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No Angels Here- Chapter 9
Published Mar 13, 2012


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*I can't believe its been 4 months since chapter 8!* :-O

Life just happened all at once and I found myself so busy and too caught up in it all to make time for my favorite hobby :(
However I'm quite excited to be back, I've missed writing this story so much.

As usual thank you to all my loyal readers and a great big thanks to the cc creators as well.

*Tip* Chapter 9 will make a lot more sense if you re-read Chapter 8 to refresh your memory.

*I can't believe its been 4 months since chapter 8!* :-O

Life just happened all at once and I found myself so busy and too caught up in it all to make time for my favorite hobby :(
However I'm quite excited to be back, I've missed writing this story so much.

As usual thank you to all my loyal readers and a great big thanks to the cc creators as well.

*Tip* Chapter 9 will make a lot more sense if you re-read Chapter 8 to refresh your memory.
Still trembling, Ava slowly backed away before accidentally slipping and falling down to the floor. Theo immediately reached down and offered her his hand. She sat there staring at his outstretched hand for a few seconds before her gaze slowly lifted to his face. "I'm not going to hurt you Ava" Theo said calmly "Just give me your hand, we'll sit down and talk about this"
The look of pure fear on Ava's face said it all. She remained sitting, her eyes darting from his face to the doorway. Suddenly, in a surge of unexpected adrenaline, she stood up and made another run for it. Her efforts were in vain however for Theo caught her by the wrist before turning her around and pinning her against the wall, blocking her exit.

"Let go of me!" she yelled in his face while attempting to pull away "Get your hands off me!"

"Calm down first"

"Don't you dare to tell me to calm down! Who are you?"

"Ava... please will you just.."

"No! Let go of me!" she shrieked, still struggling to get out of his grasp "You lied to me, this whole time. How do you know my real name and who do you work for? What do you want from me?"
"Do you hear yourself right now Ava?" snapped Theo "Accusing me of lying? Don't play victim here. Yes it's true, I'm not who I said I was but neither are you. So for goodness sake don't give me that"

Ava glared at him as her blood boiled.

"No angels here Ava" continued Theo "We've both got dirt. Now are you going to calm down so we can discuss this or are you going to keep making it difficult for us?"

After a while Ava slowly nodded and appeared to have calmed down so Theo let go of her hand
However, she immediatley made yet another run for the door and this time all Theo could do was grab her by the waist, lifting her up as her arms and legs flailed about causing him to lose balance. They both fell to the ground and Theo soon had her pinned on the floor.

"Listen to me!" he yelled sternly "I'm tired of this game, just listen to what I have to say then you can leave"

Shocked, Ava finally quit struggling and stared up at him.

"You don't understand Ava" Theo pleaded, his voice straining "This isn't how things were supposed to go. I was just doing my job... A job I wish I had never accepted in the first place. Elias Golding hired my partner Cairo and I to investigate you... You, Joshua and the rest of the girls. I was just doing my job... then I lost track of everything... I found myself falling for you Ava. Then the more I got to know you the more I realized that I couldn't do this anymore... I knew I had to tell you eventually, I just didn't know when and this is the exact reaction I was dreading" he paused before adding "How do you tell someone the truth when you're already in too deep? I knew I could never turn you in and that I needed a plan to get us both out of this mess but in the meantime I had to play along, continue to lie to you and continue to avoid raising suspicion in Cairo and Elias. You have to believe me Ava..."

As he spoke, the desperate look in his eyes softened Ava's gaze. Her eyes searched his, scanning for any trace of dishonesty. She found none. So she slowly reached up, gently stroking the side of his face.

"I love you Ava" said Theo, as his eyes welled with tears.

It was all the conviction she needed.
Ava gently wiped his tears away as she herself began tearing up.
She took a deep breath as he lifted himself off her.
He reached out and pulled her closer, gently wiping away her tears. Then he tightly wrapped his arms around her, pressing his lips against hers. More tears rolled down Ava's face as she kissed him back. A couple of minutes later the mood had changed. A pressing sense of urgency now filled the air as Theo filled Ava in on the details. Joshua who now knew everything had fled and Cairo was on his way over.

