The Sprite Hunter: Aftermath 11
Published Dec 10, 2008

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As Vy got further along in her pregnancy, she realized that soon there would be little ones running around the house. But first there would be screaching babies.
"Why can't babies be like puppies? Just there to make you happy, and only a little bit of work. Which reminds me, I should clean the bed, it's starting to smell." Vy said to her newest puppy.

As Vy got further along in her pregnancy, she realized that soon there would be little ones running around the house. But first there would be screaching babies.
"Why can't babies be like puppies? Just there to make you happy, and only a little bit of work. Which reminds me, I should clean the bed, it's starting to smell." Vy said to her newest puppy.
She kept getting larger and larger. "Wow, how many kids am I having? I only want one. What is going on?!?" She said to no one in particular, for Tilly was working. When Tilly was home, he kept getting into trouble, he even let out the bird one day, but that's okay, he came back, I think he was hungry. Then one morning, at 6am, Vy went into labor. Tilly was just arriving home and was just in time to see.. The birth of triplets. Vy was still holding the last one.
"Three. Tilly we have three kids now. I didn't even want one! But now I want them all. Tilly, I'M A MOMMY!" Vy said while tears of happiness rolled down her face.
"And I'm finally a Daddy. What are you going to name them sweetheart?" He said hugging her from behind looking at the children.
"Well my daughter I'm naming Jacole, and the boys, Jole and Jeremiah. What do you think about that?" She said turning her head so she could see Tilly.
"Perfect. Jacole, Jole and Jeremiah. Beautiful." He said kissing her and bringing the boys to their new room.
Life returned to pretty much normal around the house. Vy studied hard and advanced a little bit in her career. Yet Tilly was advancing so quickly, he was soon at the top of his profession.
"Tilly. How does it feel to be a Rock legend?" Vy asked one day.
"Just like any other person I guess. How does it feel teaching at University?" He returned.
"It's weird, these kids are not really that much younger than me, and yet I'm their professor. I also have some dropouts that returned, and they're actually older than me. I don't know, I'm just not really suited for that much responsibility. I'm too kidish, I'll admit it." She said closing her book and just speaking.
"Vy, don't worry about it. You are who you are, and you rock it hardcore." He said kissing her.
"No, stop. I don't want any more children, ever!" She said with a frightened look on her face.
"You don't get pregnant from kissing." He said kissing her as she remembered that detail and smiled."
He started working on her christmas present. It was a portrait of his favorite girl in the world. He really hoped she would like it. Tilly, wanting a white winter, came up with a machine that allowed him to manipulate the weather. Vy was happy, but wasn't sure how nature was going to react to it. But nature seemed to just go along with it. They even got a visit from the Penguin, who just walked around, and then ran when a dog came around. Then one winter night it was time for the triplets to grow up. First went Jole. He became a beautiful toddler, that looked just like his dad. Then Jeremiah went. And he too looked exactly like his father. As Vy held Jacole she became worried, would she look like Tilly, or herself. But it turned out she looked like neither of them. Her hair was an odd color. Vy just smiled and set her down to play with her brothers. Tilly enjoyed teaching all the children how to walk. While Vy taught them all to talk and to sing a nursery rhyme. Once the children knew how to walk, Tilly began to work on the train set that he wanted to give the boys when they were older. The boys were dressed in matching clothes, with matching hair, and matching eyes. They spent most of their time together. While Jacole sat alone. She enjoyed working on logic puzzles and not banging on xylophones. And when Vy was teaching one boy, the other was cuddling with a dog. The boys did not to be left alone like their sister. Vy wondered why this was. Maybe when she was pregnant with them, the boys were in the same sac, and Jacole was in a different one. That would explain it all she thought. But that's okay, she was finally happy, and Tilly couldn't be more excited.

