Fam. Galdos (Legacy Fam. Gen 2)
Published Jun 26, 2008

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Part 2
Which of the girls will be the heiress?
Will Marianela and Santos fulfill their LTW?
What happened to Marianela's family?

Part 2
Which of the girls will be the heiress?
Will Marianela and Santos fulfill their LTW?
What happened to Marianela's family?
Soon after the twins had arrived, Santos decided to have a little chat with Alastor. He seemed to be both worried and angry.

He decided to try it one sunny afternoon, when they were both fishing in the little pond in their yard.

"Alastor? Is it just me or you are acting different? Is something troubling you, son?" he asked.

His son didn't answer immediately. But after a long while, the kid whispered:

"You don't really care for me anymore. All you care about are my sisters."

"That's not true", said Santos, "the babies need more care, but we love you still, and as much as always. You'll see. The babies will grow up very fast, and you'll end up loving both of them."

"Hummm..." was all Alastor said.
But Santos was right about something. The twins birthday came way too fast. Alastor hoped they turned into sisters he could really play with, and even though it wasn't his turn to make a wish, he wished that still. This is little Adelaida. Hum... she looks really sweet. I wonder how will Amanda look like... Pretty sweet too. Lina's growing up as well. Alastor didn't find his sisters quite as appealing as the beach. He liked them better now. But he just didn't know how to play with two girls that had a special way to communicate between them that didn't include the rest of the family and that liked to get every single thing they could find into their little mouths. Marianela was being promoted day after day. She was becomming really competitive, something Santos didn't really like, but allowed because of the lack of family funds. One day, as she was getting ready to leave, the twins grew up. Amanda was sad and made quite a tantrum, though she had grown up well.

Marianela didn't even have the heart to scold her. She was right. It was horrible, but she had forgotten about their birthday.

However, she decided not to give it too much thought. She had to run if she wanted to get a big promotion that day.
The girls got used to be just with their father, while their mother was away working late.

Adelaida didn't really care about it. She was more interested in fishing than in having her mother around.

But Amanda was really sad. She pretended to be fine, but she wasn't.

That night, Nela arrived too early. She had gotten another promotion, but suddenly... she saw her two girls fishing, the garden all abandoned, and she decided to take a time off to take care of her family.


Things began to change around. The house was neat, the kids could ask their mom to help them with homework, the garden was tidy once more... Until, all of a sudden, Nela began to feel pretty bad. It was a strange sickness. Perhaps she had eaten something spoiled. Or so she thought.
One night a week later, Nela discovered she wasn't sick. At least, not with a permanent "sickness"...

"Yay! I'm pregnant again!!!! I really enjoy my kids. Or I enjoy them, now that I can be at home..."

(Well, you'd better enjoy this pregnancy, it's your last one.)
During that time, Adelaida, weird enough, was the one who got closer to her mom.

"Are you going to have twins again, mommy? Like Amanda and me?" she used to ask.

"I don't think so, sweetie," was the usual answer. "I don't feel as tired as I felt when I was expecting you two..." she used to end with a smile, followed by a tickle attack.
She was right. It was just a single baby boy.

This is little Albus. As usual, he has the family eyes :D.
Amanda was in charge of the garden now. She had picked it up herself. She loved the plants as much as her twin loved the fish. Besides, her mom needed some help, she couldn't do everything on her own. Albus and Alastor were the best friends, despite the age gap. I was even Alastor who planned little Albus's birthday party.

As usual, both parents were really occupied.
Maybe that was the reason why he forgot to plan a party for his dad. The only present was Adelaida, of course. Daddy's girl all around, she never was too far away from him. The moment his birthday came, she was there. As a birthday gift, they decided to go on vacation to the mountains. They were all pretty tired, and the twins birthday was close. So it was perfect. Alastor said he had lots of homework to do, as he was preparing for college, so he stayed at home and took care of his brother. The family had a great time. They met local people, learned local ways, had great meals, went on amazing tours, and bought lots of souvenirs. The twins enjoyed the vacation more than anybody, playing, running and investigating all they could. As they were the best friends, they couldn't bear to be appart, and they were experts in making the most of everything, so it was a wonderful vacation. They even got to meet Bigfoot! When they came back, Nela joined the Gardening Club. She didn't have a perfect garden, but it was nice, and well cared. She gave a call to her best friend and gave her a big present.

"Nela!" said Cristina. "You didn't have to..."

