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Oasis Island: The Beginning
Published Jun 7, 2007


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Oasis Island

Hey there! This is my first story I've written or posted with the Sims so I hope you like it and please be nice! I can't even believe I found the time to do it but here it is. Sorry in advance for any spelling mistakes (I tried!).

This takes place in my neighborhood Oasis Valley. It starts with a group of new college students getting ready to take a class trip. Hope you enjoy and I appreciate any feedback!

Oasis Island

Hey there! This is my first story I've written or posted with the Sims so I hope you like it and please be nice! I can't even believe I found the time to do it but here it is. Sorry in advance for any spelling mistakes (I tried!).

This takes place in my neighborhood Oasis Valley. It starts with a group of new college students getting ready to take a class trip. Hope you enjoy and I appreciate any feedback!
"I can NOT believe you asked me if I'm pregnant!" Melissa screamed at Cyd in shock.

"I'm sorry," Cyd apologized as sincerely as he could while holding back a laugh, "You just never know, right? Thought I'd ask. Really, I'm sorry."

Talia was used to her two best friends arguing all of the time. She was a quiet girl and was even more so when her friends were in the middle of a fight. She was the most beautiful girl in all of Oasis Valley and therefore, unapproachable for most. People let her beauty speak for her silence and they labeled her a goody-goody and a snob. She had grown up with Cyd and Melissa since they were all in grade school; they were the only friends she ever felt close to or trusted. It was only recently when the three of them went off to University together that Cyd and Melissa started dating and Talia began to feel like a third wheel.

She just stood back and listened to them fight, as usual, not daring to interupt. She had hoped this wouldn't last the entire trip.
"It must just be that coat you're wearing. It's kinda poofy," Cyd held his hands out to her in admiration, "But you still look beautiful."

Ignoring his last statement, Melissa replied, "Poofy?! I'm poofy? And who do you think would have knocked me up?"

Talia knew very well, as all three of them did, that Melissa and Cyd hadn't quite reached that part in their relationship yet. Cyd was anxious but Melissa said she was waiting for the right moment. He thought she may have had another reason behind it.

"Well, I don't know," Cyd shrugged in suspicion, "Maybe Danny!?"
"Daniel Miller?!" Melissa turned away and ranted, "I wouldn't be caught dead with that jack ass! And why did he have to end up in same university history class as us? Why does he have to be here with that stupid, annoying fiance of his. I'm not riding in the same van as them. That's all there is to it."

Talia watched Cyd furrow his brows behind Melissa's back. They both knew that Melissa had had a crush on Danny for years while they attended Oasis Valley High School. Melissa was always hopeful something would come of them, but declared she had given up the day after graduation when Danny had proposed to classmate, Tatum Garder. Although Melissa denied it, Talia believed she still had something for him... and she knew Cyd thought it too.

Melissa walked away mumbling to herself.
"Danny, honey, you be sure to ride with me, okay?" Tatum demanded her fiance, "And I don't want to sit in the back, alright?"

"Yea, okay," Danny answered dully. He had known Tatum for most of high school, but had only dated her on and off their senior year before proposing. He was quiet and easy-going. She was demanding and high-matainance.

"And let's avoid Deacon this weekend," Tatum shook her head, "He is just so immature. All he wants to do is party..."
"Did somebody say PARRRTAAAY?" Deacon approached the couple. He was the most popular person who went to their high school. Popular wasn't always a good thing in his case. Deacon was famous for his jokes, pranks and crazy stunts which most everyone laughed at and admired. Another reason he was famous, however, was for jumping from girl to girl; and he was running out of ladies who didn't know his ways.

Deacon continued, "We're gonna have so much fun this weekend, man. Deac and Dan: The Doudble-D team!" He laughed at his own crude joke, but Tatum didn't find it humorous at all. As she shot a look of dissapproval Danny's wa, he clenched his fists frustrated with always having to make a decision between his fiance and his long-time bestfriend.
"Um, Deacon," Tatum started to address him in a fake, sickenly-sweet tone, but before she could finish, Deacon interupted.

