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Published May 6, 2009

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Before The Fall Part 3.5 is finally here!!!

I apologize for the major delay on all of my stories. My personal life has been chaotic and now I have to move...we're loosing our house. Anyway...please enjoy this installment of Before The Fall!

Eren's story.

Author's Note: the name Echelon and any lyrics used belong to 30 Seconds To Mars.

Before The Fall Part 3.5 is finally here!!!

I apologize for the major delay on all of my stories. My personal life has been chaotic and now I have to move...we're loosing our house. Anyway...please enjoy this installment of Before The Fall!

Eren's story.

Author's Note: the name Echelon and any lyrics used belong to 30 Seconds To Mars.
Eren glanced up at her new apartment complex and sighed heavily. It was a brand new building but she didn't know anyone who lived there...she was lucky though...she got the only apartment on the ground floor. She opened the door and let it swing open silently. It was going to be hard living alone after sharing a house with 6 other people. Everyone was off starting their lives and she couldn't help but feel left behind. Shaking her head of the negative thoughts she headed towards her bedroom. When she left the house she had to leave a lot of her bigger furniture behind...which she didn't mind too much. Her new bed suited her more than the the very tiny bed she had to sleep on for the past several years. Her room would take forever to unpack, she closed the door behind her and went back to the family room. Two hours....she collapsed onto the couch with a yawn. Her kitchen was nearly done and her family room was complete. It was a relief not to see so many boxes piled up and she could relax with her tv finally. As she fished up the remote, a sharp knock sounded on her door.

"Dammit," She cursed dropping the remote on the couch.
"Alex!" She cried out when she saw her best friend at her door.

"Hey girl...thought I would come over and help ya get settled. How are you?" Alex asked.
"I'm good...a little's so weird living alone now," Eren laughed squeezing him close.

"Hey I offered you to come live with us but you always say no," He grinned hugging her back. Eren took his wrist and pulled him inside and over to the couch.
" I love you guys but that would feel weird and like I was intruding," Eren made a face.

"Yeah I um. You hear from Chris yet?" Alex asked chewing on his lower lip. Eren had almost forgotten about him. Just the mere mention of his name annoyed her.
"No...last time I heard from him was after the graduation party...he left for Limerick remember?" Eren frowned. Alex said something to her but she didn't hear it, her thoughts were clouded with the lovely graduation party. That night Eren had hardly seen Chris. Only when they recieved their diplomas and when they arrived at the party. She was ready to go home but then she finally found Chris.... He was heavily flirting with a girl she recognized from her Calculas class. At first all she could do was stare at them. Then her anger flared up inside of her as she watched him caress her cheek. "Chris! What the hell are you doing!" Eren shouted throwing her drink at his suprised face. The girl quickly left the room to escape any lashing from Eren.

"Baby! Where have you been?!" Chris stammered trying to grab her hand. Eren shoved him away, storming out of the house towards their own down the street.
Back at the house, their fighting kept everyone up but they didn't seem to care. Each wanted to prove their point louder than the other. But like any of their fights...they always ended up making up....or rather make out. "Eren, woohoo Earth to Eren," Alex laughed snaapping Eren back to reality.

"Sorry...I was just thinking about the last time I saw him," She shook her head and sighed heavily.

"Yeah that night....Eren why do you put up with that crap?" Alex asked his tone changing. Before Eren could say anything her phone started to ring.

"Huh...I wonder who that is..." She frowned and got up to answer it.
"Hi baby! How's the new apartment?" Chris's fake enthusiasm was so easy to read through.

"It's are you?"

"I'm great...just hanging out with some old friends," Chris replied.
"Oh...that's cool. When are you come back?" Eren asked trying to listen for other voices in the room. All she could hear was a very familiar girlish giggle. "Oh um, I'm not sure. I need to take care of a few things first then I should be on my way," Chris replied rather quickly.

"Look babe, I gotta go. I'll give you a call tomorrow," He said and hung up.
"How's prince charming?" Alex asked from the couch.

"Shut up Alex," Eren muttered shoving the phone back on its cradle.

"You brother's been asking about you," Alex asked, stopping Eren in her tracks.
"Um....ok. Why?" She asked finally sitting back down next to him.

"Yeah, wants me to put in a good word for him too," Alex couldn't keep the grin off his face, Eren could tell by the twitch in the corner of his mouth.


"Why do you think? He has the biggest crush on you. It's only going to get worse too when he turns 18 tomorrow," Alex couldn't help snickering.
"Whatever Alex, go home so I can finish unpacking," Eren rolled her eyes.
"Would it be so bad though? I mean after he turns 18, would you give him a chance?"