"I know, but I really want you to have this. You've always been a great friend, and I want to say thanks, for if it hadn't been for you, Santos and I wouldn't be married now, you know..."

They both laughed. Cristina embraced her friend and simply said:

"If you're happy, then that's more than enough for me. I'm really glad to be your friend, Nela."
Two days later, Nela became an elder too. The only ones present were Albus (who had his birthday too a day ago, I think... I forgot to snap a picture), and his best friend, Lara. Those are Santos and Marianela as elders. They look sweet, don't they? (I'm sorry, to be honest I forgot I was writing the family story, and, as I don't usually do it, I forgot to take pictures of the kids birthdays. I'm sorry)

Amanda had proved she was a natural borned gardener: her gardening skills were all maxed with a gleaming golden badge. When her mother introduced her to the Garden Club, they we're delighted to give her a top garden review, plus a wishing well.
One day, she found a trespasser at home. It was a guy who claimed his name was Genaro. They began to talk and through time became good friends, despite the age difference.

It was sad that the twins were going to college soon and she wouldn't see him again in a long time.
(Sorry. I forgot to take snapshots of college :$. This is Jorge, her teenage love, who moved with her to college and graduated with her) And this is Amanda. "Something's changed," Amanda said to herself, as she got near the white front door she remembered so well. Yes, there was the old garden gnome his best friend had stolen once (and that she had stolen back), the flowers, the uneven road... yet something was different.

The door burst open and she found herself glaring a young teen she could hardly recongnize.

"Albus?! Oh, my, what happened here this last years?!"

"Amanda! Hey, sis! Great to see you! Mom and dad said you wouldn't arrive til friday. I'm glad they were wrong, so I can get to see you. Come in, we were going to have a family meeting just now. I was trying to sneak out, but i think that if you're there it'll be worth it."

Amanda laughed and followed her little brother to the dinner table, were her parents were waiting.
There were the usual laughs, hugs and welcoming kisses parents have in store for all their kids, and then, after a while, they carried on with the family meeting.
Marianela cleared her throat and started to speak.

"I think it's the best thing that you're here to hear this, Amanda, as this will be your burden from now on."

"Burden? What do you mean," gasped Amanda.

"Oh, forget it. It really isn't a burden, it's just family history. You don't know that I came here running away from an arranged marriage. My father was a really rich person, down at Sim City. But he had a terrible fault: he thought he had the right to manage everyone's life. So, he tried to force me to marry his best friend. I couldn't refuse, he didn't listen. So I ran away, with Crookshanks. You remember my old cat, don't you?"

"Yes, but... what happened? I mean, when you left the city? Do you know, dad?"

"Let your mom speak, Amanda," said Santos, with a grave look.

"Well, I ran away, I met Cristina (you remember her?), got this place, it was just a shack back then, and got a job. After a while, Cristina introduced your father, we got in love, married and had the four of you. I had not talked to my family because I was still both angry and scared. But I decided, after you two were borned, to give it a try."
"It wasn't nice at all, just as I had predicted. My sister Beatriz answered the call. She hung up the phone, without even saying 'good bye.' Then, I tried to call our old housekeeper, who was like a mother to me. It was hard, but I succeeded at last. She told me that, when I left, my father forced Beatriz to marry Mauricio, his friend, the one I was supposed to marry myself. It was a disaster from the begginning. He declared I was dead for him and acted as if I were so, but, at the moment of his death, they found that he had been laughing of them all, just playing a part. Beatriz was left with the house, but with no funds to keep it. He left his other properties to an old enemy of his and left all his money to me. Beatriz tried to get the money for her, at least, but it was no use. The will said that I had to keep it, for I was the only child of his with blood in my veins, no water. That I'd be the one who would make it grow even more. I just need to speak out to get it. So I ask you, what do you think?" "We don't really need it, mom. Look: you two are really hardworkers. Mom, just look at it: you're a Mad Scientist, and dad's on top of the hospital's staff (his LTW achieved). My sister's just graduated and with so great notes she's got a great job. And I'm about to leave to college, with very good scholarships."

"I think we might use it in remodeling the house, though," interrupted Amanda. "It's in desperate need of a change, don't you think?"

"You are the one who's going to live here, so you decide," answered Nela. "You are the heiress, for Albus is too young, Adelaida decided she doesn't like this place and Alastor's gone too, married and with his six kids, fulfilling my lifetime desire of having six grandkids."

