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Taken (Part II)
Published Oct 15, 2011


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Here is part 2 of Taken, for your enjoyment ;-)

Here is part 2 of Taken, for your enjoyment ;-)
The sun shone in her hair and emphasized her silky golden locks...
A slight blush in her cheeks as she watches him stare at her affectionately...
The cool sea breeze that rustles the palm trees softly...

It was a beautiful evening, perfect even.
They stepped into the hot tub together slowly, letting the bubbles caress their feet.
Easing themselves gently into the water, they felt themselves starting to relax as their bodies welcome the warmth.

Cuddling together, they enjoyed the company they had and lost track of time.
The hours turned to minutes, the minutes seemed like seconds...
And soon, the night has fallen.
Chris Parker looks at her.
Admiring her presence; noticing the curls in her hair, the playful glint in her eyes, the slight smirk in her mouth...
He moves closer to Joanne and readies for a kiss...
Then he woke up.

“Dammit.... Not that dream again...”

The sun shone in his face as he woke up unwillingly from a blissful dream.
He checked his phone and did not believe the time that is staring back at him...

It’s 10a.m.
“Ah... Jeez...” Chris muttered.
Even though he slept till this late, he haven’t felt well-rested at all.
The fact that his mind was still dreaming about Joanne didn’t give him any rest,
being interrupted in the dream just made him feel worse.

“Looks like its going to be a long day...” he sighed.
Dragging himself from bed, he showered and changed.
Made some waffles for breakfast and ate in silence.
Just like any other day.
Hopefully today, he will get some news from his P.I. (private investigator) on the progress with the missing Joanne.
So far, nothing fruitful or concrete has been found about her whereabouts.

Chris tried to remain optimistic, he has to... for Joanne and his sake.

After clearing up the dishes, Chris got in the car.
As he drove past the gates, he wondered...

Why has it been 2 years and still no news of Joanne?
Is she alright? Is she well?
Could he even trust the P.I. he hired?
To get his mind off the questions, Chris headed for the gym to have a workout.
He figured that there is not much use worrying over the situation, it would only turn into paranoia.
The gym was empty.

“Of course, who works out at 11a.m.?” Chris thought.
Most people wouldn’t be here, they would be at work.

Since his vacation started, Chris has been at the gym daily during off-peak hours.
He enjoys the solitude as he’s not really in the mood to entertain people.
He attended less parties and avoided people because they always tend to “express their condolences for his loss”...
He doesn’t need their sympathy and he still believes that he will get Joanne back.
Later into the afternoon, Chris felt his phone vibrate.
Wiping sweat off his face, the phone showed a private number and he picked up the call.

“Chris here.”

“Mr. Parker? It’s me.” Ah, the P.I. About time he called.

“Any news? What did you find out?”

“I still cannot pinpoint where she is, sir.
Apparently, someone has been throwing a lot of false tracks.
They know that you are looking for her.”

“It does not matter. I don’t care about the kidnappers, I want Joanne.”

“Sir, you need to know something important. It may even be a clue...”

“Oh? What is it?” Chris got interested, finally, some leads.
“You are being watched and this call is being tracked.
I’ll have to go. Be careful, sir.”


Chris was a little peeved at the cryptic warning and almost started cursing.
Then he heard footsteps behind him, he was not alone.
The person walked over and observed the equipment Chris was using.

Chris took a few breaths and pretended to be cooling down, while his mind worked with the warning he got.
“I’m being watched?
Why bother when I’m just looking for my girlfriend?
Why are they so interested in my actions?”
Though, Chris knows that the kidnappers have strong backers since they managed to erase all tracks of Joanne and kept the police at bay.
Chris scanned the person next to him, he’s in uniform...

The person approached him and asked,
“Sir, can I ask you a few questions?”

Oh great, he’s also from the PD (police department).
“I don’t see why I should, officer.
Have I done anything illegal?”
“Oh no, please don’t feel offended.
We... I’m here to inspect the streets for suspicious behaviour.
If you could spare some time, I’m sure we could make the streets a better place-”

Chris knew that pretty line anywhere.
It is really overused in every police advertisement.
So often it was heard that it sounds almost like part of a pledge.
And who’s “We”? Chris kept the question at the back of his mind.
“I don’t think so, officer.
It is getting late and I should be getting back.”
Chris turned his back and started leaving the premises.

In a barely audible voice behind him, Chris heard,
“... You don’t know who you are dealing with, Parker...”

Chris spun around in shock and saw the man dashing for the fire exit.
Chris chased the man through streets and buildings...
Till he lost track of him.
It was dark and there were simply too many places for a person to hide.
Chris stands in the middle of the street, panting.
He was tired and his sweat-soaked shirt felt clammy against his skin.
He knows that he should go back home and refresh himself...

At least he knows that the P.I. is right, he is being watched.
He wondered what Joanne did to draw such dangerous attention...
But one thing is clear, he needs to be wary with his actions from now on.

And maybe it is high time he did some investigations on his own.
There you go.
Big hugs to the cc creators and loving their work! :D

Hope you enjoyed the story. ;-)
Thanks for reading till this page and stay chill.


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anura32Dec 15, 2011


MissTsarinaOct 29, 2011

I agree with all the others. Beautiful screens, great suspence, great story. Go to next chapter \;\)

isarpgistaOct 25, 2011

The screens are soooo beautiful! Anbd the story is soooooo great! I'm very curious about what's happening! \:D

RatRaceRobOct 23, 2011

Fantastic screens once again -- as always! \:rah\:  And... man oh man, Chris seems to be deep in something seriously weird.  It's not paranoia if they really are out to get you, and between that and his dreams of his missing love... poor guy could suffer a breakdown or something \:wacko\: ...  But hopefully not before he finds his Joanne so she can nurse him back to mental health \;\) :P

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