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So it was you- Chapter 18: THE ENDING
Published Nov 27, 2012


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Yes, this is indeed the last chapter :( Thank you for giving my story a chance and for supporting it. I don't know how to express my gratitude towards all of you :) Also, I really do appreciate the comments and feedbacks I'm getting from you guys, its a huge help for my improvement. :)

I really do hope that you'll enjoy the final revelation of my story. It's going to be a bit intense, so be prepared. :p


So without further Adieu, I present to you guys the final chapter.

Yes, this is indeed the last chapter :( Thank you for giving my story a chance and for supporting it. I don't know how to express my gratitude towards all of you :) Also, I really do appreciate the comments and feedbacks I'm getting from you guys, its a huge help for my improvement. :)

I really do hope that you'll enjoy the final revelation of my story. It's going to be a bit intense, so be prepared. :p


So without further Adieu, I present to you guys the final chapter.
I sat beside Kylie, I tried to act cool like it was nothing but deep inside, I'm so nervous. I hope she breaks it fast to me, don't know if I can stand the pain.

"Kylie, if its about your sister and Ric, its okay. I really don't care you know."


"I knew you would say that regardless of that, I'm still telling it to you because I know that you really love Ric."

"I did love Ric.. but I wont be foolish enough to love him once again." Yeah, I just couldn't accept him anymore. I still do love him though.

"Even though Ric had hurt you I know in your heart that you still love him despite the pain that he had caused you.. It just like between me and Seth, I know that he has strong feelings for you and yet I can still honestly say that I love him" Kylie looked down

"I don't want to dwell on that Kylie.. Ric cheating on me was just unforgivable, I gave him all the trust that I have, yet he took advantage of it."

I heard her sigh then she took a really deep breath.

"Amber went back to Bridgeport" She looked a bit relieved.

"That's great news at least I wont be seeing her and Ric around, no offense okay?" Ric eloped with Amber? Just wow! Its just so him to do that, I so hate him.

"No she went back on her own and she wanted to say sorry because you misinterpreted everything."

Amber told me that she was indeed flirting with Ric but..

"Why don't you leave the little girl and just be with me Ric, I can offer you so much more."

"Oh please Amber! I would not trade Keira to anyone else, she's the only one that I can love"

Amber moved closer to Ric because she saw you coming

"I can change that Ric"

"There's something sticking out in your hair, its disgusting."

And then you arrived Keira.
"WHAT?! ARE YOU SERIOUS?" I could't help myself to say it with full emotion! Ric and Amber was nothing?

"Yes and Amber just exaggerated the story and told you the opposite of what really happened."

"Your sister is just so evil.. but then again she apologized."

"To tell you the truth Keira, I really don't know why she acted that way.. Leaving all of the sudden then apologizing to you.. Its not her" Kylie confessed

"Maybe she's on a new page?"

"I doubt that.. Oh and she also wanted me to tell that Ric is one crazy guy" it sounded funny but she's serious

"I know that."

"Now that you know what really happened will you give him chance?" Kylie asked

"I really dont know Kylie.."

"You love Ric and Ric loves you, its only right for you two to be together" Kylie making a point

"I really should think about it Kylie.. It must have been painful for him too that I did not believe in me..but it bothers me that he stopped in trying to explain things to me"

"Maybe he gave up because he knows your are just too stubborn?" she suggested

"Maybe..but still he should have told it to me but instead he disappeared."

"Like you said before maybe he has his reasons"
"I dont know Kylie.. I need to think things through.. "

Now that I know that Ric still loves me, what will happen to Eri now? We're engaged and I cant refuse to him.. he doesn't deserve all this.

Eri or Ric???

My phone then rang.
I answered it and it was..

"Hello Keira.. It's me Seth. I just thought that we should see each other.."

"Seth! Perfect timing! I absolutely need to talk to you!"

"Yeah me too. How about we meet up near the Zephyr Spa? does that sound good?"

"Yeah its okay, should I head there now?"

"Yes! You should! Don't be late!" Seth hung up.

Finally a time with my best friend just what I needed.

A few minutes and I finally arrived near the Spa, what will we do here anyway and how can we properly talk? And most importantly where is he?!

