The Black Statue Part the Fifth
Published Jan 1, 2009

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Hi guys!

After more than one and a half years of waiting, finally the fifth part of The Black Statue is here! I promise you all that this part will reveal the events on how Leila became the statue, although this part deals with what happens BEFORE Leila turns into a statue! The next part will be more exciting, I promise!

NOTE: This is the continuation of the flashback.

So without further ado, here it is.

The Black Statue: Part the Fifth

Hi guys!

After more than one and a half years of waiting, finally the fifth part of The Black Statue is here! I promise you all that this part will reveal the events on how Leila became the statue, although this part deals with what happens BEFORE Leila turns into a statue! The next part will be more exciting, I promise!

NOTE: This is the continuation of the flashback.

So without further ado, here it is.

The Black Statue: Part the Fifth
It was the day before the ceremonial rites, where Leila will finally receive the Gift that's going to be passed on to her as an inheritance. Vanessa, the elder sister and the one highly favored by the sister's father who recently passed away, and the one who was supposed to inherit the Gift, sits alone in her room. She has been going over her plan for some months now, and in her mind, she made sure that by dawn tomorrow, she will be the one to emerge triumphant. That evening, as Leila and their mother, Erandya, were busy preparing the ceremonial gown that will be worn for the ceremony, Vanessa secretly stole away from their home. Vanessa knew just where to go. Deep in the Enchanted forest lives an old apothecary, a true master of the art of potion-making. She has spent months looking for the right ingredients for the potion she was planning to have concocted. Eye of Newt. Dragon Scale. A small fragment of a Poison Ivy's leaf. A vial of venom from the Deadly Green Laxian Python. And most importantly, a strand of her sister's and mother's hair.
Deep in the woods Vanessa finally arrives at the apothecary's cave: a cave made completely out of stone. The apothecary was just outside, concocting something in her cauldron. She seemed to be unaware of Vanessa's presence. "Good Evening, master apothecary," Vanessa whispered as she approached the apothecary.

The apothecary looked around, as if shocked by this unexpected visitation.
Seeing who her visitor was, she immediately addressed her.

"My Lady, I'm sorry if I have not been aware of your presence. Good Evening, and how may I be of service?"
Vanessa immediately handed over the ingredients she has gathered and said, "I have spent months looking for all these rare ingredients. Now, don't you dare fail me, my dear apothecary. Make me the strongest potion you can make with these ingredients. And..." Vanessa said in a whisper, "make sure you finish it by tonight." The apothecary stared at the ingredients, and then to Vanessa.

"My Lady, I may be an outcast. I may live secluded here in the Enchanted forest, despised by all men. But I am not a killer. I can't imagine for what intentions you have for your very request. My Lady, I'm afraid I can't do as you wish."
Vanessa started to burn up in anger deep within, but she decided that getting angry will not get her anywhere. She resolved to telling a lie so hard to imagine, the apothecary actually believed in it!

"Master Apothecary, it is not what you think it is. Truly you have kept yourself far away from other Laxians, for you don't even know the importance of this strong potion! This potion, master apothecary, only works as an effective poison when mixed with the strands of hair from both the victim and the killer itself! Without those elements, this potion will prove to be useless! No, this is meant for a different purpose. I command you, do it in the name of my family, or you will forever be banished from this land!"
The apothecary cast a doubtful glance at Vanessa. Despite her doubts, she decided to go on with the potion. After all, if this was intended for use by the Chief Ruler Erandya, then she might as well get on with it. Vanessa watched intently as the apothecary skillfully mixed the ingredients together. She had not told her that the most important ingredient, which is the strands of her sister's and her mother's hair, is with her at the very moment. If she did, she knew that it would be impossible to convince the apothecary to carry on with her request. She also knew that being a master of the art of potions, the apothecary can easily identify what potions caused what by simply observing the effect. She knew she can't hide the truth away from the apothecary once that deed is done. For this, she thought of perfect way to make sure the apothecary does not speak. After almost an hour of waiting, the apothecary finally 'finished' the potion, or so that was what she thought.

