The Tabalfi's of Egina Chapter 5
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Hello All! Thanks to all those who read The Tabalfi's of Egina and commented! This is the final Chapter and it took me forever to take the pics so I hope you enjoy!

~ The Tabalfi's of Egina Chapter 5: The Return ~

Hello All! Thanks to all those who read The Tabalfi's of Egina and commented! This is the final Chapter and it took me forever to take the pics so I hope you enjoy!

~ The Tabalfi's of Egina Chapter 5: The Return ~
"Kiyho, has there been any contact since they left?" I knew the answer would be the same yet I still continued to ask.

He shook his head while crossing the short distance between us to wrap me in a hug.
"You can't worry about the choices that you're brother makes. You advised against this conquest yet he chose to go anyway. Our territory is already so big that it is becoming increasingly difficult to feed everyone. I just don't know what goes through his head sometimes."

"I know he shouldn't have gone but that doesn't mean that I can't worry about his safety. Do you know anything about this country...Egina?"

"No darling. I've never been outside of Safaat. Look, I know it's hard but let's just try to think of other things for now? Like working on having a little prince or princess of our own."
I could feel my cheeks grow hot with embarrassment. Though we'd been married for almost a year I'd not had the heart to try for a baby. I let my grief for my father get the better of me but I also know that I was afraid. My mother was never around to talk to me about what to expect when I married and I'm more than a little scared about doing something wrong. Kiyho keeps trying to reassure me and I know that if I want children, then there's no way of getting around it.

Kiyho's face became distorted with frustration, "You have to get over this shyness Andy, we're married." He took a deep breath and gently touched my cheek.

"I know you're right. Tonight...maybe."
Just as Kiyho looked like he would protest, a commotion in the town square caught my attention.

ďIt must be Ankhar, he has returned!Ē I yelled running out the door and down the stairs to see what was happening.

I stopped in my tracks unable to speak due to a large lump that had risen in my throat. There inside a horse and carriage was a casket led by foreigners, followed on foot by the rest of our warriors. I knew right away that I'd lost my brother.

I felt Kiyho who'd followed me come to a complete stop behind me.

"It can't be?"

"Who else...who else could it be? My brother is not among those who walk!"
The men all looked saddened and subdued and there was so few of them. They couldn't have all perished...could they? What people had they come upon that could reduce some of the most superior warrior's to this?

I stared at the foreigners as they stepped down from the carriage. One of the men helped the Kituoan's lift the casket onto the ground.

The man who'd help lift the casket turned to Tsongu and asked him a question. He pointed in my direction and the foreigner began to walk towards me.
I turned to Kiyho and looked him in the eyes.

"I...I can't, you handle it!" I ran towards the opposite direction, indifferent to everyone who fruitlessly shouted for me to return.

It was unbearable to think that my brother was lying there in a box no longer breathing.
~Mahmoud's Perspective~

We had arrived in the town and my stomach began to knot. This was not how I wanted to return to the place of my birth and I still had no idea of what I would say to my sister.

Noliwe's deep guttural voice broke through my thoughts. "...imagine. So what are you going to say to her?"

"I don't really know what to say. I mean...hi your brother King Ankhar is dead but I'm your banished half brother...doesn't sound like the ideal thing to say to someone you've never met before."

My Uncle shrugged, "I'm sorry that you're in this situation but you'll figure out."

Noliwe took in the scenery as the carriage rolled on.

"This place sure has changed since the last time I was here." His words drifted off as we pulled into the courtyard.
I quickly dismounted and helped the Kitu men take my brother's casket out of the carriage and gently placed it on the ground. I inhaled deeply trying to fight back a wave of emotion. Here I was transporting my brother's body back to my birth place and I did not have a chance to talk to him. I turned to the nearest Kituoan and asked to be pointed in the direction of their Princess. The man looked in the direction of a woman that had just come into the courtyard. I began to move in her direction and motioned for Noliwe to follow me. Princess Andalusia turned to a man behind her and then quickly ran in the opposite direction. Not expecting this sort of response I froze on the spot as the men in the courtyard called for her return.

