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Take Care 1-2
Published Oct 29, 2011


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Hey guys welcome back if you have already read the first part or just welcome :)
But anyways I would've have published this sooner but my Sims game has been acting up so I might have to re-make every character by Chapter 2.
Happy reading and don't be afraid to comment!

Hey guys welcome back if you have already read the first part or just welcome :)
But anyways I would've have published this sooner but my Sims game has been acting up so I might have to re-make every character by Chapter 2.
Happy reading and don't be afraid to comment!
As soon as the bell rang, Mimi swooped up and headed straight for the door with Jenny right on her tail. She couldn't take another minute in that class with Anthony sitting right behind her. Not to mention the fact he would be the entire year. Just as Anthony began to walk out the door, Kyle stopped him in his tracks to confront him.

Kyle: Okay dude stop right there.

Anthony: What's up?
Kyle: What's up? What's up is that you were staring at Mimi the entire lecture.

Anthony: Soooo...?

Kyle: So why didn't you like tap her shoulder, say hi, or introduce yourself?!

Anthony may not have looked the part but he was a pretty shy guy when it came to talking to girls and he wouldn't know how to even start a conversation.

Anthony: Kyle you know why I haven't had a girlfriend before, so stop it.

Kyle: You shouldn't let what happened hold you back from having a life Ant.

Anthony: Oh really? Try coming home everyday to an alcoholic, depressed mother! Then come to talk to me about some girls.
Anthony stormed out the room angry.

Kyle was speechless, he could still tell how affected Anthony actually was from the accident. So he let the conversation slide and left the classroom as well.
Anthony's father, was a down right good photographer. He loved taking pictures anywhere. Sometimes even in sticky situations he would take a chance on anything. Anthony and his father were inseparable when it came to Anthony's sports. He helped Anthony with everything when it came to sports. He even gave him a lesson in a little bit of photography as a kid growing up.

Everything changed that one day his father died by a hit and run.
Just as Kyle left the classroom he spotted Jenny and Mimi chatting in front of the classroom door and managed to hear a part of their conversation...

Jenny: Why did you run out so fast? What are you scared of him?

Mimi: I -

Kyle butted into their conversation.
Kyle: Scared of what, if I may ask?
Jenny shut her mouth so fast and could see the look on Mimi's face saying she wanted to punch her.

Kyle: Can I talk to you for a minute...Mimi?

Mimi: Okay?

Jenny: I'll go to my locker. Bye!

Mimi was sort of confused as to why Kyle Hammon would want to chat with her all of a sudden. Especially, after being in his class every single year since middle school, he now wants to talk to her randomly?
And just from across the hallway, Monica Lopez couldn't help but notice the two were to talking to each other.

Monica: Hey who's that girl talking to Kyle?

Taylor turned her head so quick to see what Monica was watching.
Taylor: I don't know, but I love the bag but hate her. Let's walk up to her after they are done.
She continued to watch them like a hawk looking at it's prey.
Kyle: So what's up with new look?

Mimi: What? Did you want to talk to me about my look or something? I mean, do you hate it? Because I think I look fine.
Mimi had zero experience with boys. She was too busy with her head in the books to even notice them.

Kyle: Whoooa! Come down. What is this twenty questions?
Mimi blushed and felt like an idiot asking a million questions all at one time. She was thinking he probably thought she was weird.

Kyle: I was kidding. You look good. As a matter of fact you look really good, wanna date?
Kyle was a stand up class clown and a real good outgoing guy who wasn't afraid to say anything that came to his mind. It was as if he didn't have a mind.

Mimi didn't know if he were kidding or not but she would still would say no, he wasn't her Anthony.
She turned her back on him and walked away.
Mimi: No thanks.

Kyle couldn't help but stare at her. It was actually the first he had ever been rejected by someone. He was kind of...confused.
He couldn't help but think to himself while walking away how interesting it felt to be rejected and "that's a first."
And so the march of the preps began as Taylor's little clique stormed down the hallway walking towards Mimi. To Be Continued...

Sorry for the short chapter! but I can't really upload as much as i would like to for this chapter. But the next chapter will be out today as well. So stay tuned and comment and what not.

- Jacky

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KianowNov 10, 2011

Yo find out please in a month! because im moving in a month! so we dont have internet there!!!!!!\:\(

KianowNov 6, 2011

well let me know as soon a you can.

KianowNov 6, 2011

Oh k \:wacko\:

quiyah93Nov 5, 2011

To tell the truth I wish I could remember cause i had to restore my game, but if I find out I'll let you know.

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