The Story of My Life: Chapter 5, Part 2
Published Mar 28, 2009

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rebekah eliz24021994


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Hi, here is part 2.

Hi, here is part 2. Hi, back so soon? Well, this isn’t the most flattering photo but who looks good when you wake up first thing in the morning? Of course, excluding actors when they pretend to wake up for a movie or TV show. Today, I am going to Tommy’s. I can’t wait. I sped through breakfast and getting dressed. I couldn’t wait to get to Tommy’s. I couldn’t be bothered with my hair today, so I just combed it and put a hair band on. I actually got to the car faster than my mum and that was something. On the way there, we talked about nana, paintings and school. I hated the last subject. Thankfully, she didn’t ask about friends. If only… We got there in less time than I did with nana. And I’m not going to make a joke about old people driving. As soon as we got too the door, it flew open. Lina and mom hugged. This confused me. Were they friends? Did they use to be friends? I didn’t ask because I saw the person I wanted to see and walked towards him. Tommy sat in his wheelchair with a big smile on his face. He looked different from yesterday. Probably because he looked happier and more enthusiastic about his life. I couldn’t help but grin back. “Hi.” I said happily. “Hi, do you want to go to my room?” he replied. “Sure.” He rotated his wheelchair 90 degrees and started to push himself forward. I followed him. When we got to his room, he said I could sit on his bed. So I did, we climbed on top and leaned back, with my hand on my knee. Tommy came as close to the bed as his wheelchair would allow.
“So, what’s it like, living where you live?” he questioned. I didn’t know how to answer him. I was a loser where I lived. Would he think the same?
“Um, it’s great.” I mumbled. He looked confused.
“Do you have any friends there?” he asked, cautiously. He had to ask that question, didn’t he? I didn’t answer. He understood at once. Tommy rotated his wheelchair towards the bed and climbed out of it. He shifted, so he was next to me.
“I know what it’s like. I don’t have any friends either. They ignore me and make fun of me.” he said, painfully. My eyes started to swim with tears, I closed my eyes, hoping Tommy wouldn’t see them. He did. He did something I thought no one would ever do, besides my family. He reached for my hand with his. He stroked my hand, it felt comforting. I whispered, “Thanks.” He smiled sweetly at me. I wiped away the few tears that had broke free with the back of my hand. Tommy thought of a distraction. “ Do you want to go on my PlayStation?” My head snapped up, my eyes widened. “You have one?” He smiled even wider. I nodded. He managed, I don’t know how, to jump off his bed into the wheelchair. “Let’s go.” he said, enthusiastically. We made our way into the living room, where Tommy’s parents and my mom were having a conversation. I didn’t want to disturb them but Tommy did.
“Mom, dad, do you think we could go on the PlayStation?” he asked, hopefully. His parents looked at each and knew the answer. I don’t know how parents could do that.
“If you two behave and Tommy, you still have to do your English homework.” Lina said. Tommy and I looked at each other and grinned madly. We both said, “Ok.” Our parents moved to the other settee and while Tommy positioned himself on the settee, I got the game controllers and switched on the game. Apparently, he already had in SSX. I played that a lot of times at the arcade with my dad (and beat him every time). I walked back with a smug look on my face, handed Tommy one of the controllers and sat down next to him.
“You’re going down.” he said, arrogantly. I scowled at him.
“No, you’re the one who’s going down.” I retorted. We glared at each other while waiting for the game to start.
“Kids, it’s just a game.” Lina’s voice was full of authority. Tommy looked shocked and looked at his mum.
“But, mom, I don’t want to lose to a girl.” he said, acting hurt. I laughed at his poor attempt for pity. His snapped to my direction and returned to glaring at me. The game started up. We picked our players, the track and the laps.
Tommy started off well, but he managed to get his player to crash into a tree. I took this advantage. I beat him hands down. “That’s not fair, you had an advantage!” he whined. I looked at him and retorted, “Well, I wasn’t stupid enough to crash into a tree.” He blushed slightly. I didn’t know that boys could do that. I thought it was only the girls. For a few hours, we played on SSX. I beat him on all of the games. I think he was ashamed to lose to a girl. But I promised that I wouldn’t tell anyone. You know what boys are like. Suddenly, mom was in front of the TV, blocking it. Her arms folded across her chest. “Come on Kristen, we have to go.” I looked at the clock on the wall, it was three o’clock. Jesus, doesn’t time fly where you’re having fun? I jumped off the settee and walked to PlayStation and put the controller back. I turned to Tommy. “Well, it looks like I won’t see you for a while.” I said, sadly. It kind of hurt that I couldn’t see him again.