"We have no choice but to leave the city tonight"

The words coming from Theo's lips sounded almost surreal to Ava.


Theo nodded, looking around "I just need to call Cairo first to try and stall him a bit then grab a few things"

Leaving Ava to process things, Theo pulled out his phone and dialed Cairo's number. He proceeded to convince him that he had stopped by Ava's house and found it empty so he was therefore on his way over to their office downtown where they should meet up to discuss what to do next.
After Theo had grabbed a few items, they headed over to Ava's place where she hurriedly proceeded to pack a small suitcase as well.

Theo sat anxiously waiting for her to finish whilst calculating their next move.
An hour later, they found themselves at the train station, tickets in hand and waiting for their train to arrive. Ava sighed and leaned her head on Theo's shoulder. He instinctively wrapped an arm around her, burying his face in her hair which smelled of cucumber melon.

"You ok?" he asked.

"Yes, just tired" she replied, briefly closing her eyes.
A train made its finally boarding call before slowly pulling out of the terminal, steel screeching on steel and a few minutes later, their train was announced. As the PA clicked into silence, the rear of the last train disappeared into the distance.

Suddenly, Theo's phone began vibrating for the third time since he had called Cairo. With a slight twinge of guilt, he let it go to voice mail once again.

A sharp gust of wind suddenly hit them, making Ava shiver and nestle closer to Theo who quickly rubbed her arm to generate heat.
Once they were in the train and it began pulling away from the station, the reality of what was happening suddenly struck Ava. She placed her hand on Theo's leg, giving it a slight squeeze.

"Don't worry" he said, as if reading her thoughts, "Just trust me"
"By the time Cairo realizes what's happening, we'll be long gone. He'll never think to search for us in Gainesville. He'll assume we left the state" he said comfortingly.

"How do you know that?"

"I've know him long enough to know how he thinks"

Ava gazed out the window as the bright colors of Miami dashed past them.

*Goodbye Miami* she thought to herself. To her surprise however, it wasn't a sense of sadness that was currently filling her but a sense of peace. She felt safe with Theo and knew that someway somehow, everything would turn out fine.
It was dawn by the time they arrived in Gainesville. From the train station, they took a cab to the nearest Motel and wearily stepped into the reception area. "How may I help you lovely folk today?" came the receptionist's all too energetic voice.

Ava smiled weakly. Exhausted from the long train ride and eager to get in bed she inquired about room availability.

A few minutes later, room key in hand, Ava walked ahead as Theo dealt with the luggage. Once inside the room, they looked around, not sure of what to make of it.

The carpet was in dire need of cleaning but the bed linen looked freshly washed, the decor was minimalistic but nonetheless warming and the air smelled of stale smoke.
This was going to be home until further notice, came the realization.
Ava looked down and smiled.

Theo arranged the luggage and sighed, slipping his hand in his pocket for his wallet.
"I'm starving, I'll go see if anything's open and get us a bite to eat"

"Will you be ok?" he asked with a smile.

Ava smiled back and nodded "hurry back".
And with that, Theo grabbed the key and left.

Yawning, Ava yanked open a drawer and pulled out fresh towels. Her intention was to take a quick hot shower however, an overwhelming desire to lay down took hold of her so she slipped off her shoes and lay down on the thick duvet.
Then she reached for the remote and switched on the tv, lowering the volume just enough to have background noise for without Theo the room was eerily quiet.

It wasn't long before she dozed off. She awoke with a jolt as the door flung open.
In walked Theo, holding a plastic bag.

"You scared me!" exclaimed Ava.

Theo smiled apologetically "Sorry".

After closing the door behind him he walked over to the small coffee table and laid out the contents of the bag.

"Everything's closed and the one place that was open didn't have much. I wanted to get us muffins but they looked like they had been sitting there a little too long... Hope you don't mind, I figured some snacks were better than nothing"

"No worries" said Ava, stretching before getting out of bed and joining him at the table.

Theo tore open his bag of chips and eagerly took a handful. Ava watched in amusement as he shoved some in his mouth then she opened her can of soda and took a long slow sip.

