Mommy And Me: Forever Part 4
Published Jan 26, 2021

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Who is this? Read on to find out. Sorry if it is too long. Thanks to all the people that have been leaving nice comments!

Who is this? Read on to find out. Sorry if it is too long. Thanks to all the people that have been leaving nice comments! Ok. I was going to throw my party the other day, but Mom decided to move. Now we have a bigger house with room for Tiffany. After we settle in I will throw that party. We moved in and decided to have a party for Tiffany. I suggested inviting Sterling and his family. Mom said sure why not. Check out the buffet table. Yummy. Sometimes I wish I were a guy. Why do girls have to watch their weight? I am dressed and we need to call his family. I hope Jacob's plan works. Ok Candice. Get a grip. It's just Sterling. The same low life that abandoned you. He ignores Tiffany as though she doesn't exist. He is nothing special. You can do this. Hi Jacob! I'm glad you guys all made it. I really hope this works. Mom has been so miserable. It's time for them to make up their minds.
Yeah. I hope it works too. ( at least I think I do. )
Candice, I really loved your store. I had a wonderful time shopping.
Thanks. I'm glad you enjoyed yourself. Feel free to return anytime.
Oh man.. Candice and Harmony are talking. What are they saying? I better get over there and find out. What the heck is so funny? I need to listen and play it cool. Just act bored. No need to be alarmed yet. Harmony and Candice have no idea. No idea at all. Great. Time for cake. The sooner this is over the sooner I can get out of here.
So, there is my baby sister. She is a pretty little thing.
Sterling won't even get close to Tiffany. Oh well, this is her party and I'm not going to let him spoil it. Sterling is looking good. Too good. How much longer will this take?
Awwww.... Tiffany is cute! For a little sister that is.
Things aren't moving along like I had hoped. I wonder if anything is going to happen. I can't stand it. Jennifer is so pretty. I need to get over this. She could be my future sister. Happy Birthday Tiffany! Blow out your candles! I BIG! I can't stop thinking about her. What should I do? Oh Harmony. I think I love you!
I love you too Sterling.
I can't keep my hands off you! You are so beautiful! Sterling! How could you?! At your daughters birthday party?! Are you that cold hearted?! I'm sorry Candice! I didn't know Harmony would be here! I mean..... I know what you mean! How long have you been together? Did you cheat on me? You know what... I don't even care anymore! You LOSER! I hate you Sterling! Don't come around anymore! I don't need you and neither does Tiffany! How could you? I thought you loved me! Hey Tiffany! You are so cute. We will stay in here. Mommy and your Daddy are having it out. I don't think you need to see that. I didn't know I could hate someone so much! I'm going to kick your butt! Come on! Try it! You PSYCHO! Take that Sterling! You PIG! Where did she go? She's completely lost her mind! I'm right here you animal! Take this! How could you ruin my life?! HAH! I brought it, where were you? Oh, on the floor? Just where you belong! This is so humiliating! I got my ass kicked by a woman. No one has to know. Thank goodness there were no witnesses. Why ME??? What did I do to deserve this. Oh my gosh! Mom is freaking out! She is going to hate me for sure! Life is just too hard. I don't know if I can keep going. What am I to do? Things are even worse now. What was I thinking? Now, she sped off to work again. I have to apologize. Jacob, I know things have been difficult between your Father and me. I want you to know, that I don't hold it against you. You are a fine young man and I trust you. Don't feel so bad. Ummm... Mrs. Lowell, I was the one that told Jennifer to have the party. I'm so sorry. I had no idea about him and Harmony. I'm so so sorry. That's ok Jacob. I forgive you. I know you and Jennifer were only trying to help. Now, let's get back to your training. I need you to manage this store for me. I am almost ready to open my next business. Thanks Mrs. Lowell. I will do my best! After my chat with Jacob, I went home and left for work again. I just can't sit around the house. I find myself thinking of Sterling. Of all the things I have lost. At least Jennifer is helping with Tiffany and they appear to be fine. I was so STUPID! How could I have fallen for another man who had no intention of staying. I feel the need to cry all the time. I have to work to keep myself busy. Suck it up Candice! I have to get a grip. I know. I will teach Tiffany. She needs to learn to walk, talk and most importantly... use the potty! Mommy sad. Poor Mommy! I make happy! See Mommy! I walked! Happy? Mommy happy I walked! Love my Mommy. Oh my gosh! This guy is worse than Sterling! Stupid man. Just like him. Now, Jacob.... that's another story. Jacob! Ummm.. do you want to come over? You do? Great. I'll see you in a few minutes. Hi. I've missed you. I'm glad you came over. ( I never knew a kiss could be so wonderful! )