Finally the man whom the Princess last spoke to stepped forward.

"I am Prince Kiyho Tabalfi, husband of Princess Andalusia Tabalfi, daughter of Salahudeen Tabalfi. What business have you here?"

"I am Prince Mahmoud Tabalfi son of Queen Sarafina Dungi and King Salahudeen Tabalfi. I have grave matters to discuss with your Princess."

Gasps and then utter silence ensued until a grey haired man broke the silence. "You are the spitting image of your mother! So you were alive and well all of these years!"

I nodded unsure of how to respond to the old man.

"Prince Mahmoud, our King, went on an expedition not long ago and we have yet to hear from him. Those are our men yet our King does not walk among them..."

I turned to the casket that the men had now hoisted on their shoulders. "It is your King...and my brother."

The women in the growing crowd began to wail their lamentation. Prince Kiyho stepped forward, "Follow me now, we must talk at once!"

Laou turned to the men holding the casket, "Take the King to the mausoleum, Gonu stand guard and await orders. He then turned and we followed him into the complex.
"Prince Mahmoud, what happened to King Ankhar?"

"He attacked a neighboring tribe in Egina that we had alliances with. The town was burned, the royal family extinguished, but for the young princess. A young man from the village came to inform us and illicit our help. We sent one of our men to gather information and learned that they planned to attack our people next. We did battle with help from another ally and your army was quickly put down. It was not until we brought the King inside the city walls did we learn of his lineage. My mother called for a doctor but it was too late, she was at his side when he died." After finishing I maintained contact with Kiyho's eyes so that he knew that I had spoken the truth.

"How unfortunate indeed is this news. My wife has already had to deal with the death of her father. I do not know if she will be able to face this."
Laou rapped his hands on the table sharply, "We warned him that this expedition or war path was not needed but he refused to listen. I told him that the country had expanded to its limit yet he continued to wish for more territories!"

"Mahmoud your brother was a good man, but I think more than anything he wanted to live up to the legacy that his forefathers had set. What Laou said is true we did try to warn him but what good is a warning when one is so stubborn?"

Both men shook their head and displayed looks of regret. They clearly blamed themselves for not doing enough to stop him, while I cursed my father's affair for creating such a situation.

"Mahmoud you have come to bring your brother, do you have any designs on Safaat's throne?"

I indignantly looked over at Kiyho. "I desire no such things; I am married to the Princess of the tribe that took me and I in no way want to rule Safaat."
"Why don't you all adjourn until a later date when you have had time to adjust and speak to your wife?" Laou suggested.

Kiyho nodded his agreement. I stood and walked to the door then turned back to the two men.

"You know I didn't want this, that's why I never came back, never tried to assert my birth rights."

Prince Kiyho stepped forwards, "I am sorry...Brother-In-Law. I can sense your goodness; I pray that the Spirits spare this family from anymore heartbreak. Be well."

"Be well."
Two days passed with no word from either Princess Andalusia or Prince Kiyho. The men were quickly becoming agitated; after all we'd traveled for two weeks nonstop to get here in the first place.

Just as I'd decided to walk to town a messenger came into the camp. "Prince Kiyho has requested the presence of Prince Mahmoud Tabalfi and Noliwe Dungi."

I shook a soundly sleeping Noliwe awake. "Noliwe, get up there's word from Prince Kiyho."

We quickly dressed and followed the messenger to the room that we were in two days previous.
The first thing I noticed walking into the room was my sister's absence.

Kiyho must have followed my gaze because then he offered, "Andalusia will not be attending today."

I sat down visibly disappointed. "Might I ask why?"

"She's still very much saddened at what happened and doesn't think she is ready yet to meet you. I think we must give her space and time to heal, my wife is very sensitive in these matters.

"I can't wait any longer, our food supply is running low and we still have a two weeks journey back."

