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Workshop Public Beta

It's not quite ready yet, but we're certainly getting real close now! The current public release is version 0.6.4 and the upcoming version is up to 0.8.4 - as you can imagine that means a LOT of changes and fixes has taken place. Here's what you can expect:

User Interface:

  • A revamped more graphical GUI
  • All unnecessary clutter and information removed
  • New editor windows for patterns and textures with zoom and move functionality

CAS Creation support:

  • Unique hair, accessories and clothing meshes, with the exception of morph states
  • Flexible polycounts
  • New bone assignments
  • Animated hair

Object Creation support:

  • Most of the object types available in the game can be cloned/used as a base
  • Flexible polycounts
  • New bone assignments
  • Animated objects
  • Adding/deleting variations
  • Adjusting the footprint
  • Changing the Normal Map
  • Modular objects


  • Ability to set final texture sizes with Material Editor
  • Editing of Color and HSV patterns
  • Exchanging patterns with WSP format between projects
  • Possible to view and change material states (dirty and default)

Improved 3D preview:

  • New higher resolution rendering
  • Show/hide normals for the mesh
  • Show/hide footprints/slots
  • Show/hide all different LOD meshes
  • Show/hide the mesh wireframe
  • Improved shaders now supporting shadows, transparency and bumpmaps
  • Preview wall visible when editing wallmasks for windows, doors and arches

Overall Improvements:

  • Faster load times
  • New and improved Milkshape plugins for mesh export
  • Compression of .sims3package files
  • Ability to import .package files
  • A brand new Wiki section covering all creation processes and how to use the tool

Estimated release date is surprisingly soon - possibly even the coming week!

New Artists!

There's so much talent here right now it's amazing, both new and old showing off their fantastic skills. We are very happy to announce the following additions to our teams.

New Sims 3 Featured Artists:

- Sasilia
- sim_man123
- pilar

New Sims 3 Select Artists:

- Cazarupt1
- Tugmel
- Stylist_Sims
- Simsimay
- Aloleng
- Jaws3

New Sims 2 Featured Artist:

- annasims2

New Sims 2 Select Artist:

- ShojoAngel

Check out their recent work, upcoming work and be sure the give them aw arm welcome in their guestbook! :)

New Artists!

We are happy and proud (as usual) to announce three new additions to our fantastic teams. First off, we have a new makeup and clothing FA star for Sims 3. Please welcome:

- Gosik

Secondly, we have another fabulous addition to our Sims 2 FA clothing team, none other then the talented:


Last but not least we have a new addition to our Sims 3 SA team, please welcome:

- Liugao

Be sure to check out their latest offerings and give them a warm welcome in their guestbooks!

10yr Competition Winners

Our 10yr celebration screenshot competition winners are hereby announced!

1st Place: duochanfan with A Grave Party
2nd Place: maxi king with let's party
3rd Place: marie88 with Sims beach party
4th Place: Dec07 with Baby's (the twin's) 1st Birthday
5th Place: foxysensei with Green Party!
6th Place: grandmajam_of6 with Happy Birthday TSR

Congratulations to the winners who get bundles of great prizes and subscriptions. Thanks to everyone who took part. If you didn't win, try your hand at the Kudos Lottery for a chance to win the upcoming Sims 3 Expansion Pack, or watch out for another competition coming soon.

New Artists! *updated*

Today we have a massive update in the artist department both for Sims 2 and Sims 3. So, starting out with Sims 3, please welcome the following familiar stars to the FA team:

- Shakeshaft
- Shino & kcr
- UM Creations

Also welcome the following rising stars to the SA team:

- Aniaorazova
- JSR_Julie
- mensure
- Sim_man123

Over to Sims 2, please welcome the following additions to our FA team:

- miraminkova
- Birba32
- Lisa 86

Also welcome the following to our SA team:

- Simonka
- Flinn
- Sandrinha
- fortunecookie1
- Giasims
- gissence
- merisims

There are a handful of artists to add once they have answered our invitations so this list will be updated. Regardless, be sure to give them all a welcome in their guestbooks and check out their recent and previous work!

Kudos Lottery Draw

TSR USB Flash DrivesOur 19th Kudos Lottery Draw took place today with 3 winners being sandrakorb who wins their choice of any Sims 1, 2 or 3 Expansion or Stuff Pack, stephanie1225 who wins one of our increasingly popular TSR 2Gb USB Flash Drives (great for storing Sims downloads on), and TheNinthWave who is now the proud owner of a TSR Coffee Mug!

