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Wiki 'Object Catalog' Stuff Pack Update.

The TSR Sims 3 Wiki Object Catalog has been updated to include all the new items from the High End Loft Stuff Pack (also known as Design & High-Tech here in the United Kingdom). Check it out to see what's new but also to learn about the attributes, scores and cost of these new items in game.

The recent EA Store items are also being added, probably while you read this, so will be fully up to date also.


Sims 3 Download Basket enabled

Subscribers can now enjoy the convenience from using the Download Basket when downloading. The Download Basket lets you add up to 199 items, and then download them all in a single go (please note that when adding a set, it's the individual items that are added, and thereby are counted towards the 199).

With the Download Basket, you can either download all the files as a ZIP which you manually extract all the Sims3Pack files from to the "My Documents\EA Games\The Sims 3\Downloads" folder, or you use it together with the TSR Launcher.

Besides the Download Basket, we have now also added the option to download a TSR Launcher-specific file for Sims 3 Sets. This option is also subscriber-only.

Read more about these installation options here

Artist news

It's time to welcome a handful of new Artists to our teams. There has been a few retirements as well to make room for new and fresh talent. Please welcome the following:

Sims 3 Featured Artist:

- juttaponath

Sims 3 Select Artist:

- alex_stanton1983
- oepu
- Katalina
- dgandy
- Denizzo_ist

Sims 2 Select Artist:

- Rotkaeppchen

Please give them all a warm welcome in thier guestbooks and be sure to check out the latest and upcoming creations!

Broken CAS content is now fixed!

As you Sims 3 downloaders may have experienced some CAS items downloaded from TSR have not installed properly after installing EA's 1.8/2.3 Game Update. We have now fixed the compatibility problem for these files, and those of you that have downloaded such files should get a notification on where to download the updated version the next time you login.

As with other items being updated with our revision system, you should be able to download subscriber-only files even if your subscription has run out since you downloaded the file(s).

A new Workshop will come out soon that will let you create WA compatible clothing, hair, etc. Textures has a different problem then CAS parts and we are still working on a fix for those. They will be updated the same way once fixed.

For those of you needing to uninstall/install heaps of content we would recommend you to use our TSR Launcher tool for the job, it's very convenient when dealing with lots of files. You can grab the tool here.

Credits: Thanks to Murano and Inge_Jones for finding the problem and of course Micke, Johan and Per for the script correcting the problem.

Paypal problems fixed

The problems with Paypal subscription payments not always being registered has been solved. It should work for all new transactions, but please contact us through our on-line support system in case you still haven't been credited the days you have paid for. We will be able to fix missed transactions, but contacting us will speed things up.

We're very sorry for any inconvenience caused by this problem.

Select Artist winners!

Another month and as usual it was a very hard decision to make considering the sheer talent here. The winners for December are as follows:

- 1st prize, $50 Amazon gift certificate goes to Nia
- 2nd prize, $40 Amazon gift certificate goes to Stylist_Sims
- 3rd prize $30 Amazon gift certificate goes to Roan_

Check out their contributions from last month and enjoy them in your game. Well done everyone!

Contact Thomas with a PM and state what e-mail the gift certificate should be sent to.

Kudos Lottery Draw


Our 21st Kudos Lottery Draw took place today with 3 lucky winners being shmarold who wins their choice of any Sims 1, 2 or 3 Expansion or Stuff Pack, tania-lee who wins one of our increasingly popular TSR 2Gb USB Flash Drives (great for storing Sims downloads on), and LadyFuchsia who is now the proud owner of a TSR Coffee Mug!

Thanks to everyone that bought a ticket (or many tickets), and you'll be pleased to know that a new Kudos Lottery has already been posted for you to spend some of your hard earned Kudos points on. You might be able to pick up that Christmas present you wanted that nobody bought!

Paypal issues (again)

We are aware there has been further issues with Paypal payments since our last post. Before we implement the new payment systemfor Paypal we need to sort out all remaining issues. Could all of you who have not received your days please contact our support so we can go through and process all of you starting monday. Thank you for your help and patience and we are truly sorry for this inconvenience.

Happy New Year!

From all of us to all of you, Happy New Year! We have an exciting year ahead of us with new expansion packs, tons of great new content, the re-launch of Themes for Sims 3, a revamped newsletter and much more to look forward to. Lots of love to go around! :)

FA Christmas Art!

Our talented team of Featured Artists sent the TSR staff a fantastic Christmas Card and some festive wishes. The card was so cool I thought I'd share it with you all as we wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from all of us at The Sims Resource!