"Prince Mahmoud, I understand your dilemma, but I cannot push my wife to do something that she is not ready to do. Stubbornness runs in this family. I have arranged for the entombment of King Ankhar alongside your father. If you wish, Lufti Laou can take you to the mausoleum."

"If that is all that needs to be discussed then Laou you may show me the way and then we will take out leave. Noliwe prepare the men I will return soon."

"I am sorry Mahmoud," Kiyho stood up and briskly walked out.
"So you knew my father?"

"And your father's father. You know he loved you and your mother very much."

"He sure had a crazy way of showing it."

"I know it's hard to understand that but he really wasn't ready to be King. I blame that on his father for perpetuating his habits until the last minute. Your father was well known throughout the country and his weakness was beautiful women. At the last minute he was given an ultimatum either marry who he wanted or his father would choose. He'd had designs on your mother for awhile as she was the most beautiful woman in our tribe but she continued to refuse him. When his father presented him with this choice he chose Sarafina. She could not turn it down because she would disgrace her family and so they quickly married. You know if he had not met Lashme I doubt that he would have strayed though we will never know. The point is that your father, like everyone else on this earth, had his weaknesses. Some of us can conquer them and others are not so lucky."
Yeah well, it sounds like a bunch of excuses to me."

"Misfortune can befall any of us. I can understand your frustration and anger, but I just wanted to give you an alternative view. Here's something that I learned, holding on to anger does nothing but eat away at your soul. Ah, here we are."

"Do you mind waiting outside Laou? I think I can take it from here."

"Sure. Your father's is the next last to the right."

I braced myself and stepped through the door and found a dimly lit corridor with tombs on either side of me.
I walked in the direction that Laou indicated still a bit piqued at his unsolicited advice. My father has done more than enough to earn my scorn! What kind of man disowns hi family for another woman? He's the reason my brother is lying here possibly by my hands, how could I not be angry. It's just not fair!

My hands balled into a fist and I felt myself getting even more upset. I had reached his grave and my emotions began to boil over.

"I have a right to be angry, " I whispered out loud. "You didn't care either way about us; we could have died for all you knew! You don't even get to hear my gripe because you're resting peacefully while we all pick up the pieces."
I banged on the door that held my father's tomb and with each thump felt my anger dissipate. The tears were freely flowing and I did not check them.

My head pressed up against the cool door. "Dad...I love you still, despite all that's happened. It will take me sometime but I will forgive you."

"He loved you too."
I whirled around and found Andalusia standing before me.

"Our father, he loved you and your mother very much. Sometimes all he talked about was you especially as we got older. And when I became a teen he would talk nonstop about how much I reminded him of his beloved Sarafina."

"That's good to know." I wondered how long she'd been standing there. I felt embarrassed at the possibility my sister's first impression of me was as an emotional wreck.

"I miss him a lot; he was a good man Ankhar. Yes he was flawed but he was good too. Sometimes I wallow in my own misery and then I come here and yell until I'm okay again."

Squinting my eyes, I peered through the dimly light space and noticed fresh tears on her cheek which she quickly wiped away.

"Why did you refuse to see me?"

"Mahmoud, please understand how hard it was for me to see my brother brought back in a box. He's the only family I had, well thought I had. When Kiyho told me that he died at the hands of your people, I did not want to see you."
I sighed deeply. "You will be Queen now."

"Though I had no use for such a title before, I will.'s going to take awhile to get through this."

"I fully understand. I just wanted to at least meet you, let you know that this was not how I wanted this to end. Maybe I'll bring my mother back to visit my father's grave in a couple of months."


"Well I better be going. It was nice to meet you." I put my hand out for my sister to take. She pushed my arm aside and went in for a hug.

"See you soon."

As I walked towards the entrance, I heard a door further back in the Mausoleum open and close.
I stepped through the door and had to rapidly blink my eyes to combat the bright sun.

"All set?" Laou asked as I walked towards him.