After they had finished eating, things had gone quiet again. Noticing Ava staring into the distance, Theo began to wonder what was going through her mind.
Knowing she was used to the finer things in life, Theo momentarily regretted his decision for them to stay at a Motel for a few weeks. Then again, it was the best choice if they wanted to lay low for a while. He wasn't sure where they would go next but for now he decided it was best to just take it day by day. Ava turned back to him and was surprised to find him staring at her.
"Everything ok?" she asked.

"Yep" he paused before adding "I'm just going to take a quick shower ok?"
After Theo had showered Ava showered as well before brushing her teeth. A couple were arguing in the room next door. She heard a door slam shut then all was quiet again. As she moisturized her face, Ava's mind was completely blank, exhaustion had taken over. Theo had unsurprisingly already fallen asleep, however when she slipped into bed beside him, he stirred in his sleep before slowly pulling her close and wrapping his arm around her waist. By the time they woke up, it was already 3 PM.

After peering out the window and noticing the pool for the first time, Ava eagerly changed into her swimsuit and went for a dip.

Theo went to the closest mini-mart and came back with a pack of hot dogs, ready for grilling.
After they had eaten and were in good spirits, they couldn't keep their hands off each other despite being aware of nosy neighbors sneaking peeks from their windows.

The rest of the week went by at a slow pace and pretty soon, the Motel began to truly feel like home.
One night, after ordering pizza and enjoying a rented dvd, Theo and Ava lay in bed chatting. For the first time the topic of where they would go next came up.

"We could go anywhere" Ava said dreamily. She loved the idea. Although she had been moving from city to city for years, it was always Joshua who decided where they went next. Not only did she hate the apprehension that came with that but the hatred she felt for her job increased with each new set of men they conned in each new city.

Now with Theo, the possibilities seemed endless.

Theo caught the dreamy look in her eyes and grinned. He knew that as long as they were together, he wouldn't care where they went.
When Theo got up to shower, Ava remained in bed, still daydreaming. Soon however, her thoughts once again turned to Kelly and Lauren. She had wondered all week what became of them and had fought the urge to pick up her phone and call them for fear of being traced. She knew nothing about Cairo nor how he operated but the more Theo spoke about him, the more she started to realize that he probably lacked the skill to trace their calls.

After briefly glancing at the closed bathroom door, Ava leaped out of bed and dug out her phone from her suitcase.

She switched it on to find 3 missed calls, 2 from Joshua and a very recent one from Lauren.
Ava decided it was best to call when Theo was nowhere around but as she started to switch off the phone again a call from an unknown number came in.

She peered down at the screen, unsure of whether to pick up or not.
Finally, she picked up, holding the phone against her ear but remaining silent.

She heard a cough in the background, then slow steady breathing. A slight chill ran up her spine.

It went on like this for about a minute before Ava finally broke her silence "hello?"

The person on the other line remained silent. A few seconds later they hung up.
Puzzled, Ava wondered if that was Joshua's way of checking up on her or if it was simply a wrong number. She refused to entertain the thought that perhaps it had been Cairo on the line. Suddenly the bathroom door opened and Ava quickly slipped her phone in her pocket. Theo stepped out of the bathroom and caught her staring at him. "Everything ok?"

"Yea" she quickly replied "I'm just, a little thirsty that's all" were the words that came out of her mouth.

"Oh. Well, its a little late but I can throw on some clothes and see what's open, maybe get us something for breakfast tomorrow while i'm there as well"

"That would be nice"
However, as soon as Theo stepped outside, the memory of the steady breathing on the phone came back to haunt Ava's thoughts. She suddenly wished she had asked Theo to stay.

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alistratiApr 7, 2012

wow I've been waiting for this chapter for so long, however I stumbled upon it accidentally 'cause I haven't been in this site for ages... anyway I love this series and this chapter was a great installment...\:\)

The Sims3 ClubMar 29, 2012

I like your story. And the pictures.\:\)

the moronMar 16, 2012

I LOVE this series. \:wub\: \:rah\:

xhaiiMar 16, 2012

Wow. \:D I was really excited when I saw your story on the page, my dear Rose you are back! \:rah\: i had been waiting for your story too, thought you would never come back.. Good that things between theo and ava are okay but I'm afraid soon they will be traced and be caught as the saying goes good things come to an end. great chapter! welcome back my friend \:\)

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