He told me not to be late and yet he is no where to be found? Its unusual of Seth. He always arrives on time. What could have happened to him?

OH WAIT. Is that?
It's Eri! Wait! Why is he going to the Salon? Is he the type of person who takes his frustration out on makeovers? Now I'm just too curious.

The last time I was at the Salon was when Ric brought me there for a makeover. It happened like it was just yesterday.

*For those who are curious, refer to Chapter 3 :)
OKAY! Since Seth isn't around yet I'll sneak up on Eri. It's not like I'm stalking, I just really want to know what will he do in the salon. I hope he doesn't find out! I don't want him to think that I am some kind of stalker just like Ric. I better be discreet. What the? He is really getting a makeover?! For what? I don't think that he needs it, he is totally gorgeous already almost close to perfection.

He is coming this way.
I hope he doesn't see me! Why is he being careful anyway? He is full of riddles and mystery.. just like Ric. The coast is clear.. he is heading back to the makeover area. I wonder what he will look like after his makeover. I find it a little funny that a princely guy would actually consider a makeover, he must be really frustrated.

I better sit first, I want to surprise myself. haha!

AFTER 3 hours.

WHAT IS TAKING HIM SO LONG? Its been 3 hours and still nothing! What kind of makeover did he get anyway! Its getting a bit dark and OMG! I forgot about Seth! I better reschedule with him. Hm kinda weird, Seth never goes late and calls me when he cant come. hmmm..
Oh hey its Stefan! He didnt even greeted me. Oh right! I'm sure he didn't recognized me. I was really different from before.

Wait, all the staff of the salon went home already and Eri is still inside? I better check up on him.

I closed my eyes and opened them gain hoping that I'm just hallucinating that I'm seeing Ric but no.
My heart clenched when I saw Ric wearing Eri's clothes. I felt my heart dropped, it was the most painful feeling ever. I felt tricked, I felt betrayed. I felt stupid.

How can he do that to me? I trusted him. I felt my tears down my cheek. it was cold like the wind that currently blows.


I thought I heard footsteps near the window, someone was watching me. I went to near the window and I saw her. I'm sure she saw everything, the real me. How can I face her? I am such a shame.

I immediately went outside to try and comfort her, after all its my fault. I had hurt her again.

"Kei you saw everything didn't you?" I wanted to make sure

"YES! YOU ARE BIG FAT LIAR! Eri err Ric ugh whoever you are!" She growled

"Its Erik.." I really feel so sorry

"I dont know what to believe anymore!"

"Calm down please" I went closer to her

She didn't answer back. All that I got from her was her weep, it made me a lot more guilty. I had hurt her too much. For the first time ever, I don't know what to do.

I thought everything was going according to plan.. I was so close to success, I really didn't see this coming. My perfect plan, ruined.

Its instincts time.
I grabbed her arms and dragged her close to me. I tried hugging her but I didn't get any response.

"Keira.. listen to me" I whispered

She then pulled away from me.
"AFTER WHAT YOU DID TO ME YOUS STILL WANT ME TO LISTEN TO YOU? YOU ARE JUST UNBELIEVABLE!" Her face was filled with hatred and disgust. No trace of the sweet Keira that I used to know. But I cant blame her for that..

I couldn't bring myself to say anything.

"So now you are feeling guilty?! Well you should be! For the rest of your life! I HATE YOU! I DESPISE YOU! I want you to leave me alone. I don't want anything to do with you anymore." She moved further away from me.
"If you just let me explain and give me a chance Kei."

"OH WOW! You still believe that I will ever give you a chance?!" still mad as hell

"Fine, dont listen I'm still gonna say it anyway"

"NO! SAVE YOU EXCUSES TO SOMEONE WHO WILL ACTUALLY BELIEVE YOU. THAT IS NOT ME!" She gave me a cold gaze, it was as if she never loved me. It was painful.. too painful that I don't want to feel anything anymore.