I blinked once more until Laou came into focus. "Yeah, thanks Laou."
"You're welcome. I'm glad that I got to see you before I left this earth. It has always haunted me that I did nothing to sway your father to run after you. I guess I was too afraid of his reaction but you being here have put my heart at ease. Promise to come back to my grave and tell me all that I've missed upon your return.

We shook hands. "I'll be back before then Laou."

"Mahmoud, life has a funny way of taking us unaware."

When we arrived at the center of town I hurried to our encampment eager to get started on the long journey home.

"Everything okay Mahmoud?"

"It is now," I returned to my Uncle.

"Kiyho had someone bring us enough food to hold us over for our trip back so we don't have to worry about finding game on the way."

"Well let's head out then."

I climbed into the carriage and looked back at the Kitu town, my birthplace. Turning back to the road ahead I pulled on the harness and breathed a sigh of relief. We were finally heading home after such an emotionally draining trip.
~Back In Egina~

My mother and beautiful wife came out to greet us along with the rest of the town when we arrived home. I eagerly climbed down and embraced my wife. The month that I'd been away from her was difficult to bear. I breathed in deeply the smell of her hair; Jasmine. I next hugged my mother who looked starved for information.

"Well what happened?" She asked as we pulled back from our embrace.

"Let's go inside and have a rest, I will tell you all about it."
"It's nothing like the village that we left Sarafina, I'll tell you that much. Laou is still hanging on though his hair is almost white and Andalusia has wed Kiyho."

"My how things have changed. What of your father Mahmoud?"

"i visited his grave; there is a mausoleum that houses those who have passed on. Their coffins are placed inside the walls and urns mark who is there. My brother is now entombed alongside him."

"How was your sister, did you find her alright?"

"Well I didn't meet her until the last second. I'd actually gone to visit my father's grave and she came upon me there. She very much saddened at the tragic events and does not handle death very well. But she is quite lovely; I think she'll make a fine Queen. Would you like to visit mother?"

"I'll get back to you on that, it's too many memories that I'd have to face. And I'm not at Andalusia's beauty, her mother was absolutely breathtaking."

"Hmm, funny I've always imagined her as an evil-"

"Sorry mom...anyway where is the King and Queen?"

"They are napping and we didn't want to wake them. My father has been napping quite often recently."

"Well he's old, that's what old people do."

"Thanks Mansa for that pearl of wisdom," my mother sarcastically replied. I was caught off guard by the twinkle in her eye as she rousted him."

"Anything new happen?" Noliwe asked.

"The Gasni people's have decided not to rebuild since they lost all of their royal save the princess. She will be incorporated into our royal family," my wife replied.

"Is everyone in agreeance with this?"

"Yes dear husband or it wouldn't have been decided."
After getting caught up further and spending some alone time with my wife I decided to search out my mother. I needed to talk to her about something that was bothering me. I found her on the beach taking in the waves and sat down beside her.


"It always calms me when I have a lot on my mind," she replied.

"I've noticed that you seem preoccupied. I also noticed the way that you look at Mansa when you're in his presence. Mom, do you think you deserve to be happy?"

"Why would you ask such a question? And I haven't looked at Mansa any differently than any other man."

"Because I think you are in love with Mansa and I can't for the life of me understand why you haven't pursued him. Then I thought maybe she thinks she doesn't deserve to be happy because of what happened the first time around."
My mother sighed, "Ah but you are quite the perceptive one. It's not so much that I don't deserve to be happy, but I guess I always still saw myself as Salahudeen's wife even here. Now that he is gone I've been thinking a lot. I guess it's time to retire this old ring."


"And maybe consider giving Mansa a try."

"And talk to Uncle Noliwe and tell him to stop worrying about you and live his own life too."

"Well look at you trying to give advice and we're the elders. What brought this on?"

"Some wise man told me that life has a funny way of taking us unaware. I figure we should do the things that we want to do and not put them off because you never know what's around the corner."

My mother looked as if she saw me in a new light a planted a light kiss on my cheek.