"No time to talk, babe," he cut her off, "Just saw Remmy. Gotta go! Late!"
Deacon walked over and sat down on a bench next to where his friend Remington was petting a dog and asked, "Whose pooch is that?"

"Oh, he's mine," a red-headed boy sitting next to him answered.

"Deacon, this is Fred," Remington introduced them, "He's new in town. Just started University here too. He's in my history class."

"Oh, Snap! Welcome to Oasis Valley!" Deacon smiled, "Have you ever been to Oasis Island?"

"No, I haven't been many places other than here and Veronaville. That's where I'm from," Fred explained, "It's pretty cool the school is funding this trip to the island. I hear it's rare people get to go there."
"Yea, man, I haven't been there either. It's supposed to be real historical," Deacon responded not really knowing what he was talking about, "Lotsa history and old stuff I guess. Sounds like a party to me!"

"Deac, you're not even in our history class," Remington laughed, "How'd you pull off coming on this trip?"

"Doesn't matter dudes," Deacon replied, "All that matters is I'm here to keep the party going and oh - my - who are those chicks?"
Pryia looked around, "I guess this is everyone who's coming so we should probably get ready to go."

"Are you nervous?" Renee asked her, "You know, about leading this trip and all?"

"Hey, we have nothing to be nervous about," Pryia replied, "We're top of our class. The teachers trusted us to do this. We'll be fine."

"But Oasis Valley is a new campus to me. I don't really know these people," Renee babbled, "And I've never been to the island and-"

"You'll be fine," Pryia assured her. She smiled, "It's great there! I've studied the island enough to know everything but how many blades of grass it has! Now go get your group gathered up. Let's go!"
Renee hesitated as Pryia skipped off to load her van. She had known Pryia forever and trusted her bestfriend more than anyone. Although Pryia had insisted everything was going to be fine, she was still skeptical about being a leader. She had always left that up to Pryia. Sure, they were top of their class in Bluewater Village, but this was new territory here in Oasis Valley. And she knew she didn't earn that title honestly; without Pryia, she wouldn't be here. She admired Pryia's brains and bravery and wished she had a little herself.

Renee quietly composed herself and approached the guys on the bench.
"Hi, I'm Renee," she shook Fred's hand.

"Ah ha," Deacon spoke first, "I'm Deac and that's Fred's hand you're shaking there."

"Oh, great! I'm your group leader then," Renee smiled, "I'm new here on campus. I know Danny Miller but if you could introduce me to-" she pulled a small list from her pocket- "Talia Veran and Tatum Garder - they're also in our group."

"I'll get 'em," Deacon quickly exclaimed and ran off.
"I'm new here too," Fred smiled, "First year in a new place is always the toughest."

"Tell me about it," Renee agreed, "I just hope everything goes well this weekend."

Fred's dog barked at his ankles for attention.

"Oh you're the one who's bringing his puppy," Renee smiled, "The dean didn't clear it but I certainly won't tattle."

"Yea, thanks. That's Fieval," Fred responded greatfully, "I don't know anyone here and couldn't find someone to take care of him."

"Well I love dogs so I'll help you if you need it," Renee offered.

"Thanks." Fred simply stated and grinned. Fred was glad there was someone else new and friendly to talk to. He was an orphan and an out-cast. He had no money and no family. He was a loner. He thought his move to Oasis Valley would have some good changes in store; so far, he was right.
"I know you're not with me, but at least you don't have to ride with Danny, right?" Talia said quietly to Melissa and shot a "see you soon" at Cyd who were both in the other group with Pryia.

After getting instructions from Pryia to follow her in the van, Renee was introduced to the rest of her group by Deacon (who had described her previously as "the new babe)". Danny offered to drive and Renee took him up on it feeling relieved of one less responsibility.

As they piled in the van, Tatum protested against Deacon sitting behind her ("He'll play some sick joke on me! I know it!") so he ended up in the back with Fred. Renee and Talia sat in the middle.

"Dudes..." Deacon sniffed, "Who farted?"

