Different Lives - Part 1: Ethan's Introduction
Published Apr 12, 2009

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Well welcome to my new story! The first part is from the character Ethan's perspective but the narrative will change in the following parts :)

Well welcome to my new story! The first part is from the character Ethan's perspective but the narrative will change in the following parts :) I guess I first noticed that something was weird when I came down for breakfast one morning and Mum had actually cooked.....

"Morning!" She smiled enthusiastically.
"Um...morning...something up?" I asked.
"Well your Dad's away picking up Steven so I thought I'd make the effort." She replied.
"Ethan, we haven't stopped talking about this for the last couple of weeks, Steven...remember?"
"That's today??" I gasped.

Mum and Dad had got it into their heads that fostering would be a good idea a while back. It hadn't really interested me much so I just let it go over my head when they brought it up...even when the potential foster-kid had a name, it didn't make it any more real to me. Now it was feeling pretty damn real!

"If you had a problem with it, you should have brought it up ages ago. It's a bit late now, Ethan." She rolled her eyes.
"I uh..I don't have a problem, it's just...sudden.
"I certainly doesn't seem like that to your Dad and I!" She laughed.
After the initial shock wore off and I managed to down my pancakes, I went upstairs to practice on my guitar until Dad got back. From what I knew, Steven was around my age and had a bit of a rough ride at home but that was about all that I had managed to remember. Mum co-ran a pretty successful advertising firm and when she wasn't working, you could find her with her head buried in some obscure management book. She always said that she'd eventually take some time off to spend with the family but work had won so far! Dad on the other hand had left his full-time job to become a part-time family counsellor. When he wasn't at work, he'd be working out or fiddling with something electrical. He was always there when we needed him though. I got the impression that fostering was mostly his idea since he had never had the big family that he wanted....well Mum didn't let him. Meanwhile, Mum was getting slightly worried that he wasn't home yet....

"Twelve thirty...yeah that's 'home for breakfast'!" She muttered, punching in his number.
"Pick up James, pick...Hi! Is everything okay? You said you'd be back for breakfast!" She said.
"Sorry! We're just getting into the car right now. They lost our paperwork but it's sorted." He replied.
"Right, I'll make a start on lunch then."
"Two meals in one day? I'm impressed!"
"Yeah, just be here this time! Bye."
"Um, need any help with lunch?" I asked, sensing that Mum was a bit stressed.
"Don't worry, cooking twice in a day won't kill me!" She laughed. "You're just like your Dad."
"Okay..want me to do anything?"
"Just stick around for a bit. I'd like for us all to be there to meet him."
"Fair enough. Can I invite Jem over?"
"Maybe tomorrow..."
The Jem in question was my girlfriend. We grew up living next door to each other and had been pretty inseperable for as long as I remember. We went to the same school and had the same friends so there had been plenty of chances to get sick of each other. Didn't seem like that was going to happen though! Just as Mum had finished making lunch, Dad returned with a blonde boy trailing behind him, looking a bit overwhelmed. Mum was the first to head over to greet them. Dad had a massive smile on his face while the boy looked a bit less enthusiastic.

"Well Steven, this is Dawn. She's been doing my job with all of the cooking today so she might bite!" Dad laughed.
"Ignore him," Mum laughed, seeing the nervous look on his face. "Lunch is through in the kitchen."
"Thanks..." He stammered.
"You're welcome," she smiled. "If only everyone in this house was as polite!"

I ducked out of the doorway and back into the kitchen, sensing she was talking about me.
We all sat at the table to eat lunch which felt pretty put on since we never did that normally. Mum continued her ruler of the house act in the meantime.

"And the vulture over there is our son, Ethan" She smiled, waving a fork in my direction.
"Mmph!" I managed as Steven looked on aprehensively.
After lunch, I still felt like I had no idea who he was; he had been silent pretty much all the way through.