Be sure to check out the card in full-sized glory, the individual tiles are very pretty! Thanks to the FA's for their efforts, TSR wouldn't be the site it is without them all!

TSR Workshop Release Candidate 2 out!

Another Release Candidate is finally available. The following has been added/fixed in this release:

* Support for World Adventures EP
* Added game path settings to properties
* Added a quick filter feature in the new project window
* Terrain paint bugs fixed (Square brush not working) 
* Channel selector bug fixed (Switching no. channels on hair/makeup messed up texture)
* FNV Hash window bugs fixed (Crash when clicking copy/find resources with empty strings)
* Plus many various bug fixes

Grab the new release from this page and enjoy! Make sure you get the RC_2 file!

Update to the TSR Launcher

Hello all! An update to the TSR Launcher has been posted which fixes the problems with it freezing when trying to install content made with the latest version of the game. In addition to the fixes, the new version of the Launcher supports .tsr files, the format that will be used for the upcoming download basket, which will be added to the site soon! So head on over to download and install the latest version by grabbing it from the programs page now!

With this update to bring the Launcher from Beta to a full version 1.0, we will discontinue development on Merlin as the TSR Launcher handles Sims3Packs much more efficiently. The download for Merlin will still be available but it will not be supported at this time.

Changes from Launcher Beta to Launcher 1.0:

- Support for .tsr files (For the upcoming Download Basket)
- Fixed bugs related to changes in the patch and EP (Thanks to Echo for the updates to the Postal API that helped with this!)
- Additional content types identified (Thanks Murano!)

*updated* Paypal issues

We have been notified that a number of transactions has been made without receiving the days paid for. We've looked into this with Paypal and there has been issues with their technical platform between the dates december 15 up until now. We will go through all transactions on monday and make sure you are properly credited. In the coming month we will also implement a brand new API for Paypal payments that will eliminate those issues once and for all. Thank you for your patience and we're sorry for the inconvenience.

Update: We have now gone through Dec 14-20 and added any missing days to your account. We're truly sorry for this mess, it's unfortunately out of our hands since Paypal has no automatic warnings or messages when the Instant Payment Notification (that gives you days) does not come through. If you still miss days you paid for, contact support. Thanks!

*updated* Artist news

There has been quite afew retirements in the SA team to make room for new and active artists. We also have a new FA to announce.

Here is the new Sims 3 Featured Artist:

- aloleng

Here are the new Sims 3 Select Artists:

- Comet65 *new
- G2Creation *new
- cm_11778
- Cyril.K
- Greda
- Midnight222
- Simromi
- Skystars5
- Veronn

Check out their recent and upcoming creations and give them all a warm welcome in their guestbooks!

*updated* The latest game patch issues

There are reports of content not showing up in-game and problems installing new content after the latest patch from EA. We are currently narrowing down the issues behind this (most seems to be related to CAS content and textures) and will provide free updates through our newly launched Updates Service. If you have been a subscriber here previously you will be able to download all updated subscriber content for free as well.

We are sorry for the inconvenience this is causing many of you and we will report back here once we have come up with a stable solution.

Update: It seems the problem is not with the file formats, but rather with the installation itself not working properly. Hopefully this is a patch issue that will resolve itself with another patch (since even EA store content refuse to show for some). We'll keep investigating.


TSR welcomes Cashcraft!

Well it might sound strange, welcoming one of our best known artists to the site. What we mean is of course that we welcome her to the FA team for Sims 3! After a lot of trial and error, a steep learning curve and a lot of patience and skill, Cashcraft is now ready to spoil you all with her fantastic creations for Sims 3 as well! Check out her new Vanity Fair bedroom released today and keep your eyes peeled on her minisite for more Sims 3 goodies to come!

Select Artist winners!

Another month and as usual it was a very hard decision to make considering the sheer talent here. The winners for November are as follows:

- 1st prize, $50 Amazon gift certificate goes to Frozen and Iced
- 2nd prize, $40 Amazon gift certificate goes to moschino_K
- 3rd prize $30 Amazon gift certificate goes to framedarchitecture

Check out their contributions from last month and enjoy them in your game. Well done everyone!

Contact Thomas with a PM and state what e-mail the gift certificate should be sent to.

Last Poll results and a new Poll.

Our last Poll has been running for a long time so it needed an update! These were the results:

Which are your favorite Sims 3 activities?
Total Votes: 11,738.

