New Beginnings pt. 2 (Little Dartanya pt. 18)
Published Aug 29, 2008

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*music in the background*

*music in the background* Oh, Hello! Back to hear the rest of the story? I'll be right with you, let me turn off the stereo.

Ok, get comfy and I'll get started. Now, let me just tell you that parts of this story I heard from Morgan, because I wasn't there. I'll just fill you in on what he told me.

Alright, let's start where we left off last...
When I got home that night, after the wedding, I was exhausted and somewhat lonely. Katy said some pretty honest things, though hurtful. I have been single for a while. I was depressed and wondering if I would ever find someone that could fill the huge gap Blayne left behind.

I cried myself to sleep that night.
The next morning I awoke feeling somewhat better. I went outside to check the mail and met Morgan out by the street. He was cleaning up the mess a stray dog had made the night before. We said good morning and I tried to strike up a conversation. "So, what are your plans for the day?" I asked him.

He stood up and replied. "Going Jogging. Then may go to see my sister."

I smiled. "How is Sophia?" I asked.

"She's doing well, as is the rest of the family." Morgan said as he bent down to tighten his shoe lace. "You have a good day, Dartanya."
And with that he took off down the sidewalk. I was not a bit suprised he was back to his "strictly professional" ways again. He confuses me, he acts like he wants to get close one moment... then quickly backs away the next.

I shrugged and went back to my morning activities.
I trimmed the hedges and pulled the weeds from the flower beds. While doing so I thought about Morgan. Uncle Davin told me Morgan had been married once before, but I never heard him speak of her. I guess I would never know the story there, especially since Morgan couldn't make up his mind if he wanted me as a friend or just a business partner. The next morning at work I still wasn't feeling much better. Morgan was still being distant, I was still in shock over Blayne's wedding plans, and I was missing Elle and Sam. I was very happy when Jaq called and told me she was coming to eat lunch with me that day. I was cleaning up my office when I heard a knock at the door and Morgan walked in with a vase of fresh cut daisies. I didn't know what to say at first. I had never received flowers from anyone before... and was really not expecting them from Morgan! My eyes lit up when he handed them to me.

"They aren't from me..." He said as he handed them over. My heart fell. "They were delivered for you, I just brought them up since I was heading this way anyway."

I gave a weak smile and thanked him.
I took the flowers and read the card. They were from Jaq. I turned to put them on a shelf.

"Did you need me for something?" I asked Morgan.

"Yes, actually." He said as he cleared his throat. "I wanted to ask you to stop by my office after closing time. I'm having a meeting with an architect. I would like you to be present for it."

I assured him I would be there. He gave his slight bow, turned and left.
I went downstairs and continued with my morning tours of the museum. At lunch time I was walking to the coffee shop when Katy called my name.

"Oh 'Tanya! I know you can help me. I'm looking for Morgan. I'm sure you have him under your thumb at all times! Could you just point me in his general direction?"
I glared at Katy. "I can assure you I do not know where Mr. McFayden is, Katy, nor do I keep him under my thumb. We are not dating, and even if we were I would not take pleasure in ordering my man around, or having to know where he is all of the time."

"I knew you weren't dating!" Katy said, crossing her arms. "I knew somone as important as Morgan could never waste his time on someone like you. And did you ever stop and think, 'Tanya, that if you had have known where Blayne was, at all times, he'd still be in your arms and not mine?"

I stood there frozen, not sure what to say next. I could feel the anger rising up inside of me.

"Blayne was free to make his own choices." I snapped back at her. "I can't help, nor change the fact that he chose you! No matter how much it disgusts me! There is still one thing that confuses me though, Katy. Why, if you have Blayne, do you still insist on chasing after Mr. McFayden?! Shouldn't you be home watching Blayne like a hawk instead!"

She glared at me.
Katy turned and stomped off. I went back up to my office. I was so upset I was shaking and sobbing. Jaq let herself in about 30 minutes later. " 'Tanya! I heard the whole thing!" she said as she shut the door. "She's pure evil! Don't let what she says bother you. People like her don't matter! I'm so proud that you stood up to her!"

I wiped my eyes. "I know Jaq, wait... if you heard it then what took you so long to come up here?" I asked her.

"I followed Katy." she said with a smile. "I stood behind some collums and listened to Katy make a fool out of herself."

Jaq began to tell me about it.
Jaq told me she had just passed Morgan in the gallery, so she went back and hid behind some collums and waited for Katy to show up. She said Morgan seemed lost in thought and didn't notice Katy coming before it was too late and he couldn't escape. Jaq continued to say that Katy started idle conversation about some new art pieces she had just bought and wanted Morgan to come by her house and look at them.

Jaq said Morgan told Katy that she should just bring them to the museum because he didn't have the time to make house calls.
Jaq said Katy then proceeded to tell Morgan that it wouldn't be any trouble. She could make a nice dinner and he could come by one night this week.

Morgan asked Katy, "Are you asking me to come to dinner with you and Blayne?"