"You did your service well, master apothecary."

"My Lady, I just did what you wanted me to do..."

Vanessa interrupted, "Very well done."

"Thank you, my Lady..."

Vanessa cut off the apothecary once more in the middle of her sentence. "My dear apothecary..."
"Yes, my Lady?"

"Have you ever wondered," Vanessa said in a grim and dark voice, "what life is like being a slave and not knowing anything at all about yourself or your actual existence?"

"My Lady? I don't understa..."

"Living and at the same time, not knowing that you're alive at all? Living like an aimless wanderer, waiting for its master to call...?"

"My Lady?..."

"I'm afraid with this service you have done for me..." Vanessa began...
The apothecary started to feel a dark presence emanating from Vanessa. She started to back away. At the same time, Vanessa was trying to find the right words to say to the apothecary. She readied her hands as if she was about to cast a terrible spell...

"My Lady," the apothecary said, voice shaking terribly against the cold night air. "What are you talking about...?"
Vanessa looked the apothecary straight to her eye.

"Let's just say you have served your purpose here for this world. The time has come for you to fulfill your purpose...

...for me."
The apothecary did not even get a chance to scream or defend herself. Vanessa, well-trained in the dark arts, waved her hand to the apothecary and tightly clenched her fists. At the same time, the apothecary clutched her own throat, trying to grasp for air, suffocating.

"But first, master apothecary... you need to die... but don't worry, it won't actually be a death you will experience... more of..."
"... a death to your old life... it won't be death itself... now now... don't beg for mercy... there's no room for mercy in this dark, cruel, world..."

The apothecary fell to her knees and in an instant, she fell to the ground,...
Vanessa exclaimed triumphantly. "You must die for this world, and you will live to serve my purposes!" Vanessa then turned to face the darkness of her surroundings, summoning all the dark energy she can...

"Now," Vanessa began. "Awake, my dear apothecary, a slave to do all my bidding!"
The apothecary's body started to tremble. Her body began to levitate on its own accord...

"Awake...awake... my slave..."

Voices from the Enchanted forest, the dark forces that hide in its deepest regions, began to chant..

"Awake... Awake... Awake... Slave of the Dark, Awake...Awake..."
"Awake... servant of death..." "Awake... shadow of all things good..." "Awake... Awake... Awake... Awake!!!" "Awake, Enemy of all that is righteous! Awake, Enemy of all things good!" "AWAKE! AWAKE!... AWAKE!.. AWAKE!!!" The spell completed, the apothecary awakened, not knowing who she really was, not having any memory of the life she lived... she was like a baby... a slave to do as her master commands...

The cold wind of night blew across the forest. The chanting stopped, the Dark knowing that it has triumphed in its purposes...
"My dear apothecary, I am your master. You are now under my control, and you shall obey me, and only me! No other person may have the power to command you, except myself. You know what to do... You have the memory..." The apothecary replied, her voice and tone changed. She spoke blankly, "Yes, my master. I know what to say when the time comes..." Vanessa smiled happily to herself.

"Very well, my dear apothecary. You shall never, NEVER speak of this night. You shall never acknowledge me in every public place, in every place you meet me, we must remain anonymous. I will communicate with you through your mind..."

"Yes my master."

She got the strands of hair from her pocket and dropped them in. In an instant, the potion's color became a deadly black. It's stench grew worse.
Vanessa quickly made her way back home. She had been gone for only around 3 hours. Seeing that both Leila and her mother were still in Leila's room talking over the ceremonies of tomorrow, she put her plan into action. Seeing that Leila prepared their dinner already, Vanessa immediately added half of the potion on her mother's food. She kept the other half, still in the vial, which will serve a much more important role in her revenge. Then she called her sister and her mother to dinner. Leila and Erandya happily emerged on the stairs. Both are excited for the ceremonies. Vanessa again tried to do her best to look happy for both her mother and her sister. She did not find it hard though, for after months of pretending to be happy, this was finally the time to be really happy. Her plan was finally unfolding right before her very eyes!

