The Arrangement
Published Aug 12, 2020

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Two young couples were locked in a pre-arranged marriage. The first couple tried their best to work out their marriage life but the other couple, try their best to convince their parents to call off their marriage. This is a love story, hope you?ll all will enjoy reading it and please do leave your kind comment at the bottom of this story, thank you ~ Caroline

Two young couples were locked in a pre-arranged marriage. The first couple tried their best to work out their marriage life but the other couple, try their best to convince their parents to call off their marriage. This is a love story, hope you?ll all will enjoy reading it and please do leave your kind comment at the bottom of this story, thank you ~ Caroline Cyrus and Karl are brothers. They are having a little chat upstairs in their room. Karl wanted to know how the girl looks like, so he try to convince Cyrus to go down and see for him. However, Cyrus didn't agree to go downstairs instead he taught Karl how to hide secretly and take a good look of his wife to be without getting noticed by the family members.

Karl : Cy, how's the girl? Can you please go down and see...pleaseeee.

Cyrus : Me? No go down there. I tell you what, You sit on the stairs, and try to see her from there. Well, you're the one who is going to marry her not me. Just stand closely to the stairs, they won't notice you. Trust me. That's the safest place in this home.

Karl : Oh boy, I have this bad feelings....I think I am nervous....very nervous.

Karl was very nervous but he makes himself brave and went down to have a glimpse of the girl he was going to marry.

Karl : Okay, I'll give it a goes......
Cyrus : Good Luck bro.
Karl went down very quietly and sits on the stairs and he tried to view the girl. But he couldn't see her face because she was sitting facing the opposite side. So he went back upstairs and made another quick plan with his bro. But even before they could accomplish their new plan, Karl's dad calls him and asks him to come down. Karl : Oh My God, Oh My God. I am scared.
Cyrus : It's time...go...go...go.....Nothing to worry about....
Karl : Please say a silent prayer for me Cy, my heart is pounding very fast. I don't want to pass-out in front of them.......
Cyrus : C'mon, be a go down and say "hi" to your wife to be. Go.....
Karl was very happy to see the girl, she was beautiful with soft long hair and he was extremely happy. Suddenly the girl whispered to him and said,
Hey, not me, look here, here, she whispered as she narrowed her eyes. Karl was shocked, he stood up from his chair, and shouted in furious saying, No, No, Not this woman. I am not going to marry her. No way!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Karl hasted to his room without saying a single word to the girl's family nor to his family.

Karl : Cyrus!!!!! I am not going to marry THAT woman, she....she.....she is UGLY!!!!!!!
Cyrus : Bro, what have you done? You just hurt her feelings....You're making Mum and Dad look stupid in front of go down and say sorry to them.
Karl : No way!!!!!!
Cyrus : Bro what are you doing?
Karl : I am leaving, I am not marrying that monster or woman or whatever, I am going away. I am out of here.
Cyrus : Bro, please listen, people change you know, give her a chance...bro...I know you would.
That night, after everyone went home, Karl's parents went to his room and talked to him about certain things. Karl didn't have the guts to leave the house, cause he is such a obedient son and he never done such things before.

Sunnet (Karl's dad) : Son, you don't have to worry about anything, we know you?re in a great confusion. We will take care of everything, just leave it to us.

Karl : But Papa, she is Ugly....I don't want to marry her. I don't love her.

Miyana (Karl's mum) : Look dear, love will come eventually. We didn't love each other when we got married didn't we dear?

Sunnet : Yes Sweety, love came, then you were born, we have doubts but we are still together aren't we?

Karl : But Papa........

Sunnet : No go to sleep. I am sure everything will work out. Goodnight son.
That night Karl thought about the girl he was going to marry, he wasn't sure about his marriage however his parents are so sure that they will lead a happy life. Although Karl wants to annul the marriage, he doesn't want to hurt his parent?s feelings, so he abide with his parents decision and ready to accept the girl into his life. A couple of days later, Karl and his family with the girl's family celebrated their bliss in a restaurant. The girl's parents were pleased when Karl made a toast to his wife to be, Kelly.

Karl : This is for Kelly, may god Bless us and give us happiness in our marriage life. To Kelly.
Everyone says : To Kelly and Karl.
A month later, Karl and Kelly were married. Karl was, however a bit upset, but Kelly was extremely happy to marry him. Both of them were 30 years old that year. They were married at a small church near the bride's resident. All of their family members attended the wedding. Karl showed a happy face to his parents just to make them feel good. Everyone was having great fun at Karl & Kelly's Wedding. Lisa made a toast for her sister Kelly.

(If you all were wondering who is Lisa, Lisa is Kelly's sister [adopted sister])
(Suddenly Cyrus (Karl's younger brother) spilled his champagne on Lisa's beautiful gown)

Cyrus : Oopsss, I am so sorry Lisa. I didn't know you're were standing here.....I am sorry.
Lisa : Aargghhhh Cyrus!!!! You wet my dress, you''re......

Lisa's mum & Cyrus's as well as Karl's mother were talking when they notice their kids quarrelling about something.......
Lisa : Mum look what Cyrus did to me.....
Lisa's Mum : Oh honey, you're gown is wet, go...go.. and clean yourself.....
Cyrus' Mum : Did Cyrus did this to you?
Lisa : It's okay aunty, it was an accident......he didn't mean to....
Cyrus' Mum :*Sigh* I don't know what he is going to do without a woman in his life......

All of a sudden, both the mothers are smiling at Lisa, she has no idea why.

