Of Love & Lust: Episode 3
Published Apr 8, 2009

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Well, prepare yourselves. Episode 3 is pretty intense. I hope that you will take the time to comment, for it makes my day!!

A very special thanks to all who have kept up with my story, I couldn't ask for anything more.

lastly, i'm sorry the captions are kind of long--i was having trouble uploading screens again:(
enjoy! ~xtinabobina.

Well, prepare yourselves. Episode 3 is pretty intense. I hope that you will take the time to comment, for it makes my day!!

A very special thanks to all who have kept up with my story, I couldn't ask for anything more.

lastly, i'm sorry the captions are kind of long--i was having trouble uploading screens again:(
enjoy! ~xtinabobina.
A wave of panic rushed down my body accompanied by a storm of questions. What has happened? Who got hurt? Why is Nick at the hospital? I gave Brittany an alarming look; I think she felt my stare, for she looked up at me, her expression changing to match my own. “What is it?” she asked, alarmed. “I think it’s Nick, he’s at the hospital.” On impulse, I grabbed my keys and ran for the car, Brittany trailing behind me. When we arrived, I went up to the receptionist and gave her Nick’s name and information. “Ma’am, I’m sorry to say this, but I am afraid we don’t have any patients listed by that name.” ... Before I could reply, Nick called my name while entering the lobby . I surveyed his body and dually noted his healthy status. “If he isn’t hurt, then why are we here?” I wondered to myself. I gave him a quizzical look. “Christina, Brittany, it’s Amber. She’s alright but she’s had a terrible accident. (he looked back and forth between Brittany and I, meeting our worried eyes before continuing) “Apparently she was riding her horse and he got spooked by something and took off with Amber still on his back. She lost her footing, or at least she thinks that’s what happened, and when she decided it would be better to just fall off, her other foot had gotten caught in the stirrup. She was dragged for some ways before she finally got free. Miraculously, she has no broken bones, just bruises and cuts to no end.” He said, looking solemn. I felt my eyes sting as unwelcomed salty tears blurred my vision. Brittany took my hand to comfort me. She was so much stronger than I at times like these. “I’ll take y’all to see her.” Nick said before leading us down the hall. Seeing Amber all bloody and bandaged lying in that hospital cot had me feeling weary and distressed. We were in there not five minutes before the nausea kicked in. I grabbed my stomach and ran for the bathroom. “That was weird.” I said out loud. I had seen blood many times in my life, but never had it made me so queasy. I returned to Amber’s room to meet the worried faces of all her visitors. “Are you alright?” Nick asked, his brows knitting together with concern. “Of course.” I lied. We were only there a short time before the doctor recommended that we go home. Amber had slept for the duration of our visit, which I secretly felt was best. I had no idea what I would’ve said to her had she been awake. Brittany had called Emmett to come pick her up so that I wouldn’t have to take her home, so the drive to my house was quiet, giving me time to think. I felt sick again, my body feeling uneasy. I tried to keep myself distracted with my thoughts, hoping I could last until I got home. Today’s events had been so unpredictable. I kept thinking about how Brittany and I had tried to get Amber on the phone earlier this morning to tell her about Britt and Emmett’s date. We had no idea that she was being dragged by a horse, terrified and alone. When I pulled into the driveway, I glared at the glistening half-moon. Nick came up to comfort me. “Are you really okay? You look very pale.” He noted. “Yes, I’m fine. I just want to go to bed.” I replied. We walked into the house together in silence. Without even thinking about it, I brushed my teeth, got ready for bed, and crawled beneath the covers only to succumb to sweet slumber. The next morning, I awoke violently ill. I ran to the bathroom only to become even sicker than yesterday. “Nick…” I managed to yell out. Moments later he rushed to my side, hair a mess and shirtless. The violent waves of illness continued until my body surrendered, tired and strained. Nick stroked my cheek and gave me a pitiful look. “You’re not okay.” He said. “No, I’m..not okay.” I returned, this time, not lying. We looked at each other. “What is wrong?” He asked, finally. “I have no clue!” I responded a little more passionately than necessary. My body felt so weak under the weight of my worries. Am I pregnant? The thought sent shivers down my spine, weakening my body to a numbed state. I wrapped my arms around Nick’s neck, wanting him to hold me. He picked me up and carried me to the bed where, again, I surrendered to the overwhelming need for sleep. Dear Diary, the sickness continues! I dread the thought of visiting the doctor, even though Nick is pushing for it. I cannot handle any more bad news. On the bright side, Amber has returned home and is feeling better. Also, Nick and I are expecting company today. It’s Nick’s best friend from his hometown, Adam. He’s such a nice guy! I think tonight we might go out with Brittany, Amber, and Emmett so we can introduce Adam to all of our friends here. Brittany and Emmett spend nearly every day together now. I think it might be getting serious! I’m so happy for her!! Also, Deanndra has disappeared, as typical since her split with Max, but I'm sure she's fine. Well, I have to go, I’m getting that queasy feeling again, maybe I should go to the doctor… Nick: “Hello?”
Adam: “Hey beau!”
N: “Dude, what’s up? Are you here yet?”
A: “Yeah! I’ll be there soon, just wanted to call to let you know.”
N: “Ok beau, see you soon!”

