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Finding Carrie...
Published Nov 27, 2011


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This is my first story here on TSR. Please forgive me if this is a slow start to Carrie's story. I would like to thank the awesome creators of all the CC that I am using in my game and my story. Special thanks to (adre10) for the Belo Medical Center which is featured in this chapter. Please enjoy and let me know what you think. Be nice :-)

This is my first story here on TSR. Please forgive me if this is a slow start to Carrie's story. I would like to thank the awesome creators of all the CC that I am using in my game and my story. Special thanks to (adre10) for the Belo Medical Center which is featured in this chapter. Please enjoy and let me know what you think. Be nice :-) Monday 12:00 PM

Belo Medical Center
(Mental Health Ward)
Carrie Woodfork has been asleep for the last 2 days... Dr. Donovan Jones, the doctor on call is making his rounds. Dr. Jones: Hey Judy, Mrs. Brandon needs assistance. I'll be right in as soon as I check on Ms. Woodfork.

Judy: Yes, Doctor. I gave Ms. Woodfork 5 cc's of Spazadrine for insomnia about 3 hours ago.
Dr. Jones: Okay. That's enough for now. I want her alert enough to communicate with Dr. Seymour when she gets here. Dr. Jones finds Carrie sleeping soundly in her room. Dr. Jones: Ms. Woodfork? Good afternoon. Can you hear me? Dr. Jones: If you don't mind, I would like to turn on the lights. Dr Jones: Will that be okay? Ms. Woodfork? Ms. Woodfork? Carrie is finally awakened by Dr. Jones' persistent and low-pitched voice.

Carrie: Hmm? Wha-What's going on?
Carrie:(drowsily) Where am I?

Dr. Jones: You're at the Belo Medical Center. A concerned co-worker called the paramedics for you Friday.
Carrie: What day is it?

Dr. Jones: It's Monday. You've been asleep for a couple of days.
Carrie is shocked. How could she be in the hospital for two days and not know it?

Carrie: What happened? I can't remember a thing. Where's Dr. Seymour?

Dr. Jones: She's coming as soon as she finishes at her clinic. Meanwhile, I'm here to help in any way I can. You mind if I flip on the lights?

Carrie: Um...Sure...why not?
Dr. Jones: My name is Dr. Donovan Jones. I am the Doctor on call today. It's nice to finally meet you...awake! Dr. Jones: I have been studying your chart and it is most unusual. Can you remember anything about your day at work Friday?
Your co-worker says that you were behaving strangely and that you were complaining about a headache.
Dr. Jones: According to your chart, you get severe headaches when under extreme stress. Can you tell me about your headaches? Carrie: Well, there's... not much to tell. The headaches started about 10 years ago and they come off and on without warning. I couldn't tell you what caused my headache Friday. Carrie: All I know is that when they come, they cause me to black out and I usually have to be hospitalized. I haven't had them in several months. It's been about as long as I've had my new job at the Publishing company. Suddenly Carrie remembers that it's Monday and she's missing work.

Carrie: I should be at work! I have so much work to finish. Do you by any chance know the name of the co-worker who called the paramedics for me?
Dr. Jones: I don't have that information. I would have to check the emergency room information desk to get that information. I can let you know as soon as I get it. But you are in no condition to go to work today. Just relax. Dr. Jones: I would really like for you to try to remember what happened Friday. Do you think you could try? Carrie: Well, I remember getting to work early to finish some important projects and... "When I got there, I began to feel light-headed. At first, I didn't think too much about it." "I can remember being at my desk and feeling a slight pain in the front left corner of my head."
"That's when I saw my meds sitting on my desk. I had taken them out because I had forgotten to take them before I left." "I took the bottle in my hand and as I got up from my desk..." "The pain got worse. It was unbearable! I remember feeling as though I were about to die. Then..." "Everything went black." Carrie: I suppose, it was at that point that I passed out. Carrie: I hadn't missed a dosage of my meds in about 6 months. I can't bear to lose another job because of my episodes. I just got an apartment that I love. And I'm finally free from my moth---er... Carrie: Tell me something. Has anyone been here to visit me within the last few days?