It was going to be a long drive.
Renee fell asleep as they left Oasis Valley and began to cross the long bridge that led to Oasis Island. Renee awoke some time later to hear Tatum and Danny arguing.

"You've got us lost, you idiot!"

"We are not lost!"

"Yes, we are - LOOK OUT!"
The van crashed into a tree near the side of the road. A tire popped. The engine was smoking and despite Danny's numerous attempts, it failed to start. They all got out of the van and looked around. There was no sign of the other van, or any other car for that matter.

'This is all my fault,' Renee thought to herself, 'I should've drove. I should've stayed awake.'
As if he had read her mind, Deacon walked up to Renee and smiled, "It's not your fault, you know."

"It IS my fault." Renee disagreed, "If I only would've-"

"Don't worry, I was sleeping too," Deacon interrupted and pointed to Danny, "It's all that dingbat's fault over there."

Renee thought he was sweet for trying.
"Me? Why are you blaming at me?" Danny responded to Tatum's accusations.

"YOU weren't paying attention!" Tatum yelled and poked him in the chest, "YOU crashed the car!"

"Only because YOU were yelling at me!" Danny said defensively.
Talia was furious. Here she was with some people she really didn't like and some she didn't even know at all. She felt rediculously silly standing there in the middle of the road by herself. Tatum and Danny's fight didn't phase her much though as it reminded her of her best friends' constant arguments who, she thought, were probably already safe at the Island Hotel.

She remained silent amidst all the commotion.
Fred quitely played with Fieval. He calmly thought to himself, 'This sure is some adventure'.

"Well let's not just stand here," Deacon suggested, "Let's all go get some help."

They began to walk; Tatum and Danny lagged behind the group still loudly arguing.
"I don't know why Danny proposed to her," Deacon commented as they walked along the road, "I think Tat forced him to do it."

"Oh?" Renne simply said, feeling as though this really wasn't any of her business.

"She's a real piece of work, that chick," Deacon continued, "I mean, when I dated her-" He quickly stopped himself. He did not want this girl to think, or know, that he had dated almost every girl in the valley. "She's just a real piece of work is all," he repeated himself and dove fast into silence.

Renee uncomfortably walked ahead.
A while later, it began to rain ("My hair is going to get frizzy!" Tatum screamed). They were all getting tired as the sky began to darken. There was no sign of any buildings, any cars or any life at all. They eventually came to a dirt path leading off the road and into a forest.

"I say we take it," Danny suggested, "It's the first sign of anything we've seen for miles."

"Your stupid ideas have only got us into trouble," Tatum complained.

"Look, we're not getting anywhere by arguing," Renee said, "What do you think, Fred?"

"I'm up for it," he nodded. He really didn't care. He was just glad to be in good company.

Tatum whined, "But my boots will get all muddy!"

Without a word, Talia darted down the path in a frustrated silence making up the group's mind for them. Everyone shrugged, and quietly followed.
The forest was misty and dark. Tears ran down Renee's face unnoticed. 'This is all my fault,' she thought to herself, 'And now I don't even know where we are.'

"Are you okay?" Fred asked, interrupting her thoughts.

"Oh yea, I'm fine," Renee sniffed and pretended to swat a bug. He casually started up a conversation about the weather and she felt a little better.

Ahead, Deacon was in deep conversation with Danny, "Dude, what do you think about moi hooking up with that new bird?"

"Let it go buddy," Danny advised his friend, "Renee would probably fall for you... and you'll probably just end up hurting her. She's a real nice girl and all you want to do is get in her pants."

Deacon huffed in dissapproval, but did not argue. 'He's probably right,' he thought.

Fred overheard their conversation but noticing Renee did not, he pretended he didn't either.

Tatum tip toed behind the group, continuously cursing Danny and the rain under her breath.
It seemed like hours upon hours had passed. Their legs were tired and their coats were soaked. Danny saw something and quickly ran ahead.

