The Story of My Life: Chapter 6
Published Apr 2, 2009

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rebekah eliz24021994


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Sorry for the delay. I had to rewrite it twice, so it would be accepted.

Sorry for the delay. I had to rewrite it twice, so it would be accepted. Hi! It’s been, what, five years since we last met? I’m now eleven and I’m going to be twelve in about three months. A lot of things have happened in five years. Let me explain. Schools been better. The kids actually talk to me and help me if I feel a little blue, but none of them are my friends. That’s fine. As long as they don’t ignore me. Nana moved to a house that she lived in while as a child. It’s about two miles away from her old house but when I go to see her, I can also see Tommy. Me and Tommy’s friendship is going from strength to strength. We may only chat to each other on MSN or letters, but we share everything. We talk about our days at home and school, our feelings and tastes in music. I’ve kind of gone to gothic and emo music. I love the way it expresses feelings and sadness. I kind of do that with my paintings. Tommy’s life is changing, for the better. Tommy is finally out of his wheelchair! Isn’t it fantastic!? I mean, he’s starting to become more popular at school, he’s enjoying life and he’s even started to play football. His parents are so proud of him. He’s going to have to enjoy all of the attention he gets now, because soon, he’s going to have competition. Lina is pregnant. She’s about three months along. My family went to congratulate them a couple of weeks ago, when we were visiting nana. Tommy hopes it will be a boy, so he can play football and play tricks on his parents. Lina and Kyle, Tommy’s dad, are hoping for a girl, so they have both. Well, today, we got sent home from school early. Something with the pipes bursting. I didn’t hear anything else above the screaming of children. We had no homework. Dad was off today, so we could have some father-daughter time. Or I could paint, whatever. On my way to my room, I heard giggles coming from mom and dad’s room. But it wasn’t mom, she was at work and took the car. I went to investigate. Something at the back of my brain screamed, “DON’T!” I ignored it. I turned the handle of the door and walked in. I couldn’t believe my eyes. My dad was kissing another woman! He was cheating on my mom! My eyes started to well up with tears. I sobbed, “Daddy!” He instantly looked up at me. He looked shocked, startled then angry. He pointed his finger at me then to my room.
“Go to your room!” he shouted. The woman he was with looked embarrassed. I was scared, frozen on the spot. I put my hands up to my face, protectively.
“Get out!” he screamed. I couldn’t take it I ran out of the room and into mine, slamming the door in the process. I walked to my bed and curled up to the corner farthest away from the door. I put my hands across my torso, defensively.
How could he have done this? Why did he do it? Doesn’t he love mom? My mind kept running through the questions that needed to be answered. He shouted at me. He’s never done that before, he hurt my feelings. Does he care about me? I didn’t have time to ponder on that when the door swung open, violently. He came in with a black vest on. He looked scary, angry. I was petrified. I’ve never seen him look like that.
“What are you doing home?” he growled. I flinched. I couldn’t answer him, I was scared stiff.
“Answer me!” he shouted. My tears poured down my face. “The p-pipes are b-broken at s-school.” I managed to stutter out. He looked more angry. “Promise me that you won‘t tell your mom.” he asked, ferociously. “I promise.” I whispered He walked out. I couldn’t control my sobs anymore. They ripped out of my chest. My body dropped to the bed.
I closed my eyes, but the tears still poured out. He wasn’t my dad. My dad would never shout at me. He would never be my dad again. I lay here for ages. I heard the woman walk out of the house, giggling. Her car driving off. Leo, going back into his room. I straightened myself and walked out of the room. Into the bathroom. I put the plug into the sink and filled it up. I shoved the soap into the sink. I rubbed it so I had enough residue and slammed it onto my face. I rubbed the tears away from my face. Once my face was clear I rinsed off the bubbles and dried off the remaining water. I climbed into the bathtub, I pulled my legs up to my chest and wrapped my arms around them. I willed myself not to let the tears flow. I succeeded. I would stay in here until I was sure I wouldn’t lose control. I went to my room, to start on my homework that was supposed to be in tomorrow. I didn’t do it last night because, well, I couldn’t be bothered. It was equations. Years ago, I hated maths cause I sucked at it. Now, it doesn’t bother me. I kind of like it. I’m in the top set, as well as every other class. I’ve heard people mutter “nerd” behind my back. I always say to myself, “Better to be a nerd, then a dumb idiot that doesn’t know anything.” I finished my work in under twenty minutes. I went to my easel. My mind was being taken over by images of blood, gore and carnage. I couldn’t control my body anymore. My hand went straight for the rush and painted, rapidly. Normally it took me about a day to finish a painting. This took me less than an hour. I couldn’t believe what my mind came up with. It was horrific! What the hell is wrong with me? I didn’t want to look at it. As soon as the paint was dry, I hid it under my bed. I never wanted to acknowledge it again. For the rest of the day, I stayed in my room and concentrated on a piece of literature I was working on. I was trying to write a story, but I didn’t have any motifs or any plot. So I gave up. Writing wasn’t one of my talents. But I tried anyway, it was something to do when you’re bored. I stayed out of Leo’s way. For dinner, I had the packed lunch I was supposed to have. I was scared now, darkness surrounded me. I was alone. No one to protect me. Mom was late coming home, she had to stay back because of an accident. I climbed into bed, pulling the quilt as far as it would go. I needed the protection of warmth. It kept me sane whenever I was unhappy. But now; I needed it to keep me from screaming out. I closed my eyes; hoping for happy dreams. I slipped away. Something warm touched my forehead. I stiffened, fear taking over me. I wanted to open my eyes to find out what it was but I was too tired. Someone was cooing in my ear.
“Sh, sh, it’s just me.” a soft voice whispered. I relaxed. It was just mom. “Go back to sleep.” she gently commanded. I obeyed.
Fear, pain and anger. I felt them, but the latter of the emotions wasn’t mine. I felt two types of pain, physical and emotional. But fear was the greatest. Why? Why did I feel it? It didn’t seem comprehendible to me. I felt myself tossing and turning in a cocoon of warmth. But my dream state mind was elsewhere. My mind conjured up something horrible. I was in a room crying, grief was taking over my body. My mother, was curled up in a ball. Stone cold. I checked her pulse. Her heart wasn’t beating. She was dead. Howls of sobs radiated from me. She was gone. I prayed, prayed for this to be untrue, that she would uncurl herself and hug me. Saying that it was just a dream, but nothing happened. The door opened, slowly, I heard the creaks. A shadowy figure appeared. With an angry look on his face, he moved toward me… My eyes wrenched open. My torso shot upright. My hand over my heart. Tears, streaming down my face. Panic settled in. That was the worst nightmare I have ever had. Hysterical sobs were projected. I couldn’t control my breathing. The air going in and coming out of my lungs was faster than anytime I can remember. I jumped off the bed. I covered my face with my hands as I cried. My bedroom door opened slowly. My breathing came out even faster. Fortunately, it was my mom. She crouched down to my level and put her arms around me. Cooing in my ear.
“It’s alright, Kristen. It was just a bad dream. Calm down.” she whispered. If only she knew the truth. I shook my head. My tears rolled off my face and fell to the floor. “Come into the kitchen.” mom murmured. I nodded. Mom held out her hand. I took, we walked hand in hand into the kitchen.
Mom made me some hot chocolate. It always calms me down. The tears still streamed down my face, but the sobbing stopped. The warm, brown liquid trickled down my throat. It tasted bitter to me, however, I needed something to distract me. “Do you want to talk about it?” mom asked, cautiously. I shook my head, swiftly. If I told mom about my dream, then I would have to tell her about the threat and then the affair. I couldn’t, even though I love my mom more than anything, I’m too scared of the consequences of telling. “Okay, when you’re ready, you can tell me.” she said, tenderly. I nodded. I finished my cup of coffee and rinsed out the contents. I walked into the living room. I sat on the settee. Mom came in a minute later. She sat next to me. She put her left arm on my shoulders, pulling me close. I put my head on her shoulder. Our heads rubbed together. Static was created, I felt my hair tickle my neck. Whatever would happen, I would always have my mom. She always was there for me and will be. Bye.