I listened in on their conversation while innocently reading Stephanie Myers’s, “Breaking Dawn.” I never understood why they call each other ‘beau.’ Nick explained it to be a southern thing. “So he is almost here?” I asked casually. “Yep!” I saw the brilliant excitement take hold of Nick’s expression. “I am so excited for you.” I said. “Thanks babe.” And then the doorbell rang…
“Bro!” they exclaimed in unison before hugging each other in greeting, the way men do. I smiled and casually strolled over to greet Adam myself... “We are so happy that you could come. Welcome,” I greeted sweetly. “I’m starved!” he proclaimed after hugging me too. “Babe, do you want to call the girls and have them meet up with us at Giuseppe’s early?” Nick inquired. “Sure.” And off I went to hunt down my cell phone... ..until it happened again, a violent attack, and this time, I almost didn’t make it to the bathroom. Nick heard my groans and screeches and ran to assist me. “You’re going to the doctor. Now.” He demanded before scooping me up in his arms and carrying me to the car. “Anything I can do?” Adam asked, following one determined Nick outside. “Grab my wallet off the counter,” Nick instructed. Within moments all three of us were on our way the hospital… “Well Ms. Christina, I have some good news and some not-so-good news. Which would you like to hear first?” I wanted to say neither but for some reason I got lost in translation and said, “The good news.” “Well, you are, indeed, expecting a baby. Congratulations.” Her words became blurred after ‘expecting.’ The room began to spin, is this really happening? I was screaming on the inside, scared and, strangely, excited. “Christina?” The doctor inquired, looking concerned. “The not-so-good news, in laymen’s terms, is that the baby is situated in such a way that it’s disorienting your body, which explains the violent nausea attacks,” she explained, smiling the whole time. “Why?” was all I could muster up. “Well, this happens quite often but for no particular reason. Everything should be fine. You’re about three-quarters through your first trimester, so things can change…Therefore, we’ll have to monitor often. We’ll set up a string of appointments for you, okay?” “OK.” I said, concerned and upset. I left the room to find Nick and Adam chatting away in the lobby. “Well, what is it?” Nick asked me. “Babe, I’m pregnant.” All was silent except for the pop of Adam’s jaw as it fell open. Nick and I just stared at each other, trying to read each other’s thoughts... I felt like the whole room was empty except for he and I. My thoughts turned into worries and all of a sudden the room was too loud…my body became weak and all went black… The next day I awoke in the warmth of my own bed. As soon as my eyes opened, I became consciously aware of yesterday’s news. The panic had subsided. “I can do this.” I told myself, reaching down instinctively toward my stomach. Nick came in the room. “You’re awake.” He said, coming to join me.
N: “Are you afraid?”
C: “Yes. Yes, I am very afraid.”
N: “I will do whatever I can to help you.”
C: “I don’t know what it will be like, what I will be like. I don’t even know if you can help me!” I rambled on.
N: “Baby, we can do this together. We wanted this someday; it has just come sooner than expected. I am sorry.”
C: “Don’t apologize, Nick. This is not something to be sorry about. After sleeping on it, I am feeling rational and I realize that I am actually quite excited.”
N: “Tomorrow night, we will go out and talk alone. Is that okay?”
C: “Yes, of course.”
N: “Before I forget, the girls want to meet up with us in an hour, are you up for it? I can cancel if you are too tired.”
C: I laughed, “I need to tell them or they’ll kill me.” Nick joined in the laughter and helped me out of bed to get dressed. Within minutes we were on the road…