Katy giggled, moved closer to Morgan and said, "Well, no, not exactly. You see... Blayne will be out of town all this week and next. It will just be you and I."

Jaq said Morgan put his hands up and politely told Katy that he felt it would be totally inappropriate for him to do that, and for her to please stop with her attempts to woo him. He also said that he was sure Blayne wouldn't appreciate it if he were to find out.

Jaq said Katy instantly turned red and told Morgan that he would be sorry for turning her down! She turned quickly around and about fell over, straightened herself up and stormed out the door.
When Jaq finished her story I was laughing hysterically!

"Woo?!" I said through the laughter. "He said 'Woo'?"

Jaq was laughing also. We gathered ourselves together and went downstairs for lunch, still giggling.
During lunch Jaq and I talked about Blayne and Katy. I couldn't help but think how hurt Blayne would be if he knew the truth about Katy. Jaq told me that she had already tried talking to Blayne about Katy in the past... but he can't see anything but the pretty face and all the money she drags around with her.

It is true, even though Blayne has a lot of talent, he wouldn't have gotten as far, as fast as he has, without Katy's Dad and his money. But I also know that Blayne isn't that superficial. He will eventually see through Katy and what she stands for. I just hope he realizes before he says 'I do.'
Morgan came over and interrupted our discussion. I looked up at him and asked if he cared to join us.

"No, thank you." he answered. "I just came to tell you that I need to talk to you when you are finished with lunch. I'll be in the east wing."

I nodded. He bowed at Jaq and I and turned to leave.

After Jaq left I went to meet Morgan in the east wing.

"What do you think?" He asked when i approached.

"Of what?" I replied.

"These chairs." he stated, as he bounced on them a little.

"You wanted to talk to me... about chairs." I said slowly.

"Yes." He said smiling. "I want your opinion, do you think they are too soft? I don't want people falling asleep in my museum."
To humor him I sat down.

"They are fine." I said standing back up. "They aren't too soft and I like the fabric."

Morgan nodded.

"Was there anything else you needed to talk to me about?" I asked.

"Like what?" Morgan replied.

"You aren't upset with me are you?" I asked slowly. "Not frustrated or disappointed in me in any way?"

Morgan looked confused. "No, Miss Jordan. I am more than happy with your preformance. Are you inquiring because you feel you need a raise? Let me assure you I am workin on that..."

I had totally had it. If professional is what he wants, then that's what he was gonna get.

"No." I stated. "I was not hinting for a raise, Mr. McFayden. I'm pleased you are happy with my work."

I gave a stiff nod and left the room.
5 p.m. rolled around soon enough and I made my way to Morgan's office. I was sure this meeting was about plans of the second museum Morgan was planning to build. I walked in the room expecting to see a group of people... ...but was suprised to just see Morgan and Blayne! I said hello, very confused now. Blayne started talking about floor plans and I walked over to look at the little model he had sitting on the desk . Morgan sat down and asked me to take a seat. I sat down as Blayne explained more about his ideas. I'll admit I wasn't really paying complete attention. I had a lot on my mind. I snapped out of it, however, when Blayne mentioned a 'third bedroom upstairs.'

"Wait. What?" I asked.

Blayne and Morgan looked at me.

"I... I'm confused." I stated. " Is this not the plans for the museum?"

"Er, No" Morgan said. "I'm thinking of having Blayne here, build my house."

"Your house." I said slowly. "You wanted me at this meeting, that basically has nothing to do with me. Yet i'm here... why?"

"I value your opinion." Morgan stated.

Blayne cleared his throat and backed up.
I totally lost it.

"You... You value my opinion?! That's why I'm here discussing what your future house will look like!? Arghh!" I said, completely frustrated.
I jumped up out of my chair. Morgan stood up and Blayne looked at me worried.

" Men! I swear!" I yelled. "I will never, never understand you people!"
I turned to Morgan and he took a step back.

"Especially you!"

With that I grabbed my purse and slammed the door behind me.
Morgan watched me go.

Confused and angry he said to Blayne. "Wonder what her deal is!"

"I'm not sure," Blayne said and he gathered his papers, trying to mind his own business.
"She can get mad quickly, huh?" Morgan said, quietly.

"Actually, to be completly honest with you." Blayne stated. "I don't think I've ever seen her get herself worked up so much she explodes like that. But, then again, I haven't been around much over the past couple years. You would know more about her nowadays I'd imagine."
"How so?" Morgan asked.

"Well you are around her a lot more, talk to her more." Blayne said.

"Oh!" Morgan replied. "Not really. We aren't really dating. I was just being a friend when she needed it the other night."

"I see." Blayne said. "You did a good thing then, I know Katy and be harsh sometimes."

Morgan nodded.

" 'Tanya is a very special person." Blayne said after a few moments of silence. "She has a big heart, and when she loves, she loves with all of it. She's very passionate and when she truely cares for some one it shows. You are a very lucky person to mean so much to her. You'd do good to take my advice and not let that go."

"You think she cares for me?" Morgan asked.
"I'm sure she does." Blayne replied. " I've seen the way she looks at you. I know that look because she used to look at me that way."

