Love and Heartbreak pt.6
Published Apr 26, 2009

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Hello every1! Thanks for viewing Love and Heartbreak part 6, special thanks to all who commented on part 5.. Now lets continue with our story as things are about to get interesting!
*When Caleb and Vanessa arrived at the art galley they were equally surprised at the amount of eager fans waiting outside. When the doors opened at 8pm, the crowd quickly filled the large lobby; It was quite a turn out for an opening night event.

Hello every1! Thanks for viewing Love and Heartbreak part 6, special thanks to all who commented on part 5.. Now lets continue with our story as things are about to get interesting!
*When Caleb and Vanessa arrived at the art galley they were equally surprised at the amount of eager fans waiting outside. When the doors opened at 8pm, the crowd quickly filled the large lobby; It was quite a turn out for an opening night event.
Caleb -- "I guess i underestimated my local fame, I wasn't expecting such a crowd."

Vanessa -- "So modest you are, Mr. Bigshot Artist." Vanessa joked.

Caleb -- "You are so beautiful when you smile.." Vanessa dropped her head and felt her face flush, she wished he wouldn't say things like that, It reminded her painfully of Seth as he once told her the same..he continued before she looked up again. "I really hate to leave you to wander alone but by the looks of this crowd i could be spending the whole night yapping about my pieces which will mean a very long and boring night for you, so why don't you have a look around and I'll join you as soon as the crowd lets loose a little."

Vanessa -- "Sounds like a plan."
She was making her away around a corner when she saw them.. Seth and his almost wife Cameron. Vanessa felt a flood of anxiety overtake her..

"Ooh no, why do they have to be here tonight!... out of all nights." She took a deep breath and coached herself through her anxiety.. "Ok, I can do this.. the worst is yet to come, tomorrow they'll be married and i'll have to witness that.. this is nothing.. i can handle this."
Luckily the gallery was large enough so she could keep quite a distance away from them.. the last thing she needed was for Cameron or Seth to see her. She tried to distract herself by looking at Caleb's work which made no sense to her and seemed so bizarre. Cameron -- "Im really liking this piece, honey. It would look great in the entry to our new house. What to you think?"

Seth -- "Honestly.. It looks like a 5year old's first experiment with finger paints. And it's definately overpriced,.. $3987?!"

Cameron -- "It's avant garde, it's not suppose to make sense. And as for the price, all great art is rather pricey."

Seth -- "uhmm... You call that art..?" Seth mumbled. "Im going to the Men's room."
Soon as he made it back from the men's room, a stunned look came over him. There in front of him stood Vanessa talking to the artist Caleb. The way Caleb looked at Vanessa, Seth knew he was attracted to her and though he knew he had no right to be, Seth was jealous. It was obvious they knew each other well since they stood so closely together, Seth wondered if the two were dating..

Caleb -- "So Gorgeous, are you painfully bored yet?"

Vanessa -- "Nope not yet..,a lot of you work is amazing, very interesting."

Caleb laughed.. He knew she didn't favor his type of artwork but he didn't care, he thought it was cute that she was pretending.
Caleb -- "Vanessa i know you too well, i can tell when your lying,.." He threw his arms around her waist and pulled her into a tight hug and tilting her back slightly.

Vanessa was shocked by his advance, but hugged him back anyway. They were friends after all.. and it was just a friendly hug,.. sort of..

Seth looked on feeling his jealously intensify.

Caleb -- "Let me wrap up with a few more viewers and i'll give you an official walk-through."

Vanessa -- "Ok, take your time don't worry about me, I'll be around here somewhere."
Meanwhile.. Jazz found herself regretting her decision to let Luke in to 'talk'.. 10min after he got there the two were already arguing.

Luke -- "I don't understand why you are being so difficult Jazz! I gave you the divorce what more do you want! All im asking is that you let me take the baby to my parents in SimCity when it's born so my mother can see it!"
Jazz -- "First of all the baby is a BOY not an 'IT'! & his name will be Carter when he's born next month!! You would know all that if you cared at all about your son! & Don't think i can't see right through your little act! You are not going to take my son 4 hrs away just to play the Daddy role and have your parents think you turned out decent!"

Luke -- "JAZZ I HAD IT WITH YOU! If you don't want me to take the baby away for good you better cool it!"
Suddenly Jazz felt a sharp pain and clutched her belly.. The strong contraction was excoriating..

Luke -- "Yea.. go ahead and pretend your going into labor! You are so over dramatic Jasmine! Don't think i can't see through your little act either!"
Jazz let out a loud painful groan. "DON'T JUST STAND THERE YOU IDI0T! GET ME TO THE HOSPITAL!!"