It was late in the evening and I soon realized upon the arrival to Giuseppe’s that I had nearly slept the day away and that I was starving! Emmett, Brittany, and Amber were at the restaurant when we arrived and soon we were all sitting at a booth, laughing and eating. “Where’s Deanndra?” I asked, looking around for her. “I don’t know. I never could get in touch with her,” Brittany replied, shrugging her shoulders. “Stop trying to avoid it, Christina,” I instructed myself. I took a few minutes to plan how I was going to tell them, but nothing came to mind. My palms became sweaty and my heart rate quickened. “Guys, Emmett and I have some great news!” proclaimed Brittany. I looked at her, “Me too.” I said cheerfully. “Oh, you first!” she demanded. “No, you first!” I retorted, thankful that she didn’t persist. “We have decided to move in together. Well, actually Emmett is moving in with me,” she continued nervously. “Congratulations!” Amber and I exclaimed together. Brittany looked at me curiously, “What is your news?” “Guys…I’m..I’m…pregnant.” They all looked at me, even Emmett, before smiles grew big and wide across their faces. All three of them broke out into “Congratulations” and “I’m so happy for you’s.” I sat there, watching them smile and laugh, and soon I found myself smiling too, filled with excitement and joy from head to toe. I saw Nick glancing at me from the corner of my eye, he was smiling too, and so was Adam. But then I had to turn my head, Adam wasn’t smiling at me, he was smiling at Amber! And better yet, Amber was smiling back at him too. The smile on my face erupted into a full out cheek-to-cheek grin when I saw the sparks fly between them… ~Amber~
“I can’t. I simply won’t. I don’t have the courage or strength or whatever it is that I need to do it!” I persisted but he resisted. Why had I listened to Christina about this guy? Sure, he was fabulous at taking care of the horses and the farm, but still, he was just so…so…handsome?...No Amber..stop that! But he is..ugh! No, he’s arrogant. He thinks he knows what’s best for me. I don’t want to ride again! I couldn’t take it!
“I know, but I will be right there with you. We could even go to my place and ride some of my horses. I have a round pen, so you would be in a small area, away from anything hazardous. Best part is, you wouldn’t be alone this time.” I pondered at his glorious voice. He was so tall, so handsome, so rugged. I want him. “NO! Amber, you’re doing it again!” I scolded myself internally. Adam just stared down at me, causing blood to rush to my face, rendering a burn against my skin. He leaned closer to me, sending my heart into overdrive. I looked away, “Okay, we’ll go to your place,” I surrendered. He stood up straight, “Alright then. Tomorrow?” He asked with a wink. He was so arrogant! “Yes, tomorrow.” I said, sourly. When he had gone, I felt a wave of relief; until thoughts of him filled my mind and I found myself spending hours thinking of his handsome assets..and that voice… ~Brittany~
“That was nice.” I said, letting out a sigh. Emmett rolled over to face me. “What is it?” I asked. “There’s something I’ve been meaning to talk to you about.” He said. I felt my nerves stand on end, “What is it?” I repeated. “I don’t want to move in…” he began. “OMG, what?” I let out, as a wave of hurt came crashing down on me...
My heart twisted up as if he was ringing it out. “Let me finish. Brittany, I love you. I do. I love you so much. And I know that all of this has happened over such a short period of time, but I really have true feelings for you. It’s breaking me down. I never thought I’d ever say this or feel this way for anyone. You are quickly becoming the center of my world, Brittany Klein. I need to ask you something…” I looked at him, relieved and excited. “What is it?” I repeated for the third time. “Brittany Klein, will you be my wife?”… ~Christina on the phone~