"I'm not gonna listen to any of your bull whoever you are! You made me look like a fool! You played with my feelings. Its much worst than cheating! You manipulated my emotions for your own benefit. It's too much. And thank Seth for tricking me into seeing him because if it wasn't for that I wouldn't know the truth, I would be blind for the rest of my life, married to a two-faced lying manipulator! I really am thankful that It was not too late to see the truth... And you what think? I think that you did it all for fun, for your own pleasure, you never loved me! I'm sure of it! Because if you really do, you would not dare try to hurt me and make me a fool. You are so much like your mother haha.. funny I didn't listen to her advice when she told me that what we had was just your games Erik. You should go and run back to her now." The angel that I knew was now the devil that I created. "Seth huh?! That double crosser! You know what Kei, he did this on purpose, he wanted to tear us apart because he wants you for himself!" I had to pause, I am enraged my cousin who I treated like a brother betrayed me! "He is selfish Kei.. He cant love you the way I love you!"

"OF COURSE HE CANT LOVE ME THE WAY THAT YOU DO, HE HAS GOOD INTENTIONS WHILE YOU HAVE THE OPPOSITE. I really don't care if you say awful things about him, I know him and I'm sure that HE IS NOT A LIAR LIKE YOU! To rub it in your face I'm going over to Seth's tell him that you are a mistake, that I should have chosen him!" She turned her back away from. Oh no! I cant lose her! No! that cant happen! She's my life, my world and my all...
"Don't leave me Kei.. I love you.. I really do"

"I told you to save your bull"

"It's the truth, I love you too much that is why I had to resort into this.."

"Into what? Into fooling me to fall inlove with a prince and then the villain comes along and make me fall inlove with him instead.. and then one day the prince suddenly pops out of nowhere and leaves again without a trace and then what Erik?! Do it all over again until you are satisfied?! What I feel is not a game..I was serious sad part there is that... I had loved the villain more than the prince and then this is what I'll get?"

"No Keira.. It was not for my pleasure.. I just really dont want to lose you..The Prince that you had first loved is not living inside of me anymore..After the night that I had sworn to marry you the next day, I was sent to Military boarding school, there I realized that, I dont want to be the person that my parents want me to be.. I rebelled against them and part of that was my look, from body fit suits to loose leather jackets, it was who I am. Remember the first time that we saw each was outside the bookstore..I freshly just came back from boarding school.. I wanted to talk to you and be with you again but I saw the disgust in your face.. I knew that you wouldn't want me near you.. and that is why had to plan things out make you fall inlove with the new me all over again.." "But why bring out Eri again?! I dont get it!"

"I had to make sure that it was only me that you will love, it was a test if you had totally forgot about him.."

"I did forgot about him.. but why bring him again and ask for marriage!"

"I thought I had lost you when you saw me with Amber.. You wouldn't let me explain that what you saw was nothing.. So I had made a choice to let go of who I really am and just be Eri for you... "

"Not enough to explain why you change back to Ric."

"I felt guilty during our stay in the cabin.. believe me I was about to tell you the truth but that Seth.. he.. ruined everything"

I cannot believe this.. I hope I can still have her.. Please.
"Kei.. I was selfish.. I wanted you for myself.. I love you so much and I can't imagine my life without you."

I followed my instincts.
"I'm sorry I had caused you pain that you don't deserve..I'm sorry if you felt like you were a fool.. "

She was still speechless..
"I'm really sorry for everything that I had done wrong to you"

She didn't move.
"Please forgive me Keira.. I'll do my best to atone for all my wrong doings to you.. "

I felt a cold drop of water in my head.. She is crying again..

"I promise I will not hurt you again.."
"What you did to me will forever leave a scar in my heart.. I don't know if I can still love you like I had loved you yesterday."

I still kneeled there and froze. What she said echoed inside my head...
I decided to leave the ending to you guys, I just wanted it to feel like how it was at the end of every the chapter.

Once again, Thank you very much for having the time for reading my story and huge clap to the creators of my CCS, if it was not for them KeiRic wouldn't be born. :D


*PS I'll be giving a gift to you guys, better check the Downloads soon.

Take Care!

Sweetwilight <3

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you should make a series 2!

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NICE STORY... \:\)

fruitopia VIPNov 29, 2012

Epilogue please. I loved this story, and I also loved it from Ric's POV.

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Can you end the story? pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee? you shouldn't leave your fans like that

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