"Of Love & Lust" (Episode 2)
Published Mar 31, 2009

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Well, the moment you've all been waiting for, the second installment "Of Love & Lust." Please (PLEASE!!) leave a comment and tell me what you think! Your feedback is the motivation I need to keep writing!
Also, sorry for the length of some of the captions, my computer was acting weird so I wasn't able to take as many pics as I wanted:(

FYI..if you haven't read Episode one, parts 1 & 2, you should read them first before reading Episode two, or you might get lost;) Well, have a nice day and ENJOY!


Well, the moment you've all been waiting for, the second installment "Of Love & Lust." Please (PLEASE!!) leave a comment and tell me what you think! Your feedback is the motivation I need to keep writing!
Also, sorry for the length of some of the captions, my computer was acting weird so I wasn't able to take as many pics as I wanted:(

FYI..if you haven't read Episode one, parts 1 & 2, you should read them first before reading Episode two, or you might get lost;) Well, have a nice day and ENJOY!

Dear Diary,
So much has happened since my last entry! For starters, I got engaged! Nick proposed! It was the most magical, memorable moment of my life! On the other, not so pleasant, hand, Deanndra informed all of us that she found out that Max has been cheating on her with Mykah, her drummer(in her band). She is heartbroken. The worst part is, she hasn’t said anything to him about it! I want to slap her silly! What kind of sense does she make of this? Even though she hasn’t actually seen him in the act, she knows about it! Isn’t that enough to convict a man?! Well, we have already yelled at her, and to be honest, I’m still upset that she took the glory out of my news, you know, GETTING ENGAGED! This is what diaries are for, right? Releasing pent up stress and evil thoughts? I still love her, but right now, I think she’s got some growing up to do.
My venting was interrupted by the sound of Nick’s voice. He was talking to someone. Wondering who it could possibly be, I closed my diary, and went into the house.
(Nick/phone): Well, I don’t know Mark. I need you to be at practice. Our scrimmage match against the Flaming Flamingos is only a week away. Plus, we have our first game coming up in only a month!
Nick was quiet as he listened into the phone. I stared at his face, noticing his brow getting closer and closer together as he began to tense up, trying to suppress his frustration. I blew a kiss in his direction, but it was useless. Once he was mad, he was mad for a while. So, to avoid any kind of conflict, I decided to get out of the house for a while.
It had only been a week since we returned from our rendezvous in Cape Harmony, but I felt like being at the house was suffocating me. Plus, I wasn’t getting any work done and my boss was harping on me. Where could I go and find inspiration to create a masterpiece? My mind was blank. I grabbed Bear’s leash off the coat rack, whistled to him, and we were out the door, on our way to who knows where. The weather was lovely. It was midday and the sun was directly over our heads, a slight breeze coming in from the east. As we approached Patty’s Pet Playgrounds, I stopped and released Bear from the confines of his leash. He immediate ran, paws to dirt, tail in air, straight for the entrance. We had been here many times, so he knew where to go. I, however, slowly paced over to a nearby bench where I could keep an eye on my feisty canine. I was enjoying the peace and quiet until I heard a shriek of terror from a lady nearby. She was wearing a large hat and a fancy dress, not appropriate wear for a pet park, mind you, and as I looked down, there was Bear, having his way with her little poodle! “Somebody do something!” She screamed. I immediately ran over and yanked Bear off the little ragdoll. “I’m so sorry. He’s fixed though, so no worries!” I apologized frantic and embarrassed. She glared at me after picking up her pristine poodle. She didn’t say a word, but her face said it all. She made a small noise of disgust as she turned away and left the park... I looked down at Bear, who was now staring at me with pitiful eyes, like Puss N’ Boots during Shrek 2. “It’s really not fair for you to be so cute.” I said to him. He laid down and pouted. “Oh, come on Bear. You’re just as bad as Nick, I can’t take you anywhere!” I said as I hooked his leash back to his collar. We headed out of the park, but I wasn’t ready to go home yet, so we made our way toward Amber’s place. When we arrived, I was happy to see Amber out back grooming her horse, Thrilla from Manilla, aka Ali. He nickered as we approached, Bear barked in Ali’s direction. I scolded him and he ran off to explore the farm. “Christina! Wow, I feel like it’s been forever!” Amber shrieked! “I know!” I agreed. I thought she looked so natural out here, like she was somehow connected to this place on another level. Maybe it was because she was so happy here. My brain cap lit up at the thought. Inspiration! “Amber, would you mind if I sketched a drawing of you and Ali?” I asked, enthused. “Of course! I would love that! Are you making it for me?” She asked as color rushed to her face. “Well, I am actually doing it for work.” I said with a sad tone. “Oh,” was all she said. I quickly changed the subject before the inevitable awkward silence thickened the atmosphere... “So, I have been working on the invites for the wedding…” I began. She perked up again, setting down her brush and looking at me. “Really? What‘s the count?” she asked. I counted with my fingers. “Three.” She gave me a weird look as her mouth twitched, trying to suppress a laugh. I smiled and that was all it took for both of us to break into uncontrollable giggling. “Would you like to go inside? I could make us something to eat,” she asked. “Sure I’m starved,” and