“Sorry I haven’t been coming around lately, Christina,” Deanndra began. “It’s okay Dee, it’s too bad you couldn’t make it to dinner the other night though. I broke the news to everyone.” I said, trying not to make her feel bad. “What news?!” she exclaimed. “I’m pregnant Deanndra.” I waited for her response. “WHAT?! You’re pregnant? That’s…splendid,” she proclaimed, sounding like she was forcing the words through her teeth. Deanndra never did like children. “Well, I’ve found a new band called Cheap Kiss! They’ve invited me on the road with them!” she continued. “Congratulations Deanndra! That’s awesome! When do you leave?” I exclaimed, genuinely happy that she had found a way out of this place and into fame, even if it was minute. “Well, the band wants to leave tomorrow, but I’m not sure about me, that’s so soon!” she said, hesitantly. “True. It is very soon. But it might do you some good, Deanndra, I mean you have had a lot happen over the last couple of weeks, it’d be good for you to get out and experience life.” I told her. “You know what, you’re right. I’m going to do it!” she proclaimed. “Great, hey Brittany is beeping in, I’ll call you back later!” I said. “Okay! Talk to you later!”
*Beep* “Hello?”
B: “Christina, he proposed! Emmett proposed!”
I was taken off guard, “Wow, congratulations!” I tried to sound thrilled, hoping that’s what she wanted.
B: “Christina, I said no!”
C: “What?!”
B: “Well, I said yes but no. I said I really loved him but I wasn’t ready! He was so heartbroken. You should’ve seen the look on his face!”
C: “Well, you’ve only been dating him for like a week.”
B: “It's been longer than that! But either way, I am at an age where a week is long enough to know that somebody has true feelings for you.”
C: “Brittany, if that were true, you would’ve said yes.”
B: “Oh! What have I done? I know he loves me! And I love him more than I realistically should. What should I do? You have to help me!”
C: “Trust yourself Brittany. Follow your heart, don’t fight it. If you fight, you’ll lose and you won’t just lose like in a game: your pride; no, you’ll lose much more than that: you’re purpose.”
B: “You’re so right. You’re always so right. I am afraid to love! It terrifies me. Emmett’s love terrifies me. I have to find him! I’ll call you later!
“He won’t answer his phone!” I sobbed. I’d done everything possible to find him. With no success, all I could do is wallow in self-pity. I walked to the park, hoping to try to find some peace, even with my eyes swollen and my face flushed. “Emmett, I’m so sorry.” I thought to myself. The park was empty but the silence did me good. It wasn’t until I felt something nudge me that I realized that I had fallen asleep. I immediately sat up only to come face-to-face with Emmett. I couldn’t find my voice, my words were caught in my throat, all that came out was a half-cough. Emmett held out his hand, I took it graciously and stood up to face him. I stared at the remaining hurt in his eyes. On impulse, I grabbed him and pulled him close to me. It took a second for him to cave in and wrap his arms around me too. I heard him sigh and then I felt his gentle sobs against my shoulder. Was he crying? What pain I must have caused him! His sobs became my own... “Brittany, I am such a fool. I cannot believe I am doing this in front of you. What kind of hold do you have on me? I’m sorry I was too forward last night, please forgive me!” Emmett pleaded. “No, Emmett. Don’t you dare apologize! I know that you love me and I you; it’s such a powerful love that we don’t know what to do with it, but there’s no reason to be sorry. Emmett Walker, I will marry you. I will be your wife. I hope you will take me, I am the one who is sorry for breaking your heart. I promise never to do it again.” At these words, he took my face in his hands and kissed me with a force that knocked every bit of sense out of my mind. No words were necessary… “This way.” Nick directed me as he held my hand. We were supposed to have done this days ago but so much had happened that we hadn’t had a chance. With Adam helping Amber at her house, Nick and I decided to take the day to ourselves. “Well, actually, this was all Nick’s idea.” I corrected myself. Nick led me through a lovely canopy of ivy and jasmine before coming into an open meadow... In the middle of the meadow was another canopy, this one with red roses lacing through the wicker. A man stood below, a book in his hand. It only took a second before I realized what was about to happen. I gasped... At this, Nick knew that I had figured it out. He smiled and squeezed my hand. “Baby, you’re full of surprises.” I said. He laughed. We stood beneath the canopy and listened to the preacher’s words intently. The whole time I stared at Nick’s eyes, never wandering, never leaving. Tears filled my eyes as he read his vows. I held in a sob, making my vows come out choppy and choked. “You may now kiss the bride,” directed the preacher. Nick took me by the shoulders and pressed his lips ever so softly against mine, promising an eternity to our happiness… After returning home, I knew I had to face the wrath of my friends as I told them the news. I reached to find my cell in my pocket and dialed the number for a conference call. “Hello?” It was Brittany first; Amber second; and Deanndra third; I began, “Girls, I have something to tell you, again.” I had to laugh at this; I was just full of surprises these days. “Nick and I got (I paused and took in a breath) married today.” I heard a few gasps, and perhaps a few hearts breaking, before someone answered. “Well,” said Brittany, “I had a feeling that he might do that.” “You did?” Amber asked. “Yes, it’s so him. He never wanted a big wedding. And after the news of the baby, it was his perfect excuse not to have one,” concluded Brittany. “Yeah, I could see that,” agreed Deanndra. “Are you guys angry?” I added pitifully, hoping for some empathy. “Of course not. I’m disappointed, though. But you had better make it to MY wedding!” demanded Brittany. Amber and Deanndra threw questions at her, “You’re getting married?!” they cried. “Yes, Yes, Emmett and I are engaged,” said Brittany, a shrill in her tone. After hanging up with the girls I cuddled up next to Nick on the couch, Adam sitting right next to us, as we enjoyed the fire together. “Babe,” Nick began. “Tomorrow morning I’m leaving early to go on a final fishing trip with Drake before football seasons begins.” This caught me by surprise, but I was in no mood to argue. “Oh, okay. Are you going too, Adam?” I asked. “No, I’m staying here to help Amber. I promised to take her to my ranch soon,” he replied, his cheeks blazing. I smiled at his timidity. I could tell he cared for her already. “I will miss you,” I said to Nick, already feeling the loneliness that would come tomorrow. He kissed me before saying, “You know everything will be okay. I’ll be back before you know it.” Later that night, I awoke with a startle, coming out of a nightmare. The crack of lightening shook me as I shot a frightened glance at the window. It was nearly five o’clock in the morning; Nick had already gone. I felt the loneliness that I thought I’d prepared for creep into the room with me... All of a sudden I was completely aware of my own presence, and that was all. I lay there, trying to find sleep, and so I sang silently,
“The thunder rolls
And the lightnin' strikes
Another love grows cold
On a sleepless night
As the storm blows on
Out of control
Deep in her heart
The thunder rolls…”