"You're welcome."
~ A couple of months later~

We stood next to King Yasi's grave, Sula was still shell shocked over what happened. It had been three weeks to the day since he'd had a heat stroke and died. Queen Goa had become stricken with grief and abdicated the throne. Sula and I had become King and Queen almost overnight it seemed. My wife was still sensitive about her father's death an broke out in sobs over the smallest instigation's.

"Sula, your father wouldn't have wanted you to carry on in such a way. Your Queen now, you have to move forward and live your own life," I said pulling her into a hug.

Sula just sobbed harder.

"Come on honey, you have to pull it together for the wedding."

I guided Sula towards the tree in the courtyard where everyone was waiting.
She quickly wiped her tears and managed a weak smile as we hurried over to Noliwe, Mansa, and my mother.

"Is everyone ready," I asked?

They nodded.

"Did you guys write anything?"

"No. Your mother and I thought we'd just exchange rings and be done with it. We both already know how we feel about each other.

They exchanged rings and Noliwe spoke. "May the spirits guide this marriage and bring you both nothing but happiness. Take good care of my sister Mansa."

My mother looked sharply at her brother as if to say don't take it any further. Noliwe stubbornly obliged.

They both kissed quickly to groans from both Noliwe and I. Rolling her eyes my mother grabbed Mansa by the hands and led him away.
As time passed quickly the town became renamed Sho, the capital city of Egina. At its heart was the beautiful palace of Sula named after the King's wife and was the residence of the royal family. The years had passed swiftly and though I did wish to see Safaat again, there was too much to be done in Egina for me to take leave. Besides, I dare not leave my wife as she was far along in her pregnancy and believed to be carrying twins.

Sula came wobbling in barely able to walk. She held her hands on the small of her back and grimaced as if in pain.

"Are you okay honey?"

"Yeah, itís just Iím in more pain than usual today. I came in to have a rest." Sula moved towards the bed and I helped her lay back.

Just as sheíd gotten comfortable she leapt from the bed in pain, the baby was coming.
It took 5 hours of labor but finally Mahmoud had two daughters to call his own. The first was Princess Foushe Tabalfi and then Nahla Tabalfi, who came 2 seconds later.

My mother was also ecstatic that there were now two princesses. The Tabalfiís, for the last couple of generations had only produced one male child.
The two needy newborns quickly grew into precious young toddlers that wanted to learn everything about the world that moved around them. Unlike when Mahmoud first arrived in Egina, there were baby and children everywhere so the girls were kept busy.

Noliwe also had a child with Branda Vasu though they still refused to marry. Iíd asked him what the holdup was but heíd simply said that it was Brandaís doing. When I later asked my mother she vaguely remembered Branda saying she was married back in Amer. If that is true then it might explain why she refused to commit.
The Lahiís had also finally decided on starting a family and had a toddler named Adnan. Halane loved motherhood so much that she became pregnant with a girl not longer after Adnan became a toddler. ~Twenty Years Later~ Noliwe and Branda finally decided to get married. In a private ceremony with just Noliwe II present they exchanged rings and made their union official. My Uncle told me he wanted to set a good example for his son who was now an adult. So he asked Branda again and this time she said yes. Noliwe had noticed his son's affinity for having multiple girlfriends and it bothered him. He did not want him to turn out like my father and he felt that marrying Branda would show Noliwe it was okay to commit.
The twins also grew over the years into young women. They were mentally and physically quite different from one another and worked hard at being individuals. Though they were close, they tended to have very different types of friends. I was of course immersed in the development of my country and had no time to travel to Safaat though the ride would be much shorter thanks to modern inventions. Iíd also never received a response from my sister in the form of letters so there was no rush for me to go where I was not welcome. My mother also had become very old in age and I did not want to leave her for fear that she might die without me being nearby.

