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The Wicked Wait-CH 9
Published May 28, 2013


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Hi! Hope you're enjoying reading this as much as I have writing it. Let me know what you guys think. :)
XOXO Alessa

Hi! Hope you're enjoying reading this as much as I have writing it. Let me know what you guys think. :)
XOXO Alessa
Sophie looks worse than ever. Her nose and eyes are red, like she's running a fever. The medicine Aiden has been bringing her hasn't seemed to be helping. Nothing was helping. The crazy pshycic's voice kept rining in my ears. 'It's too late for Sophie.' "Evie?" She calls me hoarsely, and coughs. I smile at her, for some reason she's being nicer than she's been in months. Maybe it had something with it being my birthday the next day. "Sorry for everything. I really am." She's been apologizing since I stepped into the room.
"It's okay Sophie, I already told you."
"Can I get a hug then?"
"No! You're all germy!"
She laughs, with another coughing fit, and gets serious again. "I need to tell you something. Look at me, I can't even get out bed right now."
"Yeah, I know. It's fine, don't worry about it."
"No Evie. It was a birthday present from me and Aiden that you go see your family. I'm sorry about James being a jerk, and I can't take you, I can't even move, but Aiden will take you."
"What?" I ask her in panic, and Aiden looks as if he's just hearing it for the first time too.
"Your license was revoked from speeding remember? You can't drive, I can't drive, but Aiden can. It's only a couple hours away," she insists. "And I don't want to get either of you sick. I feel worse than I've had in a while, I just want some sleep. You're not staying over tonight Aiden," she tells him with a small smile. He's been sleeping over every night, it's strange that she doesn't want him tonight.
"Well, I don't mind taking you Evie, but it's up to you," Aiden says, but Sophie quickly answers for me. "It's settled then!" She attempts a laugh, before coughing again. I don't even have the heart to refuse her. She was really trying to be nice, how was I going to throw her present back in her face? But being alone with Aiden? I did really want to see my mom though.
"So. I'll come back early tomorrow morning," Aiden is saying, and I just manage a nod. My stomach is already in knots.
As soon as the sun is up, Aiden helps me load my suitcase in his car. Making me blush when he compliments my dress, and I don't even know what to think just being alone with him. I kept trying to convince myself that I really just wanted to see my favorite cousin Lori, her kids, and my mom, but I knew that wasn't the only reason I was going.
"Are you really sure? I mean Sophie just made you come. Didn't you have plans or something?" I ask, but he quiets me with a strange reaction, "So what? I want to go with you."
To my surprise, the five hours pass by in a blur. What wasn't surprising was seeing the fun side of Aiden that no one really seemed to see. He had the sweetest singing voice, and he knew every song on the radio. Hearing him sing Blake Shelton's "My eyes" left me speechless, hanging on his every word. Hearing him try to impersonate Mariah Carey was hilarious. We spent the whole car ride singing along, throwing cheetos at each other, that I shook half the bag out of my hair as we arrived to my cousin's house. I was greeted by my cousin's arms around me, and her excited screams in my ear.
"Evie! You're here!"
"Hi Lori. Ow, I missed you too."
She releases me with a grin. "So, where's the boyfriend?" She asks, looking behind me, and drops her jaw, no doubt noticing Aiden. "Oh! You're James?" She asks him, trying to recover herself.
"No. I'm Aiden. Nice to meet you," he corrects her, extending his hand, which she seems to not want to let go of.
I hadn't realized how much I had really missed my mom, until she pushes my cousing aside to hug me, and the familiarity of her floral perfume hits me.
"Hi mom! You cut your hair? You look great!"
"Me? Look at you honey! You look so beautiful. I bet your boyfriend here agrees," she says turning to Aiden who gives me a wink.
"This is Aiden mom, Sophie's boyfriend. James..couldn't come," I tell her, realizing how messed up that sounded when spoken out loud. I know no one missed her worried expression on her face.
After a birthday lunch, and some presents, I helped Lori wash the dishes. Aiden entertained the kids outside while Rick, Lori's husband, was running late from work. My mother had run upstairs with her phone, which was so strange I had to ask Lori about it.
"I think she has a boyfriend. She hasn't stopped texting and giggling since she got here," she tells me, and I grin. "Good. It's about time she started dating. I'm glad she's with someone who makes her happy."
"Like you with Aiden?" She asks with a smile.
