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Twitter Q&A with Grant

Grant Rodiek replied to some of the questions on the game including the upcoming EP Late Night and the Fast Lane Stuff pack. Read all the questions below to find out what the new features are! It is a long read, but definitely worth it!


@TheSims3 What is the best part about making a new EP?

@Umi_and_Alter Creating something new and special. Incorporating fan ideas and community requests. Taking our Sims on a new adventure :)

@TheSims3 how would you describe the new world in the EP, city type?

@sww_sww_sww It has a lovely skyline, tons of tall buildings, beautiful coastline.

@TheSims3 Were the Vampires influenced by the Twilight Saga in anyway

@djcharding14 No. They are our own creation.

@TheSims3 What's the name of the new town?

@gtns We haven't settled on a name yet. Have a good suggestion?

@TheSims3 What's new in build mode?

@__Diddle You can now build pools on any floor level, circular pools. We added a fountain tool, you can move paintings up and down on wall.

@TheSims3 when can you say that the release date is going to be?

@BestTPro October 26, 2010 worldwide.

@thesims3 new skin colors?

@notanearthling Vampires have a special skin type of sorts (NOT GLITTER). But no, we don't have new "skin types."

@TheSims3 Will the skin on sims change after becoming a vampire (like get all pale and such) or will it remain the same?

@Indonesian_Cow It changes. It's slightly pale and...unearthly. It looks really cool. Again, NOT GLITTER.

@TheSims3 will Sims be able to ask other sims out on dates now, like official dates?

@aeroprincess87 You will have ability to form groups and hang out together. There are romantic groups as well.

@TheSims3 Will there be bodyguards for famous people??????

@krJU No, but you CAN hire a butler. I love asking him for advice :)

@TheSims3 How many traits will come with Late Night? I hope it's a lot. Please let there be lots! That's my favourite thing about EPs!

@Candi_Dyla This time we only added 2 more traits. But we love them too so don't worry. There's also another trait you'll be getting soon...

@TheSims3 New trait for fast lane?

@WibbyTee Maybe


Fast Lane Stuff Pack

@TheSims3 Do you have any favourite objects in the Fast Lane Stuff Pack?

@knazzer The race car is hilariously awesome. So fast!

@TheSims3 How many new cars come with Fast Lane? and are there more with Late Night?

@Skyline7284 There are a lot of vehicles with fast lane. Maybe 12? I cannot remember the exact number.

Late night Expansion Pack


@Robodl95 One of my favorite new romantic options is to make a move. There are some very sexy new dance animations too...

@TheSims3 Ciao Grant! What new careers and interactions- if any- can we look forward to? :)

@Gavaudin There's a new Film Career that has two branches: Director and Actor. There are some cool things you can do out in the town too!

@TheSims3 The tall buildings that appear in the trailer are decorative?

@SimDown_ The tall buildings can actually be lived in. If you make enough Simoleons you can even buy one of the luxury high rises.

@TheSims3 Is the new neighborhood a neighborhood like Riverview,Twinbork and Sunset Valley or like a neighborhood where you move?

@AnaLucia95 It's like Twinbrook, Riverview, or Sunset Valley. You can import your sims using Edit Town if you want to keep the same family.

@TheSims3 What are the advantages of V.I.P. places over regular ones?

@everythingsims3 Better celebrities, better drinks, and more. Stay tuned for details on clubs!

@TheSims3 Do you know how to make Sims talk while sitting down? And can you tell me about forming a band in Late Night? :)

@WTC4ever We've done a lot of work to make sure Sims can talk while sitting down, having a drink, and more. It looks great!

@thesims3 are there apartments and how do they work? can every floor be viewed?

@shortmikez The apartments are extensions of Shells from World Adventures. Big models, but with some floors that can be built and lived in.

@TheSims3 What are the new skills? Besides Music skills?

@simsmx Mixology is the other new skill. Create tons of awesome new juice drinks, learn some sweet moves, and even work as a mixologist.

@TheSims3 Will we be able to add any elements of Late Night to our existing neighborhoods?