My mind was also preoccupied with the selection of who would be crowned after I was gone. Goa and I had continued to try for another baby but it was to no avail. As the realization came that we would not have anymore children, the decision between my two daughters filled me with dread. I think the fact that Foushe and Nahla were twins made my choice even harder.
ďDaddy, can we talk?Ē

I looked up from my desk and watched the youngest twin apprehensively stepped into the room.

"What is it Nahla, I am quite busy?"

"We need to talk," she said while wringing her hands.

"Is it serious? Are you okay?" I asked with concern as I noticed dried tear stains on her face.

She sat down in an empty chair across from my desk.

"Daddy, Iím sure youíve notice my behaviorÖIíve been unable to eat or sleep because this has been eating away at me."

I had noticed her strange behavior but shrugged it off as a women thing. Besides, I thought whatever was wrong Goa could surely work out.
"I did notice but thought it better to stay out of it."

"Well DadÖ" Nahla hung her head and began to sob very loudly but held up her hand to prevent me from comforting her.


"IímÖIím, Dad Iím pregnant." She looked up at me tears still streaming and I could see fear and shame in her eyes.

My heart stilled far longer than it should and I was unable to breathe. When I could finally compose myself, I looked at my daughter disappointment etched on my face.

"Nahla, whatÖhowÖwith who, who is responsible for this?! You are a Princess, possible crowned princess! How could you bring this shame on us?"

"Daddy Iím so sorry, Iím so sorryÖ"
Unable to control my rage any longer I leapt from my seat. "Sula! In my office now!"

As I suspected Sula was right outside the door and was into the room in seconds.

"Do you know?"

She nodded yes but refused to look me in the eye.
"How long?" Neither looked willing to answer which further infuriated me. "How long?"

Both flinched as Sula finally spoke up.

"Nahla told me four months ago after they finished their classes. I told her to go to you immediately but she was too afraid."

I sat down dejectedly in my chair and pulled my hands over my face. This could not be happening, what would everyone think when they found out that the Princess was pregnant without a husband. Nahlaís loud sobs broke through my thoughts and brought me back to reality.
"I donít know how to react to this Nahla, my heart is broken. You have greatly disappointed me. Who is he and do you love him?"

"Hanou Otunde, and yes I do love him."

"Then you will wed secretly at once and when the time is right we will present the baby as if this never happened. Hopefully no one will think anymore of it. Foushe will be Queen and only her children will be able to ascend the throne. The only way this could be circumvented is if your sister is not able to bear children. Is that clear?"

Nahla nodded and Queen Goa signed in relief.

"Leave me both of you and send in Foushe."
ďYes daddy?Ē Foushe crossed the room and sat down.

"You know of your sisterís situation I presume?"


"Great, everyone gets to find out something as important as this before I do and Iím the King," I pounded my desk in frustration.

"I am sorry da-"

"It is not your fault," I interrupted. "You shall be crowned Princess then and your sister or her children will have no rights to the throne whatsoever. Is that understood?"

"Yes, dad."

"And to prevent the same from occurring to you I will arrange a marriage with the Lahiís son Mahmoud immediately."
"But father-"

"This is non-negotiable. The young man has already approached me about your sister but you will suffice."

"Father, why am I being punished for my sisterís mistake?!"

"This is non-negotiable!"

"Fine!" Foushe jumped from her chair and stomped out of the room.
Nahla had been secretly married weeks ago and since it was now evident that she was pregnant by looking at her stomach, her and her husband had been hidden away. She was furious at not being allowed to her sisterís wedding but honestly what was I suppose to do in such a messy situation.

On the day of Fousheís wedding none of the women in my life would speak to me including my mother. I took my place on the platform inside the large room and watched as Foushe and Adnan walked into the room. Neither one looked happy to be there. I felt sorry that I had forced this upon them but knew that there was no other way.

As they stepped into the platform I took my daughters hand in mine. She instinctively pulled away then remembered she was in public and relaxed her palm. After Iíd squeezed her hand trying to convey how sorry I was that things ended up this way I released it and watched as it fell to her side limply. Sheíll get over it I hope, I thought to myself.