"What are you talking about? I have a boyfriend." Or maybe not. Hadn't I just broken up with him?
"So that's what's stopping you from dragging him into the guest bedroom and forming unspeakable thoughts?"
"No, that's not what's stopping.." I shut my mouth, realizing I've fallen in her trap.
"I knew it! He's into you too you know."
I don't answer, and turn my attention to Carl, and Judith, the toddler, playing in the sandbox.
"Lori, look at your kids. Why not just take them to the beach?"
"Cause we go every weekend."
"Then I'll take them. I've been wanting to get myself under the sun," I offer, but she raises a brow. "How about you just get under Aiden?"
"Ok sorry. You can take my kids then, and please take Aiden with you. I don't trust myself around him, especially with my husband being at work," she laughs.
Half an hour later, we find ourselves at the beach. Judith couldn't stay away from Aiden's side, and I found it adorable that he didn't seem to mind. He watched her in awe and held her like she was the most fragile thing in the world. The little girl loved the attention, and already had him wrapped around her tiny finger. I watched him holding her with a smile, actually surprised I didn't start ovulating. And this immediately reminds me that he wanted this with Sophie. I frown and almost smash the sandcastle I was building with Carl. Aiden of course doesn't miss my expression, and rushes asking what's wrong. "Nothing, it's just getting really hot," I lie, careful to not make eye contact.
"Then why don't you get in the water? I can watch the kids."
"No, I'm fine. Thanks," I mutter, having not told him, or anyone on why I never get in the water.
"Really Evie, just go," he insists.
"Uh, I can't swim," I tell him sheepishly, but he just smiles. "Then, I think it's about time you learn."
I shake my head, not wanting to emberass myself, and besides, "the kids are here. We can't exactly leave them alone."
"We won't," he says pointing behind me, to where Lori and Rick were coming to join us. Looking at their clothes, and Lori's knowing smile, I knew they weren't planning on staying.
After they left, despite the kids protesting, Aiden wouldn't take no for an answer.
"I'm teaching you how to swim," he says sternly, and I refuse until I actually give in. Besides emberassing myself horribly, what else could go wrong?
He didn't know just how terrified of drowing I really was until the water was at waist level, and I begin to panic.
"I'm not going to let you drown, you're safe," he says, grabbing my hand and without hesitation, I let him guide me deeper. Of course, being me, I stumble and yelp. He immediately picks me up into his arms without effort, and I let out a gasp.
The water is deliciously cold around us, and I'm in his strong arms. My own are around his neck, not needing to hold on as tight as I was, but yet, I held on. He almost slips himself, and this time I wrap myself around him in panic.
"Don't let go!"
"I don't think I can," he breathes, and I realize now my legs are around his waist, my hands clasping his neck. The waves crash into my back pushing my body into him, as the waves rolling back from shore bring him closer to me. His hands are on my legs cradling me and I just stare up at him. I've been overwhelmed by tasty thoughts of him since art class, and now we are way too close to one another. I can feel his beating heart against my chest. He leans down, and pauses, his zealous eyes searching mine, wanting, but asking for permission. I raise my lips to his, and as they meet, I moan into his mouth. He kisses me roughly, eagerly and because I don't know if I'll ever kiss him again, I let go. My hands moving on their own, and twisting into his hair, pulling him to me. My mouth opening, my tongue stroking his. His hands grasp my legs, adjusting me, to bring my mouth level to his, as he deepens the kiss. "Evie," he breathes between kisses, and I clutch his hair, desperately trying to feel all of him. His kiss does something to me that no other touch ever had. He knows exactly what to do with his lips, and tongue. My mind becomes completly consumed by him, by his scent, his lips, his skin. I can't even breathe so I come up for air as he starts kissing down my neck. I close my eyes in the wonderful cocktail that is his lips, and the sun on my skin. The cool water around us, and the waves rocking us deliciously back and forth. I sigh, and open my eyes again, momentarily blinded by looking directly at the sun, and ironically, it helps me see clearly. With his mouth going across my clavicle, I gasp, "no."
He pulls away, looking at me in equal shock, as if he just realized I'm in his arms.
"We..we shouldn't be doing this," I pant, staring at his lips. I have to quickly look away, knowing very well I wanted them back on me.
"You're right, I'm sorry. I don't know what came over me."
"No, I shouldn't have, can you put me down?"
