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Summer Feelings - THE FINALE :)
Published Jun 20, 2013


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Hey guys!
It's been forever since I've uploaded, I know, and I'm apologizing a hundred times!

I read all of your comments today, and they made me postpone all the other things that I was supposed to do today, and make this. So, here it is! THE FINAL chapter of "Summer Feelings".

Hope you'll like it! ;)
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Hey guys!
It's been forever since I've uploaded, I know, and I'm apologizing a hundred times!

I read all of your comments today, and they made me postpone all the other things that I was supposed to do today, and make this. So, here it is! THE FINAL chapter of "Summer Feelings".

Hope you'll like it! ;)
Read on...
It was one of those extremly hot days when all you could do was wasting your life doing nothing.
At least that's what Kat was doing.

It's been a week since she left. A week since her head became dark, depressing place. A week since her life lost all of its sense.
Iíll always remember. No matter what, I wonít forget. I mean, how could I? Iíll always remember the moment when I first entered my purple room. So beautiful. Iím gonna miss that room a lot. This room here doesnít even feels like mine anymore...

Iíll never forget the moment when I first met Lily, Anna and Emily, and when I got a job at the aunt Estherís flower shop.
The night when I met all of them. Sam, Raph, and Andrew. Iíll never forget when I saw him for the first time. He was sitting on the beach, resting. He was so beautiful. There was also that time when Sam was hitting on me. When I think about it now, itís hilarious. He is my brother now, after all. Then, there was that night when we were all sitting around fire one moment, and then swimming in the freezing ocean the next moment. Thatís the night when I saw Andrew with Beatrice, and accepted Samís invitation for a date out of anger. Thatís the same night when I regretted my decision. Thatís when I had my first real conversation with Andrew and when I found out about his situation with Beatrice. Of course, Iíll always remember that date of ours. Sam was so confident. Thatís when I first met Mark in his familyís restaurant. And ÖIíll never forget the moment when I hurt Lily without even knowing it by kissing Sam. Iím glad that I managed to find it in myself to go to Lilyís house the following day and explain everything to her. And then I took them all to the Pizza Hut. That night, we went to Markís party. Aunt Es took care of my look, I looked so weird. Now when I think about it, everyone looked pretty amazing. Thatís when I had my first chance to dance with Andrew, and Beatrice ruined it. I was so mad at her. Also, thatís when we saved the party thanks to our amazing music skills. I could be a singer one day. That would be awesome. And that night, when I saw Andrew and Beatrice dancing, I let my anger bring the worst out of me, again, and I kissed Mark. We had a mild hangover the following morning, and Lily finally admitted that she wants us to help her with Sam. Oh, and then Mark asked me on a date in the park. We were a couple back then. That date was actually pretty good. I felt like a kid. I really wanted to tell him that I was just using him out of jealousy, but I couldnít. What a fool I was. I even accepted to be his girlfriend out of that foolish jealousy. But, the night that followed was probably one of the best nights of my life. It all started when I ran into Andrew on the beach. We talked for hours, but we got hungry. He took us to McDonalds in a nearby town with his fancy car. Hah, I just realized that my boyfriend is rich. As much as that night was amazing, and I couldnít imagine it getting any better, it got better when I finally got my chance to dance with him. It was even better than the first chance I had. We were dancing, alone, on the beach. And then I fell asleep. In his arms. And then woke up, in his arms, on my birthday. Oh, my birthday. They threw me a beach party. And they made me this beautiful bracelet, Iíll always wear it. It was a beautiful night. It was also the night when Sam and Lily finally decided to admit the feelings they had for each other. After that, we went on our mountain trip. Ah, that amazing mountain trip. We had so much fun. I remember we were fishing. Well, at least they were. We were cooking together, and then we sat around the campfire and sang until we got really tired. After everyone went to bed, Andrew stayed outside. He was writing a song. And then he snuggled right next to me and kept me warm. That was the second time that I slept in his arms. And then, that amazing morning.

That morning when he kissed me for the first time.

I remember every single detail of that morning. As much as that morning was like a fairytale, that was the same morning when all the troubles started. And the following evening was the evening when I found out that Sam is going to be my brother.
After that, there was that famous masquerade. Aunt Es made me look like a different person, once again. We played that little game with numbers, and Andrew used his powers of an important personís son to get us the same numbers. But, letís put all the cute stuff on the side. That is night when everything resolved. We first caught Beatrice and Mark, and then Andrew finally confronted her. Of course, she ran to her mommy right away. Andrew knew it was coming, and he was preparing to end all of it. I remember when these two really important women showed up in front of our door. That night, Beatriceís mother finally realized that her daughter wasnít happy, and Andrewís mother came to her senses, as well, and she helped Andrew to confront his father. Now that was a challenge.

The biggest one of them all.

As much as Andrew felt relief because he finally said everything he had to say to his father, he was pretty much worried. He looked fine, but I knew he wasnít.
I did have a moment to say goodbye to all of them, though. I didnít think it was even possible for a person to cry that much. We all agreed Ė No matter what college we get into, when the summer comes, we will meet again, on our beach. And that is the only thing that Iím holding onto. Thatís the only hope I have left. As for Andrew and me, we are still together, of course. Iím calling him every night. We talk on Skype for hours. But, itís just a matter of time before the distance takes its toll on our relationship. And Iím not ready for it. I donít want to lose him. I donít care about college, I donít want to meet new people, I donít want to start a new life as a student. I just want them. Only them, and what we had in that little town. The next morning, we arrived. "Look baby, the campus is so beautiful!", Katís mother said excitedly.

"Yeah, itís great.", Kat shrugged.
"Címon, letís find your dorm.", Jennifer smiled.

"Itís fine, mom. Iíll find it myself.", Kat said.

"Are you sure honey?", Jennifer asked.

