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The Hunter Twins - Travelling I
Published Apr 19, 2010


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The Hunter Twins found out that their real mother lives in the New Simland. So they started travelling. Their first stop is in a place called "La Hispaniola".
I downloaded this world from the oficial Sims3 site but I'm not able to find the creator's name.

The Hunter Twins found out that their real mother lives in the New Simland. So they started travelling. Their first stop is in a place called "La Hispaniola".
I downloaded this world from the oficial Sims3 site but I'm not able to find the creator's name.
Jane looked at her brother and then she looked down. Val didn’t dare to look at his sister and he felt ashamed. Both were thinking of the same thing that happened and after a while, Jane said: “It’s incredible that we are twins…; it’s just incredible”. Her voice was a bit higher than usually.
He looked very unhappy: “It’s not my fault…; how could I know that I would have a flight phobia? I feel very ashamed that they had to make an emergency landing just for me…; I really thought that I would die there in that plane. I’m sorry sis; don’t count on me if you want to continue flying to New Simland. I will definitely not board another plane”.
Jane just didn’t know what to do with him. Even being twins, she always had been the leader of the two. She always had the idea that Valdemar needed her protection but now....! He still was depending on her. Due to his flight phobia they were now in a country they didn’t know, sitting on a bench very far away from the place where she wanted to go. It was she, who wanted to find their biological mother. As far as Val was concerned; he would have stayed home but he was fond of his sister and didn’t want to be left behind. “We’d better find a restaurant and eat something, Val. Afterwards we’ll look for a place to stay overnight and tomorrow I will see what we can do about this all”.
“Yes, I’m hungry” and he cheered up thinking that his sister would try to find a solution; with a bit of luck she would decide to go back home by ship.
In the Simworld everybody knows the fast-food chain ‘MacSim’ and it was there that they had their meal. Jane would have preferred to try the local food but, knowing her brother, he wouldn’t be very pleased with the idea of trying something new.
Before leaving the restaurant she inquired if there would be a hotel in the village but she was told that it would only be possible in town and that was about 50 kilometers away. In the village there was only a camping.
They decided to go and see that camping. They could rent a tent or a caravan. The caravan of course was more expensive but Jane rented it thinking about her brother who uses to be easily frightened. Most probably he couldn't sleep alone in a tent and she didn't feel like having him with her in a small tent. The caravan looked quite common but once inside it was really beautiful. They felt at home. The beds were comfortable as well and Valdemar was very pleased with the big wall mirror that made the caravan look bigger than it was. He was behaving like a child who sees himself for the first time in a mirror. Jane, in spite of feeling bad with this whole situation, had to smile slightly when she saw her brother act like he did.
“Well, we might as well see a bit of the surroundings”, she said and they walked through the village.
They ran into a young woman who presented herself as Daisy Bell. It was easy to see what her profession was. Asking her about it, Daisy said that she had studied to be a chef but she had been looking for a job. She was very pleased and told them that she had signed her first contract today. Jane invited her to have a coffee in their caravan but Daisy said that she didn’t have time for that. The contract she had signed was with the SimExpress and she had to prepare her luggage because the day after tomorrow, she would have to leave. “The SimExpress?” asked Jane. “Yeah, that’s a big, new train; it's like a hotel on wheels. You can travel about half of the Simworld with it. They’ve made underwater tunnels which make it possible to even visit islands. This is completely new and I will be their first chef. I’m very exited”. Jane was very interested and asked for more information. Then Daisy gave her the telephone number of the SimExpress. They said good-bye and went back to the caravan. Val had a shower and continued playing with the wall mirror.
When he heard his sister reserving train tickets he turned around and looked at her.
She said: “Val, you might as well spend more time with that mirror because we won’t be staying long here. The day after tomorrow we will be travelling by train. They will stop regularly and we will have time to see a bit of the world as well. Next day, after breakfast, they decided to get to know a bit more of this place and they went for a long walk crossing hills until they found a beautiful place with a big pond and barbecue facilities. They didn’t think it twice and started fishing. Jane was the first one to catch a big fish of which she was very proud. Shortly after that Valdemar caught an even bigger one. He held him proudly up and called to his sister: “Look Jane, I bet that you never caught a fish as big as this one…”. Jane laughed and said: “That’s true, but it’s the first time for you as well”. Before heading back to the caravan they passed by a bookstore in order to provide themselves of some literature for the voyage. With some good books they went back to the caravan where they fried the fish they had caught. The wonderful mountain air and the long walk back to the caravan had exhausted them and they fell asleep immediately.

To be continued

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taxa08Apr 1, 2012


Dec 15, 2010

thank you

fabrizioammolloSep 9, 2010

Great chapter! You wrote a really enjoyable story! \:\)

FikcijaJul 28, 2010

You obviously put a lot of work into your characters for them to look like in your TS2 story, and it's great! \:\) Was it intended like this from the start (the intro in TS2 and continuation in TS3) or did TS3 come out and you decided to transfer the story?

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