@icreatesims Yes. Celebrities, bars, band stuff -- you can put all of these in your existing neighborhood if you want.

@TheSims3 Will you be able to, as an actor go to auditions and actually be on a set? Will there be premiere events for my celebrity?

@MasonCoe We do have acting auditions out in the neighborhood. You can also go shoot b-roll footage. It's pretty cool!

@TheSims3 :Are the skyscrapers in "The Sims3 - Late Night" only rabbitholes or will they have special and visible interiors too?

@pSIMSp They are shells similar to pyramids in World Adventures. Not rabbit holes!

@TheSims3 And about means of transport, in Late Night there are undergrounds?

@gagatontino Yes, there are undergrounds, or subways as we call them here in the states.

@TheSims3 Will Late Night include any new traits?

@knazzer Yes. New traits are Shy and a new one for Celebrity Sims.

@thesims3 is the subway a rabbit hole?

@hellokittysims Yes. You go down into the subway and emerge from another one elsewhere in the world.

@TheSims3 where will the subways go to and from, one side of the world to another?

@sww_sww_sww We have several subways through the neighborhood. You can place your own if you want, even on your Sim's home lot.

@TheSims3 Can we sims actor, singer, director see at work? And how?

@voske1990 Yes, your Sims will sometimes have acting and directing jobs outside the film studio.

@TheSims3 Are there going to be any new places to woohoo?

@sims3blog Yes! You can woohoo in the hot tub and the elevator.

@TheSims3 will there be papparazzi for rockstars??

@_Corbin Yes! They can be very annoying. But, the paparazzi are fun to deal with.

@TheSims3 Are the new jobs like in Ambitions?

@JoaoxLucas The new film Career shares some of the Ambitions features, much like the Doctor career.

@TheSims3 In the trailers there is a Bubble blower, are there any other cool effects such as foam & glitter?

@knazzer Yes! The FX machine is AWESOME. It shoots snow, fire, glitter, bubbles...oh man it is so cool.

@TheSims3: I know there's a Shy trait, but what's this mystery 'Celebrity' one? Can you tell us or is it a surprise?

@Gavaudin It's similar to Eccentric for Inventing. It gives you an edge in being and becoming a celebrity.

@TheSims3 What kind of furniture could we expect in The Sims 3 Late Night?

@konfidentnl Really awesome furniture. our concept team went all out this time. You will love being a celebrity in our comfy new digs.

@TheSims3 Will this EP be opportunity-base yet again? Or will we finally get more simulation?

@Gabryells This is the most simulation driven EP yet. Opportunities are scaled back.


@opmystik We added several new recipes for bars and the new food truck. Hot Wings = Delicious.

@TheSims3 @replies - Will we have crowded parties, with lines and security, or will there be few people, a la The Sims 2?

@ArthurMinegussi My Sim was at a packed dive bar today. It can get nice and busy.

@TheSims3 Grant is there any new dance moves in Late Night?

@Karen445 Yes! And they are smoking hot. Our animators are amazing.

@TheSims3 Can other sims invite us to parties?

@MellsChoco11 Yes! We're really excited to finally get NPC hosted parties. Have fun crashing them (which is possible!)

@TheSims3 are some VIPs from the real world in Late Night?

@iSimsNET We think it's more fun to create our own personality and fiction. But, if you want, YOU can totally create them :)

@TheSims3 Whoa, you can crash the parties? Can you do that at the 'clubs' as well?

@MellsChoco11 If the club has a bouncer you can sneak in, bribe, hack your way in...or get in legitimately with your celeb status.

@TheSims3 about how much do the penthouse cost

@lopezkid33 They will range in price like current homes. Some cheaper, some VERY expensive.

@TheSims3 any new rabbit holes? :(

@Hraklis Yes, there is the new subway and new film studio.

@Hraklis PLUS we made updates to some old rabbit holes for variety.

@TheSims3 Is Late Night going to be rated T?

@beachchickadee T for Teen

@TheSims3 Is the new EP basically gonna be a mix of The Sims: Hot Date, and The Sims: House Party?