He nods, letting me fall slowly, but I still hold onto him. I find we have somehow been pulled closer to shore, and grudgingly I remove my hands from him.
I start walking away from him, making the mistake of looking back. He looks worried, troubled, and confused all mixed in one.
"I can't do this," he tells me, desperately shaking his head.
"I know. Sophie," I whisper, my voice breaking.
"I meant, I can't do this to you," he corrects me with a crestfallen face.
"So are you going to tell me what happened with you and Aiden?" My mother asks as we get ourselves ready for bed in the guest room. Aiden was sleeping downstairs on the couch.
"What do you mean?" I ask, playing innocent. How do mom's know everything?
"I've noticed you two aren't talking and it's not because you had an argument."
"How do you know that?" I ask, truly startled.
"Because every three seconds, you two start looking at each other's direction, but when you realize what you're doing, you quickly turn somewhere else, only to do it ten seconds later again. He kissed you didn't he?"
I don't answer and look away.
"Evie, be careful. He's gorgeous sweetie, but he's with your friend, and honestly, he frightnens me."
"Okay, look. I know he can come off too strongly, but when you get to know him-"
"That's not what I mean. He's just so overprotective of you. Any move you make and he's immediately ready to help you if you need it. Every time he even makes a joke, he looks at you as if waiting for your approval. It's the most intense relationship I've ever seen."
"It's not a relationship mom, we're just friends," I correct her.
"Friends don't kiss each other," SHE corrects ME.
"What's going on sweetheart? He's with your friend, and what about your boyfriend?"
"Ex-boyfriend," I mutter.
"Again? Then why do you even bother going back with him in the first place?"
"Cause I like him, and he likes me back."
"Aiden likes you back," she tells me and I laugh unamused.
"Two seconds ago you were telling me that I should stay away from him."
"I'm saying you need to be honest with yourself. Why are you really with James? Is it just because Aiden is unavailable? What happens when he's not? What happens to James?"
"I don't know mom! I'm scared okay?!" I yell out, feeling under a microscope with all her questions.
"Of what Evie?"
"Of everything! James has gotten so crazy obsessed with Aiden. He took me to this phony psychic lady who told me to stay away from Aiden. James is just so different from when I met him mom, but at times he's still so sweet and caring. I feel like he does what he does because he cares about me, but what if I'm just kidding myself? What if when I care about him too much, he leaves me?"
"Like your dad left me? He's not your father Evie. I think that's why you never allowed yourself to get serious with anyone, thinking they'd leave you too. And now, I think you have this image of James, of how you think the love of your life should be, that's why you stay with him. But that's not who he is, is he?"
"How do I even know who, or what kind of guy that is? This love of my life?" I ask sarcastically, but she asks me in return, "Well, who are you thinking about as I'm tellin you all this?"
I don't have to say anything, I'm sure she knows the answer.
I didn't talk to Aiden at all the rest of the night, or even on our ride back home the next day. There was no use in pretending there wasn't anything wrong when my mom knew it all, so we said our goodbyes to my family, before taking off. Nothing had been said about the kiss until Aiden turns to me as we reach the front door of my dorm building. I take a deep breath waiting for the 'it-was-a-mistake' line.
"Evie, about what happened, I should be the one to tell her."
"No, I'm just as much to blame."
"No, this was all on me. I don't want her to be angry at you, you don't deserve that," he insits.
"Aiden, you're not going to tell her."
"You're that set on telling her?"
"I'm not going to tell her either."
"What?" He asks, and I look away.
"Aiden, I've tried e-mailing her parents so many times about how she's doing, and you know what they said when they finally answered? That there's doctors here, that I should just bill them the cost. They're on another trip somewhere. They don't care about her. We're all she has left here, and if we tell her what happened, she's going to be alone. I don't want that, she needs us."
He makes a tsk sound with his mouth, and lets out a deep breath. After minutes, he finally agrees. "Are you telling James? He hates me enough as it is."
"Please, don't even mention him right now," I say, entering the dorm.
