Forgotten Redemprion: Chapter 5
Published Mar 15, 2009

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Hi Everyone! Okay, this took me a while to get out, at least it out now I guess. But I'm really sorry that this took a while to get out. But might be happy to know that, once again, I was able to make this an entire chapter! :D Anyway, hope you all enjoy reading this! Read on...

Hi Everyone! Okay, this took me a while to get out, at least it out now I guess. But I'm really sorry that this took a while to get out. But might be happy to know that, once again, I was able to make this an entire chapter! :D Anyway, hope you all enjoy reading this! Read on... "So, remind me how Dylan made his entrance?" Lucy asked as she painted. I bit on my lip "He came ou no where" I lied "And he slammed the door open when he left." I wasn't telling Lucy about the secret, no way! I just told her I met an old friend again and everyone I knew so far from the Howarth family. "You mentioned something about Paul," Lucy said "How is he these days? Still reading minds and seeing the future?" "Yeah, how did you know?" I asked a little surprised. I didn't know that Lucy use to go to him. Then again, he is famous around here, supposedly. "I use to go to him," Lucy said putting her pallet down. She half turned to me "He always got it right, I still don't know how he does it." - her tone of voice went quieter as she said - "But, I stopped going when he got one time wrong." "You mean he...he got it wrong one time?" "He most certainly did. He said he saw me become a famous artist because this rich guy would come along to Botnay Beach the next day and would want to buy my recent artwork. I got so excited that I ran straight back to my stall and set up all my artworks. I fell quiet in thought. Paul got it wrong? How could he? He can see the future, it's his power; I just couldn't see how he could. Maybe he lied to her. But why would he do that? Why would he lie to anyone, he just didn't seem like that kind of person. I did know, though, he would never get it wrong. I mean, today I actually enrolled for Botnay High. I still remember yesterday when he predicted that I would sign up at the local high school, the same one as Ryan and Lilly. So he got it right! "So what did he tell you?" Lucy asked turnign around to me. I shook my head trying to get out of the thoughts "Um, he said I was going to cook pork chops for dinner, and well later on that night I did. He also said that I would enrol at Botnay High. And well, I did this morning!" Lucy grinned "God, you did?! Does your aunt know about this?" "Well...not yet." Lucy knew about my aunt, I told her earlier before. "I wouldn't bother if I were you," she said rolling her eyes "by the sounds of it she wouldn't listen!" I wasn't really sure if I planned to tell her anyway. "My, God, that's the time already," I looked back at Lucy "What's the time?" I asked "It's five forty. I should be closing soon." she said. She sighed lightly. I relised what the time meant. I got excited "I think Lilly and Ryan might be home now!" Lucy smiled "Well, what are you waiting for, go see them! But remember to visit more often, okay? I need some company these days..." I nodded grinned "Yep, I promise!" With that I walked off. I walked trhough the passage ways between the stalls until I reached the road. I felt myself grin and sigh happily. I walked across the road. I noticed the door was open. "Hello?" I slowly walked in "Hello?" I walked quickly to the living room "Is anyone here?" I heard footsteps coming form the kitchen. I turned around and felt relief. It was Paul "Hello," I smiled "Hello Paul, are Lilly and Ryan back yet?" I asked. Paul nodded "Yep, Ryan is outside. As for Lilly, she had to stay behind at school to do a project or something." "You know today I met Lucy" What? Did I just say that? Oh no, what had I done? He could get mad at me for bring it up. He might not want me to know something abou that time. I looked back at Paul. Paul looked...happy. I fel surprise rise through me "How is Lucy these days?" he asked, his voice lighter then usual "she's doing great." I said the surprise obvious in my voice "Is she still painting? God, I miss her comin here for her sessions." He seemed extremely happy I brought her up, but why is that? He then sighed "That remind me, Mrs Burns wil be wondering where i am. I better get back. I think Ryan is outside." With that he walked off with the smile still on his face. I found it strange but despite that I walked outside to look for Ryan. I looked around "Ryan! Hello, you out here?" After a few moment I gave feeling a little sad. I slid the door open and closed it behind me. When I turned back I stopped in my tracks and let out a little gasp. He looked surprised to see me but quickly turned his back to me. I decided to speak up "Um, Dylan I-" "Look, it's hard for me to control my anger," he blurted out. "At times, it's harder then most. I do some crazy stuff. Look, what I'm trying to say is...W-What I mean is..." I felt really bad for Dylan. He probably didn't want anyone feel about him like that, but I couldn't help it. He seemed to have a hard time trying to express his feelings. I wish I could know how that felt. I slowly walked up behind him "Dylan, I think I underst-"