"Ethan, why don't you show Steven his room?" Mum suggested, turning to me.
"Yeah...I guess. It's just up the stairs."
As I made my way up the stairs, I could hear him follow me although he still wasn't speaking. I felt bad for him but at the same time, I wished he would just say something to break the awkward silence. "Well, here we are! Welcome to Ikea hell!" I laughed. "Mum said we could redecorate later."
"I...get a room to myself?" He stuttered.
"Yep! The whole room!" I replied, taken aback slightly.

He looked shocked at the idea of having a bedroom to himself so I decided to make myself scarce while it sank in.

"I'll leave you to get familiar with your room", I smiled, "I'm just across the hall though."
I returned to my own room, leaving Steven alone in his. As I looked around, I felt a bit crap that he was more than happy with "Ikea hell" as I put it while I had pretty much everything. I decided to play some video games to take my mind off of what had been a weird day so far. It always melted my brain enough to forget about things for a few hours at least! I usually had a friend over to play against but hey, Mum's orders! As I waited for the game to load, I heard a noise coming from across the hall. I turned down the volume and sure enough I could hear what sounded like murmuring... Sure enough, it was coming from Steven's room, but as I got closer I realised what it was.

" he..crying?" I muttered to myself. "I'll need to see if he's okay...ugh I can't deal with that."
"Steven, are you um...are you okay?" I whispered to avoid having Mum and Dad rush up to see what was wrong.
"I'm coming in in a couple of seconds so make sure you're decent okay?"
As I walked in, he quickly rubbed his eyes as he glanced up.

"Are you okay?" I asked.
"Erm...I'm fine." he murmered.
"Okay, as long as....look, you don't look fine and...well, you didn't sound fine."
"I will be..."
"Are you sure?"
I turned and started to walk away, stopping myself before I got to the door.

Ethan, you're being a jerk! I told myself, turning back around.
"Um, you want to play some video-games and take your mind off of stuff? It always helps me." I suggested.
"I guess..."
"My room's just across the hall. Come on." I smiled.
"So this is my room." I said.
"Mum and dad will sort your's out and buy some more stuff but until then, feel free to come across if you want to use the PC or anything." I found myself saying, to my surprise.
"Wow, thanks!"
"No worries..."
We picked up the controllers and sat down as the game loaded. I picked a fighting game since I sensed he wouldn't have played much with a console before and it would be easy enough. I glanced at him to see him staring at the controller, looking confused.

"I'll guide you through." I smiled.
So that was a quick intro to my latest story! I really hope you liked it, it took me a little while to think of something else I wanted to write about and some characters popped into my head.

I should be updating it fairly soon because I've still got a fair chunk of storyline to run on in my head. The idea is that it follows a group of friends and I'll be covering one in each part...maybe some will run into a two-part but we'll see :)

Hellfrozeover x

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#9jennnnnie02Apr 13, 2009

<p>This was absolutely amazing, but that's no surprise.(: Can't wait for the next part! Quick question: Is Times Change... over?</p>

#10MagySimsApr 13, 2009

<p>I just LOVE it \:D it is AWESOME \:D</p>

#11Ben72006Apr 13, 2009

<p>Great story... I really like it:P</p>

#12chou2VIPApr 14, 2009

<p>good start on the story. keep it up.</p>

#13joker52455Apr 14, 2009

<p>Welcome back to the storyteller spotlight! Nice intro;&nbsp;as always, you touched&nbsp;on a delicate issue (foster children) and you represented it very well. rating: \:rah\:</p>

#14GileswenchApr 14, 2009

<p>Strong start. I look forward to learning more about Steven and Ethan.</p>

#15oldmember_cell007Apr 14, 2009

<p>Can't wait for more.</p>

#16zucchinideenApr 15, 2009

<p>good story \:\) cant wait for more</p>

#17simboy161Apr 17, 2009

<p>Good Start\:D</p>

#18bhebe710Apr 18, 2009

<p>great start! i hope there wont be any rivalry on the new brothers</p>

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