Thanks to everyone that bought a ticket (or many tickets), and you'll be pleased to know that a new Kudos Lottery has already been posted for you to spend some of your hard earned Kudos points on. You might be able to pick up the new Sims 3 EP for free!

TSR Workshop update

We have been hard at work enabling full object editing for The Sims 3 with our TSR Workshop tool. Testing is in the final stages internally and brand new objects are already available on the site.

Moving forward we have now developed an SDK that allows for third party plugin development. The TSR Workshop team is very happy to announce the first plugin, supporting a format, s3asc developed by Wes Howe, used when importing and exporting meshes in TSR Workshop and supported by Wes Howe's MilkShape object plugins. This will not replace our own 3D software export/import plugins, but rather give you a choice as to which you prefer to work with, and compatibility between different tool sets. In order to comply with TSR workshop's EULA the new s3ac plugin comes with an updated license that grants it's users full rights to use the end product in any way or form they choose with no limitations.

TSR has also been granted the rights to redistribute said plugins and will also provide a support forum and regular news updates
through the TSR Workshop site. Check for a public release of both Workshop and the plugins shortly!

TSR announces new Artists *updated*

It is with great pleasure we present the first Sims 3 Featured Artists focusing on objects. All three are familiar faces here at TSR so please give a warm welcome to:

- Angelamveliza
- Cemre
- Mutske

It is also with great pleasure we announce another addition to the Sims 2 FA team:

- Ekinege

We would also like to welcome the following new Select Artists to the growing and talented team:

- iriesims
- onetoutch
- agapi r
- lreveles18
- PenelopeT

Give a warm welcome in their guestbooks and check out their latest creations here on TSR!


Sims 2 Artist Reboot

Phew, we've finally reached a level with Sims 3 where we have a steady flow of content coming from our Select and Featured Artists (and much more to come as objects are fully released!). So, now the time has come to do a refresh regarding Sims 2. This means we are going to go through and retire and recruit and handful of Artists from the Sims 2 teams.

This also means we are looking for a few good men/women. There are currently 4 Sims 2 FA positions and as many SA positions as we deem necessary available. If you are interested please let us know by contacting me with a private message (or if I contact and invite you). It could be that you have a Sims 2 site you wish to close or whatever the reason, we'd like to hear about it! The FA positions are incentive based and allows you to make some money from your "hobby" - read more about the Select and Featured Artist benefits here.

TSR Celebrates 10 Years!

The Sims Resource recently celebrated its 10th year online. Can you believe it's been that long? We held off slightly on the celebrations so that the Workshop, the very first Sims 3 Object CC and our shiny new Wiki could join in the celebrations. We also have a special celebration discount on subscriptions so that you can start benefiting from the first, quality CC Furniture to appear for your game!

Added to that we have a 'Party Themed Competition' for you to enter and maybe win some great prizes, a new Theme for you to find some great content for it, and in the forums, Tug and her Mods are digging up some old forum discussions from way back! Check out the old posts and old screens threads for some retro giggles!

To either take a new subscription or top up your existing one with a 10% discount, check out the Subscriptions Page.

Now, to the fantastic new Sims 3 objects you are all itching to put in your games.. check out the Sims 3 Object Database for the latest (we'll be adding stuff all wekend).

Party on people... we Simmers have lots to celebrate!

Workshop: First Sims 3 Objects!

TSR's Sims 3 Workshop is just about ready to roll out for its public beta with limited object functionality included. This is a huge milestone for the Sims 3 community and a great achievement that we are very proud of here at TSR.

Currently the Workshop is capable of exporting static objects only (animated objects like dining chairs are almost working), although some of the color variants are still not functional is some objects. Lighting and Build Mode objects are also well into testing and should be completed soon. Tables, Sofas and Decorative type items are working well though, and as result, we are ready to roll out the very first Sims 3 Custom Objects for you to download and test in your game! Check them out here, with more being published throughout the weekend.