I stopped mid sentenced when I heard a noise coming from appove my head. I looked up to the ceiling. I looked back Dylan who was know facing me looking past my shoulder "Oh just forget it! DAMN THAT BIRD BOY!!" he yelled. Then he spung around and ran off. I sadly look after him as he ran off up the stairs. That was my one chance I had to get to know him. I just hope that wasn't my last. I wondered outside looking around. I pressumed that Ryan was the one making the noise "Ryan, hello, are you out here?!" I called out. I looked around but there was no sign of him. I backed away to the wall trying to see more. I jumped when I felt something tightly clutch my shoulders. I yelped as I felt myself being lifted up. I was now sitting on the roof. I slowly stood up still in a little shock "Hi..." I looked ot the familar voice. I gasped and I felt my face heat up. I think my cheeks may have have changed ot pink. Ryan stood there, his feathered wings spread out and... he didn't have a shirt on. I found myself staring at his chest. I quickly drew my attention to his face "Um, uh, hi..." I said embarrssed. He chuckled and grinned showing his pefect teeth "Sorry, I guess I should have put a shirt on first" "Um, no it's, eh, okay...: What in the world was I saying? I slowly sunk down to the tiled roof, feeling my cheek aflame. I heard him sit down next to me "Sorry, I didn't mean to..." He said it more geniuinly. I felt myself smile, my embarressment faded. Ryan could be really a gentleman "I-It's fine, really. I meany, now I've gotten to see what you look like, the wings I mean." He didn't respond. From the corner of my eye I could see he was staring out to the horizen. I looked out there too. The sun was setting. The skies became dark shades of pink, orange and yellow. It really was beautiful. The lower the sun got of the horizon of sea, the darker the skies got. Now they were purple and blue. "So, why do you live with your aunt?" I looked to Ryan "Oh, um, it's not a big story, nothing special!" I said trying to make my voice light. He grinned "I'm sure it's interesting. I'm listening." I wasn't sure if I wanted ot tell him. But he isn't to know why I live with my aunt. I took a deep breath in and began. "It was four years ago. I was twelve years old and I was at school. It was November twenty eighth, and it was a sunny day. I was playing with my friends and then the principle called me to the front office. When I got there, my aunt, Holly, my grandparents and my uncles were there. My grandparents and uncles looked very sad at the time. I tried asking them what was going on' their only response was bursting into tears. I turned to the princple he looked down at me sadly. "'I'm sorry to say' he said, I remember his voice being slow 'That your parents have...' He never finished that sentence. The next thing I knew I was taken outside holding my grandparents hands." - I felt tears rim my eyes - "Then, I saw them... I saw their car parked outside the burning hospital. I didn't understand why they had stopped in front of the hospital, I never got it. Just like I never got why Holly was the one dragging me to her car and taking me to her house... I never understood that until a year later when I was living with Holly. M-My mum worked a-as a nurse, m-m-my dad was a doctor, and that day the hospital" - I found I wasn't able to form sentences correctly - "... I knew it was an accident when one of the heaters caused a spark but...They...They died in that fire that day..." Some the tearsI tried to hold back fell onto the tiles benath me. "Sam...I...I'm so sorry. I shouldn't have - I didn't mean to-" I tried my best to smile but failed "It's fine, I just... stile have some painful memories about it, you know? But, it;s not your fault you weren't to know." Sudden;y he leaned foward and did something no one was given to me in a long time. It had been something I guess you could say I craved for when I needed to be comforted. He hugged me. I hugged back, tightly. I let the tears fall, some landing on his bare back. He didn't seem to care. I smiled. I truly was in the arms of an arch angel... (Okay, so that;s the end of this chapter. I know that this was a short chapter and it probably didn't have much action in it, but we kind of develop the relationships a bit and we also found out what happened to Samantha's parents. Once again, I am so sorry that it took me so long to get this chapter out. I'm not sure when I can get the next one out. But anyway, thank you for reading and I hope you enjoyed it! If you have time to comment, I'd really appreicate it if you did! Thanks again guys :) Keep Creating and Siming!! -Warrayfinson

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#18Ariana31PlayerMar 18, 2009

<p>that's really good!!</p>

#19fabrizioammolloMar 28, 2009

<p>Sweet, but so misterious too...</p>

#20YukosanMar 29, 2009

<p>Amazing story, LOVE it (as well as all of your others)!</p>

#21mpattonApr 6, 2009

<p>Great work once again.</p>

#22omik79Apr 6, 2009

<p>Awe poor girl \:\(&nbsp; Good story tho!&nbsp; On to the next\:\)</p>

#23xica1948Apr 19, 2009

<p>I love the story.&nbsp; I'm a writer and I see great potential here. Keep up the good work!</p>

#24justvexApr 26, 2009

<p>\:wub\: great job.</p>

#25shady411May 26, 2009

Another great chapter!!!!

#26madkitty13Jul 20, 2009

I loved the ending. It was..... beautiful \:\) I nearly sobbed........

#27xhaiiApr 5, 2012

oh I knew it. Aerith is fallin' for Xander now \:D As always, great chapter! Hope you'll get well soon my friend \:rah\:

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