"Welcome to the last meal you will ever have in this world," Vanessa secretly thought to herself.
"Mom, sister, I would just like to get go to my room to wash up. May I please be excused?"

"Vanessa, of course. Go ahead," Erandya replied.

"Sister..." Leila said in a way that Vanessa was sure that Leila had something important to say.

"What is it, Leila?" Vanessa inquired, a bit puzzled at this sudden urgency in Leila's voice.
"Ummm..." Leila began, not quite sure how to say what she wanted to say. "I just wanted to thank you..."

"Thank me?" Vanessa was taken aback. "For what?"

"For finally accepting me as the one who will inherit the Gift..."

"Oh, that. You're welcome. I'm alright with it. After all, I still respect mother. Now, excuse me." Vanessa went on her way.
After Vanessa left the room, Erandya looked at Leila with a questioning stare.

"Don't you think your sister is being a bit too nice these past few months, Leila?"

Leila looked surprised at her mother's sudden comment.

"Mother! How could you say such a thing! Can't you even trust your own daughter to be nice, when all the while, you wanted both of us to grow up to be nice, caring Laxians?"
"No Leila. It's just that after telling me of the night Vanessa went to your room and called us both liars and co-conspirators against your father's will, I did not think it would even be possible for her to suddenly be all friendly and accepting all of a sudden..."

"Mom, Vanessa's changed. Maybe she thought things over. Mom, please, for me. Just please let the past go. What is so hard to believe about my sister's change of behavior?"

"Everything," Erandya thought. But she kept it all to herself, not wanting to add to the frustration of her daughter over the topic.

"Never mind, my daughter. Maybe I am just being too critical of your older sister. Just... just forget we had this conversation."

"Thanks mother," Leila replied. "I knew you did not play favorites between Vanessa and myself. Thank you."

Erandya said nothing. She just smiled in agreement.
Vanessa heard the whole thing. She knew it. Mother never really liked her. Mother favored Leila more than her. This made Vanessa yearn for her father again, for despite she and Leila?s differences, father loved them both equally.

"No matter. Say all you can say now, my dear mother," Vanessa thought. "Tomorrow, everything will be different."
Vanessa secretly sneaked into Leila's bedroom and carefully hid the vial containing the poison inside Leila's bedside table, where Leila kept some herbal potions in case of an emergency.

"The perfect place," Vanessa thought.

Then she hurried back to the dining room to join Leila and their mother.
Vanessa kept pretending to be all nice and friendly during the whole meal.

"Eat well, mother." Vanessa joked. "Don't be too worried about tomorrow. Leila will do just fine. I should know. She is, after all, my little sister!"
Leila and Erandya laughed at Vanessa's remark. Vanessa laughed along with them, but for a different reason. She thought to herself,

"Laugh all you can, fools. Enjoy yourselves while you still can. For tomorrow, I will make sure that not a single joy will enter your lives once again!"
The Morning of the Ceremonial Rites dawned.

Vanessa heard a knock on the door.

"Sister? Will you please wake mother up? The ceremonial rites will start a few hours from now, and mother has not yet left her room!"

Vanessa, annoyed at having to be abruptly awakened from her sleep, called out, "Don't worry too much. Mother probably did not get much sleep last night, worrying about today's ceremony. She'll be up and about in a few minutes, I'm sure. In the meantime, why don't you prepare breakfast? I'll be downstairs in a while."

"In fact," Vanessa thought to herself, "I doubt mother will even get out of bed..."
Leila decided that Vanessa was right, so, after changing into her ceremonial gown, she went to the kitchen to prepare a meal. Better to be ready once mother gets up, Leila thought. As soon as Leila was setting up the table for a simple breakfast, she heard Vanessa call out to her, sounding very frantic.

"Leila! Leila! Come quick! Mother's come up with some unknown sickness! Hurry!"
Hearing that their mother was sick, Leila quickly rushed up the stairs. As Leila reached their mother?s bedroom, she found Vanessa crying by the bedside of their mother.