"It's a house, you guys! A house!," he waved at them from the porch. The brick house was hidden by a bundle of trees. When they got closer, they could see that it was a mansion. It looked old and abandoned; vines crawled up the bricks and the grass was so high, it hid their feet.
They ran for cover from the rain. Danny knocked on one door while Fred investigated the other. No one answered and the doors were locked. As Danny and Talia continued knocking, Renee and Fred struggled to pick the lock. Deacon ran to their aid. 'I need to show her I'm not that kind of guy,' Deacon thought to himself stuck on what Danny had told him about Renee, 'I know I'm not like that.'

He didn't know how he got himself such a reputation. Perhaps he got a little carried away with his popularity but he had never intended to hurt the girls he did. He wasn't thinking about the consiquences; just living in the moment. He was young and stupid and he knew that had to change if anyone was ever going to take him seriously.
Renee had been talking to Fred. He didn't have much to say, but she was glad just to have someone to talk to.

"I hope we can get in," Renee shivered, "It's freezing out here and I'm soaked. I need to get out of these clothes."

Fred swallowed hard and tried to shake away his imagination. "I really have never picked a lock before," he stated, not looking at her.

"Well, me neither," Renee responded, "Maybe we should try a window?"
"Move aside! Move aside!" Deacon confidently approached, "Locks are one of my specialties." He pulled something out of his pocket and within seconds the door cracked open. "I GOT IT!" he shouted so the group at the other door could hear him, then he turned and smiled at Renee.

"Wow, thanks," she said impressed, "Where'd you learn that?"

"Oh, you know," Deacon shrugged, "Around."

"Oh okay," Renee accepted his explanation, "Well, thanks. You're great!"

Though no one saw, Fred rolled his eyes as he thought of Deacon and Danny's conversation he had overheard earlier.
"WOW! Look at this place!" Deacon shouted as he walked into the door.

"Ladies first," Fred stepped aside and motioned for Renee to go ahead of him. She glanced at Fred; he looked happy despite the situation they were in.

"Thank you," she said politely. She wasn't really used to being treated so nice.
"Danny is such a jerk," Tatum complained to Talia, whom she didn't even know very well, as they walked toward the door, "I mean who does he think he is? I could have any guy I want and I chose him! I can't believe he's been yelling at me today! He never fights with me! He knows I'm always right."

As Tatum continued ranting, Talia quietly laughed to herself hoping that Tatum didn't notice. 'Melissa would love this,' she thought of her friend whose secret love for Danny caused her to hate Tatum. She though, 'Melissa would love it if they broke up. But poor Cyd; she wouldn't do that to him.'

Talia walked through the door, Tatum still cursing behind her.
They walked into a large living room where book shelves lined the walls. There was a large sofa and many comfy chairs about the huge room. The furniture was old but beautiful. A layer of dust rested on everything in the room as if no one had been there in ages. Renee dusted off the fireplace and admired the old carvings in it. She still felt incredibly guilty about the situation they were in, but had decided to let it go for the day. It was getting dark; they would have to worry about this tomorrow. Tatum and Danny continued to fight. She blamed him for this and that and he continually defended himself. He usually put up with her demanding attitude, but today, he had had enough.

Talia tried not to listen.
She looked out the window. She would have rather been anywhere else but stuck in a house with these people. The rain wasn't letting up at all; in fact, it was the most violent storm she had ever seen. Lightning flashed and thunder shook the grounds. She had to figure out a way to get out of this place. Fred browsed the books. He loved to read. These books, however, so far didn't interest him. They were all history books that contained old maps of places Fred didn't recognize. He enjoyed reading fantasy fiction novels; something that could help him escape from the real world if only for just a little while. "This house is beautiful," Renee stated as Deacon approached her by the fireplace.

"Sure is," Deacon agreed but he really didn't care, "I searched a bit of this place. There's no phone. These people don't even have electricity."

"I don't think anybody's lived her for a while," Renee commented, "I'm just glad we found a place to get out of the rain. I was freezing!"
Fred had overheard their conversation, perhaps on purpose, and headed over to the fireplace where Renee and Deacon were now sitting. He took some logs that were sitting next to the fireplace and piled them in. Renee watched as he started a fire and smiled as he turned to face her.