I am beyond surprised to see Sophie rushing down the stairs to meet us. She was out of bed which was startling enough, but she was wearing make up again, wearing dresses again, and was actually giggling. I notice Aiden has the same bewildered look on his face, but he was grinning. He was so happy to see her all better, that it shatters my heart. "Aiden! You're back! I missed you so much! You won't believe how great I feel! I had the best night that I've had in months, not that I don't like that you sleep over every night. I guess I just needed a rest," she laughs, running up to him. He holds her, studying her for such a long time, that she giggles again before giving him a kiss. She then hurries over to me, arms wide open.
"I'm so sorry I missed your birthday, but you got my text right? Did you have fun? How's your mom doing? Lori, her kids? Are they good? Did you go shopping? That shirt looks new!" She talks excitedly, and I haven't seen her like this in so long, that I just manage to smile. I missed this Sophie. Unfortunately, I don't miss Aiden studying her curiously.
I don't have time to wonder what he's thinking as Sophie brings up James.
"He was waiting for you all morning, talking about how sorry he was. I have no idea what he was talking about, but you should go see him. We'll give you a ride."
I agree just to not see her frown, and to enjoy the time she was being like her old self again. She and Aiden go up to his room, as I wait outside James's door. I was having an inner battle with myself, deciding if I should knock or not. I don't have much time to think before he comes out, and pulls me in for a kiss. I push him off me still upset over what he did, and feeling horribly guilty for what happened with Aiden. Yet, he was next door doing god-knows-what with my friend. "I'm sorry Evie. I shouldn't have just kissed you. I'm just so sorry about what happened," he says, regret written all over his face.
"How could you have taken me to that place? You keep trying to force me to believe in all nonsense, why can't you just accept that I never will?"
"Because you have to believe me! Fine, I told you I'm sorry! I'm sorry you don't want to believe me or her. I don't know how else to make you understand!" He yells, and my blood boils.
"What?! You're sorry I didn't belive her? Not sorry for forcing me to go knowing damn right I hate all of this? Knowing I've told you time and time again, I don't believe in any of this?"
Knowing we're yelling way too loud, I push James into his room before slamming the door behind me. I don't want Aiden to come asking what's wrong, and he shouldn't have to know what James is desperately trying to get me to believe about him.
"You want to make me understand James? Fine! But first, let's talk about what the hell was going on through your head when you took me with that psychic phony."
He explains it all without explaining anything. He tried to make me see that Aiden was bad, the psychic had agree with him that I needed to stay away from Aiden. Now what he wants to know is what else she told me. If she told me anything about him, which I find extremly strange, but I don't mutter another word. Instead, I just listened to all he had to say. When he's done talking, he grabs a drink, while I get a text from Aiden.
"You okay?" His text reads, and I answer I'm fine, that I just wish I was back at the beach, far away from James and his nonsense. I don't mention what he was saying, and hopefully he hadn't heard any of it.
"I'll see what I can do about it," he texts me back, and I'm too tired to wonder what he was up to now.
James was watching me with a scowl now. I know it's rude to text when someone is talking to you, but he was really getting on my nerves. We stare at each other for what seems like an eternity, until his face crumbles and he looks down.
"I really am sorry," he whispers, and my own face softens. I shouldn't be too angry, I had my own share of guilt. He must have guessed I wasn't going to push him away this time, and throws his arms around my waist.
"I just want us to work out," he breathes into my ear. Just being in a warm embrace, made me melt, and I sigh content.
"I want this to work out too Aiden," I murmur, realizing too late what I had just said.

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martoeleSep 13, 2013

Yes, that's the adventurer every girl has inside... Longing for the bad and trying to understand it. But Evie seems to be blind. Doesn't she see how well Sophie is now after one night and day without Aiden? \:rolleyes:

s2702913Sep 12, 2013

HAHAHA!! Love it!

Katherine1091 VIPAug 17, 2013

I love it!!! \:D \:wub\:
I have to go to sleep but i can't stop reading this story! I'm addicted \:eek\:\:wub\:

AnchieTkd Jun 5, 2013

I read all parts yesterday.I was awake to 1am just to read the whole story.I cannot wait for the nex chapter!I thought Evie's and Aiden's kiss was soo romantic \:wub\:I might have idea why Aiden has to stay with Sophie,maybe his magic or something didn't work?I hope he will and up with Evie in the end.James is becoming really irritatin,he's hiding something for sure.You are amazing writer Alessa!All compliments by my side!I'm glad I found your storie \:rah\:

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