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#14kitfu11Apr 4, 2009

<p>I can't believe Leo did that! What a jerk face!!!!!</p>

#15jayb04Apr 5, 2009

<p>Awesome job it's sad but great writing as well as pics. Thanks for sharing!</p>

#16MirraajApr 5, 2009

<p>What a jerk. Hopefully he'll pay in the next part.&nbsp;\:puke\:</p>

#17Cupcake101198Apr 6, 2009

<p>Leo is such a bitch!! He's gonna come back from war pretending like he loves his family, then he cheats on his wife with that skank whore! The wife looks better than her! I hope something bad happens to Leo. By the way great story! Can't wait for the next chapter.\:\)</p>

#18MangioApr 15, 2009

<p>I felt sad as well. Great chapter, whoch also engaged the audience.</p>

#19Crazy_doodleApr 16, 2009

<p>Evil man! How dare he \:mad\:</p>

#20omik79Apr 18, 2009

<p>AWE How sad \:\(&nbsp; I wanted to cry too!&nbsp; *sighs*</p>

#21damnanoirApr 24, 2009

<p>bastard man -.-!!!!!!!!! great story ! 5</p>

#22raaawr!_xMay 17, 2009

oh my goodness.
ii lovee all your stories \:\)

#23fabrizioammolloApr 11, 2012

A very unusual and enjoyable story.

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