For more details on Workshop and its continued development, check out its dedicated webpage

Sims 3 Wiki Launch

During the past few weeks, many hours have been spent by dedicated volunteers configuring, customizing and content building to bring TSR's community a brand new Wiki for Sims 3! In true TSR fashion, this wiki will almost certainly be the easiest on the eye you ever saw but past that, it's packed full of reference tables for all aspects of the game, object catalogs and more!

It's also home to all the documentation and reference guides for The Sims 3 Workshop including in-depth tutorials. Check out your new Wiki today!

TSR welcomes new Artists

We are very pleased to announce further additions to our team of talented Select and Featured Artists her at TSR.

First of all, please welcome the following new Select Artists:

- Sims2sisters
- bmertens65
- moschino_K
- monkeyman1234
- alla23
- Gosik

Last but not least, please welcome the following new Featured Artists:

- NataliS
- Katelys

- Apple (Sims 2)

Check out all of their recent work and be sure to give them a warm welcome in their guestbooks!

Merlin update released

A new release is out that fixes the following:

  • Batch install now finds all sims3pack files.
  • Framework now always installs successfully.

You can grab the new version here.

Workshop objects beta testers wanted!

TSR is seeking experienced object meshers who would be willing to carry out some real testing over the coming week. Time is tight which is why our selection criteria are also tight.

What you'll need:

  • Full experience meshing and texture-mapping objects (including shadows)
  • Familiarity with assigning vertices to joints (as in bathroom/kitchen items) in Milkshape
  • If you know nothing about Sims 3 meshing/texturing, the ability to learn quickly(!)
  • Able to participate online (we're using Skype for our chatrooms - free to download)
  • Able to give a few hours of your time over the coming week
  • You MUST have experience working with joints

The following are advantages but not essential:

  • Familiarity with the new texture types (speculars, overlays etc)
  • Familiarity with any other Sims 3 tools and their use

In return you'll get exclusive access to the TSR Workshop beta and the ability to test object creation for Sims 3 in a very easy to use tool. We'll also feature your work here on TSR upon launch of our objects database.

Please send a PM with a work sample (a textured mesh you've created to prove that you know what you're doing) to Thomas if you are interested.


TSR welcomes new Artists!

We are very happy and proud to welcome the follow new Artists to our growing and talented teams:

Select Artists:

- madaya74
- Frozen and Iced
- Lorieen
- garbuckle3000

Give all of them a warm welcome in their guestbooks and check out their recent and upcoming work!

Merlin manual posted

If you are unsure of how to use TSR Merlin when installing Sims 3 downloads, here is the guide for you.

TSR Merlin update released!

We are happy to report we've just released an update to our Sims3pack/package installation tool. This version includes a proper installation Wizard, desktop icons, installation of multiple files at once and various bugfixes. Head on to the download page and grab your copy now! Installing .Sims3pack content from TSR has never been easier or faster!

TSR welcomes new FA's!

We are very happy to welcome two new Featured Artists to our talented team. Both are familiar faces to those of you who has been with us since Sims 2. Please welcome the following:

- Harmonia09
- Hatshepsut

If you're unfamiliar with their work, take a look at their previous and upcoming projects and give them both a warm welcome in their guestbooks!

TSR welcomes new Artists! - Updated!

We are very happy to welcome the following additions to our growing Select Artist family:

- Frisbud
- Ebonleif
- Juttaponath
- RainSparkle
- ___neo___
- Annie_Leduc

Check out their latest creations and give them all warm welcome in their guestbooks!

Subscription problems?

If you have problems downloading subscriber items right after you have subscribed, please log out and clear your cookies for The Sims Resource before logging back in again. There's an error with our signup pages for those that subscribe and sign up at the same time, so until that is fixed just clear your cookies and it will work. We'll let you know as soon as this is permanently fixed. Sorry for the inconvenience.

TSR welcomes new Artists!

We are pleased to announce the following great additions to our growing team!

New Featured Artists:

  • ekinege
  • Simal10

New Select Artists:

  • Annasims2
  • Simseviyo
  • Hrekkjavaka
  • PrivetNnata

Give them all a warm welcome in their guestbooks and be sure to check out their latest superb creations available exclusively here on TSR!

TSR welcomes new Artists! *updated

We are very happy to welcome the following additions to our Select and Featured Artist teams:

Select Artists:

  • Carpe Diem
  • evi
  • Neptunesuzy
  • katelys
  • jcissette
  • ekinege
  • tdyannd

Featured Artists:

  • Vanilla Sim
  • Apple
  • Illiana
  • Francien

Be sure to give them all a warm welcome in their guestbooks and check out their recent and upcoming releases!