Lisa's Mum : Elspeth are you thinking what I am thinking?
Elspeth (Cyrus's Mum) : I bet I am.....
Lisa : What?? What???

They had something in their mind.......hmmm........
<<<<<<<<<<< ONE WEEK LATER >>>>>>>>>>> Cyrus' parents made a formal visit to Lisa's house. They wanted to ask Lisa's hand in marriage to their son, Cyrus. What a surprise, Lisa and Cyrus were both shocked to hear that from their parents. They were happy being friends but spending the rest of their life together was totally unexpected.

Lisa's mum : Lisa can cook very well, Cyrus.
Lisa's Dad : Lisa go ahead, talk to Cyrus and get to know each other. Don't be shy.
Cyrus's dad: Yes that's right, nothing to be shy off, both of you are going to live together, so get use to it from now.
Cyrus's mum : Oh.....Both of you look soooo... perfect for each other.

Well, their parents think that they are ideal for each other but what about them, what are they have to say for themselves.
Cyrus : Papa....what are you all doing? we.....
Lisa : We're still young, there's still more time to go for marriage. Yea, what's the hurry?
Lisa's Dad : My darling children listen, you both are still young and we all know that, don't worry about anything. Lisa, look at him, isn't he a wonderful guy? Isn't he darling?

Lisa: Daddy.......I.....
Cyrus: Yeah...yeah...everyone says that. O.K here's what we are going to do. We'll try our best to get along with each other. Okay? Everyone's happy now?
The next day, Cyrus called Lisa and asks her to meet him at the library.

Cyrus : Hello Miss Doctor, what took you so long? I've been waiting here for you for about an hour.

Lisa : Sorry, I had to finish my assignment, that's why I was a little bit late.

Cyrus : Punctuality is important. Okay let me get this straight, I want passion, outstanding kids, cool wife and a luxury life, that's the type of family I am talking about. What about you, can we work this out or not?

Lisa : The only thing I want in life is Love. I can't live without love.

Cyrus : Love? Hmmmm......Lisa, do you love me?

Lisa : No way, I never liked you, just because our parents wants us to be married doesn't mean I like you.

Cyrus : Like? I didn't ask you whether you like me or not, let me ask again. Do you love me?

Lisa : *Silent for a moment* No, I don't. I am 25 this year, and I don't really think you're my true love. Oh no way, you're definitely not.
Cyrus : Okay, if we don't love each other, that means we must convince our parents to cancel the wedding. Agree?

Lisa : Yes I do agree with you, true love comes only once in life time. So if we are not meant for each other, we shouldn't waste our time.

Cyrus : Yes, Right. I have an idea.

Lisa : Tell me, please.
Cyrus told Lisa about his plan. Both of them were very happy because they know for sure that their plan with work and their parents will call off the wedding. Few days later, Karl invited Cyrus and Lisa for dinner at his house. After dinner, Karl suggested that they should go for bowling. All of them agreed. So they went.
Cyrus made his move, he was really good at bowling. Cyrus wanted to impress the girls, so he did many tricks. They had great fun there. Lisa and Kelly went to the bar to get some drinks for them while Karl and Cyrus were left at the bowling hall. Cyrus : So Bro, how's your life? Is everything ok with you guys?
Karl : I don't know Cy, she is changing a little by little. Well, things are working out. That's all I can say for now.
Cyrus : So, you're saying that now you really love Kelly huh?
Karl : I didn't say like that, did I? I don't know about love yet, but I think everything will be ok. She is very nice to me. So, how's YOUR life? Working out as well?
Cyrus : Hmm......
Lisa : So Kelly sis, how's your life? Is everything ok with you and your husband?
Kelly : Yes Liz, everything is so romantic in between us.
Lisa : You really love him, huh?
Kelly : Yes I do, I really do. He is very nice to me, I really love him.
Lisa : That's good to hear, i know he's a nice guy.
Kelly : How's things with you and Karl's brother.
Lisa : Well....................
Stranger : Hey Baby, wanna have a drink with me?
Lisa : Errr.... What do you want?
Stranger : C'mon let's dance. You're so hot! I can't take my eyes away from you.

Cyrus and Karl noticed Lisa and Kelly being tackled by an unknown man. Both of them quickly went to stop the man before he does anything foolish.
Cyrus : Hey! What do want?
Stranger : Hey Man! I was just asking this pretty women to join me at the bar. What is your problem? Ha ha ha ha, looser.
Cyrus : You better watch it!
Stranger : Hey baby, if you ever wanted to date a REAL MAN, you can look for me here.
Lisa: Real Man? I AM dating a real man.
Stranger & Cyrus : You Are???
Lisa : Yes I am, now if you excuse me, I have to go.
Stranger : Bye. We shall surely meet again.
Cyrus : Lisa.....errrr....can I ask you something?
Lisa : What is it Cy.
Cyrus : You said something about Real Man, are you really dating someone?
Lisa : errr.......huh.......why don't you have some drink first, we shall talk later.

Since it was late, they all went home joyfully. but Cyrus was overwhelmed with confusion. All he could think of is Lisa and the real man she was talking about.
The next day came and it's their engagement. Their parents have reserved a table in a restaurant, Cyrus and Lisa had planned to do something to make their parents change their mind before it is too late. What could it be? Is Lisa in love with someone else? What will happen if Lisa and Cyrus couldn't persuade their parents to stop the wedding? Let's find that out on the next chapter of "The Arrangement".
TO BE CONTINUED.................

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But she wasn't ugly! .. nice story \:\)

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Very great story

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Brilliant story!

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