"We are here today to witness the union of Crowned Princess Foushe Tabalfi and Adnan Lahi."

~25 years later~

As the years progressed and Adnan and I became acquainted with each other, there grew to be a mutual love that blossomed between us. With each year that passed another one of our loved ones crossed over to the spirit world and so we had no choice but to find comfort in each otherís arms.

Iíd somewhat forgiven my father for forcing marriage upon me with a man that was not of my choosing. Now that I have two kids of my own, I understand what must have been going through his head when he made that decision. I believe he wanted what was best for me and for my sister so he did what he thought the needed to do.
Lately there were more pressing issues that occupied Adnan and I. The public had been pushing for sometime to create a democratically elected parliament, which we both agreed to give into in order to quell public dissent. This in turn angered members of Adnanís advisers including General Mugabe who felt that we should have employed military action to squash the protest. We recently received disturbing information from someone close to General Mugabe that he was planning a coup díťtat. At first Adnan did not believe it but after seeing damning evidence he had to resign himself to the fact that his general was up to something. ďIs everyone all here?Ē Adnan asked as he walked into the living room.

After looking around he satisfied his own answer.

"Listen all of you are well aware of whatís going on so thereís no need to sugar coat things. I donít know when General Mugabe is going to make his move but the only way he succeeds is if he gets all of us. So Iíve made arrangements for us to escape to Safaat until I can finish raising a rebellion army."

"But why do we have to leave?"

"Safi, I have to get you guys out of harmís way. I can always come back and try to reclaim the throne. If it doesnít work at least I know that youíll be in a safe place."
"When do we leave?" Asked Foushe.

"In a week. Safaat is on our southern border and weíll be going to a small city called Safaatville. Weíll build a home there in case the stay is permanent but Iíll be in contact with Dorin as he organizes a counter rebellion. I know this goes without saying but no one, I mean absolutely no one, is suppose to know what is going on except Dorin. Is that clear?"

We all nodded.

"Good, Safi and Zubair you can excuse yourself from the room."

The children timidly stood and walked out of the room, fear written all over their face.

"Foushe I need to tell you something that your father passed on to me. What do you know about your family history?"
"That my family was originally from Safaat and my great great father was the chief of the Kitu nomadic tribe. They split down the middle, some choosing to stay here while we settled in Egina because there was more land and resources."

"Well thatís not exactly how it happened. Your great, great grandfather was indeed chief. Your grandfather Salahudeen was forced to marry because your grandfather was dying. He chose your grandmother Sarafina who previously turned him down because of his womanizer reputation. They became King and Queen and soon Sarafina was pregnant.While away taking care of a conflict he impregnated Queen Lashme. She then came to the village to expose the King. He moved her into a hut and she gave birth to Prince Anhkar. Lashme always tormented Sarafina and plotted to have her son be crowned prince. It ended with your grandmother and father being kicked out of the village until Mahmoud's younger brother was of age. The small group including Noliwe have lived in Egina every since."
I sat back in stunned silence, my memories of my parents were all I had and now they were tainted. This didnít seem real to me.

"Are you sure?"

"Thereís moreÖyour grandfather went on to have another child, Andalusia but Lashme was banned from the village when Salahudeen caught her cheating. Here in Egina Mahmoud grew and ended up marrying Princess Sula. King Mahmoud died and Ankhar became King. He wanted to expand his territory so he invaded this country and died from injuries sustained in battle. Mahmoud took his body back to Safaat-"

"Was that his first time back?"

"Yes. Princess Andalusia refused to see your father until the last minute when they met briefly. She went on to become Queen and Mahmoud never went back since then."

"How come they kept this from me? Why did they lie about our history?"
"Your father said he didnít like to talk about it and it was far to complicated for children to understand."

"So why did he finally tell you?"

"Because Foushe donít you see, for a moment like this. I donít know if your Aunt is still Queen of Safaat but your father said that if we ever needed help and weíd exhausted all possibilities, contact Queen Andalusia of Safaat."