we headed into the house, smiling as we went. While Amber was in the kitchen, I made myself at home on her couch. The whole house had Amber written all over it. The colors were her favorite, the style was so her. As I glanced around, the phone rang violently. “That’s so loud!” I complained, “Is that the phone?” I asked, surprised. “Yes! Sorry, I’m deaf I think!” She replied, yelling from the kitchen. “Should I answer that?” I inquired. “No, I’ll get it!” The cacophony stopped abruptly as Amber picked up the phone. “Hello?” We both waited. She gave me a grave look. I felt a shiver run up my spine. “What is it?” I mouthed to her. She motioned with her finger for me to wait as she listened. “Ok, we will be right over!” she proclaimed before hanging up. I was bewildered. “What happened?” I asked, perplexed. “Well, apparently Deanndra tried to confront Max about his affair and he threatened her. She’s terrified.” I was still confused. “Wait, so who called you?” I continued. “It was Brittany. No time for questions! Let’s get going!” She demanded, grabbing her keys off the tack board and heading out the door. I ran to catch up with her. At Deanndra’s apartment, all seemed to be normal, at least on the outside. Brittany came out to greet us before we even got out the door. She explained about how Dee had called her immediately after Max had stormed out of the apartment. “She’s a mess,” she warned. We all shared mutual glances of concern before heading inside together. Before we even reached the top of the stairwell, Deanndra’s sobs rang our eardrums. “Oh dear…” I thought to myself. When we rounded the corner to the living room, Deanndra was sitting near the couch, engulfed in tissues. She glanced up at us as we stood there staring at her. “Hey…” she choked between sobs. “Girl, this is absurd” Amber noted. I gave her a warning glance, “that is not what she wants to hear right now” I considered, “but that’s Amber’s nature, to be straightforward, a true third-party perspective. “Listen, what Amber means is that you’ve only known the guy for a month” I justified with a sympathetic tone. “A month and a half,” Deanndra argued. It took us nearly three hours to coax Deanndra into a sleep. “She’ll probably be worse tomorrow when she remembers it all over again in the morning,” I commented, “someone should stay with her.” Amber agreed to stay since Brittany and I had work tomorrow. We wished her good luck and told her to give us a call the next morning before I hitched a ride with Britt back to my house. I found Nick in the kitchen cooking something that made my stomach ravenous. I came up and kissed him and told him about my day. He had cooled down by now and was wearing his usual charming smile. “I’m sorry if I scared you out of the house today,” he apologized. I laughed and said, “don’t worry, I can handle you.” He gave me a devilish look. “Are you sure about that?” he asked with a seductive growl. I laughed at his silliness but shrieked girlishly when he scooped me up in his arms. “What about dinner!” I playfully teased as he kicked open the door to our bedroom… ((Brittany))
I awoke to the obnoxious, repetitive sound of my alarm clock. “Already? Didn’t I just get to bed?” I asked my alarm, as if it could respond. It beeped at me without sympathy. Eventuall, I rolled out of bed, cursed at my alarm while shutting it off, and went to the kitchen to start some coffee...
I was feeling awake after realizing that today is the first day of my summer teaching job. I felt a ping of nervousness as I perused the fridge for breakfast. I grabbed an apple and headed back to my room to get dressed. Time escaped me and soon I was running late, as usual. I became flushed, my makeup hot on my face. I clumsily poured coffee into a mug before running out the door to my first day of work… When I arrived at the school, there were few cars there. “This is summer school,” I reminded myself “nobody wants to be here but you.” I had to laugh. Why did I love teaching children so much? Because they are so eager to learn and full of curiosity! I parked my car in the teachers’ parking lot and headed inside to greet my new classroom. Of course there were no children here yet, so the classroom was empty. I set my briefcase down and sat at the desk. “What is it about a brand new desk that compels teachers to sit in it as soon as they get in the classroom?” I asked out loud. “Maybe it’s because it’s the only time you get to sit at it in peace.” A male voice imposed at the doorway. I shot up. “Hello, my name is Emmett, Emmett Wilson,” he greeted as he held out is hand. I snapped out of my hypnotization and shook his hand, “Hi, I’m Brittany Klein, nice to meet you.” His smile was captivating. He must have stood six foot with cinnamon brown eyes that shook me from head to toe. I shut my mouth immediately, I was lucky I wasn’t drooling. “Why do I have to look like a dumbfounded idiot?” I asked myself. There was a small silence before he continued, “Have you worked here long? I don’t think I have ever seen you around before…” “Today is my first day. I normally teach at Stinson Elementary in the Hill Country.” I replied. “Oh, well in that case, Welcome!” he said with a nervous laugh. I smiled, gawking at his handsome features. “Thank you. Anything I should know?” I asked. “Not really, it’s pretty quiet here during the summer. Most children have parents who let them enjoy their summer off.” He replied. He glanced at his watch, “Oh, class is starting in five minutes. I’ll leave you to get better acquainted with your new desk,” he said with a wink as he left me standing and staring at him like he was something to eat. “Oh but he looks delicious.” I said aloud with a sigh. I covered myself as if to catch the words before they slipped out, but it was too late. Lucky for me, no one was around to witness my girlish lapse. When the bell rang, it only took a