"Air, you're two months overdue. Are you sure you're okay?" Frigid asked one night just before they were to put the boys to bed.
"Yea I'm...I'm...Oh boy."
It was then that Air went into labor.
"Kid! I'm going to be a daddy! Oh, I'm going to be a daddy. Umm. Oh boy." Frigid freaked out.
"Frigid, you'll do fine, you're helped me raise my boys just help me now!!" Air said in between contractions.
At last it was all done. And there were 4 of them. Three boys, and one girl.
"I'm cursed." Air said putting one of her sons away.
"What do you mean? Cursed? You have 4 beautiful children." He said putting his only daughter away.
"I'm cursed to have boys. That makes 5 boys, and 2 girls. Boys!" She said as she looked at the white eyes of one of her sons.
"Well first you have to name the little ones." He said smiling.
"Well let's see. Kiki for my daughter. And the boys, umm Kaln, Kein and Kelt. What do you think?" Air said smiling at her sons.
"Perfect. All K's it's just wonderful."
The next week the boys decided to grow up. They looked at eachother, nodded, and started their transformation. When they finished Frigid looked at the boys. He helped to growup these two boys. He looked at the boys, and noticed only one difference between the boys. Their eyes. Shazam had bright yellow eyes, while Seneca had duller, grey eyes. Frigid couldn't figure it out, Air never said who they boys' father was, but then again, he never asked. "Seneca, what can we do today to cause mayhem? I mean seriously there's like nothing to do in this town." Shazam said the night they turned into children.
"Shazam, who cares, we have money, we're rich! We could like buy whatever we wanted to do. Think about it." Seneca said smiling.
"If we're so rich, why are we sharing a room with 3 baby boys? I want my own room, or a room with you. Not screaming babies! Huh? Why is that?" Shazam said in a mocky voice.
"Because mom and dad are weird and haven't added on yet. I don't know. Talk to them about it." Seneca said as Air walked up. "You share a room with your brothers because it will help you build character. And not to mention you're Air sprites, and we tend to like to be alone, this will help you conquer that. It helped your older sister." Air said smiling.
"Older sister? What older sister? The only sister we have is Kiki, and she's a baby." The boys said in unison.
"Boys, you have an older sister, her name is Jennifer, and her daughter is a blood royal, and almost 18 now. You're sister is our queen right at the moment." Air said turning around, "And don't you forget that."
"Queen. Our sister is our queen!" Seneca said with his eyes wide open.
"We're going to have fun with this." Shazam said with a grin on his face.
One morning Valentine woke up as her belly bulged. "I'm pregnant. I'm pregnant! OMG! I'M PREGNANT! Victor! Victor!"
"Amazing baby. We created a little one, I'm so happy. You get to take it easy now. I'll do all the housework and cooking and cleaning. You don't worry about anything." Victor said while patting her belly.
But it wasn't long until he messed up.
"Um um um um."
"Victor is everything alright!?" Valentine screamed from the other room "Why is the alarm going off."
"Nothing's going on hun! The alarm is just malfunctioning." He said "I'll fix it!"
And of course that night the human burgler was trying to get them. But he was caught easily by a sprite policeman. As Valentine's pregnancy progressed, she wondered what was going to happen. She was eating right, and wasn't working too hard, but something felt wrong. Not long after Val's second baby bump, April had the teenage birthday. She looked at her mother, and the man that had become her father and grew up. She looked around as a teenager and everything just seemed so different. Things that seemed large just a day ago now seemed to be small. Things that didn't make sence yesterday now made perfect sence. And of course the next morning Val was in labor. Victor got up from eating breakfast and ran to assist Val in the birth of his child. Well, instead of one child, Val had twin girls. Hope and Holly. Val looked at Victor and smiled, these girls were already taken.

----------End of Chapter----------

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#1dannybond1990Dec 10, 2008

Another baby chapter lol. I have some interesting plans for these kids though. Hope you all do continue reading these stories.

#2candy820Dec 11, 2008

Now thats some birthing.\:D Great chapter.\:D \:D

#3jarletDec 11, 2008

lots of births and cute kids! great part and longer than the others!keep writing!\:rah\: \:D \:D

#4tykijonesDec 11, 2008

more babies cute keep posting

#5muggelx1Dec 11, 2008

This is a beautiful story, I like good

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#7charrayDec 12, 2008

Another wonderful chapter \:rah\: \:rah\: \:\)

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