  • Cooking | 38.6% (2684)
  • Gardening | 32% (2225)
  • Painting | 28.67% (1994)
  • Collecting | 25.06% (1743)
  • Writing | 24.66% (1715)
  • Fishing | 19.8% (1377)

Today we start a new Poll asking which is your favorite World Adventures Destination. Is it Al Simhara in Egypt, Champs Les Sims in France or Shang Simla, China? Cast your vote on the index page Poll pod today!

The most recent and all previous Poll results can be viewed on the Poll Results Page.

Artist News

Time for an update once again! The following has been added to our Artist teams.

Sims 3 Featured Artists:

- Simsimay

Sims 3 Select Artists:

- BluElla
- Roan_
- Nia
- AdelyneSims3

Give them all a warm welcome in their guestbooks and check out their latest offerings!

Wiki Updates Continue!

Our Wiki continues to grow with World Adventures information! The Object Catalog's have been painstakingly updated with preview images and stats for all of the build and buy mode objects from World Adventures and the latest EA Store content (once again, more accurate than the Official Strategy Guide). Destination guides are up for Egypt, France and China and the Tomb Building Tutorials are coming along nicely. More will be added during the coming weeks.

You may also start to see the World Adventures compatibility rolling out across the site. Your preferences will allow you to select Sims 3 EP's during the coming days and EP and SP requirements are being tested on the download databases with auto detection on submissions for improved accuracy. Good times!

False accusations against TSR

Some of you may have seen yet more false accusations made against TSR on another so called community site claiming that our member database containing personal names and addresses has been leaked. We would like to assure all member of TSR that this list of usernames has not come from TSR. Many of the usernames published do not even exist in our database, and never have. For the usernames that do exist, in some cases we have more info than they claim, and in others, less.

This list is clearly not a list of TSR users. This latest folly only demonstrates further that the information posted on that site about TSR is false, dreamt up in an underhanded attempt to try and discredit our community. Because we are absolutely confident that we can prove this to be farce we have instructed a law firm to press for full legal recompense for libel.

If you have any concerns we would urge you to read our Privacy Policy which we believe demonstrates that we take our members' privacy very seriously.

Update: Some comments posted by users on that site who are listed, state that they never gave TSR that info, or that the username is actually used on another Sims site and not on TSR.

TSR Workshop Release Candidate 1 launched

We are very happy to release our first Release Candidate for TSR Workshop. Many hours and lots of work has gone into this version (thank you Micke!) to make sure it has most, if not all, features you would want from our all-in-one package. The biggest new features is the support for morph states and the automatic generation of shadows.

And of course this new version is compatible with EA's latest patch and Expansion Pack and also only produce completely safe .sims3pack content.

Make sure you also update our Milkshape plugins when you download this new verson. Info on this here (new window).

Grab the file here (make sure you download the file called Release Candidate!)

Release Notes:

User Interface:

    * Image editor cleaned up
    * Importing/exporting project to package moved to project contents

CAS Creation support:

    * Morph states with sliders to preview fat, thin and fit states
    * All morph states included on export
    * New morph states automatically generated on import (based on exported morph meshes)

Object Creation support:

    * Automatic generation of Sun shadows
    * Ability to create terrainpaints
    * Ability to create fences and roofs
    * Editing of bounding boxes
    * Automated/optional footprint update
    * Slider with fixed angle rotation of objects to see sun shadows from different angles


    * Ability to set final texture sizes with Material Editor
    * Editing of Color and HSV patterns
    * Exchanging patterns with WSP format between projects
    * Possible to view and change material states (dirty and default)
    * Alpha color values can now be set

Improved 3D preview:

    * 3D Preview rotation / pan improved to feel more natural
    * Color adjustments for 3d preview
    * Adjustable ambient lighting

Overall Improvements and bug fixes:

    * Creating new project from existing project
    * EP and game patch breaking workshop fixed
    * Arms stuck to body fixed
    * Automatic mask size update fixed
    * Ceiling lamps placement fixed
    * Importing package now creates unique id´s
    * HSV Shift text entries not updating hsv shift fixed
    * Various importing problems fixed
    * Color variations not showing up in game fixed
    * Problems when cloning fences fixed

TSR downloads are safe

The release of a new expansion pack has traditionally been a time of upheaval for custom content makers. For Sims 3, we decided that all TSR custom content should be made into 100% compatible Sims3Pack files that match EA's specification for game content to give us (and you) the best chance of moving through patches and expansion pack releases without any troubles. Not everyone was happy with the decision, but sticking to EA's native game format was a wise decision that's already paid off. The recent patch and upgrade to World Adventures has caused problems for many in the community, but we're happy to say that our Sims3Packs have remained a 100% safe download format. The few files we have on offer that have caused problems has not been due to the Sims3Pack format, rather an error on the creator's part.