"Ok, so... what about leaving part of the money to our aunt, so she stops being so uncivil and using the other part on a new house?"

"Impossible. The will prevents it. But we'll use it on what you want, then. There'll be enough left for your kids and perhaps grandkids, though."
So, the new house was built. It was a big house, with a special place just for Santos and Marianela on top and big rooms and a huge kitchen. (But somehow, I really don't like this house. I confess I'll demolish it as soon as the third heiress comes back from college.

It's too big and isolated, at the same time... I need to make better home planning. I need an arquitect!)
It was easy to do it, and it would have been possible even without that money, for Marianela's job had a great pay and she really loved her job and had an outstanding performance there. And Nela was being promoted pretty fast, she had soon fulfilled her LTW: being on top of the Education Career. Soon enough, she married her fiancee, Jorge. On the very same spot were her parents had gotten married so many years before. Jorge was happy, but somehow he just couldn't stand Marianela. He tried to convince Amanda to buy her another house. But it was no use, she said she loved the idea of her kids growing with their grandparents around. So, he just concentrated on reaching the top of his career, adventurer, and enjoying time with his wife. The funny thing is, the only two persons who really liked him were his father in law and his wife. His mother in law, Alastor, Albus, Adelaida, and even Crookshanks' ghost, hated him.

He had a terrible time at home.
One night, before going to bed, Amanda discovered she was expecting a baby. She was really happy, but, as her husband was out, with her father, she couldn't give him the news straight away.

She decided to wait for him, she was anxious to tell him.
She waited till morning, yet no word came from Jorge. She didn't want to ask Nela, for if her father hadn't arrived as well, it'd be way too much stress for her mother to handle.

So she just waited, while reading a book.
"Funny enough!" she yelled when she got to the garden, tired of reading, for she was so preoccupied she just couldn't concentrate. There was her husband, running around with a strange pair of scissors. "Don't you realize it's nice to say 'I'm back!' and avoid scaring everyone?" "Well, this is fun!" he said. "We found this scissors on a second hand shop and I bought them. I've been playing with them ever since we came back. They're really c-"

He didn't even finish the sentence.
After a fast funeral, Amanda was left alone to cry for her loss. She just couldn't make her mind to it. She was expecting a baby, her husband was gone, and she hadn't been married really long. Something, in the world, was lost. The world had been a better place for her because of Jorge. And now, he was gone. She used to distract herself fishing or doing the gardening. Talking to the trees was a favorite hobby of hers.

"Amanda, dear, I think some therapy would be good," used to say Santos, when he saw her there.

"Oh, leave her alone, I know what she's doing," would be Nela's reply to that. "She understands plants, she can talk to them."
"I think it'd be a better idea if you stopped talking to the trees and the plants when your father's around," told Marianela to Amanda one morning, when both of them were alone at home.

"He's getting worried over nothing," whispered Amanda.

"I know, I know. But it's been a hard time for you, with Jorge's death, and he feels responsible, for he found the scissors and pointed them out to him. He doesn't want you to be depressed, and he believes you are. Please, don't make him believe it."

"What if I am depressed? I miss him way too much. Do you expect me to go on like nothing happened?"

"No. But you have a baby to think off. It wouldn't be fair for a baby to have a depressed mother who wouldn't take care of him or her because she's just too concentrated on herself."

That left Amanda thinking.
She was still thinking about it when the baby arrived. Actually, another set of twin girls: Barbara and Betina.

Those two babies had a hard time. Their mother tried hard, but didn't have the strength. She tried and tried, anyway, and achieved small things every day. By the time their birthday came, she was already being the mother they needed and had left Jorge's memory in a special area of her heart that didn't hurt when visited. That birthday night, Barbara grew first, proving to have Amanda's hair and Jorge's eyes. Nela helped with Betina, who had Jorge's hair, but the family eyes (potential heiress... let's see how she's like...) Lina was about to leave as well. The cat was old now, and her time had ended. She left her son Fledge in total possession of the house. Well, in possession of Fledge and his daughter, Krista. Meanwhile, Amanda decided to marry Genaro, her best friend. He had been a great friend through it all. Besides, she was a family sim, she wanted to have more kids, and she wanted her two girls to have a father.

Thus, Genaro, a man everyone but Santos liked, joined the family after an intimate and surprising wedding.

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How did you get to meet bigfoot? I can visit the people from the other places but I cant get bigfoot. HELP!
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