"Thanks," she exclaimed, "Here take my chair. I want to be closer to the fire anyway."
He sat down across from Deacon as she sat comfortably on the rug. Fred watched her talk to Deacon. He wasn't really listening; just watching her glow in the fire's light. "I shouldn't have to put up with this," Tatum yelled at Danny, "YOU crashed the car and got us stranded here in this awful, dirty place."

Danny shouted back, "Well maybe if you would ever just shut up for one minute, I wouldn't have crashed the car in the first place!"

"I can't believe this," Tatum threw her hands up to her head, "You're blaming me?! For YOUR stupidity?"

"My stupidity?" Danny retorted, "Maybe you should take a good look in the mirror and see who's really being the stupid one!"
"You know, Daniel," Tatum yelled, "I don't want to marry you if you're going to be like this."

"THEN DON'T!" He screamed and waved her away, "Just get away from me. I can't take this anymore tonight."

He stormed away and sat in a chair across the room staring blankly at the book cases.
Tatum was shocked by his reaction. He had never screamed at her before. He had always seemed to worship every move she made. She thought that's what she deserved despite her demanding attitude. She didn't know what was going on. She was livid; certainly more angry than she was sad. Deacon saw Danny storm off, and excused himself to go see what was going on. Surprisingly, Danny smiled as he approached, "What's up?"

"What's up with you, man?" Deacon said, "I heard you yell and saw you stomp away."

"I'm just tired of Tatum treating me like I'm her servant or something," Danny stated, "She thinks she is so much better than me. I just need to be away from it for a while." Danny paused noticing Deacon was only half paying attention and gladly changed the subject, "What were you doing over there, slick?"
"Just talking to Renee," Deacon bragged as he obviously stared at her, "I think she likes me."

"Deac, I said let it go," Danny shook his head, "You're just going to hurt-"

"Yea, yea," Deacon interrupted, "I know what you said. I just think it's different this time. I'm ready for a change."

"You've said that before," Danny laughed, "I'll believe it when I see it. Just be careful."
"I don't really know what to tell you," Talia replied to Tatum's constant complaining about Danny. She didn't know what to say and she really didn't care. Tatum had rarely ever talked to her all throughout grade school; now, she was acting like they were long lost best friends. Talia didn't feel like it, but she listened anyway occassionally laughing inside and thinking of Melissa. Renee was trying to get to know Fred. They had been talking for at least an hour but he was still a bit mysterious to her; she couldn't tell what kind of person he was. 'He seems nice,' she thought, 'but sometimes it's the quiet ones you have to look out for.' Despite her suspicions, she was intrigued to know more about him.

"I don't have a family," he explained when Renee asked where his family was from, "I'm an orphan, I guess. I don't really remember much of my childhood. I spent most of it hopping from house to house in Veronaville never really finding a real home."

"I'm sorry," Renee apologised, "I didn't know."

"It's okay," Fred looked out the window and noticed it was pitch black. He couldn't even see a single star. He could hear that the rain was still rapidly pouring down. He watched Renee yawn sleepily and smiled, "Maybe we should find some place to sleep. It's getting late. We'll work everything out tomorrow."

Renee agreed as they both stood up...
She hugged him.

He wasn't ready for it. He fumbled his arms and clumsily hugged her back.

Renee didn't explain why she did it, she just smiled and walked away to propose their idea to the rest of the group.
They all got up and walked out of the room into the dark hallway. Danny found some stairs and the rest followed him up them. When they reached the top of the stairs, Danny peered through a door and said, "These look like the bedrooms. Take your pick."

Tatum yelled, "I'm not staying in a room with you, you know that, right?"

"I didn't ask you to!" Danny shouted back.

"Fine then!"