The Sims3Pack format:

  • Is properly recognised as custom content
  • Is installed correctly and can be deleted easily
  • Won't slow down your game
  • Won't crash your game
  • Should remain compatible with future patches and packs (unless EA mess up their own content as well)
  • Will package with uploaded lots automatically
  • Can be removed individually even when installed with a downloaded lot

These are all the reasons why we offer Sims3Pack files only (and why TSR Workshop will only output Sims3Pack files). We do our best to guarantee trouble-free Simming and Sims3Pack files have proved themselves to be a safe format for coping with the upgrades.

Wiki Updates

As we plough through all the new details of World Adventures we are constantly updating the TSR Wiki with new information about the Expansion Pack which you might find useful if you have the pack, or interesting if you don't! So far we have updated with the 10 new Fish, the 8 new Food Dishes, 3 new Traits and the in house document from EA, "Tomb Creation 101" which is full of tips and tricks they used for building the tombs.

If you already to subscribe to our Facebook or Twitter feeds then you might have already seen that we post there with each new page and update, as well as a daily roundup of TSR's hot new downloads. So if you are keen to stay bang up to date with all the new stuff, just add TSR to your favourite social networking sites!

Updated Sims 3 Items

For Sims 3 we have a new feature in place where you can get a list of items that have been updated by the creator since you downloaded the previous version. The reason for the update could for example be a bug fix or some kind of improvement.

If there are updated Sims 3 items you should get a note about that when you login to TSR, with a link provided to that page. After you have downloaded the updated version that item will disappear from the page, although this might take up to 10 minutes to happen. If there are items you don't want to download, you can dismiss these items.

If you were once a subscriber, at which time you downloaded a subscriber-only file, you are able to download the updated version although you no longer have a subscription.

New expansion pack and Workshop issues

The new Expansion Pack adds some new object types and categories. This causes some issues with Workshop and cloning. We are working on a fix for this so look for an announcement soon.

Artists news!

We have had our first round of retirements in our SA/FA teams now. Artists come and go unfortunately, but thankfully new talent pops up all the time :)

Please welcome the following new additions to our teams:

Sims 3 Featured Artists:

- *n-a-n-u*
- agapi r

Sims 3 Select Artists:

- Momama
- Lisa9999
- framedarchitecture

Check out their latest creations and enjoy them in your game. Please give them all a warm welcome in their guestbooks!

Select Artist winners!

We have restarted our monthly Select Artist competition now. It was a very hard decision to make considering the sheer talent here. The winners for October are as follows:

- 1st prize, $50 Amazon gift certificate goes to JSR_Julie
- 2nd prize, $40 Amazon gift certificate goes to tdyannd
- 3rd prize $30 Amazon gift certificate goes to PenelopeT

Check out their contributions from last month and enjoy them in your game. Well done everyone!

Contact Thomas with a PM and state what e-mail the gift certificate should be sent to.


Object Catalog updates

I have just updated the Wiki with the latest release of Sets from the EA Store. We also included them in our database so that uploads containing these creations can be identified.

To see the Object Catalog reference guides on the Wiki click here. They are a great resource for finding things you really need in your game as they include the stats and values of each, as well as for custom content creators looking for base items from the game, the store, or from EP's.

TSR announces TSR Launcher Beta!

We are happy to announce a new tool to help you organize and install Sims 3 downloads. This tool is specifically targeted at Sims3pack files only and will soon be available for Macs as well. For our subscribers you can look forward to on-site installations and download basket returning for Sims 3 based on this tool, stay tuned!

Grab the tool here and give it a try!

Kudos Lottery Draw

Our 20th Kudos Lottery Draw took place today with 3 winners being airway who wins their choice of any Sims 1, 2 or 3 Expansion or Stuff Pack, Granny Emm who wins one of our increasingly popular TSR 2Gb USB Flash Drives (great for storing Sims downloads on), and justevasim who is now the proud owner of a TSR Coffee Mug!

Thanks to everyone that bought a ticket (or many tickets), and you'll be pleased to know that a new Kudos Lottery has already been posted for you to spend some of your hard earned Kudos points on. You might be able to pick up that Christmas present you wanted that nobody bought!

TSR previews World Adventures!

World Adventures is the first Expansion Pack for Sims 3. People have high expectations, but this pack is often being considered as "just another Bon Voyage or Vacation". How does it compare, and what will it offer your game? Read Steve’s full preview here.

