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Generation 2 pt. 4
Published Jul 16, 2012


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The story of Pleasantview continues. There will be love and heartbreak, betrayal and intrigue; but the residents of Pleasantview will have to live on, unless of course, they don't.

The story of Pleasantview continues. There will be love and heartbreak, betrayal and intrigue; but the residents of Pleasantview will have to live on, unless of course, they don't. Ivan and Kelsey were living comfortably in their small home, for now, but as Joshua got bigger they contemplated adding on to give him a bedroom. They couldn't afford to move even with both of their salaries. At the moment they were barely making ends meet, but they were happy, and their son was happy, and all was well. Iago and Nicole were married outside of their new home, which Nicole mostly paid for. Iago was working in the Intelligence career. Nick approved of whatever made Nicole happy, but personally thought she married beneath her and missed out on the luxurious life she could have had. Justin had been chasing after Gina all through their teen years, but eventually he won her heart. Ever since then they had stayed together with only limited difficulty. Gina wasn't entirely sure she wanted to settle down and start a family, which was pretty uncharacteristic for those in her family. Justin was okay with that. For now they were engaged, and taking it slow. The Heires were still making it work one day at a time. Joshua was a possible prodigy in the making, but only time would tell. In the meantime the couple adopted a couple of pets; a kitten and a small dog. Soon enough they wouldn't have any room left in their tiny home and would be forced to build on soon, but money was tight so for now they would have to make due. Leonard Ricas died, his family finally found out how bad the business was. Unfortunately, Zeke was still in college and couldn't take over quite yet. In the meantime, Monica and Elle had to make sense of it all. Now that they knew how bad things were they sold their mansion that had been in the family for three generations and bought a smaller one. Bobby and Hanna were working on their family in between actual work. They weren't struggling, but they were still living in a starter home saving up to move out and move up in life. Brandon became a toddler, and inherited his black hair from his grandparents seeing as it skipped over both of his parents. Soon later they had a daughter named Megan. Gina and Justin were busy settling into their life together awhile after they became engaged, when they decided they were ready. The lab they got from Gina's parents was named Reina, but they decided not to get another. Their house had a huge and elaborate garden which they used for their ceremony. Joe and Jana Bonita's castle property on the outskirts of Pleasantview was beginning to attract suspicion. Sometimes when people went out that way they never came back. Witnesses reported things like falling satellites and naturally the homeowners denied it. They were beginning to acquire a few gravestones of unlucky visitors in their backyard. Viola became a child just about the time Ame gave birth to twins, a boy and a girl named Dean and Deadra. They looked very much like their mother, but not at all like their supposed father, Juan. He didn't want to see it, but there were rumors around town that he wasn't actually the father of the twins. Her sisters suspected it was one of her dark wizard friends. Some whispered that the grim reaper himself was the biological dad, but that would be just crazy, right? Mathew and Maria were married in the gazebo in their backyard. Matt had a formal conversation with Maria's father before the final preparations were made to officially ask for her hand. Maria was the youngest in her family, and the last to get married. Matt took a little bit longer than most of his siblings however, as two of his younger siblings were already married, as well as his twin, Rachael. When we left off with the Jacob and Angela's story, Jacob was three years ahead of Angela in school and had left for college. Angela was a talented painter and sculptor, Jacob was a visionary photographer. They were artists in love. They decided to break up for the time being and see other people until Angela joined him. For those three years they dated other people. When she got to school, they immediately got back together. This time however, Jacob made sure they never broke up again. He proposed before he graduated, and waited for her to graduate as well. Every day in the Jonston household was busy. Thankfully, they no longer had to worry about a toddler and three babies, but now there were three toddlers to worry about! Opal was a child now and helped out with her little siblings whenever she could, but most of it was left up to Pearl while Sean was at work. Angela finally graduated college with an art degree, and was reunited with her new fiance, who had been patiently waiting for her. They were married immediately. One of the littler wedding guests got Angela thinking about one day having kids, as she held her young niece. Xander and Lora's eldest child, Allison, became a toddler. She was a very smart and promising little girl. Also pictured here is Flint, the couple's second dog. At this point they hadn't decided to breed their dogs, but might decide to when the kids got older. Ivan had a habit of starting a craft and giving it up before he got any good. Right now he's a toy maker, last month it was pottery. The money he wasted buying and selling stations was starting to put a strain on the family's already minimal income. In the meantime, Kelsey took up gardening to help the family save on food costs. It was a skill her mother had passed down to her, and something she stuck with. Maybe she should get Ivan to help her out when he gives up on the toys. With Allison a little older, the Rye's welcomed another baby girl named Claire. To visit the budding family, the grandparents stopped by. Lora's parents were elders by now, but Anthony and Harriet were still young. Sean and Pearl had finally had enough of their tiny apartment and got a house to call their own. Their four children were split up between two rooms upstairs, so they were still a bit cramped, but it was definitively an improvement. Pearl was mostly happy that her kitchen and living room were separated by a wall in their new place. Neither Chris ot Lilith went to college. Instead, they got jobs and a tiny little house and lived together. During this time, while her sister Angela was working through her classes and waiting for the day to be with Jacob again, Lilith was starting a family. Their twin daughters were toddler age by the time Chris and Lilith were married. They wanted a small ceremony, so only Lilith's mother, sister, and brother-in-law attended. Her father had passed away a few years before. Justin and Gina's house had a great kitchen and dining room, because both of them were into cooking. Gina became a chef and cooked for all of the family meals, while Justin made his own wine from crops in the backyard. They didn't have a baby on the way quite yet, but made the decision to start trying. Hopefully a baby Kim wasn't too far away.

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Oh, your pictures are lovely. I'm very impressed \:D

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beautiful screenshots

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