" go," Eren pulled him up and pushed him towards the door.
"Robbie?" It even sounded weird saying it out loud. She shook her head and headed back inside the apartment. ~After Robbie's Birthday Party~

Eren couldn't believe that she had actually flirted with Alex's little brother. Granted he wasn't so little anymore but it was still weird. He looked so handsome after Pogue gave him a make over. She had to think, clear everything out of her mind.
A few months have gone by and Eren is still living by herself and still carries the fear of being left alone. though now she has Robbie to talk to. The two spent a lot of time together hanging out and getting to know each other. they had so much in common is was scary. They had weekly movie nights where they would mostly talk through the movie. Eren told him everything from the prom to her and Sully's final fight. He nodded Eren could see how angry he really was. Sully had been close friends with Alex for a long time. Even though the majority of her friends had moved on without her, there was something still constant in her life. Her muisic. She hadn't played in so long. She brushed her fingers over the cool keys and an electric shock went through her arms. This was exactly what she needed, to reconnect with something that always kept her grounded. "You should go for Open Mic Night at Alex's club," Robbie smiled after she got done playing for him.
"Really? Yeah maybe I will," Eren smiled getting up and putting her music in the folder, "thank you for means a lot to me."

"Of course," Robbie bit his lip stepping closer.
Eren reached out and gave him a tight hug but when she went to pull away, Robbie leaned in and gently kissed her. .... "Robbie..." Eren pulled away gently, unable to keep the smile off of her face. There was no way to deny how she felt in that small kiss.

"Sorry, I just couldn't hold back any longer," he laughed a little.
"I...don't know if i'm ready for this though," Eren said softly backing away from him. The truth was she was still so confused as to any type of relationship. Chris never called her anymore and she still felt a little weird having feelings for Robbie. "I guess I can'm gonna go," Robbie said his voice cracking a bit.

"Robbie...don't be mad please?" she said swallowing hard.

"I'm not mad at you. I'll call you tomorrow," He forced a smile before slipping out the door.
... Eren locked the door and sighed heavily, sliding down to sitting position. She hoped that she didn't just ruin it with Robbie. Eren had taken Robbie's advice about signing up for the open mic night. Alex of course accepted her right away and she was to perform that night. She wasn't nervous, just had way too much on her mind. Maybe Chris wasn't going to come back, that he too thought they were over. Whatever happened that night, Eren wanted to tell Robbie how she truely felt about him. All her close guy friends were there to support her, making her feel even more confident. She picked up the mic and began to sing a song she'd been working on for months. It felt amazing to be on that stage, a part of her that had been missing for so long woke up and filled her voice with strength. During the middle of her song Eren noticed Jared getting confrontational with someone she couldn't quite make out. She finished the song and carefully put the mic back into the stand before jumping off the stage. As she got closer she could finally see who the other person was. Chris's startled face came into view and Eren had to stop, there was something shiny on his finger.

"Eren? I dind't know you were here too," He stammered. She took a few steps closer and saw Melina standing a few feet away. She too had something shiny on her finger.

"I was on stage....what the hell is going on and what is that?!" She shouted pointing to the ring on Melina's finger.
.... "I've been meaning to tell you for the longest time...but Melina and I...we got married," He said his face turning red.

"You're what! How long have the two of you been seeing each other?!" Eren screamed.

"Before you and I started hooking up," He answered keeping an eye on the boys who were inching closer.
"Before? Hooking up? Was that all it was to you? How could you do this! How?"

"I never meant for it to go as long as it did. You needed someone at the funeral and after we slept were so hot..."

"Oh my god SHUT UP! I thought Sully was a pig but you're the king of them all!" Eren could feel the tears building but she didn't want to give him or Melina that satisfaction. There were never any deep feelings for Chris but she couldn't handle this humiliation, not again.

She turned to walk away and for some reason Chris grabbed her arm.
She never did find out why either. ... After punching Chris she sped all the way home. Later she found out that both Jared and Robbie took turns giving Chris a piece of their mind. Alex waited for a while before he had to stop the fighting. That all was a few days ago, since then she had hardly moved from either her bed or couch. Was this going to happen with every guy she was with? Just turn around and cheat? What was so wrong with her that both Sully and Chris thought they could do that to her? Her apartment was beginning to feel too small, she had to get out and get some air. Pulling herself out of the bed she went to the bathroom to freshen up. Eren didn't pay too much attention to where she was walking, just let her mind go and lead her. She stopped to watch some kids playing in the street, it made her smile. That smile quickly faded when she saw a not too pleasant familiar face staring at her. She had no clue that Sully was back in town. He kept staring for a few moments before walking over. Eren didn't know what to do. Stand there and face him or run? " You look great," he said softly.

"thanks, what are you doing here?" she couldn't help the anger slipping out a bit.
"Just taking a break with my boy," Sully smiled pointing over to the toddler splashing in the kiddie pool.

"What's his name?"

"Nicholas but we call him Nicky," Sully replied looking back at her.
"So's Savan?" Eren asked growing uncomfortable. Sully frowned sighing a little.

"She, uh left. Well I kicked her out. I couldn't take it anymore. I accepted what I did but she started to blame the baby," Sully scowled as if he was seeing it all over again.
"That's horrible! I'm glad you got rid of her...what have been up too lately?" Eren asked trying to change the subject. Sully led her closer to Nicky and sat down on one of the log benches. "Well I finished college online and got my degree in business. I'm in the process of starting my own in real estate. I got married to a beautiful woman, Katie. We finally got our own house that's not to far from here. So things have been going really well for me," Sully smiled. Eren tried to smile back but couldn't. She was too angry, not just at Sully and Chris but at Fate.

