Sondra's Diary: Chapter Two(College Years)
Published Jan 11, 2009

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Welcome back to chapter two of Sondra's Diary.

Welcome back to chapter two of Sondra's Diary. We stop to take a look at what Sondra has written in her story diary.
"Dear Diary:
Today I moved into my new dorm room for college. Everyone seems really nice, but all of my roommates are guys, (Bobby, he watches tv alot; Tony, he like sports; and Robbi, well I think he just like girls.) Our dorm cook is a girl but she is an elder sim. One good thing about being the only girl though is :) I get the bathroom all to myself. :) My dorm room is alot bigger than I thought it would be. I had room for all of my stuff.
On a more personal note, I really miss my family. I wonder what Pop's and Makayla are doing. I guess I should call them and see if they want to have lunch one day this week. That would be nice.
I have been saving for that nose job for months now and I think I finally have enough for it, yah! I hope I meet some nice, cute boys in one of my classes..HeeHee. So I need that nose job. It's time to go to class now and I need to gussy up first.
Sincerly Sondra Eldora Prescott"
"Oh wow Good Morning, thanks for coming back to check out my life. As you can see I have been doing some growing up. I am finally at Halliwell Island College. I am so happy here. My father set me up at a college dorm, it's small so it's not too scarey. It's only a four room dorm." Sondra explains. Sondra runs to her dorm room excited to show everyone. "This is my room, it's 5x5 so I have plently of room for all of my belongings. Here's my desk from home where I write all of my diary intrees and some photos of me as a teen. Oh there's my mirror." Sondra jumps on the lower bunk of her bed and says, "Here's the rest of the room, my bed and desk to do homework on. Isn't it great. Pops really came through for me on this place. I really love it so much." Sondra bumps into Bobby. "This is Bobby, usually he is watching tv but he supriced me by playing pool today. Ha! Ha!" Sondra laughs out loud. "What else can I show you?" Sondra says as she looks around."
Grrr, a noice sounded.
"Oh that's me, I'm starving. Let's go to the kitchen, the cook here makes the best meals."
Sondra walks to the kitchen smelling the air. "I smell....pancakes, yep, I can't wait. Oh, this is the place where we get out munch on. Ha! Ha!" Sondra laughed.
The kitchen and cook. "Isn't college life grand? I am having such a blast here." Sondra asks with a mouth full of pancakes. "The food is great, the people are great, I can't wait to really start working in my classes and wait until I get my telecope up and going. I bet the stars look so beautiful from here." "This is Robbi, the lady lover." Sondra points out as she walks by to got to the bathroom. "Here's the girls bathroom and guess what, I'm the only girl in the dorm so I get this bathroom to myself, Yah!" Sondra cheers as she washes her hands. "This is Tony, lover of sports." Sondra tells us "So here I am at Halliwell Island College, living on my own in a college dorm. I am starting a new life and have decided that I want to start it with a makeover, the plastic kind. I want to fix my nose and whatnot." Sondra explains. "Here's goes nothing." Sondra starts to shake. "No turning back now." She says with a muffled voice. "Oh wow, that wasn't that bad and I ook great!" Sondra looks at her new face for many minutes before saying, "I've got it now, my college years are going to be great." Before the operation. After the operation. "This is the shower room, where all of us vollege kids bathe." Sondra explains. "The showers are top notch and we always have hot water. I love it." "A shower for boys, and girls." Sondras tells the readers. "I just can't stop looking at my new nose, I look so wondeful." "So I am feeling pretty good about all of this." Sondra starts as she layed on the floor. "The story, I mean. Things seem to be going well. I have a new look and a new life here in college." Sondra reads quietly to herself for a few minutes before saying, "I'm just studying up on a few things before classes tomorrow. I like to be ahead of the game. I think it is time for you to leave and me to finish up my business and go to bed. See you tomorrow." Sondra waves goodnight. Let's take a peek at what Sondra wrote in her Diary before she went to sleep that night.
"Dear Diary:
Today was a fantastic first day of college. Classes were kind of long but I met alot of nice people. All of my profesors seem great. I think everyone liked me just fine, I make great impressions. There are alot of cute guys at Halliwell Island College, I'm telling you. I don't know how I will choose between them all. HeeHee. With the nose job done I look great and feel 100 percent great. I'm glad I finally got it done and over with. I don't think school is going to be to hard, just the destactions with throw me off sometimes. Maybe I can keep my head in the books and out of the clouds long enough to graduate.
Sincerly Sondra Eldora Prescott"
"A new outfit. What do you think?" Sondra asks. "Finally my telescope is up and ready to use." Sondra points at it. "This is how I keep in shape." Sondra says. "Watch this." Sondra says and hold her whole body up with one finger. "Mom taught me this one." She went on. "Now that it's winter here on the island, I have changed my look, How do I look?" Sondra asks everyone. "Even though it is quite cold outside and all I have is a sweater to keep me warm, I can't help but look into the stars at night." Sondra shivers once and decides to go in. Sondra sits down to write in her diary, lets read it.
"Dear Diary:
It started to snow tonight during dinner. It doesn't usually snow too much here so I don't expect to much from it. It would be the best if it snowed enough for me to build a snowman. The last time I built a snowman was when my mother was alive, I was six and it had snowed so much that Christmas. Maykayla was just two years old so she was inside with Pops. It was still snowing when we started building it early in the morning. By the time we were finished my fingers where tingling and my toes where frozen. Mom made me hot chocolate and wrapped my toes in an electric blanket. I miss her!
Sincerly Sondra Eldora Prescott"
"Guess what, it snowed so much that I am building a snowman this morning." Sondra said as she gather up snow. "This is great!" Sondra says. "Almost done." "Ha! Ha! This is the best snowman on the whole island." Sondra smiles. "Too bad mom wasn't here to see it and make me hot chocolate, but I guess I am old enough to make my own hot cholcolate." Sondra tells herself. "All that's left is making the snow angel." Sondra falls backwards into the snow and begins moving her armsand legs back and forth. "Time to warm myself up." Sondra brushes her teeth befor going into her dorm room.
"I think I am going to move to another dorm." Sondra tells us.
"Dear Diary:
I think it is time for me to move into another dorm, I know everyone here and I need some new surroundings. I think I am bored with this place. I still need to find love and romance and I haven't found it here. Maybe at the next place someone I adore will show up. When is Christopher going to go to college and join me here. He was my high school sweatheart. I miss him and Pops, Makayla, mom...I feel a little lonely right now. So goodnight.
Sincerly Sondra Eldora Prescott"
Hi everyone, it's me alicia7tommy, the writer and creator of this story and all of its characters. I hope you have enjoyed this chapter of Sondra's Diary. if you did please rate high and come by my sim page. I have alot of downloads and more stories to read. Before you step out you should sign my guestbook letting me know what you think about my sims, sim stories, lots, pets, my sim page, or to just say anything. I always enjoy feedback or just chatting with other simmers. Thanks and enjoy!

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Jennifer_RMay 1, 2009

<p>You've taken&nbsp;some great screenshots! \:wub\:</p>

ShawnaMarie2006Jan 31, 2009

<p>Thanks for sharing your story \:\)</p>
<p>~Shawna Marie~</p>

muggelx1Jan 17, 2009

<p>i like your story,very good work\:\)</p>

candy820Jan 13, 2009

<p>Great story! waiting for the next part.\:D \:D</p>

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