( Wow, I think I love her. )
Ummm... Jacob?
Yeah Jennifer.
Do you uh.. want to go out? On a date? Maybe go have some dinner?
Sure! I'd love too! ( Anything she wants. Anything. I will never treat her like my Dad did to her Mom. NEVER! )
I blew him a kiss at the dinner table. Am I being to forward? Dinner at Londoste. One of the finest restaurants downtown. He eats like a pig! Oh my gosh! That is so gross. I can overlook it. It's not a big deal. I think. After dinner we made out. I really liked it. A lot. Maybe more than I should. Ok. So we made out again! Is that a crime or something? I love Jennifer. I'm going to marry her someday. I know I will. I got him outside and we made out again! My Mom is going to kill me. She probably hates Jacob now. I don't care. This time it is about me. Not her. Jennifer, I had a really great time. This date was like a dream come true for me. I love you.
Oh Jacob. I don't know what to say. I love you too. I'll see you in school tomorrow.
Ok. Bye Jennifer.
Bye Jacob.
I hope Jennifer sees those. I wanted to give her something to cheer her up. Things haven't exactly gone well lately. I know it's Tiffany's birthday today. I wonder.... Oh NO! Sterling is here! What is he doing here? I'm going to give him a piece of my mind! He can't keep coming over here. It's like another day of torture for me! I still have feelings for her. What did I do? What was I thinking? What are you doing here Sterling? I have the right to be here! She IS MY DAUGHTER!!! You ignore her constantly and only come around when it suits you! Some sort of custody arrangement needs to be made. I can't take this anymore. I'll let you stay for Tiffany. Blow out your candles! Yeah Tiffany! HOOT! You're going to be a big girl! I feel somethin'. Yes! I'm a big girl. I got my party dress on and hugged my Daddy. I can't believe he's here. I love you Daddy.
I love you too Tiffany.
Sterling! Get over here! I have something to say. How dare you tell her that you love her! You are such a liar! If you want to hurt someone at least make sure it isn't your own child! She believes what you're saying. You know you're going to walk out and have nothing to do with her for a long time. Why can't you just go away and leave us alone! Sterling... you need to leave NOW! The party is over. There's no reason for you to stay! But Candice, I still LOVE you! Can't we just start over!? NO! Are you crazy? You made things this way and you can't change them back. Go Sterling. What did I do? I'm such an idiot! Why does he hurt me this way? How can I move on when he keeps tormenting me? Something has to change. He's breaking my heart all over again. I have to get out of here! Right now! I can't take anymore! I just need to go somewhere and have a good cry! ALONE! The police are here... I wonder what they want? NO!!! That can't be true! You're lying! Jennifer? What's wrong? What happened? Tiffany, honey, Mom died! In a car accident! Oh no. This is terrible! I loved her. I'm going to miss her. Joelle was right. I should have worked things out. I have to get out of here! MOMMY!!!! I want my MOMMY! WHY???? Oh Tiffany. I'm so sorry. It's just you and me now. I love you and I will take care of you. I miss MOMMY! I WANT MY MOMMY! A social worker just came by and informed that Sterling doesn't want Tiffany. He is says it is too painful. Yeah, right. I don't believe him. She said we will have to go into foster care. We can't be on our own. How could this all happen? On Tiffany's birthday too. My life is over. How am I going to take care of Tiffany? How am I going to tell her? Tiffany, I uh.... have to tell you something. We have to leave and move in with some other family. We aren't allowed to stay here with no grown-ups. WHAT?! Are you kidding? I'm not going! NO! I won't do it! I want my MOMMY! NOW! Come on Tiffany. We have to go now.
No Jennifer. Please. ( sobs ) Don't make me.
We don't have a choice. It's time to go.

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