"But Iíve never met her before; I mean she doesnít even know I exist."

"I know honey, but I donít know how this is going to turn out so I thought it was time that you knew in case something happened to me."

"Iíve told Safi the same story that my mother told me about our history. What do I tell them now?"
"You tell them exactly what youíve been telling them and anyone else we meet in Safaat for that matter. Hereís whatís most important, if something is to happen and he storms the palace take the children and use Safiís secret passage way to get out of the castle. The tunnel runs underneath the city and lets you out on the outskirts of Pandua. There is a trail there, follow it until you come to Dorinís home. There you will fine stockpiled chests of gold, a map, food and a car. I want you to go on to Safaat without me and follow through with our plans. I promise you I will find a way to get to you, do you understand?"

"No!" I felt tears falling down my face. "I donít want to go, this is my home!"

"Listen to me," Adnan grabbed my face in his hands and stared into my eyes. "This is what is to be done and you will execute it! Do you understand?"

"Yes," I whispered.

"I love you Foushe, and I promise everything will be okay."

~Midnight One Week Later~

As Adnan and I got ready for bed a loud banging noise followed by men screaming filtered through our bedroom window. Fear immediately gripped me.


"Take the children and go, do it now before they get inside. Foushe you have to do this for the sake of our family! Iím going to meet them at the door to stall for time. Go now!"
I ran into the hallway and bumped into Zubair who was headed to our bedroom.

"Come with me son we have to go!"

"Whereís father?"

"Heís going to meet them outside, now letís go!" I gripped my sons arm but he struggled free and ran off towards the front of the house.
Safi came running towards me. "Mommy whatís going on?!"

"We have to go Safi," I pulled her back into her bedroom and peaked out of the window.

From her room I could see the front courtyard. Adnan was being blindfolded and handcuffed as Zubair came rushing into view.
My knees buckled but I composed myself and grabbed Safiís hand.

"We have to get out of here now!"
From her room I could see the front courtyard. Adnan was being blindfolded and handcuffed as Zubair came rushing into view.
My knees buckled but I composed myself and grabbed Safiís hand.

"We have to get out of here now!"
I was kicking myself for not having a flashlight as I struggled to see in the moonlight the beginnings of a path. Finally, with Safiís help, we did find the trail and followed it to a clearing where a huge house loomed in the distance.

Looking around the clearing to make sure there was noone present I pushed my daughter behind a tree and decided to go investigate a car parked in the front of the house. On the seat were keys that I presumed went to the car and tapped to the dashboard was a note.

I signaled for Safi to come to me and we both sat in the car while I read the note.
Dear Adnan,

If you are finding this note then that means that things did not go according to plan and Mugabe has decided to come earlier than we both expected. The good thing is that you are reading this so youíve made it out alive. I am away right now, but will be back into the city tomorrow. Send me an email from an anonymous account using this code so I know where you are staying:

A 15 B 14 C 13 D 12 E 16 F 17

G 18 H 19 I 20 J 21 K 22 L 23

M 24 N 25 O 26 P 27 Q 1 R 2

S 3 T 4 U 5 V 6 W 7 X 8

Y 9 Z 10

I will meet with you about building a resistance movement as soon as possible. The gold has already been packed along with the food. The map is in the glove compartment. Stay safe and we will meet soon.


After reading the letter, I pulled out the map that was in the dashboard. Luckily it had been marked from here to our destination.

After traveling for days on a bumpy dirt road we finally made it to Safaatville.

We were able to rent a small furnished home after going back in forth with a real estate agent over whether we could pay with gold coins. Now all Safi and I could do was wait and hope that Adnan found away to escape to Safaat.
Thanks to all of you for reading, commenting and rating! I hoped you enjoyed reading it. The Tabalfi's have married into my legacy story [URL=""]Safaatville Liyah's Legacy[/URL]
and their story will be continued there. Thanks again to all of the custom creators who made this story possible!

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