4 Sims 3 FA positions available

We currently have 4 Sims 3 FA positions available in the following areas:

  • Clothing (2 positions). Meshing skills is preferred but not a must.
  • Makeup (2 positions). No meshing skills required.

We will of course keep a close eye on our current SAs and Sims 2 FAs first and foremost, but this is also a call out for those who have not submitted yet that we are currently looking for this type of talent. So if you're good at clothing or make-up, show us what you can do! If you were a star in Sims 2, grab a copy of our TSR Workshop tool, read the introduction tutorial and submit something already! :)

The FA positions are incentive based and allows you to earn money from the amount of downloads your creations gather. More information and details about the FA positions can be found here.

So what are you waiting for?

Kudos Lottery Draw

TSR USB Flash DrivesOur 18th Kudos Lottery Draw took place today with 3 winners being Judy who wins The Sims 3, *Holly who wins a 2 month TSR subscription, and privetNnata who gets one of our increasingly popular TSR 2Gb USB Flash Drives which are great for storing Sims downloads on!

Thanks to everyone that bought a ticket (or many tickets), and you'll be pleased to know that a new Kudos Lottery has already been posted for you to spend some of your hard earned Kudos points on. Next time we are replacing the free subscription with TSR Mugs!

Workshop Beta Released!

TSR Workshop has now been released as a public beta, get it from the downloads page!

TSR & Workshop Updates

Sims 3 content and TSR Subscriptions.

With the recent announcement of our first Sims 3 Featured Artists, the launch of our new Sets Database (going live on monday 20th) and the first creations released from the TSR Workshop tool (published on monday - see link above), you will begin seeing some FA content set to "subscriber only". As we start to build our subscriber features we are also happy to announce a fantastic Summer Sale offer to get you up and running with your TSR Subscription for Sims 3 content!

For a limited period we are offering a massive 30% off the price of a subscription! This discounted rate is fixed for your entire PayPal subscription period, not just the first payment, so if you plan to make full use of TSR for Sims 3 or Sims 2 then now is the time to get the best deal possible! (This offer expires on August 17th 2009. You can start a new subscription at this rate without loosing your existing subscriber days; new days will just be added to your balance)

Subscriber benefits include:

  • Access to All Downloads
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Download Basket
  • No Advertising
  • Enhanced Profile Pages
  • Full Screen Browsing

For full details of these features and more check out the "Why Subscribe?" page.

2 new FA introductions!

With the addition of our clothing database comes the introduction of two familiar faces here at TSR. None other the truly talented ulkrhsn and Lianaa have now joined the ranks of Sims 3 FA's. Be sure to give them a warm welcome in their guestbooks and check out what they got in store for you all!

TSR Workshop Version

The Workshop BETA is being released this week (monday) and will include full import/edit/export functionality. At this stage the tool can be used to create edited clothing and hair meshes as well as completely new make-up and accessories. Hair retexturing is also functional to a certain degree. See the section at the end of this post to learn more about the current capabilities of TSR Workshop in more detail. To take part in the BETA, read the details on the TSR Workshop Website when it goes live tomorrow (monday).

Our early testers have provided some great feedback which has allowed for us to create what we think is a very user friendly tool with powerful features such as export/import functionality for meshes, overlays, multipliers, speculars and masks and the live 3D previews which can be rotated and zoomed allowing you to check your work in real time for seamless wrapping and detail.

The TSR Workshop exports user friendly .sims3pack files which include all meshes and patterns either used or created, to allow for a simple and reliable install method for downloaders.

The TSR Pattern Editor is now integrated into the tool which now includes a fully searchable EA (base game) patterns database.

So what does all this mean to you?

Well if you are a creator it means you have a very powerful new tool at your disposal which you will no doubt be eager to investigate, play with and maybe even try to break! If you are a downloader it means that you are much closer to seeing brand new items for your Sims 3 game appearing on your favourite download sites.

First look at early Workshop creations.

Some of our Featured Artists are already generating impressive Custom Content with the TSR Workshop as you can see from these previews (click them for a larger image). These will be available to download from our new Sets Database from today.



BETA Bugs!

