Escape From Paradise: Chapter 2
Published Mar 14, 2009

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G'day, I just wanted to thank everyone again who commented on the last chapter...that got split. I'm trying something different and hopefully it works ;) If anyone was wondering about the last chapter of my other story "Love's Never A Choice" you'll find out what happened to it in my blog. Okay so thanks again cya.

G'day, I just wanted to thank everyone again who commented on the last chapter...that got split. I'm trying something different and hopefully it works ;) If anyone was wondering about the last chapter of my other story "Love's Never A Choice" you'll find out what happened to it in my blog. Okay so thanks again cya. "DAWSON!!" Rachael was screaming now. She was starting to panic, she didn't want to be on this deserted island by herself. She was just about to yell out another round calling for him, when she heard a noise.
She completely froze, dead stiff. Then tried to decipher what the sound was. The sound was unmistakable. Off in the distance she heard someone sobbing.
It wasn't Dawson, she knew that much. She cupped her hand to her ear so she could hear better, but she didn't need to listen all that well to hear the next noise.
A bloodcurling scream echoed all around the trees. Rachael lost all sense and ran in after the noise.
She soon stumbled upon a little girl huddled in a small tight ball, quietly crying. As she got near she heard a rustling in the leaves further into the trees and bushes. Rachael quickly looked up to see a quick flash of blue, then all was quiet again. Well not all, the little girl was still sobbing. Rachael stepped on a stick and it cracked. The little girl quickly spun around and started to open her mouth to scream again.
"It's alright" Rachael whispered, still not sure of what she'd seen.
The little girl jumped up and wrapped her arms around Rachael's legs. Rachael knelt down on the ground to give her a proper hug.
"Are you okay?" she asked. Rachael got a small 'u-huh' as the little girl sobbed some more and wiped the tears from her eyes.
"Are you alright?!?" Came an all too familiar worried voice. But not that familiar to the little girl, who quickly darted behind Rachael and into the bushes.
"It's alright, he's alright" Rachael told the girl. Who slowly started to rise from the bush.
"I don't like the vibe I get around here let's go back to the beach" so they all started headed there. With the little girl holding Rachael's hand as tightly as she could.
Within 5 minutes they were back on their familiar beach stretch.
"You too should get some sleep, you look exhausted" Dawson said carefully, not wanting to say the wrong thing, which he often did. Rachael had no argument, she was tired. The day had took it's toll on her.
"I'll stay up, at least for a while to make sure everythings okay" He looked over at Rachael who was already fast asleep. He couldn't help but admire her. He started thinking 'if we ever get back, it would be nice having a nice house, I can picture it, Rachael and I playing on the playground with her daughter and Penny barking playfully near us' he sighed with a smile on his face. 'What am I thinking???!?' Dawson immediately snapped out of his daydream. And decided it would be safer to just stare blankly at the fire, to not think of things like that.
"You getting up anytime soon slacker?"
Dawson wearily opened his eyes. "What time is it?" where he was clearly hadn't caught up with him yet. Rachael just looked down on him and smiled, he couldn't help but smile back. They stayed like that for a while, staring at each other smiling, slowly their smiles were getting bigger.
"Do--" Dawson started.
"Can we build a sandcastle mummy?" Rachae was a bit taken a back at being called 'mummy'. And Dawson laughed.
"Alright" Rachael finally said, and was dragged by the arm to where the little girl wanted to build her castle.
Rachael and the little girl (who Rachael found out her name was Jane and she was only 4) starting sculpting their sandcastle. Jane looked at their un-shaped mound, thought about it for a while and sprinted up.
"Where are you off to?" Rachael asked and smiled.
"'Oh no-where"
"Don't go too far"
"I won't"
Jane walked over to Dawson.
"Daddy?" Jane asked. Dawson's eyes nearly popped out of his head. ""
"Will you help mummy and me build the sandcastle? We need some shells"
"" Dawson started to stand up, he looked over toward Rachael, and their eyes locked for a few seconds. They were both thinking the same thing 'mummy and daddy?'
