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The Woodland Chronicles (4) ~ Family Life
Published Nov 27, 2011


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Hello and welcome back to the Woodland Chronicles! Sorry it's taken so long. School started again and I got a bit overwhelmed by the amount of work I had. It's all under control now and I'm pleased I've managed to produce this! Hope you enjoy it.

Hello and welcome back to the Woodland Chronicles! Sorry it's taken so long. School started again and I got a bit overwhelmed by the amount of work I had. It's all under control now and I'm pleased I've managed to produce this! Hope you enjoy it. "Please Father, may we stay with you for a few days? My friend needs to rest or she will get ill," Kyra asked quietly. Kyra's father laughed coldly.
"Why should I help you, daughter?" he spat.
"Please," Kyra said quietly, bowing her head. Rowan had never seen her looked so wretched. All her attitude, all her swagger had been reduced to the small girl shaking on the carpet. "Do what you want! Just get out of those clothes and stay out of my way!" Fabien said irritably with a wave of his hand. He then disappeared into the depths of the house. The next day passed slowly. Kyra spent it hidden in the kitchen, scrubbing from top to bottom until her hands were red and raw. When Rowan tried to help her, she snapped at her to leave her alone. Caleb sat in the small room he was sharing with Rowan and moped over Theresa. She had asked him why Kyra was so down but he too had snapped at her to be left alone and mind her own business. She had also met Kyra's two brothers. The eldest, Fabien Jnr, had tried to flirt with her a few times as she wandered around the house. Unfortunately for him, she was less than keen and quickly told him where to stick it. The other, Nathaniel, hid in the library, books stacked haphazardly around him. Rowan had tried to engage him in conversation but he had turned bright red and stammered profusely. The house was filled with many beautiful statues and paintings but one in particular caught Rowan's eye, a portrait of the three Wyrd children together, painted some years previously. Someone had carved in the wood panel beneath the painting "The Golden boy, the Scholar and the Disappointment."

This house confused Rowan. Everyone stayed out of each other's way. Kyra had vanished deep inside herself, leaving a mere shadow of what she usually was.
Everything came to a head at dinner. They sat facing each other, like two armies on a battlefield and silently ate their dinner. Rowan felt something rub against her leg and kicked it hard. Across the table, Fabien's expression turned from a smug smirk to a pained grimace. "So, Kyra," Fabien said slowly, breaking the silence. "Your brother has been accepted into the Royal guards." Kyra's eyes shifted over to her older brother.
"I can see that," she said flatly. "He hasn't stopped wearing the uniform since we got here."
Fabien glared at her while their father coughed gently.
" I don't see while it is such a big deal, I've been working for the Queen since I was fourteen," she muttered.
"Yes, but that bounty hunting thing you do is hardly important compared to guarding the Queen," her father snapped dismissively. "Not important!" said Kyra sharply.
"Kyra..." Caleb said warningly.
"No Caleb! What we do is important! We protect the kingdom and the Breathers!" she shrieked. "Why can't you be proud of me," she yelled and ran from the room.
"Uh, so Caleb. How's your family?" Nathaniel stammered as Fabien stared after his daughter.
Rowan made her excuses and followed Kyra upstairs. She was sitting on her bed, the gossamer curtain pulled around tight. "Are you ok?" Rowan asked quietly, sitting on the sofa by the bed.
"Yeah, I'm fine. Father just makes me so miserable," Kyra murmured. A tear rolled silently down her cheek and fell to her lap.
"My mother was a very powerful witch and an expert in Magical Law," she continued. "However, shortly after I was born another war sparked up between the Queen and the late Duke of Evil. My mother was one of the casualities." Her voice faltered and she stopped. "He hates me," she added quietly. "I look like her so much, he can't stand to look at me. It hurts him too much." She started to cry properly and all Rowan could do was put an arm around her friend and wait for the tears to stop. They slipped off early the next morning, without any ceremony. Only Nathaniel was there to see them off.
"Come back soon baby sister," he whispered to Kyra. "Where are you going next?" "To see the Valkandors."
"Say what!" Caleb yelped.
"If I have to endure my family, you have to as well!" Kyra shot back.
"Soooo," said Rowan a few hours later. She looked once more round the buildings inside the walls.
"What," snapped Caleb. "It's my home. What's wrong with it?"
"It's a church," said Rowan pointedly.
"And?" Caleb asked icily.
"Well, what about the whole vampires and power of Christianity thing? Being repelled by the Cross and all that."
"Oh man! Caleb, where did you find this one? Vampires hating Christianity! Dad would go mental!" a boy crouching on a roof howled. His laughter echoed around the courtyard. He jumped off the roof, landing lightly on his feet before sauntering towards the trio with a lazy grin on his face. "Nice to see you're back, brother. Hopefully you will stay a little while longer than usual," he added quietly, almost like an afterthought. He waved them cheerily towards the house. "Mum! Guess who's back!" he called inside. Deep from within the house, footsteps were heard. "Caleb? Is that you, darling?" "Oh, Caleb, it is you!" Claudia said, enveloping him in a hug.
"Hi, Mum," he said softly, taking a deep breath of her perfume.
"And here we have Kyra," she said warmly, taking Kyra's hands in her own and smiling fondly. "Oh, and who is this? A new companion?" she asked, taking a few delicate sniffs. "Hmm, human female," she muttered.
"Wha-" stammered Rowan.
"Oh, dear please don't be alarmed. My eyes are discoloured as you can see because I am blind. As a result my hearing and sense of smell are greater even than an average vampire. I can tell an incredible amount about someone just by their smell!" Caleb seemed to settle back into his family quickly. He read to his little sister Victoria And he seemed to slip back into a routine of teasing and mock-fights with his older brother George. "Wow, they seem nice. Why on earth does Caleb not want to stay here?" said Rowan that evening.
"Yeah, they always have this honeymoon period where everything seems sunshine and rainbows. It won't last, it never does," Kyra said from her bed.
"And when it does go wrong..." she added with venom. "...I can guarantee it will be to do with that little princess Victoria." As it happened, Kyra's prediction came true. Later that evening, Victoria upset the peaceful balance of the household and as it happened, Rowan was caught right in the middle of it.