As with any new piece of software we are anticipating changes as we develop the tool and learn more about how your creations behave when imported into the game. As such we need everyone to understand that these early creations may need updating and rebuilding with later releases of TSR Workshop. We already have the facility for creators to upload updates to their previously released files on TSR and from now on, if your subscription has ended, you will still be able to get updates to files you downloaded during your subscription period. We see this as a step forward to providing you with quality, reliable content for your game during this development process.

TSR Workshop v0.5.7.0 Specification Update

For those technically minded CC creators, here is the current status of the TSR Workshop for each content type. You should be sure to read the EULA before using the TSR Workshop to create your own Custom Content.

Clothing: Full support for all clothing types. New meshes are currently limited (see below). This is a work in progress.

Makeup: Nearly full support. Eyebrows can not be recolored in game as of yet.

Hair: Partial support, some items can not be recolored in game yet. New meshes are currently limited (see below). This is a work in progress.

Accessories: Nearly full support. A few items can not be recolored in game. New meshes are currently limited (see below). This is a work in progress.

Complates: Partial support for changing the different steps in the texture generation process (type, alphablending, colors).

Textures: Full support for changing all properties (rgbmask, specular mask, overlay, multiplier etc.) plus Export of all textures and Import of DDS files.

Meshes: Partial support of export/import of OBJ-files (wavefront format). Mesh vertices may be replaced IF the number of vertices is the same. Bone assignments may not be changed. Fully automated process with a live 3D preview.

Patterns: Possible to create/upload new patterns. You may also use existing EA patterns by using our patterns browser.

Variations: Possible to add new and delete existing variations to a creation. This makes it possible to include several versions of the same file in one Sims3pack file.

Export: To sims3pack with auto-generated thumbnails or custom thumbnails.


  • Being project based you can start by cloning existing game content or by creating 'from scratch'
  • Project/package contents may be changed by using "Edit->Project contents"
  • Smooth upload of files to TSR using the file storage option



TS3 Store and EP Items

*UPDATED* We have now made all preview images for EA Store items link out directly to the store page where you can see the full details, as per many requests. Some older items have cached paged but they will all be updated in the next few hours.

We have just added a new feature to the Details page of Sims 3 creations which will show any EA Store or Expansion Pack content required (you can also click "Show Requirements" in the listings). For Store items we show each one with a thumbnail (hover over it for the name). For EPs we plan to list just the packs needed rather than all content but we could also list any TSR downloads required too, and maybe even a link to grab them all if users feel this a great benefit to them.

It's a work in progress so please give your feedback and let us know if this is useful or not, and how it could be used further. Would you like links to the EA Store content directly for example? Maybe you would like to exclude all creations that require EA Store stuff?

We decided to allow them by default because many people have used their free points from game registration and might well have the items needed for a Lot or Sim (hair, clothing etc.). You might also see that a Lot only requires a Store bought fridge or lamp, something easily replaced in game, so we aren't excluding them by default.

We're looking forward to your feedback as we constantly try to improve our user experience on the site!


FA/SA Introductions!

It is with great honour I present to you the handpicked Featured and Select Artists that made it into the first selection. Without further ado and in no particular order, please welcome the following:

Featured Artists:

  1. Cyclonesue
  2. Murano
  3. AnoeskaB
  4. Sinastra
  5. BlackGarden
  6. ayyuff
  7. Pinecat
  8. senemm
  9. b-bettina
  10. kbradley03
  11. Alyosha
  12. DOT

Select Artists:

  1. kittyispretty69
  2. Mutske
  3. Simal10
  4. Shakeshaft
  5. Nanshi_Nibble
  6. Zutafen
  7. newtlco
  8. Vanilla_Sim
  9. Elut
  10. Illiana
  11. Openhousejack
  12. Wideopeneyes
  13. Ricci2882
  14. birba32
  15. Harmonia09
  16. Angelamveliza
  17. Hatshepsut
  18. AnGelD
  19. Leomo
  20. llaminsk
  21. Modern_Sims
  22. Simsylvia40
  23. BrandonTR
  24. francien
  25. Apple
  26. Duce
  27. Shann116
  28. Cemre
  29. ancsie18
  30. Lightside93
  31. Nillonde2
  32. gissence
  33. Manderinchen
  34. djbert
  35. slice
  36. hasel

This was a very hard selection process due to the overwhelming amount of quality submitters and great content published on a daily basis. For those who did not make it, consider this the first draft. There are many more invitations to come as we open up more content types (look for an announcement on this very soon). We have now introduced game indicators for the FA/SA badges on each respective minisite. Those who are FA for one game and SA for another will have 2 different badges.