"Yes.", Kat said.
Jennifer hugged her tight.
"Oh honey, I know that you miss them, but try to smile a little. You are starting a whole new chapter of your life! You should be at least a little excited.", she said.

"Iím not. You canít expect me to be.", Kat said.

"You will meet another people here.", Jennifer said.

"I donít want to meet another people.", Kat said.

"Baby...", Jennifer started.
"Leave her alone, Jennifer. This is not easy for her. Donít push her, give her some space.", Katís father said.

"Okay.", Jennifer said.

ďAre you gonna be okay by yourself, honey?Ē, she added.

"Yes, donít worry.", Kat said.

"Okay baby. Iíll call you when we get home. Bye.", Jennifer said.

"See ya.", Kat smiled forcefully.
I guess this is my room. As much as I hate to admit it, itís not bad at all.

"I wonder who's my roommate..." Kat mumbled to herself.

"That would be me.", a familiar voice said.
Kat turned around and saw Anna standing on the door.

"I am dreaming againÖ", she whispered.

"No, youíre pretty much awake.", Anna said.

"I am?", Kat asked.
"Yes!", Anna said and hugged her.

"It really is you. Youíre here!", Kat said and hugged her tight.

"Yeah, Iíve missed you too.", Anna smiled.

"ButÖbut how?", Kat asked Anna when she finally let go of her.

"Questions later. Come with me.", Anna smiled.

"Where?", Kat asked.

"Outside. Címon.", Anna said.

Kat followed Anna outside. As she stepped out of her dorm, she couldnít believe what her eyes were seeing.
They were all there.

Lily, Sam, Emily, Raph, they were all there.

Kat covered her mouth in shock. She was just about to run and hug them all to make sure that they were all real and that she wasnít dreaming, when someone hugged her from behind and whispered in her ear: "Hey there, Vanilla-girl."
She snuggled in the feeling that voice was bringing to her.

"YouÖYou are really here, arenít you?", she asked quietly.

Andrew chuckled.
"Right here, just turn around.", he said as he buried his nose in her hair.
She turned around to see him. It was really him. That face she loved so much, that silky hair, that beautiful amber eyes, and that perfect lips she was craving for. It was all there, right in front of her. She hugged him tight and started crying.

"I canít believe thisÖ", she mumbled between the sobs.

"Hey there sis, weíre feeling a little neglected here.", Sam said.

She smiled and finally let go of Andrew. She would kiss that lips, but not yet. She grabbed each one of her friends in a long, bear hug.
"How?", she asked.

"Well, since your mother was worried about you, she did a little research about this college.", Anna said.

"I donít understand.", Kat said.

"Well, it turned out that this college of yours is actually just a part of a huge University.", Lily said.

"And that University is offering everything we want. There is a technology major, economics major, maths major, arts major, medicine major, everything we want!", Sam said.

"SoÖweíre all on the same University now?", Kat asked.

"Yes.", Emily smiled.

"Now we can finally form that band of ours.", Raph said.

"And we are not limited to only one summer.", Lily added.

"Weíre not limited to anything anymore.", Sam said.

"Why donít we all celebrate in that name? There is a cafť.", Raph said.

"Letís go!", Lily smiled.
Kat watched them all walk in front of her. They were all there, they were laughing and enjoying the fact that their new life is about to begin, and they were going to step in it together.

"Are you happy?", a voice next to her asked.

Kat looked up and saw that beautiful face again.

Now Iím gonna claim whatís mine , she thought.
She leaned in and kissed him. It was just as she remembered, maybe even better, if that was somehow possible. She parted from his lips and smiled.

ďOf course I am. With you guys being here, my new life can finally begin.Ē, she said.
Well, that's it! I hope you all --

"What about me?!" "Esther..." "Don't you Esther me! She forgot about us! Everyone got their happy endings, I want mine, too!"

"So, here goes..."
After our lovely wedding, we went on our honeymoon and had a great time and blah, blah, blah! That's not important. What is important is this: Soon after we got back from our trip, I found out that I was pregnant.

Nine months after that, I became a mother. It still sounds unreal to me.

I liked being a mom, so I decided to do it again.
So, here we are. Meet Ian and Samantha. They're lovely, aren't they?

Okay, NOW you can put that "The end" screen.


Oh! Wait, wait! I forgot to mention: There is someone else on this picture. Can you guess? It's my third baby! Right here, in my belly. You can see her yet, but, she's there! Yup, now you can put "The end" screen, I promise I'm done. Byeeee!
Okay, that was close.

So, this is it. I really hope that you liked it. I want to thank all of you for your wonderful comments, they were always pushing me forward when I wanted to stop making this. Thank you. Love ya all!

Oh, one more thing.

This is something new that I'm working on.

It's TS3 series called "Finding Cheryl".

Although the picture says different, this is NOT a love triangle story.
Okay, maybe just a little. But, besides that love triangle, it contains much, much more, I promise.

So, if you have time, take a look at it, and let me know what you think. You can PM me anytime! :)

You can find the links for "Finding Cheryl" episodes on my site. And you can find the link of my site in the comments below, or in the blog post on my TSR page.

Love you all, byeee! :D

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daniluvsims22Oct 10, 2013

Love the series\:wub\:\:wub\:\:wub\: Hope you make another story soon\:D

KianowJun 25, 2013

WHERE IS IT FROM?! pls pls PLS respond! The red, loose ponytail. Please tell me you know, i've been looking EVERYWHERE for it! Thank you!

alexa_54Jun 23, 2013

Love it had me smiling on every page

Iness NoussaJun 21, 2013

i'm speechless.............your story is amazing with one word....
i'm so sad it was over but i really loved this happy ending
i can't wait for more of your lovely creative ideas
i hope nothing would stop you from making these stories ^_^

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