Create A World Previewed

Create A World will be the first Official Custom Content tool from EA. Steve has been at EA this week attending the Simposium and has now written a preview of this new tool to help answer some of your burning questions. Check it out.

4 new Workshop tutorials!

Interested in creating something nice with our new release of TSR Workshop? How about creating a plant, a nice new object or why not a pattern? Check out the 4 new tutorials available here and share your fantastic creations with everyone here at TSR!

TSR attends another EA event.

Here I sit once again, in a hotel across the street from EA in Redwood Shores California, ready to go get some great news and info about upcoming products in the Sims series. This time it's the first Sim3 Expansion Pack, World Adventures. It's a two day event on Thursday and Friday so I have a sneaking suspicion there is more to see than just EP1, especially given that there is already so much info out there about World Adventures already (these fan events are usually before EA start announcing all the details). I'll be keeping you up to date on the TSR blog during the event, with the usual preview once the event is over. Check back during the coming days for the very latest fro EA HQ!

You can follow Steve's adventures on our brand new Twitter page here:

Problem with empty Sims 3 Set downloads fixed

Due to a server problem newly published Sims 3 Sets were empty. This problem has now been fixed.

TSR Workshop goes public!

It's time for celebration!

All those of you impatiently waiting for the new release of TSR Workshop with full support for objects, hair, makeup, accessories and clothing - the wait is finally over!

The public beta, version 0.8.7 is now available for download in our Workshop downloads section.

Please note this is still a beta product and there will no doubt be various bugs left to discover. We have however taken this long closed beta period to make sure as many obvious bugs as possible are fixed and that the version we provide has as many features as possible.

Please note we will not offer any dedicated product support for TSR Workshop since it is not a commercial product. The support you can get is from our dedicated Wiki section with getting started guides and manuals, our user tutorials and our TSR Workshop forums where many of our experienced FA's and SA's are available to answer your questions.

Make sure you read our EULA before using TSR Workshop in your projects and please give proper credit back here.

If you are interested in knowing who made it all possible, check the credits page here.

If you want to support our onward development please consider a donation. The money we get from donations will be used to obtain developer licenses for programs such a 3DS Max, Maya, Lightwave, Cinema 4D and others. With those licenses we will be able to create plugins to be used directly from within those programs and not having to resort to Milkshape only for the mesh import.

New Artists!

Here we go again. Another week, another slew of fantastic artists added to our teams. Please welcome the following:

Sims 3 FA's:

- Annasims2
- Riccinumbers
- Sims2sisters

Sims 3 SA's:

- BigMusclePaul
- Dropsi1986
- Easysims
- NancyJ

Check out their recent and upcoming work and give them awarm welcome in their guestbooks!

Paypal update

All those who had made a transaction on October 14/15 and never received your days, please log in and verify that your days have now been added. If not, contact support.

TSRAA for Sims 3 now active!

We weren't going to start up TSRAA immediately for two reasons:

(1) Objects are still in beta form and some of us have already had to make wide-ranging updates to our earlier work. We knew this would likely be the case and so we didn't want bad objects flying out in lots.

(2) TSR needs to ensure there is enough exclusive content available for people who have already subscribed for it (and we're being slow on that, so we need to catch up urgently).

HOWEVER, it is clear that holding back ON TSRAA is causing more than a few problems (and we're REALLY sorry about that), so we're going ahead and launching TSRAA for Sims 3 objects immediately for everyone - including any Featured Artists who wish to participate. We're confident now that Workshop objects are pretty stable and starting TSRAA immediately will hopefully stop any further muddles.

Starting yesterday any lots containing TSRAA FA material is automatically set as subscriber only - so no need to ask in support about this please! This might change further down the road, as it did for Sims 2 - but we won't promise anything regarding this.

A pleading note for anyone making TSRAA objects: it will help Sims 3 players ENORMOUSLY if you can include "TSRAA" in your object descriptions in the Workshop (to be released shortly). That would be wonderful because builders will then know what is safe to use in their lots. And a BIG thank you to everyone who supports the TSRAA with content.

TSRAA now also supports clothing for Sims!

Yes you read that right, all FA's willing to participate in TSRAA and who specialize in clothing can now offer you their entire catalogue of fashion to use on your Sims creations uploaded here on TSR. The same rule is true as for objects, meaning any such Sims will be for subscribers only for the time being.

For anyone thinking "TSR-what?", here's information about the scheme: It needs a little update, but gives the essence of TSRAA.

Enjoy the benefits of TSRAA and being a part of TSR!

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