@jer012 No, it's not quite that simple. We took a lot of our favorite features and mixed them in a totally new way. (Plus new stuff!)

@TheSims3 when sims go on the subway will there be loading screens or will it just pan as if theyre in a taxi to where theyre going?

@josieandrews96 No loading screens! A short time after entering one subway your Sim will exit another.

@TheSims3 what is the color of the logo and the box of Late Night?

@BricaSims We're not done making the box art or logos yet. So, I cannot tell you. What color would you prefer?

@TheSims3 What? How do you get Mauled by Bears in TS3?

@severedsolo Hang out in the mausoleum WAY too long.

@TheSims3 New Quests for Sims?

@Prosims We added new opportunities for the new skills and career, as well as gigs for the band

@Thesims3 can your sims get jobs at the night clubs???

@oceaneyesxo Your Sim can moonlight as a mixologist or earn money in the band.

@TheSims3 is paparazzi a new job, too???

@krJU No. It's an NPC that lingers around town.

@TheSims3 When will the The Sims 3 Late Night Logo will be "released"? Is it already finished?

@caiolacava It isn't finished yet. We're working on it as we type. I'm actually designing it with my feet.

@TheSims3 what kind of effects will the new drinks have?

@aeroprincess87 There's a little bit of variety to the drink effects. You'll have to wait and see!

@TheSims3 Will Sims be able to live in normal houses as well?

@MellsChoco11 Yep! We've built some gorgeous new homes.

@TheSims3 How fast is the subway as a transportation system? Does it cost money, or is it free?

@Gurra09 The subway is free UNLESS you get mugged. But...that doesn't happen THAT often. It's faster than driving.

@TheSims3 will you get to pick where they go.. or will they just appear somewhere.. what if it malfunctions xD

@josieandrews96 You pick your end destination.

@TheSims3 You can get mugged on the subway? I thought it was Rated T?

@DJD703 It's not a violent mugging. You can get "mauled by bears" technically in The Sims 3. We're silly, not violent!

@TheSims3 Can teenagers go out to the club? lol ;)

@RenzSarayba Yes, they can (assuming it's not too late and curfew kicks in). The focus is definitely for adults, however.

Build/Buy mode

@TheSims3 is there spiral staircases in late night?

@hellokittysims We added a ton of new features for build mode but not spiral staircases (I listed it in a previous tweet). <see featured>


@Doodlesam54321 Hard to explain the fountain tool via twitter. It's a flexible way to make really cool fountains. It's pretty amazing.

@TheSims3 Can we create our own buildings with the height we want?

@ActualidadSims No, but there is a huge variety of buildings to use.


@baileykeates Yes, you can build new stage platforms. There is also a dance floor.

@TheSims3 Are you including elevators in Late Night?

@icreatesims Absolutely! How else would you get to the top floor? Certainly not stairs!

@TheSims3 Will have many new objects in the game? You can name a few?

@lpts3 We have a lot of new objects. Shuffleboard, darts, bubble bar, new professional bars, 3 new instruments, HOT TUBS.

@TheSims3 Is there a bowling alley like in The Sims 2?

@simsmx No bowling alley, sorry. We wanted to change up a few things for Late Night.

@TheSims3 I was wondering if we will have new objetcs or interations for the pools!

@JoaoxLucas The pools have huge updates. You can now build them on any floor (so, top floor of a penthouse!) and they are curved.

@TheSims3 May I build subway stations by my own, on any lot in any neighbourhood? Even the ones I create in CAW?

@Gurra09 Yes, they are basically a big object. You can place them on any lot type, even your own. They will be in buydebug.

@TheSims3 do you know how many hot tubs there will be?

@bafendo 3 new hot tubs. They look fantastic.




@TheSims3 Are there going to many new hairstyles?

@strelitzia19 There are quite a few. I love them.

@TheSims3 have new tattoo designs ?

@redlee_ Yes, we added a few new tats.


@w3by We have this wicked new goatee based on one of our engineers. You can see it on the bouncer in the trailer!

@TheSims3 What new tools create a sim?