"Mother has fallen very ill all of a sudden! I don?t know why!" Vanessa cried out, in between sobs. "After dressing up for later, I went up here to wake mother up! When I looked, her face was all wrinkled! She looked thinner, and her breathing became shorter, in quick succession, as if she;s having a hard time breathing!"

"Oh my god! Vanessa! What do we do now?" Leila was in a state of panic.

"I don't know! I don't even have any potion that can help cure this kind of sickness! It must have been something in the food she ate last night! That must be it!"

"Vanessa! Quick! I remember I have some herbal potions in my bedside table! Maybe something there can help make mother a lot better until we can get her to the nearest Healer!"

Vanessa replied, "Leila, I know this may not be believable, but I think mother has aged 20 years or so during the span of one night!"

"Just... ," Leila's voice was shaking in terror and confusion. "Just... JUST get the medicine! There must be something useful there!"

Things were going just as planned. Vanessa made sure that she brought along with her the vial containing the black poison. After doing so, she immediately went back to their mother's bedroom.
While looking through the many potions, Vanessa put her plan into action once again. Wearing a worried face, she suddenly 'found' the vial with the potion and acting as if she had no idea whatsoever, she quickly brought the vial to the attention of Leila. "Leila! What is this dark substance? I found it lying around in your medicine compartment."

Leila looked and saw the vial Vanessa was holding. At the same time, their mother awakened, although she was unable to open her eyes. Vanessa, aware that their mother has awakened (and also aware that it won?t be for long), quickly directed her attention towards their mother.

"Mother, I found this in Leila's compartment, together with some other potions. Is it possible that this may have caused you to fall ill???"

Vanessa opened the vial. The deathly stench filled the room. Quickly, Vanessa replaced the cap to keep the stench from growing worse.
Leila was terrified! She had no idea what the substance was that is in the bottle! She was being framed for something she did not do!
"Leila, how could you...?" Vanessa said in a shaking voice...

"Silence, Vanessa. Let me be the one to decide..." Erandya's voice was growing weaker and weaker. "I know what that substance is. By the smell of it. I am no fool, I know what a substance is by its smell... that... is an aging potion,..."

Leila cannot believe what she was hearing. She was being blamed for poisoning her own mother!

Erandya continued, "that is not meant for killing... but... when abused, it can have harmful effects... especially to the old..."
There was a long silence that followed.

"Daughters," Erandya said, "Leila, I don't want to do this..."

"Mother! I did not poison you! I don't even know how that vial found its way in my bedside table...!"

"Leila, it's... (*coughs*)... beyond my ...(*gasping for breath*coughs*)... control now. All evidence ...(*coughs*)... are pointing to you...?

"Mother, NO! PLEASE BELIEVE ME! I CAN NEVER DO SUCH A THING! I... I... I LOVE YOU!" Leila's weeping was uncontrollable. She was terrified at her beloved mother's accusation.
"Leila... (*cough*) ...I'm afraid... (*coughs*) ... that the inheritance ... (*gasps for air*) ... will go to your ...(*cough*)... sister..."

"Mom! Please, BELIEVE ME! I DID NOT DO THIS!" Leila kept on insisting in-between her weeping, clearly grief-stricken by the way the events were turning out.

Erandya did not heed Leila's pleas. She can't bear adding more to Leila's distress, but as a mother, she needed to show no partiality. She needed to be fair and just to her two daughters. Yes, it is hard. But she wanted to show Leila that she plays no favorites. This is what she needs to do. She knew she was dying.

If only she knew the truth.

She instead turned to Vanessa with a request.
"Vanessa... (*cough*) ...Please don't tell... (*gasps*) ...anyone of this... (*cough*cough*cough*) ... if anyone asks, tell them... (*gasps*) ...I died through... (*cough*) ...old age... (*gasps for air*) ... and Vanessa ... (*coughs*) ... you shall ... (*cough*)... inherit the Gift."

Vanessa was elated. This was going much better than she thought! "Yes, mother. I promise," Vanessa said, doing quite a very good job pretending to be crying.

