Snow White (Part 1)
Published Sep 3, 2008

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I know, I know. "Caroline's starting ANOTHER story? What the heck happened to dear Serenity?" Sorry... I paused her story for a while, as you can tell-
Serenity: *pouts* "More than nine months is not just a while."
Snow White: " offense, Serenity, but.. get out of my story."
-and I don't know if I'll be getting back to *Serenity the Outcast* anytime soon. Just to show you that I'm alive though, I decided to finish up a story I had been working on a while ago. So, without futher ado, here's Valerie Devons, my Snow White sim, welcoming you to Snow White (Part 1).

I know, I know. "Caroline's starting ANOTHER story? What the heck happened to dear Serenity?" Sorry... I paused her story for a while, as you can tell-
Serenity: *pouts* "More than nine months is not just a while."
Snow White: " offense, Serenity, but.. get out of my story."
-and I don't know if I'll be getting back to *Serenity the Outcast* anytime soon. Just to show you that I'm alive though, I decided to finish up a story I had been working on a while ago. So, without futher ado, here's Valerie Devons, my Snow White sim, welcoming you to Snow White (Part 1).
It all begins with a beautiful, loving king and queen, of course. They lived in a old-fashioned, yet modern, castle.....with everything they could ask for....except a child. They appeared barren. Queen Danielle had a garden she was fond of, which was certainly NOT barren. :) Every night she would walk through her garden, admiring her trees and flowers.

One night, Queen Dannii grazed her hand among the flowers, and cut her hand on a thorn.
"Ouch," she muttered, and made a mental note to avoid touching the tree.
Her hair came undone as she made her way to the bathroom, and she willingly flung off her veil, then turned on the faucet. As she did so, three drops of "crimson tears" dripped from her cut. Queen Dannii sighed, but admired the look of the ruby drops on the white-as-snow porcelain sink. Then, she pictured a little girl and smiled. "Someday, I'll have a daughter. She'll have cheeks and lips as red as crimson blood, skin as white as snow, and hair as black as...." she trailed off, wondering what she could compare black to. "As black as a raven's feather!" Dannii finished. Then, she stopped talking and wondered, What am I saying this out loud for?