Dr. Jones: No. You have had no visitors. Someone has called to see if you were here, but we don't give out that type of information on the phone. Tell you what, I'll get the information you asked for from the ER information desk and I'll check back on you in a while. Dr. Seymour will be here shortly.
Dr. Jones: Just relax and let the nurses' station know if you need any assistance. Take care, Ms. Woodfork. Carrie's first response was to get her things and run home as fast as she could. "What's happening to me?", she thought. ... Carrie was in deep thought when she heard a knock at the door. Voice: Hello, Carrie. Can I come in? Dr. Seymour: Carrie? Are you okay?

Carrie quickly turns and sees Dr. Seymour standing at the door.

Carrie: Dr. Seymour! Hi!
Dr. Seymour: How are you feeling today, honey? You gave everyone quite a scare. You've been like Sleeping Beauty for a couple of days. Carrie: Dr. Seymour, I'm confused. I don't know what's happening to me. Things were going great and then, out of no where... Dr. Seymour: Well I think that you've had a lot of new, exciting things happen to you over the past few months and that you are responding physically to that. Dr. Seymour: Carrie, you're an intelligent, beautiful woman with a great future ahead of her. I am confident that with treatment and time, you will return to the woman you once were. Carrie: That's just it. What if I never go back to being normal. Carrie: I mean, what if treatment doesn't work? What am I even being treated for? I'm scared, Dr. Seymour. Dr. Seymour: Carrie, I promise that I will be here to help you in any way I can. I would like to start meeting with you once a week again. Just to talk. I'm making you an appointment for Wednesday in my office. Dr. Seymour: Your tests results were fine. There is no neurological damage so we can continue with therapy and medication. Carrie: Great. So when do I leave? You know I hate hospitals. Dr. Seymour: I do know that. I'd say, if you have another good night like last night, you'll be discharged by morning. Dr. Seymour: How's that sound?

Carrie: Sounds wonderful. I can get back to work.

Dr. Seymour: Yes you can. I think this job is very positive for you. You seem to really love it. Well if there's nothing else, I'm going to make the rest of my rounds. You get some rest, Carrie. See you first thing in the morning. Good night.
Carrie: Good night, Dr. Seymour. Thanks for everything..

Dr. Seymour: My pleasure...
Carrie smiles to herself as Dr. Seymour leaves her room. She owes much of her progress to Dr. Seymour. After her father's death, Carrie didn't think life was worth living. At the advice of a friend, Carrie sought therapy and her relationship with Dr. Seymour was born.

Suddenly, Carrie hears an eerily familiar voice...

Judith: I knew you'd be here. Look at me! I'm your mother for goodness sake!
Carrie: (startled) Mother?! Carrie: Who told you I was here? Judith: I guessed. I knew you would be here being the Drama Queen that you are! You are such an embarassment! I'm glad your father isn't here to see what a weak woman you are. Do you even care what you're doing to the Woodfork name? What would everyone think?! Carrie: Mother...I'm sorry...I...don't feel too good. Carrie's body goes limp as she crashes to the floor. Judith: Carrie!! You get up this instant!! Carrie! Quick! She needs a doctor!

Dr. Seymour rushes into Carrie's room.
Dr. Seymour: Carrie! Pardon me, ma'am. You should NOT be in here. Please go!! Did you hear me?! Please Go immediately!! Judith:(angrily) Gladly!

Dr. Seymour: Dr. Jones, I need your help!
Dr. Seymour: Get me 10 cc's of Boxarlate stat!! That woman should NOT have been allowed in here. Who's responsible for this?

TO BE CONTINUED... Well that's the end of Chapter One... Thanks for reading. Stay tuned for Chapter Two.

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urm0mDec 18, 2011

Poor Carrie!

SimplySarahDec 5, 2011

Very nice loved it. \:wub\:

fabrizioammolloDec 3, 2011

Very good beginning! \:\)

mogan44Nov 29, 2011

Awesome first chapter! Can't wait to read on!

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