But Dawson got up and starting combing through the sand for some good sea shells. "I've got your sea-shells Jane"
"Thanks dad" Dawson was still a bit weirded out about being called dad, but he didn't have the heart to tell her to just call him Dawson.
"Have you heard that tongue-twister about sea shells?" Dawson asked Jane.
"Nope tell me!" She laughed.
"Okay, listen carefully. It goes, she sells, sea shells, by the sea shore, the shells she sells, are sea shells I'm sure. Now you try it"
"Umm she sells, sea shells, by the shore sea. The shells sea shells, are sea shells I'm sure"
"Nearly" Dawson laughed.
"Why would you buy sea shells?" Jane questioned. "Why wouldn't you go to the beach and pick them out yourself?" Dawson thought about it for a minute. Then it clicked "Hey yeah! I never thought of it like that"
"It's a pretty dumb place to sell sea shells" Rachael added and they all laughed.
Jane started playing fetch with Penny, while Rachael and Dawson talked.
"I don't want to stay here forever." Rachael stated.
"Yeah, I know what you mean, we'll have to find someway of getting home"
"Yeah, but how? I mean we don't have some magical beans that we can wish to be back home" Rachael said. Dawson just looked at her. "I know I said that wrong" Rachael said trying to figure out the stories. "The beans were jack and the beanstalk weren't they? I don't want a bean stalk, I want to go home!" Rachael was becoming incredibly homesick.
Dawson's arms started coming around Rachael. She didn't know what to do with herself. She stayed perfectly still to receive his hug. His warm strong arms enveloped her, and she felt safe and secure. Her homesickness had gone. She didn't want his embrace to end. But it eventually did. Rachael stood back and looked into his baby blue eyes, and her heart fluttered. She had never felt, what she felt like Dawson before. Was it love? Surely not. She tried to convinve herself. Then started walking over to her bestfriend, the statue. "Did you see that? What was that? What am I supposed to think when he does that?"
The statue was silent.
"I know, he was probably just being nice. I don't know, it didn't feel like just a condolence hug you know?"
The crickets in the background were louder than the 'mute' statue.
"You're a good listener" Rachael started laughing at her little joke. Which in any other particular place wouldn't have really been funny at all, but Rachael had to laugh at something. And if she didn't laugh at her bad jokes, who would?
"What's so funny?" Dawson came up behind Rachael and gave her a heart-attack.
"Geez, do you always sneak up behind people when their having a private conversation?" she was a bit annoyed and angry, not only because he snuck up on her, but because she wasn't sure how much of the conversation he'd heard. And she didn't like people eavesdropping in on her conversations, even if they were with statues.
"Sorry." Dawson said immediately and he meant it, which made Rachael feel bad that she'd snapped at him.
"I'm sorry too, I shouldn't have snapped like that"
"So what were you laughing at?"
Rachael didn't want to tell him her bad joke, she didn't want him to say that's stupid or she's weird and just walk off. But he did anyway.
"You know you're weird right?" Dawson started.
"Thanks." Rachael was just about to walk off, when he held her arm to stop her.
"I meant that in a good way" Dawson said.
"Oh" Rachael's face flushed red. She couldn't stay around him much longer without embarrasing herself further, so she starting walking away.
Dawson started walking away, feeling quite sad.
"I told you I didn't understand them Penny, I thought-- Oh I don't know what I thought, but it's obvious whatever I thought was wrong" Dawson heaved a long and heavy sigh as he sat on the beach with Penny.

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#7jennnnnie02Mar 15, 2009

Excellent addition!(:

#8maryash2Mar 15, 2009

awww i love this story! make the next part rllllllly soon!! \:D

#9candy820Mar 15, 2009

Great part.

#10PenelopeTMar 16, 2009

Looking foward to the next part! Great job! \:\)

#11Ariana31PlayerMar 16, 2009

amazing job! keep it up!!

#12Murphy75Mar 16, 2009

Really interesting story!  How did they get on the island??\:confused\:

#13EarcatMar 16, 2009

  Great story so far.  I love the beach lot.  If you made it, you should upload it.

#14MizLuv2005Mar 23, 2009

No questions to the child? About who she was or where she came from? lol Strange...  \;\)

#15fabrizioammolloMar 29, 2009

Very good job, this chapter is SOOO nice!!!

#16anura32Sep 22, 2009

I love the story.

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