(Because you're in a fairy tale, my dear. ;D)
"What was that? To the voice, yes, it is fried fish!"
Gross! I don't like fried fish....Maybe that's because I'm a picky eater, but still!
"I think it's good!"
Well, it might be my pickiness, but I refuse to believe that. And the only reason for people wanting gross food is... *snickers*
Aw, nothing...
Sure enough, Queen Dannii was pregnant! She definitely had a mother's glow. ;) King Damion was pleased, and doted on his queen every chance he could. He couldn't believe he was finally going to be a father. Queen Dannii breezed by the pregnancy with fried fish cravings, legs kicking, and loads of love from her husband. Then the time came.... And they were blessed with a lovely daughter. She had snow white skin, ice blue eyes, and a fair amount of raven-black hair. Folding her arms, Dannii beamed with pride. She was a mother. "I am going to be the best mother I can be,, wait, would you rather be Snow White?" Queen Dannii suggested. The answer was a soft gurgle. "All right, we'll compromise!" Dannii laughed. And so Valerie was nicknamed "Snow White". Young Snow White was absolutely adored by her mother. Dannii and Snow White were the best of friends at a young age. Queen Dannii taught her to walk, and, with Dannii's help, Snow White caught on fast. She (Dannii) praised and loved her daughter whenever she got the chance, and this love and warmth was rubbing off well on young Snow White, who, in turn, showed her budding sweetness and wit. As Queen Dannii bounced her daughter in her arms, she sensed something: a feeling of dread, maybe a foreshadowing of what was to come. In a few moments it went away, and Dannii returned to admiring her daughter's stunning eyes. :) It was as if she knew something was coming. Three months later, a week after Snow White's third birthday, two moons appeared in the sky....portents (is that how you spell it?). That was the dreadful night..... ....when Death came for Queen Dannii. She just curled up into a ball and nobody knew what to do. The nurse and doctor said it was a rare disease, called simiphrygosis. But just like that, King Damion and Snow White only had each other. And then in walks Little Miss Lorraine the maid, two weeks later...stealing King Damion's heart..
Little did he know she'd be part of future troubles.
*Thirteen years later*
"Ah, come out, you stubborn stain," Snow White prodded playfully as she scrubbed. Queen Lorraine, her stepmother, liked to make her do chores all the time, but Snow didn't complain. It was not her nature.
"Snow WHITE?! Are you done cooking yet?" a stern voice echoed from the dining room.
Obediently, Snow returned to the stove and tested the chili. "Mmm...yes, it's about done!" Snow replied cheerily. "It's about time," Queen Lorraine muttered as she was served. Snow White ignored that. If the Queen was in a foul mood, it would be a smart move to avoid angering her. She had a fiery temper. "Whoa. Wait a minute, there, young lady. Those hedges need to be trimmed," Queen Lorraine exclaimed sharply, as Snow White sat down to eat. "You work on that garden before you have any dinner!"
"Yes, ma'am," Snow murmured.
An hour later....
As Lorraine rested in her chair, she felt someone's presence. "Ah, Alec. What are the results?" she demanded.
"Why are you sunbathing in your bikini at night?" Alec forced a laugh. He was obviously dawdling. "Moonbathing. The results, Alec!" Queen Lorraine pressed. She cast a nervous glance at Snow White. Ever since age 12, Snow White had been growing prettier. It was worrying Queen Lorraine, who loved her fame as the "Most Beautiful Woman in Bellsbane". "The results", as Lorraine referred to them, were results of a survey she usually gave every month. Mostly, the results ended up being : Queen Lorraine 82 %, Miss Shirley Anne Geoffrey 10%, and Lady Authoress (nobody knew her real name, nor why they called her that) 8%. Alec smiled awkwardly, then recited (as if he had it memorized by heart), "Snow White 92%, Queen 5%......." As he continued to read, her horror and shock was evident... Then it turned to an expression of fury. "What?!" she gasped, her eyes flashing with anger. "I cannot believe it! That little....." "Calm down, it's all right. You're a smart girl, Lorraine. You will think of something," Alec assured her, embracing the woman.
Slowly, a smile crept across her face. "You're right. Meet me in the left tower tomorrow at five, and we'll discuss.... something I have in mind," the Queen whispered.
Later, in the castle...

"It's getting harder and harder to keep my promise to you, Father," Snow White admitted, admiring King Damion's portrait. That promise... Snow White found herself fondly recalling a special moment between her father and her, back before he passed away.

"Papa," Snow White whispered meekly as she tiptoed into the room. "You wanted to see me?" She stopped to stand at his bedside.
"Come in, child," the king commanded, trying to give her a reassuring smile. "I am not contagious." "But you ARE sick," Snow pointed out, climbing onto the bed and facing him. "Yes..." Her father had a faraway look in his silver eyes. "I will be able to see your mother again soon. That is the bright side." "Papa!" Snow was astonished. "You do not think you will actually die, do you?" "It is likely that I will die, dearest," King Damion murmured. "That is the downside: leaving you. I will be in a better place though, Valerie. I will be happier than I have been in a long time." "You will, Papa?" He hadn't called her "Valerie" in years. Not since she was a very little girl. Snow sincerely wanted her dad to find happiness again... even if it meant sacrificing her own. Father nodded. "I will. Please don't cry. I need you to promise me something. Promise me that you'll be that strong, sweet, fun-loving girl I know you as. Promise me you'll obey your stepmother and treat her with respect." Snow White sniffled, then gave her dad a shaky smile. "I promise, Papa," she said softly. "I'll keep my promise for you... and for Mama."
"Excuse me!"

