brick wall!"

"Logan, I swear..." Lizzi rolls her eyes.
"Maybe there's a switch or something to get it don't know. Maybe it's a secret door." Lizzi starts feeling around on the door.

"...I'm really beginning to think this is some silly tourist trap." Logan sighs heavily as Lizzi inspects the brick wall.
"And, I think I've got a blister." Logan whines to himself.

"Honey, I thought you were wearing your man pants?" Lizzi asks as she applies pressure to a random selection of bricks. Logan frowns and admits defeat.

"Good one." He smiles.
After about 10 minutes, the brick wall finally starts to vibrate and slides open.

"Aha!" Lizzi cheers. "Now, dear...that is something to cheer about!" She laughs and steps forward into the next room.
"Hmm...locked. I bet that switch has something to do with it." Lizzi stares down at the lock, and Logan remains standing just behind the switch. "Well, aren't you going to step on it?" She looks back at him.

"Well, sure...I'll also be thinking about what kind of enormous creature feet that size belong too." He smiles a silly smile and steps on the switch.
Logan follows Lizzi through the door, and in the next room. Lizzi finds a nice pile of shiny gold coins. She bends down to pick it up, and Logan just shakes his head.

"Now, really...what if those belong to someone? Like the old man who lost whatever he lost, while he was lost..." Logan confuses himself with all the 'losts'.

"Logan...think of it as a consolation prize or something. We're being put to a test, I think of this as my piece of Heaven that encourages me to keep going to the end." She pockets the coins and looks up at him with a smile.

"No, not get to the encourages you to keep going so you can keep pocketing all these riches and buy a big fancy house." He laughs and crosses the room and stands on a switch in front of a locked door.
The door stays locked, and they notice a small hole in the wall. Logan looks at the hole, then at Lizzi, then at the hole.

"" Logan backs off the switch away from the hole in the wall.

"Come on, Logan." Lizzi pouts. "I'm sure it opens this door."

He looks at her, then at the hole, then back at her again. He sighs heavily, and steps forward.
He moves his hand in a circular motion exploring the hole until he finds a small button. He presses it, and the lock on the door is released.

Lizzi hurries through the door in excitement, and Logan follows obediently behind her...not nearly as excited.
In the next room, they find two large piles of rubble. Logan looks at the rubble and notices Lizzi giggling quietly to herself.

"What's so funny?" He looks over at her knowing full well she thinks this is hilarious.

"...nothing, dear." She laughs and crosses the room to a heart shaped hole in the wall.
"This is interesting. I wonder what it's for." Lizzi examines it with a puzzled expression.

"I imagine it has something to do with this door...a locked door, yet again." Logan sighs painfully.

"...I'll bet the answer lies under those piles of rubble." She smiles back at him.
"Don't worry." He sighs as he heads over and starts breaking apart the rock. "I'll get it." He smiles softly.
"Awesome! A rock!" Logan cheers happily with a hint of sarcasm.

"Oh, Logan. You can be so dumb sometimes!" Lizzi laughs loudly. "The rock is the same shape as the thing on the wall...which means, we've unlocked the door!" She grabs the rock and hurries to the hole in the wall.

She pushes the heart shaped rock into the wall, and the door opens onto a small room with no doors.
"Great. Dead end." Logan looks around the room in frustration.

"Could you...for like...5 seconds, just open your eyes?!" She laughs hysterically. "Look at that obviously looks different than the others. Now get over there and find a switch." She points over at the wall as she barks her orders.

"Yes, Captain." He raises three fingers to his eyebrow and saultues her, the then meets the wall and starts pressing all the rocks.
"How do you know which one's to mash?" He asks her growing impatient.

"I don't. Just press them all." She says as she plops down on the rock floor as she tries to hide her yawn.

"I'm sorry I'm boring you, dear." He rolls his eyes as she smiles back at him, still yawning.
The door finally opens into a smaller room with a fence gate. They pass through the gate, and a long hallway lined with statues is just on the other side.

"Look at all these statues..." Lizzi looks around the room in amazement.

"Look, Lizzi. There's another switch. I bet it unlocks that door." Logan looks over her shoulder at the far end of the hall.
He hurries down the hall and steps on the switch. The door locks disappear, and he looks back at Lizzi smiling. He then steps off the switch and heads to the door, and just as he reaches it, the locks reappear.

Lizzi covers her face trying to silence some of her laughter.
"I swear, I should have become a comedian because you seem to think I'm hilarious." Logan turns around to face her.

"Look , Logan. This switch has a different pattern on it. You may also notice that there's no fence in front of this statue. That probably means you have to pull the statue to cover the switch." Lizzi points out each thing as she tells him about them.
Lizzi grabs hold of the statue and tries her best to pull it over to the switch.

"I'm wearing the man pants remember. Scoot over." Logan gently pushes her aside, and pulls the statue over the switch.
"Hooray!" Lizzi cheers as the statue settles on the switch and the door locks disappear. As they enter the next room, Lizzi yawns once more.

"Logan, I'm tired. We should set up the tent and sleep a little bit." She looks around the room noticing it's big enough to build the tent in.

"Do what?" Logan looks at her with a funny expression. "You want to sleep down here?!"
"Yes, Logan. I do. Come on. Don't be such a pansy. It'll be fun! How many people do you know can say they've slept in an underground cave?!" She giggles.