Note: A few SA invitations has not been replied to. If you for some reason do not want to be a Select Artist, please get in touch with me and let me know.

Well done everyone and welcome onboard!

So, does this mean we will begin with subscriber content for Sims 3?

Yes we will, but not yet! For the moment everything remains free for download until further notice. There are some changes regarding FA content this time around also once we decide to make the switch. As it were in Sims 2, anything a FA created would automatically be set to subscriber content - regardless if it was their expertise area or not. This time around each handpicked FA will have one or several expertise areas and only content produced in those areas will be set as subscriber content. This will ensure a high quality throughout our premium content and also offer our FA's more flexibility and freedom.

Look for an announcement soon with a great introduction offer for both current and new subscribers!

Meet the FA panel!

The invitations are being sent out today after a thorough review of all candidates. Some will not make it into the FA team this round, but fear not - there's plenty of new content types to be made soon. The invitations now are based solely on patterns, lots and sims. Once clothing, make-up and such content become widely available we will not wait so long with the invitations.

So who are behind those vile decisions? Meet the newly established FA panel! Those are the people that will handle invitations and judge your work here at TSR.

  • Cyclonesue - if you're familiar with TSR you're no doubt familiar with this horrible person. She's been around since the early days of Sims 2 and has ruined many player's games with her taste for creating rusty, old and tarnished content.
  • AnoeskaB - another familiar face here at TSR. Has been around a long time and knows a lot about the technical side of creating. Not to mention she's a very skilled mesher with tons of great content in her archives.
  • Murano - world famous for his reflective flooring hack that became a de facto standard in Sims 2 previews. A top notch artist in every aspect and a helping hand for many who get stuck in meshing.
  • Thomas|TSR - you've probably heard a lot about me around the community already. You choose what to believe, but you can rest assured I will make a fair judgement of your work!

Something that is new in our FA policy this time around is that you will be invited for a certain creation type (in some cases several). This means, only the content of this type that you create will be considered premium content and earn you incentives. Anything else you create will be free for download, until we feel your quality is high enough to match your initial "field of expertise". We will always keep an open dialogue about this with you to avoid any confusion.

The first invitations will be sent out tonight. After this we will keep regular reviewing sessions and send out invitations on a regular basis. Great work everyone so far! If you're not invited this time around, keep in mind you have every chance of getting invited based on your other work that is sure to come in a near future as more content types are unlocked.

Update: Select Artist invitations will also be sent out tonight!

Pending support tickets

This coming week we will spend some time to try and clear out a lot of pending support tickets. It's been a hectic few weeks since the release of Sims 3 and you'll all soon see the reasons for that as we prepare the public beta testing of 2 new exciting tools. More information to come shortly!

Sim a Lot Winners!

We are proud to present the winners in our big "Sim a Lot" competition. There were hundreds of entries to choose from and very hard to determine the winners. The top 20 list was very close indeed and the following entries finally made it into the top 6:

1. senemm for The Goldcrest
2. Alyosha for Oceanview Rise
3. Trecicy for Wisteria Lane
4. Liugao for The Vittoria
5. duce for Luxury Heaven
6. kbradley03 for Mediterranean Mansion

Incredible work from the winners and everyone else participating. There are so many quality creations no mentioned here so by all means check them out and enjoy!

Winners, please contact Thomas via PM and provide your shipping address and e-mail address (for certificate winners).

Replacing published Sims 3 files

It is now possible to upload a new revision of the file of an already published Sims 3 creation, for example if you have fixed a bug or done some other improvement.

You do this by clicking the Edit icon for the specific item in the list of Published items in the submissions area. Above the images you have the option to browse for a replacement file in your Filestorage. You also need to enter a short description what has been fixed in this new file revision. After having updated the item it will now be placed under the "Pending Updates" tab, waiting for the TSR submissions staff to approve the update (meanwhile the item will still be published with the old file). Once the update has been approved, the item will be moved back to Published status with the revisions increased by one, and the new file will be the one which is downloaded.

