A Message from an Angel - Part 5
Published May 21, 2009

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Welcome to Part 5, I finished it a little earlier than expected! If anyone's new to the story, it will make a lot more sense if you read from the start :) Thank you so much to those who are continously giving me feedback, I really appreciate it. And thank you to all the artists of the cc in my story, it wouldn't be the same without it!

Welcome to Part 5, I finished it a little earlier than expected! If anyone's new to the story, it will make a lot more sense if you read from the start :) Thank you so much to those who are continously giving me feedback, I really appreciate it. And thank you to all the artists of the cc in my story, it wouldn't be the same without it! Dr Wright's words echoed through my mind, over and over again.

'Ava, you're pregnant.' Dr Wright had said, at the doctor's clinic earlier that day.

'No, you must be mistaken.' I replied. 'I can't be pregnant.'

But of course, results don't lie. After being speechless for a few moments, she asked if I wanted to arrange for the first scan. Still dazed, I thanked her but said it wouldn't be necessary and I would contact her soon.
Not suprisingly, that night I curled up on the couch, after a hot shower, and went through my thoughts.
I'm pregnant....I'm going to be a mum.
It was all I could think about. It felt like a dream....or a nightmare. Of course it was Zak's child, it could be no others. I was carrying Zak's child and he had gone off with my so-called 'best friend'. This was not a position I wanted to be in, especially right now. I hadn't yet got over what had happened....and now this.
I had so much thinking to do and so many decisions to make.
I had to take my mind off the fact I was pregnant, and visiting my new baby brother would be a great distraction. On arrival, I congratulated Shana, since I hadn't been able to at the hospital. She thanked me and told me how much she was enjoying motherhood, despite the sleepless nights. She then took me up to see Mikal, with my father following. I played and talked with him for a few minutes before he yawned and started fidgeting.

'I'll just have to feed him and put him to sleep. He's been awake since five this morning. I'll be right down.' Shana explained.

I kissed Mikal good-bye and went downstairs.
After Shana had put Mikal down to sleep, she tiptoed down to where I was sitting. My father had gone into the study to answer an important phone call.

'Shana, could we go outside and have a chat?' I glanced at the study door. 'You know, woman to woman.'

'Oh ok, yea, sure.' Shana said, looking a little suprised.

I wanted to tell her about what had happened between me, Zak and Venny. Shana and my father hadn't even known I was dating anyone, let alone what had happened. But I had to tell someone, let it out. Although I wasn't close to Shana, I had always known she was a good person, and she was the only person I could tell. I wasn't ready yet, though, to tell her the even bigger news. I wasn't ready to tell anyone.
After a big chat with Shana, in which she advised me I was better off finding out the way I had, than not finding out at all, I thanked her for listening to me. She had explained that some lessons in life were learnt the hard way, but that now I would be much stronger for it. On my way out, I hugged my father good-bye and was soon on my way home. I felt a little better after talking to Shana. The next Saturday night, after a busy week at work, I decided it was time to face the facts. I'm pregnant, I thought, while placing my hands over my stomach. I needed to accept this, it wasn't a dream. I was going to bring a child into this world...alone. This baby wasn't to blame, I was. But if I was to raise this baby properly, I needed to forgive myself and move on. This would be a new chapter of my life. A chapter which would not include people who were out to hurt me. Before work on the Monday morning, I called Dr. Wright's office to arrange for my first scan. Suprisingly, she had a free spot available that afternoon. I told the receptionist to put my name down, I would be there.
The rest of the day I was quite nervous, not knowing what to expect. This was definitely going to make this all a reality.
That afternoon, after a change of clothes, I arrived at Dr. Wright's office. It was time for me to go in and, after a cheerful greeting, Dr. Wright asked me to lay on the bed. My nerves were now a tangled mess in my stomach. A cold sensation ran through my body as she applied the ultrasound 'goo' on my still-flat stomach. An image suddenly appeared on the screen. Dr. Wright pointed out a little blob, no bigger than the nail on my little finger. It was so tiny, I would have missed it were it not for Dr. Wright.

'That's your baby.' She said, not taking her eyes of the screen. 'Isn't it beautiful? See that, that's the heartbeat. It's very strong and healthy.'

'That's my baby?' I asked, tears pricking my eyes. I couldn't believe I was looking at my baby.

'Yes.' Dr. Wright replied. 'You're 9 weeks along, congratulations.'