Renee was growing tired of their arguing. She walked to the first door she saw, mumbled "I'll just take this one," and escaped inside. Deacon was tempted to follow her, but she quickly shut the door behind her. The room was small but lavishly decorated. She lit some candles on the wall that dimly lit the dainty room. She changed into pajamas from the old and dusty wardrobe. This is not where she thought she'd be tonight. She was supposed to be rooming with her best friend Pryia in the Island Hotel preparing for their tour of the land the next day. She was now somewhere on the island that she had no clue existed with a group of people she didn't really know and was supposed to be leading. She felt awful about it. Talia had been the first to fall asleep. She was frustrated with the day and didn't think she could take one more minute of it. As she slept, she dreamt of Melissa and Cyd arguing. Then Danny rode in dressed in silver armor on a white horse and swept Melissa away. Tatum ran behind, cursing them loudly. Cyd started to cry. Tatum bluntly told him to shut up and punched him in the face. Talia stood in the background laughing. Danny, however, could not get to sleep although he was completely exhausted. He was furious with his fiance and was questioning why he asked her to marry him in the first place. She wasn't right for him. He knew that now. She HAD pushed him into it. Or WAS he was just being stupid? Danny was struggling to find a mind of his own. He tried reading a book to distract himself. It was about ancient warriors of the island; he found it a bore and quickly fell asleep sitting up in his chair. Back in her room, Renee relaxed on the bed and mentally attacked herself for all the things she did wrong. She couldn't believe that everyone else didn't hate her for it as well. Her negative thoughts subconciously shifted to the new people she met. Although she terribly missed Pryia, she was glad to be making new friends. She really liked Deacon; he was nice. And she was happy to be getting to know Fred.

Just then her door unexpectedly jolted open.
It was Tatum. Renee couldn't understand her as she walked in the room rapidly ranting and sat herself on the sofa. She looked on the verge of tears, but her anger over-powered them.

Renee didn't know what to do.

"He doesn't even want to marry me anymore!" Tatum slowed her words down a bit and Renee could understand them, "HE - doesn't want - to marry - ME!"
"I'm sure it'll all blow over," Renee tried to assure her, "We're all a little abnormal right now considering the circumstances."

"Yea, I know," Tatum lounged on the sofa and sighed, "There just has to be some way to fix this."

Renee didn't expect Tatum to be the one who was sorry. She didn't seem like the type. She was right. It was usually Tatum who got mad at Danny and he would beg her for forgiveness even though he didn't do anything wrong.

To Renee's surprise, the door suddenly jolted open again.
"Um, Renee," Deacon walked in, "I just-"

He saw Tatum.

"What are you doing in here?," he asked her surprised.
"Oh, good! Deacon!" she sat upright and exclaimed, "Just the person I was looking for!"

Tatum was too concerned with her own problems to wonder what Deacon's purpose for visiting was.

Deacon was shocked, "What? I'm NEVER the person you're looking for. What d-?"
"You can talk to Danny, okay?" Tatum stood up and grabbed his arm before he could say another word, "You're his best friend. You talk some sense into him. We'll go plan it all out and work on him tomorrow. Come on."

"But I was gonna-" Deacon stuttered as Tatum forcefully dragged him out the door spilling her ideas to get Danny back.

Renee stood in silence as the door closed behind them.
She was confused. She walked over to the mirror and examined her reflection as if it could give her the solutions she needed. She pushed her hair out of her eyes and frowned. She looked pale and sickly. Her stomache violently growled at her for neglecting it all day. She wasn't quite up for exploring the strange house in the middle of the night to find some food, but her stomache continued to argue and she gave in. She cautiously walked through the dark hallways and up a flight of stairs. She had no idea where she was going; that, along with the darkness and the thrashing thunder outside, was more than enough to scare her into turning back. Her stomache convinced her otherwise. She eventually ran into a large dining hall and assumed the kitchen couldn't be too far. A thin door was cracked open on the far end of the long hall, and she entered. It was the kitchen. But it was not empty.

Her fear suddenly subsided.
"You startled me," Fred turned around. He was drinking from a glass and standing by a freshly lit fireplace. He was only wearing pajama pants and Renee momentarily felt uncomfortable but Fred didn't seem to mind. He pointed to his glass, "It's rum. Weird, I know. Pretty bitter. It's really all there is here though. There's no running water. Want some?"