@TheSims3Brasil We have new sliders! Also, the new clothing and hair assets are gorgeous.

@TheSims3 will there be more body sliders in CAS to customize our sims more in Late Night?

@jarrodappel There's a new breast slider for females and new muscle sliders for both genders. Let's just say we've had some funny convos.


@TheSims3 Will the celebrity job work like the jobs in base game, like Ambitions jobs, like the celebrity job in Superstar, or in a new way?

@Gurra09 It isn't a job. You build points by acting like a celebrity, such as schmoozing, doing things in careers, and more.

@TheSims3 If a celeb sim has kids, are the kids instant celebs, or will they have to work for it?

@XxSarahLanexX There's a new Teen Celebrity part time job only available to children of celebs :)


@TheSims3 Will there be seperate skills for each instrument?

@WorldWar3434 Absolutely! Guitar/Drums/Bass/Piano all have skills, opportunities, wishes, you name it.

@TheSims3 Hey Grant! Can I play the drums in the Sims 3:After Dark?

@Sunset_Valley_F You can play the drums in Late Night, yes! (It's not After Dark)

@TheSims3 Okay, because I'm going to make a series and that will be good. If you form a band, can they play at clubs?

@WTC4ever Yes! We have gigs that you can perform. Or, just bring your band and start playing.

@TheSims3 Hey Grant, is there going to be a microphone?

@bugisradio No microphone. We have piano, drums, bass, and of course, still the guitar.

again @TheSims3 breast and muscle sliders sound promising how about butt sliders? haha!!!

@Iguirdo haha, that would be fun. For now we're focused on making the breast and muscle sliders great.

@TheSims3 Any new Music Genres , Favourites and colors?

@Hraklis Vampires have a favorite food. O Positive :) and yes, new music too.

@TheSims3 Grant, Will there be a DJ booth in Late Night?

@jilliankloster No DJ booth. We wanted to focus on instruments for now.

@thesims3 Do you get tipped or paid for playing instruments/gigs????

@tinydancer114 Heck yeah! Musicians don't work for free! (Unless they are bad musicians).

@TheSims3 You say that they're new instruments +gigs for bands. Are there any new interactions b/c of this? Like asking ppl 2 join ur band?

@Mainehorse Yes! You can form bands with others, kick people out, have jam sessions...


@TheSims3 Hello will Vampires be able to have, Vampire children?

@FabKail16 How could we have vampires without vampire children! Of course they can reproduce and make vampiric offspring.

@TheSims3 can the vampires ages? how long if i set it to epic when my vampire sims is young adult?

@indrabaru1 Vampires will age, but VERY slowly. Vampires will remain young adults and adults for a LOOOOOOOOOOONG time.

@TheSims3 will vampires die under the sun?

@alexchooo123 They won't die from the sun, but it's worse. They must live without their powers until they recover from their blisters.

@TheSims3 vampires will be able to leave the light of day is normally or as in The Sims 2 Night Life?

@SimDown_ They can go outside into the sun but only at their own peril. It's best to limit their exposure

@TheSims3 Heya Grant Pretty cool you letting us ask you some questions. Here is a question Is there going to be new ways to die?

@N3mb3r Vampires can die by thirst!

@TheSims3 What are plasma packs? Ive heard vampires use them.

@DJD703 Plasma Packs are a new snack to satisfy a vampires' thirst.

@TheSims3 What will vampires do when feed from other sims(i.e. the animation for it)?

@vampsrule13 It depends on whether your Sim is romantically involved with them or not.

@TheSims3 Do you need a high gardening skill to grow plasma fruits? Do you just find the seeds around town?

@FabKail16 No. You can buy seeds or fruit at the store actually. But yes, gardening skill helps.

@TheSims3 Will vampires have a new need?

@JoaoxLucas Thirst replaces hunger. But, vampires play quite differently than other Sims.

@TheSims3 HUH? if the vampires shouldn't be outside, then how will they grow there plasma fruit? greenhouse? or.. eat or be eaten? lol.