Luke put his head into his hands.. "UGH! I don't have time for your little games! I'm late to a gig with my band.. Call me when you really do have the kid!"
Back at the gallery..

Seth knew if he didn't approach Vanessa now he would never get to speak to her before the wedding. He gathered up the nerve somehow.

Seth -- "Vanessa.." She faced and gave him a cold look and immediately turned to leave,. "No! don't leave.. Please, just hear me out.."
Vanessa -- "What could possibly want to tell me now Seth?"

Seth -- "Vanessa, I just need you to know that i honestly never meant to hurt you this way and I'm so very sorry. I saw you with that guy.. I can see that you have moved on, and although it kills me I really do want you to happy, even if it's not with me. But i can't be Okay unless you forgive me, i know im asking for a lot but i beat myself up everyday for what i did to you and im not sure how much more i can take."
Vanessa -- "Why do you care what i think of you now anyway? Whatever could of been between us is more than over.. your wedding is tomorrow.. why apologize anymore? Why would it matter now if i were to forgive you."

Seth -- ""I just don't want you to remember me as the man who lied and used you.. I may have lied, and believe me i am paying the price for that mistake.. But i never used you or intended to hurt you in that way. No matter how much you hate me now, you must know that i did love you, honestly and truly.. and i that still do and always will.."
His words stung Vanessa in her already wounded heart, "Well now i heard it all. You still love me? Right..Next your going to tell me your going to leave your pregnant fiancee for me if i would be dumb enough to believe you and take you back."

Seth -- "Vanessa, please..I.."

Vanessa -- "No! I don't want to hear anymore Seth. Please just do us both a favor marry Cameron tomorrow.. at least this way we can both go on with our lives and pretend like this never happened."
She turned away before he could get another word out.
After her encounter with Seth, Vanessa felt out of breathe, she needed some fresh air. She stepped out onto the balcony when she heard her cellphone ringing.

Vanessa -- "Hello?"
Nurse -- "Vanessa Russo?.. This is Nurse Tracy Oliver calling from Valley Hospital, we just admitted your sister Jasmine Russo, it's very urgent that you get here as soon as possible."

Vanessa -- "Ok, I'll leave now, Whats the matter? is she okay? the baby?"

Nurse Tracy -- "We'll explain in further detail when you get here."
Vanessa quickly headed down to the street and hailed a cab and headed straight to the hospital. She would call Caleb later and explain. When she arrived at the hospital Nurse Tracy told her the grim news..

Nurse Tracy -- "..By the time the paramedics got to her she had lost so much blood and was unconscious.. unfortunately we couldn't save the infant. I'm so very sorry for your lost."

Vanessa felt the room spin and felt as if her legs would give out..

Nurse Tracy -- "Ma'am, Ma'am are you ok?"

Vanessa -- "My sister, where is my sister?"

Nurse Tracy -- "Come I'll show you to her room."
Hours passed by Vanessa stayed loyally by her sisters side.. The nurse had said she would be disoriented and confused when she woke up since she had passed out and they had given her medication to sedate her. She wouldn't know she had lost her beloved son. Vanessa would have to be strong for her sister. Somehow she felt responsible for this tragedy for leaving her sister alone in her fragile condition. A few hours Later Caleb joined Vanessa at the hospital.

Caleb -- "I came as soon as i heard your voicemail message.. why didn't you tell me what was going on sooner? You just left, i was worried sick!"

Vanessa -- "I didn't want you to be upset over this and ruin your opening night. Im sorry.. I'm not thinking straight, this is all too much for me Cal.."
Caleb hugged her tightly, "You and Jazz are more important to me than any gallery. I would've came with you the second you told me there was something wrong. I know it doesn't seem this way now, but everything is going to be alright. I'm sorry about the baby. If there's anything i can do, for you or for Jazz just let me know.. but in the meantime I'm not going anywhere. I'm staying here with you."

Vanessa teared up she needed his support now more than ever.. "Thank you Cal,.." was all she could say.
The next morning came to quickly for Seth. He sat contemplating his decision. Although he loved Vanessa and wanted to fight for their love, he knew it was a lost cause. Seeing her in the arms of another man last night made it that much more real to Seth; she would never forgive him, She had moved on. The only reason for any joy in the rest of Seth's life would come from his child and he was committed to dedicating himself to be the best father he could be, even if it meant marrying Cameron to keep his child's family together.

Lost deep in thought Seth didn't notice Max by side until he whimpered and nudged against his hand softly with his wet nose.