few minutes before my kids had joined me in the classroom. They’re faces weren’t happy and bubbly like children during regular semesters; they wore expressions of disappointment, remorse, and irritability. I took a deep breath and introduced myself brightly, “Hello, my name is Ms. Klein and I’m going to be your teacher for this summer semester.” I got a few returned greetings, but mostly I got yawns and agitated glances. I felt my palms begin to perspire as I wrote my name on the board. I had the class introduce themselves and we went over our first few lessons of the day before lunchtime rolled around. Naturally, they ran out of my class faster than they did coming in. When the room was cleared out, I decided to get my lunch out eat. Before I got to the lounge, I was interrupted by Mr. Carlson, my classroom neighbor. “Ms. Klein, perhaps you would like to join me in the teacher’s lounge?” I considered it for a moment. Mr. Carlson was nothing like the handsome thrill I saw this morning. No, in fact, he was the exact opposite, having the image of an actual teacher. He had the thick-rimmed glasses and bowtie, quite the character. “Sure thing,” I replied with a friendly tone. As we entered the lounge, I immediately became uncomfortable by everyone’s curious stares. I blushed several shades of crimson and looked toward the floor as I followed Mr. Carlson. Halfway across the room, a hand stuck out in front of my waist... I followed the muscular arm to the face of its owner. It was Mr. Walker. If it was possible, I turned a shade darker as he spoke, “Ms. Klein, won’t you join me for lunch?” I met Mr. Carlson’s glare as he realized my deliberation. I shrugged my shoulders apologetically in his direction, feeling guilty but hoping he would try to understand. I took a seat next to Emmett and got out my lunch, although I was too nervous to eat in front of his grace. “How’s it going for you so far?” Emmett asked with that same devilishly sexy smile. “It’s going well, thanks,” I replied with an embarrassed smile. “Can I be forward with you Ms. Klein?” I felt my eyes bulge as my curiosity was piqued. “Um, sure.” “You are the most beautiful woman I have ever seen.” He said, sincerity playing on his tone. “Wow,” was all I could muster up. “Thanks.” “Did I make you uncomfortable? Sorry if I did, I’m a little nervous around you and I don’t think that I’m thinking straight,” he admitted, looking down at his lunch. I was quiet for a moment, thinking that this seemed all very high-school to me. Honestly, I was flattered by his words though. It had my heart flying with wings, my head in the clouds; I was trying to keep myself sensible despite his words. “Well Mr. Walker, why don’t we get to know each other better? This weekend maybe? Friday night? I’m available if you are.” Did I just do that? He looked at me, smiling again, “Friday’s great.” I gave him my address, for he requested to pick me up, of which I’m not accustomed, but this would make my girlfriends proud. Trusting him, I gave him all the info he needed to make a date with me on Friday night. All of a sudden, I became giddy. I felt myself smile, all gums and teeth, thinking about what could happen this Friday night… The sun was blazing directly above me as I hopped in my car to go to Jelli, a local café where I was meeting the girls for afternoon drinks. Amber had given me a call and persuaded me to set aside my fruitless wedding planning by convincing me that the only way to cure Deanndra’s heart ache is by getting out and wasting time... When I arrived at Jelli, the place was pretty empty. I waved to the girls as I walked toward their table. Deanndra was actually smiling, which made me happy. None of us were really hungry, being it mid afternoon, so we all ordered something simple. I ordered the pomegranate passion tea, my favorite. We chit chatted for a little bit until Brittany released the news of her date on Friday. Amber, Dee, and I were in shock. “Woah!” Deanndra let out between sips of her macchiato iced. I let out a shriek of joy, “Oh my gosh! I’m so happy for you!” She asked for my help to make her look nice that night. Of course I agreed, make-over’s are fun. When our little meeting came to a stop, I decided to go with Deanndra to her apartment to keep her company.. When we arrived to the apartment, Max was waiting for us, well, for Deanndra anyway. “Baby, you know me! You know I would never do that to you!” he began to plead pathetically. I held my breath to keep from budding into her business. “Max, stop it! I don’t want to hear any more of your lies!” Deanndra demanded. I intruded, “You. Leave. Now!” I ran over to him, glaring at him with the intention of murder. “Go.” I said with a harshness in my tone that was unnatural. He looked at me for a minute before turning to Deanndra and saying, “I’m so sorry.” He walked around me, close enough to touch shoulders, and left. Deanndra broke down immediately into sobs. “Dee, sweetie! Look, it’s okay. Shhh” I wrapped my arms around her. A moment later after the violent wave of sobs, she asked, her voice horse, “why did this have to happen? Everything was so perfect.” At this, I had no idea what to say. I began to contemplate my own fortunes and considered the harsh truth, “All great things must come to an end.” And together we went into her apartment, my last words engraved in our minds. The next few days passed quickly. I spent most of my time making wedding arrangements. On the flip side, Deanndra was getting over her heart break and tonight Brittany had her date with Mr. Incredible, Emmett Walker. I was expecting her soon. “Baby, did I ever tell you how much I love you?” Nick asked as he surprisingly wrapped his arms around my waist, making me startle. His breath was cool against the skin of my neck. “I do believe you have.” I replied, falling under his spell. He began to act foolishly, but I put that