She sat on the edge of the bath, her damp curls bouncing on her forehead as she pulled at her ill-fitting pyjamas. She sighed and strode to the door.
"Oh hello. It's Victoria, right?" she asked.
"Yes, that's right. Can you help me please? I'm thirsty."
"Oh, do you want a drink?" Rowan asked nervously but Victoria wasn't listening.
"They don't let me hunt by myself. Mother and Father. They say I'm too young, tell me I can't control the blood lust," she said, gazing out the window at the dark trees.
"Is that right?" Rowan said, her voice slipping up a few octaves.
"Oh yes! I'm young and foolish apparently. I might drink the stupid Breather dry by mistake!" she said innocently, batting her eyelashes. "So when I smelt you for the first time, I couldn't resist my thirst any longer. Because, you smell so good..." she purred stretching out a hand to grab Rowan. "Victoria! What are you doing!" George yelled. Caleb stumbled bleary-eyed onto the landing.
"What's going on?" he asked, staring from George to Rowan to Victoria.
"The little idiot was going to drink from Rowan!" he snapped, guesturing angrily at Victoria. Caleb looked sharply at his sister.
"Oh for goodness sake. All this fuss over nothing," Victoria muttered.
"Vic-" Caleb began.
"Shut it Caleb, you've never been thirsty!" she said, tossing her hair before stalking back to her bedroom.
"She didn't actually drink from you, did she?" Caleb asked, his face twisted with fear.
Rowan shook her head.
"Please, Rowan, are you sure!" he pleaded.
"Woah, woah, what's the problem?" she said.
"The problem is this!" George snapped.
He bared his teeth, showing his elongated canines.
"I agree with Vic, you do smell good, better than the average Breather. But it's against the law to drink from one, unless they are asleep and certainly not if they are a guest in your home! For a vampire to even try is a serious offence!"
"Hey guys, what's happened. I heard shouting," Kyra yawned.
"Victoria tried to drink from me," Rowan told her. Kyra's eyes widened in horror. She looked wordlessly at the Valkandor boys.
"We have to tell your parents. They need to know in case Victoria tries to go on a rampage," she said, visibly trembling.
Caleb led the way downstairs and knocked on his father's study door. It swung open to show both his parents in the nightclothes. The four piled in, not noticing the figure in the armchair before the desk. "Caleb, George, what is this?" Victor rumbled.
"I heard shouting upstairs. What's happened my dears?" Claudia added more delicately than her husband.
"Our darling spoiled brat of a sister tried to drink from the Breather. When was she last taken out to drink?" George said, his voice barely concealing his anger. "Victoria would never do such a thing!" Victor spluttered. He angrily pointed at Caleb.
"This is all your doing, isn't it Caleb!"
Caleb stared at his father. His heart sunk as he realised that his stay with his family was once again over. He didn't argue with Victor. He knew it was hopeless. "Excuse me, your grace." The vampire in the armchair spoke for the first time.
"This is a serious accusation your children and their friends make."
The Duke folded his arms and glared at his guest.
"Do you think I am incapable of dealing with this matter, Cleo Darkwater," he said icily.
"Yes frankly I do," she said. Victor growled with fury but she ignored him.
"This matter involves your children! You are emotionally compromised by it and therefore your judgement is compromised! Not to mention, this is a serious matter!" she told him.
"This will be handled by the Duchess," Cleo said in a tone ringing with authority.


Please comment! Next part will be The Duchess, coming sooner rather than later hopefully! Happy Simming!

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