Seth -- "Hey boy.. I never thanked you for introducing me to Vanessa. If it weren't for you i may have never met my true love., even though i lost her now.. I still owe you for that day at the park.. thanks boy." Max whimpered again and looked at his master with his sad brown eyes as if he understood.

Then there was a knock on the door.
It was Walter, Cameron's Father.

Walter cleared his throat and began with a stern look on his face. "So Cameron tells me you having been having doubts and insecurities about marriage. She said you claimed to be in love with someone else. If that's the case Seth let me remind you that if it weren't for me you would still be working in that small cubicle with a wimpy salary. In my powerful position I can build up a man but i can also tear him down. If you think marry my daughter and make her unhappy even for one minute you will have to deal with me afterwards. Understood?"

Seth -- "Walter, let me also remind you that im not a business employee you can threaten or order around. Whatever issue Cameron and I have is our own business. I am willing to marry Cameron because she is bearing my child, and only for that reason. She understands and has decided to continue with the wedding regardless of the fact i cant return the same emotions she has for me. As crazy as that sounds those are the terms we have both agreed to, Now if you'll excuse me.. I have to meet my bride at the church."
"Give a man some money and he thinks he can order around a grown man like some kind of puppet.." Seth mumbled angrily as he walked away.

Walter stood furious and vowed to himself he would get even with Seth someday, somehow.
Seth was surprised to see an elegantly dressed blonde haired woman waiting for him, downstairs. Caroline -- "Mr. Turner, I'm Caroline your replacement wedding planner. We should be leaving now if we want to make it on time. My assistant tells me the guests have already arrived at the church."

Seth -- "What happened to Vanessa?"

Caroline -- "Something important came up and she couldn't attend."

The memory of seeing Vanessa in Caleb's arms last night flashed in his mind. "Oh.. I see.. Well then Caroline, let's get this over with."
Back at Valley Hospital..

Vanessa meets with Dr. Donovan Simmons.

Dr. Simmons -- "Firstly I would like to express my deepest sympathies for your lost, Ms. Russo. We did all we could to save the child but by the time your sister arrived here at the hospital it was too late. Had she been brought here soon after the contractions started we might have stood a chance. I'm afraid i have some more bad news however."
Vanessa took a deep breath and prepared herself, "What is it doctor?"

Dr. Simmons -- "It is my medical opinion that Jasmine will no longer be able to bear children. Again i am so very sorry. It appears that her body underwent so much stress that the possibility for future children is far too dangerous now."

Vanessa wondered how much more she could take.. she dropped her head in her hands. She feared Jazz's reaction more than anything.
By noon that day Seth and Cameron were married. As they walked down the aisle together as man and wife Seth found himself wishing he were standing beside Vanessa in a white gown instead. The reception party after the wedding was over-the-top. The guestlist included over 200 sims. After the party, Seth and Cameron were sent of on a surprise 3 night honeymoon to Twikki Island. They would fly on a private jet and stay at a 5 star hotel, all expenses paid for by Walter as a gift to his only daughter on her wedding day. Many bottles of champagne and a 3hr. flight later.. Cameron slipped into something a little more honeymoonish to entice her new husband. After an intimate night of newlywed bliss, Cameron cuddled up beside Seth.

"that was amazing..i love you Vanessa.." Seth mumbled before drifting off to sleep.
Disgusted Cameron pulled herself away and moved to the opposite end of the bed.

"That homewrecking sleeze! I should've known it was her all along!" To angry to sleep she came up with a plan in her mind.
The next morning, while Seth showered Cameron placed a call to her father back home.

Cameron -- "Daddy it's me Cammy... Yes the hotel is great, everything is lovely, but i have a favor to ask of you. I found out who stole Seth's love from me.. Of course i want revenge! I have a plan but im going to need your help.."

**To be continued! I will have part 7 up as soon as possible but keep in mind i have finals coming up so i'll try my best to update inbetween. Thanks again for reading and please comment if you enjoyed! xoxo-Jari

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mogan44Apr 9, 2010

I can't stop reading!!!! Thanks for sharing!

prettybaby012Jun 1, 2009

very sad but still, excellent story! \:rah\:

odettMay 15, 2009

Wonderfil wonderfil story, I love it!! I cant wait for the next part. Thanx!!! VIPMay 2, 2009

<p>i lov this story.&nbsp; cameron is a sl**... i hope vanessa and caleb get together.&nbsp; jazz doesn't deserve what happened.(I HATE LUKE). Seth made the mistake and now he has to live with it... CALEB AND VANESSA FOR LIFE!!!</p>
<p>I think i have an idea as to what&nbsp; Cameron is up to?</p>

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