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College Life - 5
Published Aug 14, 2012


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Chapter five of College Life. I hope you enjoy it, because this is my personal favorite. It was so much fun. :D
Thanks to the CC creators. (:


Chapter five of College Life. I hope you enjoy it, because this is my personal favorite. It was so much fun. :D
Thanks to the CC creators. (:

"Okay, girls. Now that you're officially part of Oresha Annya Cham, it's time for the Secret Circle."

"The Secret Circle, what is that?" The girl sitting next to her, I think her name is Jasmine, asked.

"The Secret Circle is where we all go around and tell a secret to eachother. That's what sisters do. We tell secrets, and we keep them. If any of our secrets are told to someone out side of the Sorority, you're automatically kicked out. Got it?" Everyone nodded. "Okay, good. I'll go first. My first kiss was with a girl. I was fifteen, and she had a major crush on me. One day she just came up to me and kissed me. We weren't friends, after that. Not because she kissed me, but because she was so embarrassed she never wanted to speak to me again."

Paisley looked away, for a moment. "Jasmine, you're next."
"Okay, um. I've never told anyone this, but I have a daughter. I gave her up for adoption right before I entered college. I never planned on going to college, so I gave her up. I then realized that in order to make her proud of me, I had to go to college. For her."

Paisley put her hand to her chest. "What a touching story. You are so strong."

She wiped her eyes. Yeah, right, as if she was really crying.
"I guess I'll go next," Baylee said, "I'm in a relationship that I know is wrong for me, since we're together when he has a girlfriend. I know it's going to hurt her when she finds out, and that tears me up inside every day.. But I care about him a lot.. I guess I'm only thinking about myself in this situation." She trailed off.

"We support your decision, as your sisters. Thou shall not judge thy sister, one of the rules we live by. Right, girls?" Paisley asked. All of the girls said yes.

I didn't. How could she be okay with ruining someones relationship? Who benefits from that? They'll probably break up after a while, anyway..
"Well, um. I don't really keep many secrets. I'm kind of like an open book.. But there is one thing," the black haired girl said.

"Well, what is it, Maxine?" Paisley asked.

"I used to have an eating disorder all the way through high school. I almost died because of it. Everyone would always call me fat, and I just wanted people to like me," she snorted, "Funny, huh? I wanted people to like me in high school, now I could care less."

Paisley smiled. "We've all been there, once or twice. Feeling uncomfortable about our weight. Just remember, eating is essential to life, but exercise is too." Maxine smiled.

I haven't. I've never felt uncomfortable about my weight, fat, skinny. All body types are beautiful, and just because one or even fifty people say you're fat, there's always that one person who will disagree with you. Everyone is beautiful.
"I guess I'm next. I always love these things! I hate keeping all of my secrets bottled in side, I just need someone to hear them!" Carmen chimed. "Okay, so you all know I've been dating Nicky for quite some time, right?" Everyone nodded.

"Well, I'm kind of cheating on him." All of the girls gasped. "I met this older man in town a few weeks ago, and we just really hit it off.. The funny thing is, he has three children by three different woman. He's kind of known around town as the 'ladies man.' He told me himself that he doesn't like to limit his options. And I told him it was okay."

"Wow, Car. I hope you can figure something out without hurting poor Nicky. He's such a great guy!" Paisley said. "We support you either way." Everyone agreed, again. I looked over at Izzy, who genuinely looked like she felt sorry for Carmen.
"My secret is that I never wanted to be a businesswoman. If you knew my father, be thankful you don't, you'd understand. I wanted to major in Science, I've always wanted to be a Scientist. My father once told me it was too unrealistic, and that I should major in Finance so that I could get a job at his firm when I get out. So, I'm minoring in Science, and I joined a sorority. Two things he has no clue about."

Paisley clapped her hands, with everyone else joining in. "We are so proud of you. Hopefully one day you can stand up to your father."
Zella, Sophomore member in the Sorority, went next.

"Well, my secret is the exact opposite of Paisleys. No, I didn't kiss a boy first, or a girl. I've never had my first kiss, yet." She looked slightly embarrassed as a girl, Maxine, I think, laughed.

"No laughing," Paisley scolded. "It is completely fine that you've never had a first kiss. You'll get that special moment, one day."

Zella mouthed 'thank you,' to Paisley, who just nodded.
Izzy was next. I smiled, knowing that I knew all of her secrets already.

"Well, since this is a secret circle, I guess I should tell you all a secret that I've never told anyone." Except for me, obviously. "My boyfriend Caine proposed to me a few months ago. I said yes."

All of the girls gasped and said their congratulations. Izzy just looked at me, nobody else.
Without another thought, I got up and ran out of the room. How could she not tell me? I thought we were best friends? I tell her everything, and she keeps the biggest secret of her life from me. Maybe we're not really best friends, after all.. I heard footsteps behind me, as well as Paisley saying "Excuse me, girls." Izzy was calling after me, as well. "Mia, why are you running away from me?" Izzy asked.

