Forgotten Redemption:Ch2, part 2
Published Feb 9, 2009

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I didn't know what to say. I didn't know what to do. I was finding this so hard to believe. This must be some sort of dream.But it felt too real to be a dream. And strangely enough what Lilly was saying actually somehow seemed to make sense. "I...I'm so sorry. I never thought..."

I didn't know what to say. I didn't know what to do. I was finding this so hard to believe. This must be some sort of dream.But it felt too real to be a dream. And strangely enough what Lilly was saying actually somehow seemed to make sense. "I...I'm so sorry. I never thought..."
"It's okay, you have nothing to be sorry for. But since then we now have these necklaces which we can never take off. They are impossible to take off, we tried everything. I managed to keep mine hidden by using something from another cousin gave me. She has the power of invisablity. But anyway, when I changed it seemed to come back. So, apart from the necklaces, our hair and eye colours changed too.For example, mine is naturally this colour now, so our my eyes. When you first met me, that was the first steps of the curse taking affect. Then the day I moved my hair turned purple and I found this necklace around my neck. And that stuff around my eyes that's like a weird form of a birthmark. All our uncles and aunts and cousins born with the same blood running through our veins as our grandparents were cursed with different powers and appearances. I guess that's all you need to know about how our family got cursed." I took in everything she was saying but one question remained in my mind. What happened to Dylan? I was about to ask when Ryan spoke up.
"You can't tell anyone about the curse!" he said, his voice bordering fierceness. I didn't speak for a moment, but then determenation gripped me to say something.
"I promise you both I will never say anythign about the curse; cross my heart and hope to die!" I meant it, I really did. I would never spill a single word about this curse. I would never do that to Lilly or her family. Lilly smiled "I trust you..." She picked up the glass on the counter and drank down the rest of the water. I turned to Ryan "So, if Lilly is a plant, then what are you?" He suddenly looked embarressed "Well, um, I'm, ah..." "Why are you so embarressed?" Lilly asked. She looked back to me "He's an angel, literally! You don't have to touch him for his wings to pop out. He actuallt has them folded under this shirt." I felt my eyes widen. An angel? As in the white feathered winged things that lived in the sky in heaven? WOW! I could just picture him now...
He really did look like an angel! Wait, why was I picturing him without a shirt? Well it seemed to make sense but still... Dah! "Ah, Sam, anyone in there?"
"Oh um, yes!" I felt myself blushing madly "What's up with you?" Lilly asked with a raised eyebrow. "Nothing!" I said that a bit too loud. I ducked my head to the floor so they couldn't see m blush turn to dark red. "So, what were you doing before all this happened?" Lilly asked Ryan. She seemed so relaxed now, like what she had just told me never happened. I guess she was trying to somehow forget what she had just told me. Either that or she didn't care, she knew I could keep the secret. I was glad to know she trusted me, it made me really happy! I then looked up to see Ryan about to speak "I was actually going for a bit of a fly-about actually. I felt like I need to stretch a little." "Fair enough, just keep in the area" Lilly said "Okay " -He turned to me with a smile- "It was a pleasure to meet you Sam. Hope you come back soon." I felt myself blush pink as he turned around and walked out of the kitchen. I wanted to say something back but I was too embarressed to.
Lilly kept smiling as she put the glass back on the counter "Lilly," I spoke up "what...what happened to your brother?" Lilly's shoulders fell, her head looked down at the counter top and she sighed. Before she could talk I spoke very quickly out of panic "Oh no! I said something wrong didn't I? Dah, I'm sorry I never meant anything I just-" "No, no, it's fine! I just...I haven't spoken about him in quite a while." She walked over to me with her face down "Well, when we moved here everyone knew it was Dylan who had caused the curse. My mother changed.
"She changed so much. She used to be so happy, so joyful. Then when the curse took it's effect, she began to become hateful and selfish towards Dylan. She ignored me and everyone else. But then one day when we went to visiting my father's grave she asked Dylan to turn around and count to 20. Then she bgean to walk away. She smiloed as she did, not her usual smile. It was different smile, something that never belonged on her face. So, the last time I saw him as a kid was his back turned to me not knowing that we were abandoning him. He came back a few years ago, but he still didn't forgive me for what I did. I don't think he ever will, he hates me so much..." Her voice broke on he last sentence. I felt terrible for bringing this up.
I started to notice that her skin grew paler until it was back to normal. The markings around her eyes inked through again. She kept her head down and acted as if she hadn't noticed. I decided not to bring it up, I was too sad about bringing her mother up "I'm so sorry...I should never have brought it up. But you know it wasn't your fault. You weren't to know what your mother was planning. It wasn't her fault either. She was probably trying to deal with the pain of this curse and she wasn't thinking straight. She left lost and alone, so she made the wrong decision in abandoning her child. I'm sure deep down Dylan knows it wasn't your fault, and I'm sure deep down, he still loves you..." She looked up again, tears welling in her eyes "Y-You think s-s-so?" I nodded smiling "Sometimes people may not show it but deep down they know..."