Tune in next week for Episode 4. Please don't forget to comment! Have a great day!

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#34VIVA.GLAMApr 11, 2009

Can't wait for the next part! I've been finding myself checking up on the stories every day to see if you've posted another! Please don't finish it \:\(

#35kitfu11Apr 12, 2009

Fantastic as always!!! \:D

#36Apr 12, 2009

Wow!! Awesome story.

#37RebeccaJeanine71Apr 14, 2009

Hello again \:\)...I kinda skimmed over your Episode here....I haven't read one and two yet, so I want to wait to read this one until I read them \:\)!!!  Anyway...I wanted to commend you on your style and artistic talent!!!  I give you a TEN...nah...a HUNDRED!!!  If I was in a book store shopping for a good Romance...I could see yours on one of the shelves...maybe toward the front of the store in the "Best Sellers"!!!  Anyway...quick question, in picture #2 I'm curious how you got her to hold her hands in front of her face (I'm sure if I was playing right now...I'd see one of my Sims do the same thing lol...)??  Was she about to cough?  Or maybe get sick or something?? \:\)  You don't have to answer if you want to keep your skills a secret \:\)!!!
   Anyway...I just wanted to comment on what I've seen so far on the Story!!!!  I DO like it \:\)!!!!
Have a good one \:\)!
-Rebecca \:\)

#38MangioApr 14, 2009

\:rah\: a beautifully infolding story.
so well written. cant wait untill the next chapter is unveiled...

#39squeakersApr 14, 2009

\:wub\: \:wub\: OMG!!!!This part is so worth waiting for, you have such a gift for storytelling, you had me on the edge of my seat!!!!!\:\( I would have been biting my nails, but accrilycs are expensive, and I can't bite my hubby's nails, so the edge of my seat won!!!!\:D Your screenshots are so beautiful, your simmies are gorgeous, and I love how you go into detail of everything, it makes it so easy to understand whats going on!!!!\:D I can't wait for the next part, I just have to know whats going to happen, I rated this story a five, but I wish I could rate it a hundred!!!!!\:rah\: I can't wait to see the baby, I bet its a girl!!!!!\:D  \:wub\:

#40ClareBear09Apr 15, 2009

GET WRITING!! I WANT MOREEE \:D I love this story can't wait till the next chapter as you can probs guess \:P 5*

#41drewsolteszApr 24, 2009

Just wonderful, I am so pleased you got so many comments, and the front page, well deserved mate! Great emotion and writing, and great use of the pose boxes! Excellent!!\:wub\:

#42eshuffSep 9, 2009

I'm not sure who to hit first in this whole piece but it looks like you figured out how to make it all come together.  Really good character development and I LOVE the intro with the song!   Stunning shots!  Great work!

#43tristen_love23Sep 1, 2011

brittany and emmet are so cute =P love the story

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