to a stop. “Brittany is on her way over!” I remarked, playfully pushing his hands away. “Oh, alright,” he replied as he began to sulk. I immediately grabbed him by the arms, spun him around, and planted a kiss on his lips. He kissed me back passionately, something I’ve grown much fond of. It was one of the many new exciting changes since the proposal. “I love you.” I said. “I love you too.” He gave me another kiss that was interrupted by the door bell. “Hey girl,” I said, motioning for Brittany to come in the house. “thanks for doing this,” she said. “It’s my specialty,” I replied with a wink. We both laughed. I sat her down in front of my bathroom mirror and barely an hour later, I had her looking like a movie star. “You, girl, are beautiful.” I marveled at her flawless glamour. She blushed, “All because of you,” she said modestly. While driving back to my house, all dolled up thanks to Christina, I began to feel anxious. My palms perspired while gripping the steering wheel. My heart bounded. “Chill out Brittany,” I soothed. I pulled into the driveway just in time to hear tires behind me come to a halt as I stepped out the driver’s side of my car. I turned to see Emmett getting out of his car. “Hey there!” I yelled. “I’m coming! No need to get out of your car.” Emmett looked up at me, smiling as usual, “Nonsense,” he replied, opening the passenger door. As I reached out the grab the door for support, he stopped me. “You are beautiful Ms. Klein, like nothing I have ever seen.” I blushed. What is this effect he has on me? I smiled back at him, too embarrassed to say anything. He shut the door behind me and walked around to the driver’s side to get in. He ignited the car, “Are you ready?” he asked. “Ready as I’ll ever be.” I replied, becoming more nervous each second, my stomach doing flip flops as the car began to move forward…
“Where are we going?” I inquired as we were driving out of the city. “You’ll see. It’s just a little further.” We pulled up onto a gravel road past a sign that read, “Le Bon Terre:” My heart fluttered like the wings of a hummingbird when the car came to a stop. He led me down the gravel walkway to a breath-taking moonlit lake...
There, at the edge of the lake was a blanket laid out with a few candles and a basket. “I hope this isn’t too romantic for a first date, if this is a date,” Emmett apologized. “Emmett, it’s very lovely and yes, I’d consider this a date. You outdid yourself.” We sat down together at a comfortable distance. The breeze was warm and it felt like the touch of a feather against my skin. “Help yourself.” Emmett directed, pointing toward the small basket. There was mostly snack foods, crackers, cheese, fruits, etc. “Wow. All of it looks delicious.” I admired. “Thanks, I didn’t know what you like but I figured I couldn’t go wrong with snacks,” he admitted. “Nope, one can never go wrong with snacks,” I agreed, grabbing a cracker. “So tell me about yourself,” I was hoping he wasn’t the kind of guy that would give me a three-word description. “Well, my name is Emmett Grayson Walker. I enjoy horseback riding and taking long walks on the beach with the woman I love…” He answered with a laugh and a wink. I glared at him, waiting. “I’m the kind of guy who loves to have a good time. By that I mean, doing what I love to do: playing sports, teaching kids, and, this is a little embarrassing to admit, I love to read.” He gave me an embarrassed half-smile. “There’s no shame in reading, Emmett. I love to read too. I’ve read more books than I have seen movies, probably.” I admitted. “Really?” he asked, “so, what are you all about?” I hesitated to consider a honest, but not too honest, answer. “Well, I’m from the Hill Country, like I told you before. I love reading books and horsebackriding—at this I had to laugh, recalling the joke he made moments ago—I also enjoy children and cats. Oh, and I can’t forget…I like long walks on the beach with the man I love.” He laughed at my sarcastic response. “You’re a funny one.” He accused. The night passed quietly, the moon outshining the stars over the lake. Emmett and I decided to take a walk along the water, talking and sharing interests. His voice turned soft as we walked onto a gazebo on the other side of the lake. At this point, he had taken my hand. I had butterflies in my stomach and, naturally, I was sweating nervously. He turned to me after looking out on the lake, “I have had a wonderful time tonight. Thanks for coming out here with me.” He said with that delicious smile of his. “I’d love to do it again sometime.” I told him. He took my other hand, my heart broke into a sprint, my mind went dizzy with emotions. He was inches away from me, his sweet breath on my face. He leaned closer, I didn’t move. And then..his lips touched mine, ever so softly, sending a wave of inexplicable feelings down my entire body..The moon was our only witness… “OMG, how was it?! Tell me all about it Brittany!” I demanded. “Every little detail, even the unimportant ones!” Deanndra added from my cell's speakerphone. “Okay, okay” Brittany surrendered, giving me a pitiful glance. “Well, I’ll cut to the chase for you devils first. We kissed.” “WHAT?! On a first date?” Deanndra asked. “Get it.” I said. She told us all about it, even about his ingenious choice of foods. When I got off the phone with Deanndra, Brittany and I headed to my studio. While she perused the internet, gawking at pictures of people on facebook, I looked down at my paint-splattered apron, grabbed a brush from the pocket and started to work. The paint bled across the paper, creating an indulgence of color and shape. A vibration from my pocket stopped me in place. It was my phone, again. “Shoot.” I remarked, before getting paint on my arm, carelessly. I pulled the phone out of my pocket and opened the new text message from Nick. “Get down to the hospital, quick!,” was all it said…