"Why do you think? How could you not tell me something as big as an engagement?"

"I've been wearing the ring! Maybe if you payed attention to detail, we wouldn't be having this conversation!"

I looked at her, stunned. "So this is how you treat your friends? You expect them to notice your ring? News flash, Izzy, not everything can be about you!"
"Since when have I made this about me? All you had to do was hang out with me more, and there wouldn't be a problem. But no, you've been hanging out with two guys who would both kill for the attention from you!"

"Oh, so you're jealous? Is that what it is? You're jealous that I've been hanging out with my boyfriend and my class partner? Seriously, Iz, I joined this sorority with you. We went out the other night, if I was spending any time with anyone it would definitely be you!" I yelled.
Paisley finally chimed in, "Girls, there is no need to fight. Us sisters have to stick together!"

"And Mia, you still have a secret to tell."

"I'm not telling anyone any secrets, I'm going home," I said, looking at Izzy.
"If you want to be in this house, you have to tell everyone a secret. It's only fair," Paisley said, raising her voice.

"Maybe I don't want to be in this house, then."

"It's too late to make that decision! You were already accepted, and there's no way you're leaving, now."
"Oh yeah, wanna bet on that?" I asked.

I turned my heel, ready to leave.

"I know your secret. Is that why you left so abruptly? Because you don't want people knowing that your father is a cheating sleaze-ball?"

I looked at Izzy, in shock that she would tell someone that. I then turned to Paisley. "I'm sorry, but last time I checked there was a cheater and a home wrecker, no offense to Baylee, in that room."
Paisley smiled. "You're right. But that cheater and that home wrecker didn't make an illegitimate child with the person they cheated with, then tell them they wanted nothing to do with them."

I stared over at Izzy, betrayed. "How could you? I told you that in confidence! How much else have you told them?"

"Nothing, I swear! I don't even remember telling Paisley that! I told Zella... Oh Gosh, Mia, I'm so sorry!"

"No, Izzy. You're not." And with that I walked out of that house, forever.
"Hey, you're late," Cody joked.

I took a seat. "Can we just get this over with?" I snapped.

"What's gotten into you? Still mad about the fight Tim and I had a while ago? Mia, I said I'm sorry about that."
"That's not it. Just, lets do this, okay? I'm tired."

"Okay, so Sonia had three kids, which started the population here in Riverblossom. The father was another sailor.."

Cody looked at me.
"Are you even paying attention?"

"What?" I looked down at the paper. "Yes, yes of course I am."

"No, you're not. Whatever you're thinking about, it has you distracted. This assignment is due tomorrow, Mia."

"I know, I know. I'm just... I'm fine. I can do this."

I looked down at the blank paper. "You have all of the facts, right?"
"Yeah, I'm trying to read them to you, but you're not paying attention."

"I am now." I smiled.

"Okay, well. Like I was saying, Sonia's children started the population in Riverblossom Hills."

"Together? That's gross.."

"No, not together. There were other sailors sailing across the sea. One of them met her daughter, Fae, and they fell in love..."

I looked away, thinking about Izzy again. I mean, I just lost the best friend I've ever had, how am I supposed to focus on some woman that's probably dead, now?
"If you want, I can finish the project, and you could go home. You're too focused on something else."

"I couldn't let you do that," I said, thinking the exact opposite.

"You have to, I'm demanding you to leave."

"Oh, you're demanding me, now?" I smiled. "I'm sorry. I can always call you later and add in some expertise?"

"Not necessary. It was already basically finished anyway. Just go get some rest."

I got up out of my chair.
"You're a really good guy, you know that?" I asked him.

"I know," he winked.
I walked up the stairs to my dorm, just wanting the day to be over. I just want to forget about everything that happened today. I just want to erase it-all of it out of my memory. I made my way to the door and opened it. When I walked inside, I couldn't believe what I saw. Izzy was standing there, saying goodbye to Adriana, a girl in the dorm, with her suitcases in tow.

"Mia," she said, surprised. She was probably hoping she didn't have to run into me. I was kind of hoping the same thing. She looked down at her suitcases. "I'm, uh. Moving into Oresha Annya Cham for the rest of my time here."

I looked away.
"Okay, well, I guess I'll see you around," She grabbed her suitcases and started walking.

"I sure hope not." I mumbled, under my breath.
I started to talk, without looking back.
"Tell Paisley I want nothing to do with her," I paused. "I want nothing to do with you, either."

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keishafellerAug 15, 2012

@xx..JusttBoredd.xx and Fruitopia: SO do I!! Omg. And izz... Why did she do that? I think Mia and Izzy should talk this out. Problems like this usually arise in College, and most of the time they are misunderstandings.

fruitopia VIPAug 15, 2012

@xx..JusttBoredd.xx I think I know who Baylee is cheating with also.

xx.JusttBoredd.xxAug 14, 2012

i think i know who baylee's cheating with.! WHHHOOOOAAAA!! lol. (im watchin regular show.)

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