“Do you have an email account? Or I could have your address or even your phone number.” he asked, hopefully.
“You can have all three.” I smiled. He smiled back. We wrote down each others emails, phone numbers and addresses. I could at least talk to him at least once a week. I waved and said, “Goodbye.” He looked almost as I felt. “Bye.”
I waved goodbye to his parents and thanked them for letting me come over here. They said I could come back anytime I wanted. I grinned at that. Mom always said I had a way of charming people. I never used this to my advantage. Just when I need to get out of trouble. Mom and me had a lot to talk about in the car. She even asked if I fancied Tommy. I couldn’t believe her! I know a boy for two days and she thinks I fancy him. Fine, he’s cute, sweet and funny. But I’m only six. I have my whole live ahead of me. To meet new people and make my mistakes. I doubt that Tommy would ever fancy me. For the next few hours, I spent it with nana. She showed me some family albums. I saw photos of mom growing up, her prom, her wedding, baby pictures of me. I saw my grandfather. I could see where my mom got her nose and eyes from. But I could see that she got her mother’s hair and facial structure. I saw dad as a teenager, I couldn’t help but giggle. He had really bad acne as a teen. He also wore glasses. I hope that when I become a teenager, I won’t look like that. Nana also showed me a miniature oven that she had bought for mom when she was my age. I decided that I should try it out. I told nana I wanted to try it. She smile and gave me instructions. I poured the mixture into a bowl and put bowl into the oven. I waited five minutes. I opened the door and pulled out my muffin. This was the result. It was perfect. Not overcooked, not undercooked, just right. Great, now I sound like ‘Goldilocks and The Three Bears’. Nana said if I could study cooking, I could be as good as mom. That was a stretch. I decided to put my muffin in the car so I could eat it at home. Nana then proceeded to show me how to make Prawn Curry. It sounded disgusting and I was supposed to be the taster. Oh, God! I could pretend I have a stomach ache and get out of it, but that would hurt her feelings. I couldn’t do that to her. I swallowed my pride and figured, if I was going to learn cooking, I might as well learn to make the stuff I don’t like because tastes change as you grow. As it turns out, prawn curry is very nice. I think hearing the words, “prawn” and “curry” in the same sentence, can kind of put you of it. It was five o’clock, we had to go in two hours. It was sad that I had to go. But I could come back anytime I wanted. We talked about the old times, of mom and dad’s childhood. Some of the stories were funny. Apparently, dad broke his leg when he fell out of a tree. That’s where he got nickname, “Monkey boy.” I laughed but I laughed even louder when dad gave me a scowl. Well, wouldn’t you? All good things must come to an end. That’s the expression, isn’t it? I fell asleep, watching a movie, in nana’s arms. I didn’t realise where I was when I reopened my eyes. I was in dad’s arms being carried to the car. It was dark, I could see rips in the black night, stars. Nana called out, “Make sure you come back, okay?” It almost sounded like she was pleading. “We will, mom.” my mom whispered. Nana stroked my head and saw my eyes open a little. “You get some rest. I’ve given your mother my phone number. I‘ll see you next time.” nana murmured. I nodded, the action made my head whirl. I slipped into unconsciousness.

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#12charrayMar 30, 2009

<p>Great part \:rah\:&nbsp; 5.0</p>

#13KvetoslavaMar 31, 2009


#14topaz27Mar 31, 2009

<p>Such a sweet and beautiful story &nbsp;\:\)&nbsp; \:rah\:</p>

#15Henase75211Apr 1, 2009

<p>nice little story very well written</p>

#16KDLANG0VIPApr 4, 2009

<p>Love the chapter\:rah\:</p>

#17DiddakoiGirlApr 4, 2009

<p>This was a nice part, but I think her age is a little unrealistic. Only six? My little sister is seven and she can't really write or spell too well, let alone email! And she definitely wouldn't be considering fancying boys! That's just my opinion. \:confused\:</p>

#18MangioApr 15, 2009

<p>Lovely chapter.\:wub\:</p>

#19omik79Apr 18, 2009

<p>Great \:\)&nbsp; Awesome chapter \:D</p>

#20damnanoirApr 24, 2009

<p>awesome as always! rated 5</p>

#21shady411Jul 6, 2009

Great job\:D

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