She smiled wiping away the welling tears from her eyes "Thank you. I wish I could hug you right now but I can't unless I want to get extremely thristy again!" I laughed at that. Lilly was back ot her normal self, I was glad to help. That's when I realised "Hey, what's the time?" Lilly looked to the clock out in the hallway "It's four fifty, why?" I felt shock run through me "Dah! I need to get home or else Holly will be furious!" - I looked to Lilly - "I promise I'll come over tommorow. I really want to meet your uncle and everyone!" "Whose Holly?" Lilly asked confused "She's my aunty I live with. I gotta run!" I ran towards the door. As I rushed out I heard half a question being asked by Lilly "Why are living with your-" I didn't get to hear the rest. But I knew what the question was.
A soon as I had left the Howarth house I couldn't stop thinkign about them. I couldn't stop thinking about what I had sen and heard. I wish I could have stayed longer but then Holly would be really mad at me then. In fact, what is about to happen right now? I opened the door, the sound of hip hop music boomed out.
Holly turned around, she was surprised to see me. She stomped up to me her expression turning to anger.
"Where have you been?!" she yelled, anger in her high pitched voice "Do you know how long I have been waiting for?!" "I'm sorry, Holly, I went out exploring and I-" "You and your dumb excusses! I don't want to hear any of it! You'll only tell me lies, I kno you too well! You should be thankful I give you a roof over your head!!"
I felt so terrible, what had I done? "Ugh...You really are pathetic..."
She turned around back to the stero "Just like your mother, you are pathetic. The only thing your useful for is the chores. Now, get to cooking..." With that said she walked off
I was left feeling so terrible. I was so selfish, I shouldn't have gone out. Why did I go out? Why? I felt tears well in my eyes. But then again, if I hadn't gone out today, I may have not met Lilly again. And then she might have not transformed. What had I done? I had exposed her secret! Everything I did seemed to be wrong! 'Always look on the positive...' I raised my head hearing my mothers voice in my head 'Sometime when we do the bads things in life they have a positive side to them too...' Your right mum! If I hadn't gone out today I may have never known that Lilly had lived here.And I may have never met Lucy at that painting shop. Yeah, that's it. Mum, thank you so much!
After getting some ingredents for dinner I started to think about the Howarths. All of them cursed. All the uncles, aunts, mothers, fathers and cousins had supernatural powers. I hope I can meet them all. I was going to go see Lilly again, only this time I would get home much earlier.
Holly went on aboout her day, I pretended to listen. I wanted to help Lilly's family in anyway I could. But what about Dylan? What was he like? Did he blame himself for everything? How did everyone treat him? All I knew is, when I met him, i would do my best to be kind to him. I'm sure he is a good person.
Maybe there was a way to break the curse. In the movies, there was always a way that the main character would find to break the spell. Like in Sleepbeauty, it was the kiss. But I don't think a kiss would solve this problem. I just knew though that there had to be a way to break this, I just knew it!
Maybe, just maybe, I could try to find a way to break the curse. It probably wasn't going to be an easy task but for some reason I had a feeling that there really was a way out of all of this. I will try,I promise mum, I will try...
(Well, that's the end of chapter 2. What did you think? If you have time, let me know! I have a poll up on my profile, I would appreicate it if you could go and vote on it. I also have a preview of the next chapter on the next page. Thank you for reading and I hope you enoyed it! Keep Creating and Siming!! ;))
PREVIEW!! "Yep, his back..." Lilly seemed so relaxed. What. who was back? Then all of a sudden the there was a huge boom and the house shook. I nearly lost my balance as the house shook violently. Lilly and Paul acted like they didn't seem to notice, in fact they seemed to keep perfect balance. Paul stopped dancing in the background. I looked to the varanda. There still croutching on the varanda was aboy around my age with jet black hair. He looked up with his gold eyes. "Yep, his back, and his madder then ever" Lilly said a small smile on her face. "Hey, Dylan..."

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#16Rabold8Feb 11, 2009

\:rah\: \:rah\: \:rah\: Very good!  I really enjoyed the story, it is so sad, but still so interesting and cool. \:D I can't wait for the next part (I'm not kidding, get that out soon!)! \:wub\: \:D

#17EvaaDJFeb 12, 2009

Oooh.. You made me quiet! (That's a miracle) I LOVED IT! Is Ryan a brother of Lily? \:wub\:

#18shady411Feb 16, 2009

Very interesting story\:rah\:

#19cep1247Feb 19, 2009

Haha I loved slide number four \:wub\:  great chapter!\:D

#20fabrizioammolloMar 28, 2009

I like a lot your tender and bizarre story... \:\)

#21mpattonApr 6, 2009

It's really starting to get interesting.  Great work.

#22justvexApr 25, 2009

love it\:\)

#23kayleesimsnerosMay 15, 2009

This story is really turning out great! \:D

#24IllandryaSep 28, 2009

Great story! I can't wait to get through the rest of the chapters and find out more about Lily and her family. Thank you so much for sharing it with us.

#25spitzmagicApr 4, 2012

yay, I guess it's been fixed. Awesome. I loved it. Awesome chapter. \:rah\:

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