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A Baby-Tale
Published Mar 19, 2009

Written By

maxi king


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Hello and welcome to my new story! A big Thank you to the CC Creators and to all the people who comment on my stories! Sorry for my english, remember, I'm german! Please comment and rate on the end!

Hello and welcome to my new story! A big Thank you to the CC Creators and to all the people who comment on my stories! Sorry for my english, remember, I'm german! Please comment and rate on the end! It was early in the morning as John heard a noise from the door. He took a look and saw a little baby in front of the door! Luckely it was summer,so it wasn't to cold but still cold enough! He picked the baby up. John: Hey, little one, who are you and why are you here all by your self? I best get you in the house! John had a look around but couldn't see anyone and ther was no letter or even a note! So he went in. He put the baby on a blanked on the floor, he was afrait it would fall of the sofa, so he decided to put it on the floor. Better safe as sorry! He thought. Then he phoned the police! The neighbor had a baby, so he phoned her next and she brought him a bottle of milk over, the baby was hungry! A view minutes after that the police arrived! He brought a social worker with him. She had a look at the baby and John told in the mean time the police officer everything he had noticed. Then the social worker ask him: Could you keep him here for a bit? We don't have any space or another family in the moment! You would get paid for it. We try our best to find his mom or a foster family! John: Yes, OK! I lost my job anyway, so why not! A little later John went shopping for some baby stuff and the social worker came ones a week to check on them. She was a great help and John was allowed to chose a name for the boy, they didn't found his mom! So he called him Josh. After he grew into a toddler, John teach him to walk and talk, well everything. He fall in love with the boy! He had so much fun with him! It's like they belong together! The social worker was pleased to see them getting along so well. The time went on so quick! And another birthday arrived! Josh was happy growing into a kid! He couldn't wait to go to school and to make frinds there, he didn't mind not having a mom. He had the best dad of the world! John told him what had happend as he was a baby but he also told him that he was very happy that he was with him. Love is all what matters! Well the next month they were doing everything together, reading, painting, chess. Josh even helped with the cooking and he love to go fisfing. He also was very good at school, John was so proud of him! Then, one late morning, there came a woman to see John! Woman: Hello, I'm Kim! I'm the mother of that kid, that is living with you! John: You mean Josh! How could you leave a baby out in the cold, all by himself! Sorry but I don't like you and Josh don't need you anymore, he is happy living here with me! Kim: I don't care what you say! He is my son and I want him back! I wasn't able to look after him but now I can and I will!
John: you can't just show up and take him with you!
Kim: I can, I'm his mother!
They argued for some time, well till the bus arrived!
Kim: Hello Josh, I'm your mom and you come home with me, to meet your sister.
Josh: Hello! Dad can I? I will be back tonight!
John: Sure, if that is what you want.
So she took him with her but didn't bring him back that night, he didn't thought she would!
So now Josh was gone and John was realy sad, he missed Josh so much! He hardly ate or sllept anymore! Why did she came back? She didn't care before. She didn't ask how he was, what he like, was she interessted at all? He had to do something or he would get mad. So he got a new haircut for a start! That was all he could manage for the moment. He was often in Josh's room, wishing him back! He thought he have to do something to stop him from thinking about Josh, so he started some workout! Suddenly the door opend and Josh came running in. Josh: Dad, Dad, I want to stay with you, it's so horrible at moms, I have to look after my little sister all the time and cant even do my homework and I don't have my own room and... John: Hey, slow down! I missed you too! After a view hours past, his mother arrived with a police officer, they talked a lot but Josh had to go with his mom! It was terrible, John phoned a lawyer but it would take long till he could get Josh back going this way! But there was no other! He didn't want to leave the country with him, that wouldn't be a live for a kid. So he had to do the best with the lawyer. John was so angry, he had to get it off,he played the drums for hour's!It helped a bit and there wasn't much he could do anyway! He didn't want to be all the time alone at home, so he got himself a job. A new start, mabe he will meet someone to spend time with as well. And he did! There was this girl, working in the same place as he, her name was Melissa! Good looking and smart! They hit of well right from the start and so they phoned each other more and more often! Finaly she came to visit him at home! They talked a lot and he even told her about Josh! He was still very upset talking about it but she was very understanding! She was so lovely and they spend a lot time together, John started to fall for her and even wasn't feeling that bad anymore. Just as they kissed for the first time, Josh came in. He didn't care about her, she couldn't be that bad as his mom and John would make sure, he was alright! He just didn't want to be at his mothers anymore and it was his birthday! John: Hey Josh! Sorry mate! I didn't hear you comming in!I didn't forgot you, you know! I hope you not to angry with me, Melissa, would you please leave us a bit alone. Melissa: Sure, I do! You have a lot to talk, I gess! I phone you later,I understand! Josh: Hey, hang on, she don't have to go! I was gone for a long time, you did right looking for a girl and she looks nice, I'm happy for you! I want to stay with you, forever! John: Oh, ok! It's your birthday, today, isn't it! So Melissa done a nice cake for Josh and John and Josh talked! Melissa: Hey, boys! Time for the cake! So Josh grew up ones more! The cake tasted good and the three were happy. Melissa liked Josh straight away and they had a great time together, till....... Kim arrived! She try to sweet-talk Josh! Kim: Hey, come with me, you don't belong here! Josh: No, mother, I stay here and I'm old enough now! You cant make me go with you anymore! Well, she tried a bit longer but didn't get anywere! So in the end, she left without him! Disapointed! John was so happy to have his son back! I know it's not realy his son but it is how he feels about Josh and that is more important than having the same blood! I mean,look at them! They both so happy now! So the next morning they went shopping, for new furniture and clothe for Josh. And Josh went to the hairdresser! He realy needed a haircut, don't you think? And that is how he looks now! Smart, I would say! I bet the girls will love him! Josh was happy now and quickly forgot about the bad days at his moms! He had a great family now, with John and Melissa. Yes,she did move in after a month or two! See,I told you the girls would love him! But Ronja was the only one he liked. A lovely girl, a bit shy but ever so sweet! They got close over the last month! Hehe, very close! Well, not that close! But they fall in love! He wanted to be with her forever, so he was happy to wait for her till they would grow up! He didn't wanted to be like his mom, being just an adult but still too jung for a baby and not able to look after it! School was more important, for the moment anyway! The good times goes so fast, don't you think? Well John and Melissa are married now and it's ones more time to grow up for Josh, to be an adult, to find a job! A view weeks later Ronja grew up as well! They still very much in love! So one evening, he ask her the most lovely's question of the world! Josh: Ronja, my love, will you marry me? Ronja: Yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love to! And with that she moved in! Luckely John owns a big house! They were very much in love! And so were these two! And so..... Melissa got pregnant! The two girls were the best friends and Ronja looked forward to the day that she was pregnant as well. They done everything together and were realy happy! However Kim never showed up again! I gess, she didn't realy care for her son and I hope she will look after her daughter better as for Josh! And soon they were both pregnant! Don't they look happy! I think they will be one happy big family! They will look after the baby's very well because they know that there is nothing more important as kids!

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annawalshMay 28, 2013

Wow! Just amazing didn't know it was sims 2 tho....w-as that bad ?)

original-titleDec 30, 2011

Interesting story and cute little baby! \:\)

helenawahlberg16Feb 5, 2011

Interesting Story. Also, the crib in the story looks really nice. I want one like that for my babies

Larah3124Apr 4, 2010

gute Arbeit !

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