"Eren? You okay?"
"I guess I just don't understand. You cheated on me and now have a great life. Chris used me and cheated on me, now he's married as well. Is every guy I date going to be unfaithful? Use me until they find something better? What is so wrong with me?" Eren spat out. She couldn't control it, they were things she had been feeling ever since the Grad Party. "Nothing! there is nothing wrong with you. Eren you're a great girl. There's no excuse for what I did to you, I was a for Chris, I have no clue. That guy had one of the worst reputations. You're going to meet someone who you'll know in that instant is the right person," Sully said softly. He had the most sincere look on his face...Eren couldn't help but forgive him. They looked at each other in silence for the longest time for Sully got up, snatching the sleepy toddler in his arms. "You should come over some time. You can meet Katie and get to know Nicky," Sully offered looking at her. Eren chewed her lip before nodding.

"I would like that alot," Eren smiled.

"Great...give me a call sometime," He smiled before walking away.
"Hey Sull?"


"Thanks...for you know, talking with me."

Eren walked home with a much lighter head and heart, the smile on her face was the first genuine one in a long time. it was the closer that she needed to truely move on with her life. She entered the building but stopped short when she saw Robbie sitting right outside of her door.

"Robbie? What are you doing here?" Eren asked extremely glad to see him.

"I haven't heard from you in a few days, I just wanted to make sure that you were ok," He said with a yawn.

'Yeah...I'm okay. You want to come in?" Eren asked watching him get up from the floor.
"Nah, I gotta head home...i'll call you," He said and walked away. Eren frowned watching him disappear out the door. This was her only chance if she had one.

"Robbie, wait!" She ran after him, pushing open the door. Eren jumped into his arms and wrapped her legs and arms around him tightly. Thankfully he caught her and didn't let go. She looked into his eyes and knew in that instant that he was what she wanted...Sully was right for once. Their lips met and it was much more intense then their previous kiss was. Nothing was holding her back this time. She was free from all of her emotional baggage. "Wow...." He laughed holding her close to him. She giggled and kissed him again before pulling him back into her apartment. A year later....

Everything went back into motion smoothly, Eren and Robbie's relationship soared and he moved in with her. Eren continued to play at clubs where she was becoming very popular; to the point where they were calling her to come to them now. The Leto's cornered her and asked her to join their band....which she did in an instant.

Robbie was working as a game designer and has one of his own games out on the shelves now. After his game hit the stores, they were able to buy a house just down the street from everyone else.
Let's not forget that her dad and Kirsten got married too!!

Eren was just so ecstatic that he married someone she approved of!
The Letos....which was the name of the band at the moment...were growing in popularity as well, they performed weekly at Alex's place before they began to perform at bigger clubs. This night was special, there were a few label scouts in the audience.... "Okay...we need a real band name. The Leto's just isn't working," Shannon yawned drumming his fingers on his leg. They had 30 minutes before they were to hit the stage.

"What do you suggest then bro?" Jared asked.

"I have no clue...Eren?"

"What about Echelon?" She said looking at the other two.
"I love it!!!" They both cried out as Alex stepped through the door.
"Love what?" He asked.

"Eren's idea for the band name, I now dub us Echelon," Shannon grinned before getting up off the couch.
"Cool name. How are you doing?" Alex asked as he took Jared's place on the couch.

"I'm doing great. Excited, a little nervous," Eren took a deep breath, "Alex, there's something i need to tell you."

"What's wrong?"

"Um...for the past year...I've been friends with Sully," She winced waiting for his outburst.
"How can you be friends with him? After everything..."

"He's changed. I don't know how but he's different now. It's been almost five years Alex...I think he's paid for his stupidity," Eren said quickly. Alex opened his mouth to say something but stopped.
Shaking his head with a sigh he finally turned back to her, "I know I don't have to say this since you're with Robbie careful of Sully."

"I will, I have to finish getting ready."

"Good luck tonight," He smiled.
Eren smiled at herself through her reflection. Everything was finally coming together....finally. Echelon performed through the night with such intensity, the scouts were calling their bosses trying to get them the best deal they could muster. By the end of the night, they were signed with SimCity Records.

Here are some shots of their performance.
That is the end of Eren's part! I know it was rushed and it took me a really long time to get this out. I am reallllly sorry!

The next few slides are kind of a summary of the next year for Eren and Robbie.
While Echelon was in the studio recording their first album, Eren found out she was pregnant. She gave birth to a boy they named Leo. Robbie asked her to marry him and she of course agreed. Both agreed that a long engagement was the right choice for them at the moment. Echelon will be on tour for the next few months, Leo and Robbie will be traveling with.


There is one more chapter to Before The Fall!

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loved it. glad Eren's life finally turned for the better

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Great job on this \:\)  5.0 \:rah\:

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