"I'm sure there's a good reason why not many people can say that." He looks at her blankly, and then they begin to build the tent to retire for the night.
Logan exits the tent slowly. His back is aching and his head is pounding. Sleeping on a rock floor is as comfy as it sounds. He pulls the tent down after noticing Lizzi messing with a hole in the wall. He joins her shortly after packing the tent.

"Any luck?" He asks.

"Nope. How did you know where the switch was inside this thing?" She moans impatiently.

"I didn't." He grins.
Finally, Lizzi finds the switch and wall opens up. Logan hurries through.

"Oh, great, Lizzi! We're back where we started!" Logan cheers with a huge amount of sarcasm.

"That just means there are other switches and doors to be found!" She grins and turns around and heads back into the cave. Logan follows her loyally.
The find a statue and another switch, so Logan pulls it into place. This causes another switch of the same type to appear. Logan pulls another statue over this switch. Some stairs appear after doing so, and the two of them follow them down further into the ground.

"Well...that's a little creepy." Logan states as they notice a tombstone in the middle of the big open room.
The maneuver through the small hedge maze, and Lizzi collects many more riches. They stop at another dead end, and Lizzi takes notice that it may also be a secret door. She does some pushing, pressing, and kicking, and finally the room opens up onto another scary spectacle. "...tell me this is freaking you out, too?" Logan asks quietly as they book examine the room. There's a tent dead center, and a human skeleton off to the side of it.

"...yeah, just a little." Lizzi replies with wide-eyes.
"Oh look! Nectar!" Lizzi smiles as she notices some nectar sitting on a pedestal.

"Lizzi!" Logan shrieks as she pockets it, too. "You're stealing from the dead now, too!?"

"Oh, Logan. We don't know that this is that guy's nectar! Besides, he certainly doesn't need it and it's aged to perfection from being down here!" She giggles.
She crosses the room and finds a hole in the ground. She dives right in searching for a switch.

"It feels funny in this, I don't know...maybe there's a bunch of dirt or something in it." She crinkles her face as she thinks about what she's putting her hand in. "It could be anything, I guess."
Lizzi screams a blood curdling scream as she pulls her hand from the hole covered in bugs and spiders and beetles.

"Logan! Logan! Help me! Get it off! Get it off!" She jumps around shrieking trying to get the bugs off her arm.
"Logan! Help!" Lizzi screams at him as he remains standing there watching her, trying not to laugh.

"It's just bugs, Lizzi." He says softly as she jumps around like crazy.
She finally wipes them all free, and tries to catch her breath.

"I can't believe you didn't help me." She growls at him.

"Lizzi, I wanted you to learn a lesson." He scratches his forehead hoping she isn't as mad as she sounds.

"Not everything is safe and happy as you think it is. I knew you weren't in immediate danger, so I let you handle things yourself." He tells her quietly.
"I've learned my lesson, Logan. You better learn your's, too. If I'm asking you for'd better help me!" She glares at him, and then reaches forward and hugs him happily. Logan can feel her heart racing against his chest. They find a secret door, and on just the other side, they both freeze in fear.

"Lizzi...this is really starting to get creepy..." Logan sighs as she pulls a tiny piece of paper from her pocket the old man had given her.

"He didn't say anything about tombstones or anything..." Lizzi states quietly.
"...let's just find whatever it is he lost and get out of here." Logan says flatly and steps further into the room looking around the tombstones. They find another hole in the ground, and Lizzi hesitates, but dives right in. She explores the hole and pulls a baseball out. "A baseball...really?" Logan looks at her flatly. "We did all of this for a baseball..." He whines quietly. "...well, it's certainly out of place. So, I would assume that yes...we did all of this for a baseball." Lizzi tells him softly.

"This is ridiculous! I mean really! I was thinking something valuable or something a little more precious than a baseball!" Logan grabs the hair on his head in frustration.
"...Logan, how do you know this baseball wasn't an heirloom passed down by many generations...or that it didn't belong to someone very important to him?" "A baseball, Lizzi?" He raises an eyebrow at her. "If anything, Logan...we had a fun time. At least I did...things like this don't happen to ordinary people...and we're certainly anything but ordinary people." She smiles at him. "Yeah. I guess you're right." He smiles back. "I had fun, too...I really did." "Yeah. I guess you're right." He smiles back. "I had fun, too...I really did." A few minutes later, the notice some stairs along the far wall that lead back to the entrance. Upon exiting the cave, Lizzi and Logan find it to be very dark outside.

Lizzi yawns, and stretches her arms out.

"Let's set up the tent and get some more rest until the sun rises." She smiles over at him.
And they did just that...

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pixi449Apr 14, 2012

I KNEW IT!!! I knew there was something up with Daniel! \:mad\: Although, that is mainly due to the fact that he has weird eyebrows and I have a fundamental distrust of people with weird eyebrows \:D Another great part, really want to know what is going to happen next!

Dec 27, 2010

great story thank you

Golden97Feb 24, 2010

Baseball? I'm sure thats been in a chapter before \;\) But i might be wrong \:\)

rocknRev4ChristFeb 13, 2010

Ok, you need to hurry up and continue on. I am caught up and can hardly wait for the next installment. lol
Well done story so far. Very creative in a lot of the generations. Keep it up!

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