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#30humanwarlockApr 5, 2009

Great story so far.\:rah\:

#31VIVA.GLAMApr 5, 2009

I'm hooked! Can't wait for more!! \:D

#32BowApr 6, 2009

Amazing story and dundundun.... Cliffhanger.grrr. Can't wait till the next episode/part! All of your sims are gorgeous \:D \:wub\:

#33gster34Apr 7, 2009

I cant wait for the next episode, im really enjoying your work. Keep it up! \:D

#34DerbywoodApr 9, 2009

Great chapter! My favorite page is page 20, when Brittany meets Emmett. I love the line...He must have stood six foot with cinnamon brown eyes that shook me from head to toe. I feel like I can feel what Brittany's feeling. Brilliant! 

#35SuperStar94Apr 9, 2009

\:eek\: Eeek! Don't stop it there! Tee hee, I loved this chapter! Glad Brittany found someone, let's just hope it lasts. \:wub\:

#36EdwardCullen♥Apr 10, 2009

omigosh! i LUVED IT!
and i love the hair styles you used can you tell me where you got them PLZZZ!

#37MangioApr 14, 2009

another beautiful chapter...amazing.\:wub\:

#38TUTULAJun 19, 2009

loved this part!!: can't wait for what comes next!!\:rah\:

#39eshuffSep 9, 2009

Really tight group of girls and what a messed up bunch of guys!  Can't blame Brit for moving fast...but all of them are moving too fast and expecting more than they're probably going to get.  Really great writing!  Fabulous shots!  I love the character interaction, it absolutely works!

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