Renee put her hand on her stomache, "Actually, I'm really hungry."

"Well sit down," Fred put down his glass and pulled a chair out for her, "There's not much in here; just jars of beans really. Want some?"

"I can make it," Renee offered.

"Nope, I got it," Fred insisted, "I was going to make some anyway. There's a pitcher of stale water here. I'll just boil it on the fire and make some soup."
Fred was very independent and always could make the best out of the resources he had. He quickly whipped up two bowls of soup. Renee watched him silently. Considering how large and beautiful this house was, the kitchen was considerably small, messy and not fancy at all. Renee didn't care; it was comfortable and she was just glad to have the company. Fred placed the two bowls on the table and sat down. Renee sipped her soup. It was delicious. She couldn't believe he made this so quick with what he had. Her face didn't express the gratitude she felt though and Fred could tell there was something wrong. He quietly asked, "I know I asked you this before, but are you okay?"

"I'm fine," she turned to Fred and sighed, "I just don't know what to do now."

"I think it can wait until tomorrow. We'll figure something out. We're going to be fine," he smiled, "Well, maybe not Tatum and Danny, but the rest of us still seem pretty sane."

Renee laughed and scooped another spoonful into her mouth. She couldn't help but notice Fred wasn't even touching his.
Fred got up to poke the fire. He thought could feel Renee's eyes staring at him from behind. Fred suddenly became unexpectedly nervous. He was never nervous. He had always been confident and spoke what was on his mind. He had never been able to relate to anyone and never cared to. Renee seemed different and he didn't know why. She was just so average; maybe that's what intrigued him.

After she finished, Renee got up and cleared her bowl from the table, her hunger satisfied. Fred was still fiddling with the fire so she quietly sat back down.
When the fire was once again roaring, he rejoined her and started up a conversation, "So, uh, what do you think about the others?"

"I don't really know any of them," Renee shrugged, "I met Danny at summer camp when we were like fifteen. We've kept in touch a little over the years. He's cool but this is the first time I've met the rest of them. They're alright."

Fred looked at his lap avoiding eye contact, "What do you think about Deacon?"

"He seems nice," Renee stated, "I'd think anyone who's friends with Danny can't be all that bad."

Fred disagreed inside, thinking again of the conversation he heard between Deacon and Danny earlier, but he decided to let it go. At least an hour had passed while they were lost in conversation.

Fred yawned, "It's getting late. We should probably get to bed. We're going to need our energy tomorrow."
Renee nodded as he stood up to mute the fire. She stared at Fred's cold bowl of soup on the table; he had made the soup just for her. That was sweet. Fred led Renee back to where the bedrooms were. The hallways were dark and quiet. They assumed everyone else had already fallen asleep. Fieval was sitting infront of Fred's room as if he was a parent waiting up for him to return home. He ran to them when they returned.

"That's my boy," Fred stroked his head.

"He's a good guard dog," Renee giggled.

"You gotta have somebody to watch your back," Fred smiled and stood up to face her.
"Well, goodnight," he gently kissed her hand and smiled. She didn't expect it. Neither did he. It just happened. He turned away while she muttered, "night," and he quietly closed the door to his room behind him. Neither of them noticed that someone else had been there. As she crawled into her bed she forgot that she was lost and stranded on a strange island. The old bed was surprisingly comfortable and she rested her head on the fluffy pillow with only one thing on her mind.

Her thoughts drifted her off to sleep.

Little did she know what tomorrow would bring.
The end... for now.

Thanks for reading the first part of my story! If you guys like it, I'll post some more! Let me know! Thanks!

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alexcatlinApr 12, 2012

I seriously didn't expect any of that! Great work! Can't wait for the next!\:\)

Aug 8, 2011

That was an awsome story and I only use that word if I really like something it is definantly my kind of should write a book on it!

maryashMay 11, 2008

i saw 10 and i figured i'd read the others! fantastic!!

twinkletoeMar 8, 2008

Saw number 9 and decided to check it out from the begining.\:D Terrific so far. On to chap.2!!\:rah\:

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