@baileykeates Go outside during the night! Moonlight doesn't burn them. Only the sun.

@thesims3 what special powers do vampires have?

@prosperousacres They can read minds, hunt others, and become super powerful very quickly.

@TheSims3 Its just killing me now! Do vampire children need to attend school, do they have a curfew?

@FabKail16 All children, vampire or no, must go to school. It's the law! Plus, we don't want them to be dumb.

@TheSims3 What's your favorite playable creature from the entire Sims series?

@CamiiMania Honestly, the new vampires are by far my favorite. They really rock

@TheSims3 Is vampirism genetic? Or is it like it was in TS2?

@CamiiMania It is genetic.

@TheSims3 how can a vampire die?

@_InJuReD_ Death by Thirst, Old Age...really any death except Hunger.

@TheSims3 Will plasma have a chance to give a vampire a small age reversal?

@Akasen1226 No, it's only a food. But, Life Fruit is guaranteed to make them younger...

@TheSims3 does the vampires need to sleep?

@indrabaru1 Yes. We even added a new special bed for them that's quite haunting.

@TheSims3 Can vampires have babies with a regular sim (and make a half vampire baby?)

@silver_moon525 Yes, but there are no half vampires. They either are, or are not a vampire.

@TheSims3 Grant, Please tell me the Vamps don't sleep in coffins!

@AbiKat No, no coffins. They use regular beds and the new vampire altar.

@TheSims3 Is it going to exist a potion to make vampires become normal Sims? Or they have to be like that until they die?

@carolina_sofia We have a vampire cure that is a potion.

@TheSims3 please tell, is a vampire's death by thirst a new ghost or the same as death by hunger?

@eduardog3000 New ghost!

@TheSims3 Hows does a Sim become a Vampire in Late Night?

@DamienF519 You need to find a vampire, befriend them, and convince them to turn you. I bet the hidden vampire bar is a good place...

@TheSims3 will there be Grilled Cheese flavored plasma? Vampires even need a little bit of grilled cheese!! :)

@InfiniteSims Vampires can eat grilled cheese if they want, but...it won't satisfy them.

@TheSims3 last try before i need to go to sleep (it's one am in Denmark) is there still gonna be that cheesy vampire outfit from The Sims 2?

@karensejer No. The Vampires in Late Night are awesome, modern, and cool. No goofball blood suckers here.

@TheSims3 Can you just randomly attack a sim and drink their "plasma" or do you have to ask them?

@Indonesian_Cow You need to ask. We're not too big on wanton violence :)

@TheSims3 What happens when a Vampire eats Garlic?

@Lehdkat They aren't happy :) I have to leave SOME surprises.

@TheSims3 How wil kid vampires go to school during the day?

@Wolfgang814 Very quickly to avoid the sun. (Though to be honest the full effects of vampirism hit later in life).

@TheSims3 Will the vampires have special clothing (like gothic clothing)?

@Indonesian_Cow We didn't create vampire specific clothing but we did add a ton of new outfits. They are easily the best we've made.



Grant Humour/Personal

@TheSims3 do you imagine you doing another job than Sims? :D

@carolina_sofia I think it'd be fun to be a teacher. Or own a bookstore.

@TheSims3 No, I don't smell as good as you - but future children may LOOK like me! Related topic: will there be any half asians in the game?

@Slansing97 I dunno Slansing97. Do you SMELL like me? No.

@TheSims3 Give us a hint for what we can expect next.

@Ganjray It's going to be a game. I promise you that.

@TheSims3 I'm a Team Jacob fan and Would Love a Wolf PET! forget the Vamps! Go for HOT!

@AbiKat Team Edward all the way. You know it's meant to be.

@TheSims3 How many non-Sims related tweets have you received? eg "OMG Grant u r SO hawt!!!"

@alissa_g Not that many actually! It's great, b/c it's awesome how many good questions you guys have.

@TheSims3 how do actors get paid?

@MasonCoe By the local restaurant they tend to wait tables at.

@MasonCoe OH you meant in Late Night. Sorry, that was mean. They get paid just like any other career.

