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Amber: Part One
Published Dec 22, 2010


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Hello, and welcome to my first ever Sim Story on The Sims Resource. I'd like to thank the creators of all the custom content, none of which is mine, and I'd also like to thank shimifeles for the tutorial, "Write Better Sim Stories", for inspiring me and helping me write this story. I've made stories before but none like this so please bear with me. Read on and I hope you guys enjoy :)

Hello, and welcome to my first ever Sim Story on The Sims Resource. I'd like to thank the creators of all the custom content, none of which is mine, and I'd also like to thank shimifeles for the tutorial, "Write Better Sim Stories", for inspiring me and helping me write this story. I've made stories before but none like this so please bear with me. Read on and I hope you guys enjoy :) Hi! My name is Amber Young. Soon after I became a teenager, I met the love of my life. Trevor Patter. We were so head over heels for each other, we decided to go to college as soon as possible to be even closer. The first day of college, as soon as everything was settled, we decided to...consummate our love. We knew little about it. But we managed just fine. That night, I awoke in his arms in total bliss. "Morning, beautiful," he sleepily whispered.
I smiled. "Good morning. You weren't watching me sleep, were you? 'Cause that's creepy."
He laughed at the joke. "Yeah, well, better get used to it because I'm probably going to be 'creepy' for the rest of our lives."
I laughed, pulling myself closer to him. "I love you, Trevor. Ever since we met I've loved you."
"Yeah, but I've loved you more." He wrapped his arms tightly around me.
"Doubt it," I teased. But it was true. I couldn't imagine him loving me more than I loved him. He found me at one of the loneliest moments of my life. If it wasn't for him, I'd probably still be at home, helping my mom raise my seven younger brothers and sisters, and counting.
"Amber, will you marry me?"
My heart skipped a beat. Without looking at him, listening to his heart, I whispered, "Of course, Trevor. Yes I will marry you. I couldn't imagine living without you."
"Or my 'creepiness'?" he joked.
I chuckled. "Or your creepiness."
Soon after I fell back asleep.
The next morning, we awoke together. Sitting up in bed, he pulled out a small box that had been hiding behind the alarm clock. Without a word, he walked around the bed and slipped the ring onto my finger before caressing my cheek. The couple months after that night we were attached at the hip almost all the time. I say almost because he majored in Philosophy while I was in Mathematics, so we had different class schedules. But every other moment we were together. I was still trying to get used to the idea of calling him my fiance. "Hmm..." he contemplated. "Where will be my next move?" "Hmm, I don't know. How about class? Since it starts in like ten minutes."
He looked up at the clock on the wall. "Shoot."
I followed as he rose to his feet.
"Guess I'll have to kick your butt after class."
I laughed. "In your dreams."
We said our goodbyes and he left down the side walk in front of our dorm to class.
Soon after he left, I started feeling ill. Was I sick? Did I eat something bad for dinner last night? No, because than Trevor would have been sick, too. What if... That's when it hit me. I knew exactly why I was sick to my stomach. I couldn't help but feel scared, stupid, surprised, and happy all at the same time. I rushed to my room to think, away from the other students living in the dorm. As I waited for the nausea to pass, I thought about...well, everything. What was I going to do? Should I tell Trevor? Should I stay in college would they even let me stay? Should I leave Trevor and go home to raise the baby? So that he could continue college? That seemed too painful to do. I turned to the other wall and stared at the picture of our first date. We were both nervous that day, but it turned out to be so romantic. We were so care free when we were teenagers. We didn't worry about things like pregnancies.
That's when I realized who I could talk to about this.
I rose from the bed, giving the picture on the wall one more glimpse, and walked to her room right next door.
Without knocking, I walked in and found her painting.
"Um? Lana? Can I talk to you?"
"Could you learn how to knock, first?" she joked, looking over her shoulder at me. This is Lana Patter. Trevor's twin sister. She came with us when we moved to college, more than eager to get out on her own. Though they are twins, they look nothing alike and have totally different personalities. The only thing they share is a birthday and a sense of humor. When I didn't say anything, she stopped painting and turned around.
"Amber, are you crying?"
I nodded, another gush of tears spilling over.
She led me to the leather love seat in the corner of her room, looking more concern and serious than I've ever seen her. "So what's wrong, hun? Is it school? Is it your family? Is it Trevor?"
I choked out a sob but sniffled it back just as quickly.
I calmed a bit. The words were there in my throat, but something kept them from coming up. "Aw, come on," she smiled, "I'm sure it's not that bad--" "I'm pregnant! Okay?! I'm pretty sure it is that bad!" I shouted at her. Instantly, I shrunk back, waiting for her furious yelling. Her blaming me for ruining her brothers life. Though Lana was playful, she also had a quick temper. "Oh, gees," she sighed, frustrated. "Of course he would go and do something like this. Just as soon as things were normal. I told Mom she should have talked to him about this stuff, but no, that would have been too awkward. I mean, yeah, he's great with our little sister, Millie, but that's not the same thing as raising your own! How could he do something like this? To you?" she ranted, half to me, half to herself.
I just watched quietly, waiting for her to start yelling at me, but she never really did.
"So," I cautiously said, "you're not mad at me?"
She looked up, expression softened. "Of course not, Amber." She sighed. "I'm not mad at either one of you. I mean, I know that contradicts what I just said, but I was just blowing off steam. You know how angry I can get."
"Oh." I was even more surprised. "So...what do you think I should do? Do you think I should tell him?" "I'm not sure. I never had to deal with a pregnant friend before. But if I were in your shoes, I'd want him to know, so I wouldn't be asking myself 'what if?' for the rest of my life." I thought about that for a moment. I knew what it was like to not know my father. My mom never told my dad about me, and I never met him. I don't even know what he looks like. I don't know if he's alive or dead or has a wife or kids somewhere. I don't think I'll ever know."I guess I'm going to have to follow my gut on this one," I said to myself. I turned to Lana. "Thanks for listening and helping. Really, I feel like a huge wait has been lifted off my shoulders now that someone else knows. Not that I've known for very long, but still." I got up and started walking to the door.
"Anytime," she said, watching me leave, "but I think you should follow your heart, too."
I stopped, not looking at her. "Do you think he'll break up with me?"
"Honestly, Amber...I don't know."
I continued out into the hall, leaving with more questions than when I walked in.
Later that night, I exercised while Trevor did his assignments.
"Is everything okay, Amber?" he asked, unexpectedly.
"What?" I was brought back to reality from my thoughts. My lonely, baby-filled thoughts.
"Are you okay? You seem very distant. What happened after I left for class this morning?"
I stopped pedaling, sighing. I guess now was a better a time then ever. "Can I talked to you about something? It's...important."
"Of course."
I walked to our room, towing him by the hand to the bed.
I walked around to my side of the bed and slapped on a fake smile as I relaxed next to him. "Okay. Now will you tell me what's wrong?
I turned to face him and he started to pull me close.
"Trevor," I sighed. "I...I'm pregnant."
He froze, his expression shocked.

Okay. Please rate and comment. I'd really appreciate some constructive criticism. Thanks for reading. With Christmas Break coming soon, I'm sure I'll be able to get the second part done soon.

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lexiqueApr 22, 2011

very very good x

fleurbleueMar 18, 2011

+1. Very good story and the scenes are just wow \:\) Great work!

Desu BaloneyDec 31, 2010

What a lovely well written. : ) I can't to read the next part.

MangioDec 24, 2010

What a wonderful start \:\) Congrats on having it featured \:rah\: I wonder what Trevor might say .. it's nice to get things of your back \;\) Can't wait to read more

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