Father and daughter glanced up as a shrill female voice abruptly brought them out of their tear-jerking, serious heart-to-heart.
Lorraine stood stiffly at the doorway with a fake smile plastered to her face. She folded her arms against her chest as those icy eyes bored into the both of them. "I don't mean to be rude," (yeah, right) Lorraine announced smugly, "but it's about time Miss Snow White went to bed." With a half-hearted wave goodbye and another smug sneer from Lorraine (that went unnoticed by King Damion, the poor oblivious man), Snow White left the room and headed for bed, wondering if this would be the last time she ever saw her father. It was. :(

*End Flashback*
"It was his dying wish," Snow reminded herself, "and I am to respect it." Yet she couldn't help but lose herself in thoughts of being whisked away to a life of her own.. The next day, at five...

"You want me to WHAT?!" Alec exclaimed. "Lorraine, my dear, you cannot be serious!"
Lorraine laughed. "Oh, but I am, Alec," the woman assured him. "I have always been the most beautiful woman in Bellsbane, and I intend to keep it that way. No living girl has ever been more beautiful than I since Queen Danielle. Not Miss Shirley, not Miss Pamela, not even that crazy Lady Authoress everyone seemed to ramble on about. And certainly not that brat Snow White... until now..." "Lorraine, don't you think you are overreacting?" Alec asked with a nervous chuckle. Overreacting? The understatement of the year. Alec was sure that his childhood love was going mad. "Overreacting? I am certainly not overreacting! Now, are you going to do it or not?" Lorraine snapped, her eyes flashing. Alec scoffed. "What if I don't?" he asked stubbornly, crinkling his eyebrows Lorraine's eyes narrowed. "Then I will do it myself," she answered finally, "and you will suffer the same fate as her." He winced. Oh, yeah, she had definitely lost her mind. "And what if I do it?" he inquired after a brief silence. Lorraine smirked and pulled him into a long, firm kiss, wrapping her arms around his neck. When she pulled away, she giggled at his dazed, goofy expression and answered, "Well, if you do it, then there will be much more of that later." Alec was in a bind. He liked Snow White; she used to give him bouquets of wildflowers when she was younger and he had danced with her at her twelfth birthday party. Still, he liked Lorraine, too, though he wasn't quite sure if she was sane, and kissing, who didn't like kissing (He's Mr. Big)? Especially with the queen. Finally, a sly smile played across his face, and he stood up. "All right. I've made my decision," he announced. "You'll do it?" Lorraine beamed happily, a wicked sparkle of delight in her lavender eyes. "You'll get rid of her?" "Oh, I'll get rid of her, Lorraine," Alec replied, smirking, as he descended the tower steps. Once he reached the safety of the first floor of the tower, where Lorraine couldn't see him, he snickered softly to himself. "I'll get rid of her, all right." Dannii: And so concludes the first part of Snow White: Caroline style! Caroline's most likely going to finish this story because she hasn't crashed this computer and she knoes how it's supposed to end. Of course there's homework and the fact that she's seeing fanfiction dot net too. The two-timer!
Me: "Quiet, you. You're supposed to be dead."
Dannii: And that's destroying you inside, isn't it? You're so tempted to bring me back to life.
Me: "Be that as it may, you're not coming back to life until after the story."
Dannii: But-!
Me: *clamps a hand over her mouth* "Sorry about the talking-to-a-sim thing. But if legacy stories can do it, so can I. And like I said, I don't know if I can continue Serenity's saga right now. I'm open to suggestions on the story, though. Please rate and comment!

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simStudiosJun 15, 2009

Simply funny and amazing! \:D Keepup da good work!!
Can't wait 4 part 2!

wewe78Oct 19, 2008

Love it!\:wub\: Maybe you could notify me when you write another part... \:P

goodie2shoesSep 8, 2008

Since I'm so busy/lazy, I'm replying to the rest of you here! \:P Thanks for all your nice comments, I'm glad you all liked my take on Snow White \:wub\: I'll try to work on the next part next weekend. \;\)

skyblue7377Sep 6, 2008

I really enjoyed this. I bet my daughter would love to read this to...onto my favs this goes...thank you for your wonderfull hard work

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