As we are aware of some problems with patterns (materials) created with the first version of Sims 3 Workshop (S3W), where the pattern simply does not show up in the game, we recommend submitters of patterns created with that version to upgrade to the latest version and redo the pattern there. Once that is done, upload the file to your Filestorage, and use the new file replacement feature to submit the new file.

Workshop updated!

This release has the following changes/fixes:

  • Compression bug workaround, please remake any patterns made with v2 of the tool (info below)
  • Automatic addition of correct category when uploading to Filestorage from within the tool, this makes the submission process faster and more accurate.
  • Automatic tile previe added to the site. This is to make sure your creation does tile properly and also gives a nice preview of how it looks when tiling (other then in the game). We consider this a quality insurance.
  • Minor bug fixes

Info regarding updating: Those of you that needs to update patterns created with v2 of the tool will get the chance to do so sometime tomorrow (wednesday). Until then feel free to submit new patterns using the new version of the tool. More info about this will be posted tomorrow.

Go here to download


TS3 Featured & Select Artists

We've entered a new game era with Sims 3. This also means we are establishing our Artist Teams for the new game. All current Sims 2 SA/FA will remain listed as such for Sims 2 and still enjoy the benefits that come with being a Select or Featured Artist here at TSR. For Sims 3 everything starts over and everyone submitting here are potential candidates.

So what does it mean being a TSR Select or Featured Artist? Here are the benefits in short:

Select and Featured Artists have the following benefits:

  • You'll have your own minisite with all options available (if you don't have one already) to promote your creations, blog, galleries and more.
  • You are listed on the Select/Featured Artist lists, making it easier for visitors to find you and your minisite.
  • Your creations can be filtered out in our downloads archive by viewing SA/FA creations only.
  • Your creations will be featured more often on the frontpage than regular Artists. There is also a frontpage spotlight that randomly feature an SA/FA every day.
  • Free Access to the site. As an active SA/FA you will always have full subscriber access to TSR.
  • A shiny unique SA/FA badge on your minisite, indicating your status and which game you create for.
  • The option to choose a publication date for your creations and no need to wait for approval of your submissions, they are already approved and will be published automatically on the site.
  • The ability to edit all your creations at any time without having to go through us.
  • Access to private forums where Select and Featured Artists can socialize and share ideas, get feedback from other Artists and more.

Select Artists have the following SA only benefits:

  • Select Artist minisites will receive unique features in the near future (a work in progress).
  • You automatically participate in a Monthly Contest and can win great prizes! Every month three creators will be picked and awarded $50, $40 and $30 Amazon Gift Certificates.
  • All your work will always remain free to download here at TSR, and will be better promoted.
  • You may be considered for a Featured Artist position if you continue to submit high quality creations regularly. Becoming an SA does not automatically mean you will become an FA, please remember this, but we will keep an eye on your work and your progress as an Artist. To become an FA you must (in most cases) become an SA first, so this is the first step towards becoming a Featured Artist.
  • Access to an SA only private forum where you have direct access to TSR staff.

Featured Artists have the following FA only benefits:

  • An incentive based reward system which gives you the opportunity to earn money for your work submitted to TSR. The more popular your creations are, the more money you will earn. You can at any time withdraw the money available in your incentive account and it will be paid out to your Paypal account. Due to this, most of your work will only be available to subscribers. You will have the option to set a number of creations in a free rotation each month.
  • A unique minisite with advanced options that lets you create your own unique look and feel - much like your very own website. See an example here:
  • Even more promotion of your work in selected spotlights throughout the site, such as the frontpage upcoming items pod, today's releases and more (a work in progress).
  • Private FA only forums where you can interact directly with the staff here on TSR as well as other Featured Artists.
  • Weekly FA-only chats together with TSR staff to discuss the latest News, plan Collections/Themes, Select Artist candidates and more.
  • Early access to our tools as they are developed and become available for beta testing.
  • Additional benefits such as FA-only competitions, monthly bonuses and much more.
  • Last but not least, the honour and respect that comes with being chosen a Featured Artist here on TSR!

So how do you become selected you might ask?