"Vanessa... (*coughs*)... do not show them the vial... (*gasps for air*)... and tell them I died ... (*fits of coughing*)...on the morning... (*coughs*) of the ceremonial rites... (*gasps for breath*)... that I can no longer... (*gasping*) ... stand being away... (*coughing*) ... from your father... (*gasps for air*)... Promise me..," Erandya's voice was starting to grow weaker and weaker...

"Mother, I will." Vanessa replied, managing to hide her satisfaction.

"Mother! NO! Please! PLEASE! I DIDN'T DO IT! I WAS FRAMED!" Leila was becoming more hysterical by now.

Erandya can't stand it anymore. She loved Leila, being her daughter, but she knew that her husband will want her to be fair to both their daughters. She can't stand hearing the pain and the grief in Leila's pleading voice. As a last resort, she knew she needed to make Leila hate her. A mother's final sacrifice to ease the pain of her passing for her daughter.

Erandya will make Leila hate her own mother, during the last few moments of her life.

"Leila..." Erandya said, in terrible sorrow for she knew the gravity of what she will say. "What in Laxia... (*struggles for air*fit of coughs*) ...did I... (*coughs*) ...ever see... (*gasps for air*) ... in you?"


Erandya used all of her strength to speak for the last time the words she once thought she would never tell any of her daughters, most especially to Leila.

"I DISOWN you, Leila."
"Mother... please... listen..." Leila pleaded.

She was too late.

Her mother, her role model...

was gone.
Uncontrollable sobbing overcame Leila. Vanessa stood on one end of the bed, silent but shedding tears of her own.

"I was framed, Vanessa! Mother died thinking that I was the one that killed her! I don't even know how it happened! Mother and I were in my room, I went down to prepare dinner and then went back up... how did that happen? How can the substance be in mother's food? And why was it only in her own plate? Vanessa...!"

There was a hint of doubt and accusation in Leila's voice, as if the truth is finally dawning on her.
Vanessa remained silent. She stood up, knowing that since Leila looked up to her, she needed to act strong and firm, before Leila doubts any more. Now is not yet the opportune time to unleash the truth. She had to make sure their mother was properly and securely buried, which would guarantee that she would no longer intefere with her plans.

"Leila, come with me. We'll bury mother in the backyard, in the middle of her garden, beside father's grave. She'll be happy there."
Leila knew Vanessa was right. She helped carry their mother and buried her in their garden. It was a private and impromptu funeral. Only the two of them were present. Leila was overcome with grief. She cannot believe it. Their mother, dead on the day that was supposed to be the best day of their entire lives as a family. It was at this moment when Vanessa suddenly spoke up.

"I guess that's it, then."
Leila was confused.

"What do you mean?" She asked.
An evil grin spread across Vanessa's face.

"I won."
To Be Continued.

Well, there you have it! Vanessa's revenge! Part six may come after a month or two. School's back for me so I may not have much time to work on this story! But fear not, part six will be worth the wait. As you see, I have already given you a preview of the upcoming characters in this pic. But there are more characters to come, so watch out!

NOTE: The next chapter will still be part of the VERY LONG flashback of the Messenger from Halith (part 3).

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#11mpattonJan 4, 2009

I look forward to the next instalment with great interest. Thank you so much for the story so far.\:rah\: \:rah\: \:rah\: \:rah\:

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Thanks so much for letting me know you updates this, hope you do more stories in future! Stunning shots, loved it mate~\:cool\:

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Hey!! Lovely chapter!! Thanks for telling me about it, hehehe \:P Good luck!! \;\)

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this story was worth the wait. i dont mind waiting some more for the next chapter. great job kababayan\:D !

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hehe I just read all ur stories =] I like them good job! \:D can't wait to read the next part.

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BRILLIANT!!!!! \:rah\: \:rah\: \:rah\: \:rah\: \:rah\: \:D

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I like the story a lot. (:

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Wow, read this part... then had to go back and start at the beginning!! Great story!  I hope you are going to finish it!!

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