@TheSims3 Hey Grant, do you think you're as addicted to Sims as some of its players? If so, why are YOU addicted?

@JessaLGreen Yeah, I really love the game. I'm addicted b/c of the humor. I laugh a lot when playing The Sims.

@TheSims3 Our talented Articles' Developer wonders if you can marry her http://twitpic.com/29tlvv/full

@darasims_ru YES. Actually I have to say no. I'm already in love.


@TheSims3 Mr Rodiek: Does Twinbrook have any relation to Innsmouth by Lovecraft ?

@sims3blog No. Twinbrook is inspired by the gulf coastline, i.e. Louisiana, Georgia, Mississippi.

@TheSims3 In the new city, will there be the Ambitions places? If you don't have Ambitions, will there be blank spots?

@dylanrandomness Yes, you can incorporate your ambitions locations into the new neighborhood. We always try to leave some empty space!

@TheSims3 What other expansion packs are in the works? I know there's late night - I'm 'cited for it!

@TheOtherAuti Only Late Night is in the works. I'm not sure we can handle more than one at a time!

@TheSims3 Will there be any pets,weather, or college in the future?

@Desire0367 Anything and everything is possible with The Sims 3.

@TheSims3 will there be zombies,witches or other strange creatures in the future??

@Bi92 Anything is possible!

@TheSims3 What about the driving system being improved in the future? I don't like it when Sims simply vanish in and out of vehicles...

@gtns Currently the system lets us create ANY car. Fire trucks, racing cars. We prefer this flexibility which we might not otherwise have.

@TheSims3 Will we have any rabbit hole opened?

@JoaoxLucas We haven't opened up existing rabbit holes.

@TheSims3 Will we have water reflection?

@JoaoxLucas Yes. Our engineers put in some gorgeous new water reflections. Load up China or Egypt especially -- GORGEOUS.

@TheSims3 I love CAW and CAP, any plans to make some new tools?

@Umi_and_Alter We're glad you like them. We would love any suggestions you have for other new tools!

@TheSims3 Would you consider making a vacations expansion that is different from WA that has more of a relaxing nonquest theme or was WA it?

@Candi_Dyla Yeah, we would consider anything actually. That's a good idea. I do so love vacation :)

@TheSims3 If you have Sims in say Sunset Valley how do we transfer them to the new city?

@knazzer go to Edit Town, put them in the library, load the new town, then place them down from the library.

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#5SimonettaCJul 30, 2010

Absolutely brilliant, thank you so much for taking the time to put this all together for us. Really appreciate it! \:wub\: \:rah\:

#6MangioJul 31, 2010

Brillant \:rah\: Thanks for giving us a juicy sneak peak... now i can't wait till it comes out \;\)

#7*sweet_august*Jul 31, 2010

So Stoked for this EP. Sounds Amazing! Wish they would bring back weather, though.

#8Midnight222Jul 31, 2010

Wow. Thanks for this info. I wasn't too keen on the vamps but after reading this they sound quite cool. Also Im gonna LOVE the new build tool! WOOT!

#9Jazzy12695Jul 31, 2010

Yay I can't wait! I loved Apartments and penthouses should bring that prt of it back. nightlife is what sold me on the Sims 2 to begin with I loved having my sims out and abou!

#10drib_ydalJul 31, 2010

This info is great, thanks \:D  Just the thought of building a pool at any floor without hassles is thrilling \:rah\:

#11Pippa22Jul 31, 2010

Thank you for doing this! This expansion pack sounds like it is going to really change sims 3!

#12martoeleAug 1, 2010

That was very interesting to read! \:D  Thank you for the info. I'm surely going to buy the new EP (though there might be some problems with the game afterwards and we'll have to wait for another patch\:\( )

#13CandyDollukAug 1, 2010

seems cool im so getting it

#14fredbrennyAug 3, 2010

\:rah\: stage platforms... means split level build... L- shaped stairs.... can't wait! Want the piano too! Oh...and the round shaped pool. Vampires... I am not sure yet... CAN'T WAIT\:rah\:

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