Blayne closed the latches on his briefcase and continued. "It would take a fool to not see how much she cares for you Mr. McFayden. My advice to you is, don't be that fool."

With that Blayne walked out of the office.
Morgan stood there thinking about what Blayne just told him.

'Am I a fool?' Morgan asked himself. 'She's so young... could she really care for me as much as I do for her? I've tried so hard to keep it hidden.'

After I stormed out of Morgan's office I went home, changed and flopped down on the couch. I was still angry. How could he? He is friendly one moment, distant the next. He was 'strictly professional' all day, yet wants my opinion on the house he wants to build for himself! I wished he would just make up his mind. He was driving me crazy.

I knew it was bothering me too much. I knew I loved him but it was so frustrating to constantly get mixed signals.

I tried to work it out in my head until I had brought myself to tears. When the tears fell I got angry. Determined to figure out what was going on in his head I jumped up off the couch and marched next door.
It was pouring outside but i didn't care. I banged on Morgan's door. He opened it. He looked tired and weak. I just assumed he had been napping on the couch or something.

"I need to talk to you now, please!" I said angrily.
He nodded and asked, "Would you like to come in?"

"No! I'm fine out here." I replied, "The rain is keeping me cool!"

He stepped outside and I let him have it.

"WHAT is your deal?!" I asked him. "Why do you act so odd around me? Why are you buddy-buddy one moment and then professional the next? One moment you act like you like me, the next you treat me like I'm nothing more to you than an employee you have to fork over a paycheck to every month! Is that all I am to you?!"

His jaw was set, and I could see he was getting angry, but I didn't care. I continued to yell.

"So what is it?! Why do you feel I deserve to be treated like this!?"

"I don't." he replied sternly.

"You don't. You don't what?! If you don't think I deserve it then why do you treat me that way?!" I asked him.
"BECAUSE I'M IN LOVE WITH YOU, OK?!" He yelled. "I'm falling in love with you and it scares me to death, because I know you are so much younger than me! I've dealt with these feelings forever and I was trying my hardest to keep it concealed. It's been hard! Trust me! It's not easy living next door, and working with you every day in a place where I have to be professional! Especially when you were going through your breakup with Blayne. You don't know how badly I just wanted to take you in my arms and make everything better. I hated seeing you hurt! The only way I knew how to keep my feelings from showing was to keep myself at a distance! Yes, I slipped up a lot, but it wasn't because I didn't try! Now that you are standing here accusing me of not caring for you, I guess I did a dang good job of hiding it even though it was slowly killing me inside!"

He stopped abruptly and took a breath. I looked in his eyes and finally saw everything that was there. Not just anger, but passion.
I stood there. In shock. Rain falling down all around me. I was soaked, he was soaked, but I didn't care. Happiness filled me up from the bottoms of my toes. Without thinking I threw myself in his arms. I Kissed him as he held me tight. I had never had a kiss feel like that!
We stood there kissing in the rain for what seemed like a decade.
When we broke apart I smiled at him and his shocked expression.

"I've loved you too! I said with a grin. "I was just waiting on the right sign from you! Why didn't you ever say anything? Did you really think the age difference mattered to me?"

"I did." Morgan said holding me close. "But a good friend made me realize that I was being a fool."

"Oh, by the way." he said as he looked at me with a smile. "I have to maintain a manner of professionalism at the museum. That, being as it is, means you are fired."

"That's awesome!" I exclaimed, as he pulled me close for another kiss.
Yeah, I know. Shocking huh? I've been unemployed for a couple weeks now. But I've turned my focus to my paintings again.
Morgan and I are still doing well and he even rescheduled his meeting with Blayne. He's going to go through with the plans for his house!

If someone would have told me a couple years ago that I would have survived a breakup with Blayne just to end up in my Bosses arms.. I would have called them crazy! I guess it just goes to show that no matter what hard times you are set to endure in your life, there is always something wonderful at the end of your journey.

I don't know what my future holds, but right now I know that I'm happy and that's all that matters!
See ya next time!

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#4shelllharnAug 29, 2008

realy enjoyed this story it was great loved it keep it up \:rah\: \:rah\: read mine plz

#5Username111Aug 29, 2008

\:D \:rah\: \:rah\: Rah Rah!

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#7MissJayAug 29, 2008

FINALLY! They finally told eachother how they feel! 5.0

#8KrawkDbz16Aug 30, 2008

I just want to see Katy be PUNISHED in the worst way for what she's done. I don't care how. She just HAS to be punished.

#9islandchild97Aug 30, 2008

i'm going to get you katyyyyyyyyyyyyyy mwahahahahahahaha\:mad\: \:ph34r\: \:rah\:

#10Aug 31, 2008



#11,xPheobe.Sep 2, 2008

Awsome loved the story, both parts!! \:D I was wondering if you knew were you got your CC from..?

#12JohnnyDeppLuvaSep 27, 2008

Luvin this story soo much can't wait for next chapter, 5 from me x \:rah\:

#13Semi3333May 12, 2011

cool story \:\)

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