It's quite simple: submit your work to TSR. We've been looking at Sims creations for the last 9 years and we know what is and  isn't good enough to make the grade. Initially we will invite Artists to both teams starting in July. After the first teams have been announced, the Select Artists will be handpicked by the Featured Artist team (during the weekly chats) while Featured Artists are handpicked by TSR staff. Invitations are sent out by mail and private messages. It does happen on rare occasions that we go outside of TSR and invite Artists to our teams at both levels.

What are we looking for?

We will be looking for all types of Artists as Custom Content creation evolves. Initially we will invite a handful of exceptional Pattern, Sim and Lot Artists. Further down the line there will be positions open for Clothing, Hair, Objects, Make-up and basically any type of Custom Content you can create for the game.

When we review an Artist's potential we look at several factors. A good creation that works well in the game is essential of course, but it is also important to create beautiful previews for your creations - this is overlooked by many exceptional Artists, so please take your time with this! Having your own unique style as well as a popular style is also important - there is room for both (take Cyclonesue's original Rust and Industry series or Cashcraft's massively popular Victorian series as good examples). Last but not least it is also important to present your creations with a proper title and description - understanding what your creations are in a search result should be obvious, not hard.

All in all, consistently submitted high quality creations that are presented well with beautiful previews, meaningful names and proper descriptions are what we will be looking for - are you up for it?

How do you apply?

Simple. You don't! By submitting to TSR you've already started the process and we have already begun reviewing the many quality uploads pouring into our databases,. If you are good enough, you will be noted. So don't hesitate to submit your own quality work today, tomorrow or whenever you feel ready for the challenge :)

Good luck everyone!

/Thomas and TSR Staff

Sims 3 Patterns Workshop updated

We have released a new version ( of the plugin.

Changes include:

  • Compression of data files
  • Tiling preview
  • Support for PNG and BMP mask images (limited to 3 channels)
  • Optional DXT compression 
  • + some minor bug fixes

Please note the support for PNG and BMP files changes the requirements on your images, we'll post an additional tutorial soon covering this.

We'd like to take this opportunity and thank the following for their help: Delphy, Rick, Inge_Jones, Peter Jones, Karybdis and jfade. Thanks!

Custom patterns come to TSR!

With the launch of our patterns tool we've also opened the floodgates for custom patterns submissions. Mind you those are new and unique patterns, NOT recolors of the standard EA patterns. So head on over to our patterns section and take a look at what you will see a lot of in the coming days! Or why not head over to the Workshop site, grab the tool and submit your own patterns!

TS3 Patterns Workshop public beta!

Our first plugin to the Sims 3 workshop tool in development has been finished and is now available for a public beta.

We have a forum set up for this here. This is your place for support and troubleshooting (do NOT use TSR support for this, you will not get a reply).

Sims 3 Lot Building competition!

We have just launched our Sims 3 "Build a Lot" competition to celebrate the availability of Custom Content here on TSR. If you feel like winning a $100 Amazon gift certificate, 6 month subscriptions, TSR USB sticks or mugs - check out our competition page for details! Everyone is welcome to participate and the competition starts right now! Show off those architect skills of yours :)

Sims, Screens and Guides!

Sims 3 submissions are now up and running - Both Lots and Sims. We will be posting Submission Guidelines for Sims 3 content over the weekend along with our first help pages for getting stuff out of your game and onto the site. For those of you willing and able already, you can upload your Sims Submissions which are exported directly from CAS now. At the moment we only accept Lots that don't contain any Sims. Submissions of Sims that have been exported out of the game will follow soon.

This order of additions might not make much sense on the surface, but the technical processes of drawing all of the data from the uploads follows naturally this way. You will soon see that we have made the process of submitting content much easier for the submitter and more accurate for the downloader. We take the images, traits, favorites and all manner of other details right out of the Sims3Pack file so that you don't have to do it manually, giving the downloader a true picture of what they might be getting. See this example. We also rather cleverly take all of the clothing type images and combine them in one. Neat eh? You can still upload your own artistic previews though.

I have also posted my first Screenshots from the game and now invite (and encourage) you to do the same! Just be sure to choose the Sims 3 category when uploading.

Finally, I have published the first two of my Strategy Guides. I always do a Food Guide for the Sims games as it's an aspect I always explore to the full. This time I also did a Fishing Guide as it very much runs alongside Cooking, as does Gardening which might well follow. Be warned that there are many spoilers in there, but if you need a leg up, or want to see what's on offer, check out the Strategy Section.

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