I walked out of the clinic in a daze. What an amazing experience, I thought, I will never forget this moment. The moment I first saw my child, growing in my stomach.
The next few weeks, after coming home from work, I had felt quite good. I had finally accepted, and had come around to the fact, that I was expecting a baby. I may have been young and single, but I could do this. And I would do it to the best of my ability.
Nobody yet knew of my pregnancy, but I would tell the people who needed to know in my own time.
I was eating dinner one night, when suddenly a thought occurred to me. Why it hadn't occurred to me before now was beyond me. I was carrying Zak's child, did he have a right to know?
One part of my mind said yes, he did have a right to know, this was his child too. The other part said no, Zak had betrayed me, hurt me in the worst way possible. Contacting him would just hurt me again, and he probably wouldn't want anything to do with my - our - baby, anyway.
That night, during a restless sleep, my mother paid me a visit. Her warmth enveloped me, and once again I felt like a little girl, safe in her mother's arms. How I wished she was here with me as I began my own journey into motherhood. But she was here with me, she had been here with me all along.

She whispered something, whispered it so quietly. 'My your heart....believe in yourself...'

As she disappeared, the last of her warmth surrounded me, easing my restless sleep and putting me into a deep, dreamless sleep.
Over the next few days, I thought about what my mother had told me. I had been restless that night thinking about whether I should tell Zak about the baby or not. Trust your heart, my mother had said. My heart was telling me not to tell Zak. I didn't want him in my life anymore. Maybe one day in the future, he could know. But not now, not yet.

During a walk in the park one afternoon, I thought over many things. I also came to many resolutions. I decided that, before I brought this child into the world, I needed some changes. One, was that I would sell my house and buy a new one, more suitable for bringing up a young child. Second, was I wanted a new look. And third would be that I would quit my current job in the last trimester of my pregnancy. I wanted to devote everything to this baby.
Over the next couple of months, I finally saw the start of my baby bump. I looked in the mirror and smiled. My baby was growing nicely in there, and by the end of the year, I would be able to meet him or her. It was quite exciting! Now that I couldn't hide it anymore, I decided to break the news to my father and Shana. I asked them around for some lunch, but before we ate, I sat them down in the livingroom. I thought back to not so long ago, when they were in the same situation as I.

'Well...the reason I asked you both here, was to uh....tell, I'm pregnant.' I stammered. They both looked shocked, as I expected.
'You're pregnant?' My father finally managed to ask. 'But, who's the father?'

So then I delved into an explanation about Zak, and everything that had happened.

'Ava, you can't do this alone, raising a child is a big task.' My father told me.

I was about to tell him I could do this, and I would, alone or not, before Shana spoke up.
'Hon, she can do this. She's a big girl now, she wouldn't be doing it if she couldn't. We'll be here to support her all the way.' Shana said, smiling at me.

I smiled back, thanked her, and continued to tell them about my move. I was currently looking for a new house and was sure it wouldn't be long before I found the right one. They both agreed and told me they were there if I needed help. After lunch, I walked them out feeling happy about how it had all went. Now, my pregnancy was not a secret.
I knew I had to tell work about my impending arrival. By now I was five and a half months pregnant and had to wear several layers of clothing to hide my growing baby bump if I was to fool anybody.
So, I dialled my boss, Linda's, number and told her the news.

'Well, congratulations!' Linda replied over the phone. 'Who would have guessed?'

'Thanks Linda,' I said. 'There's another thing though...I would like to hand in my notice. I will be leaving in 4 weeks to prepare for the baby and I won't be returning.'

'Oh.' Linda managed. 'Ok, well, when you come in we'll go through the paperwork and get it sorted for you.'

'Thanks for understanding, see you Monday, bye!' I said, and hung up the phone.
A week later, I was exhausted! Work had been full on, trying to finish all the current projects I had been working on, or at least get to the final stages of them. My replacement would be arriving in 2 weeks time so as I had my last week to get them up to speed with everything.
As I lay on my bed that Friday afternoon, I felt some happiness coming back into my life. Not all, just a little. Of course this baby had made me happier, though not at first, but I meant a whole hearted happiness. I wasn't there yet, but I was in the process.
Shana and my father had asked if I could babysit Mikal one night, as they wanted to have a 'date night'. I was more than happy to, he was my baby brother after all, and we hadn't yet been able to spend quality time with just us two.
So, I waved the 'lovesick teenagers' off and got settled with Mikal.
After an hour, it was time for Mikal to be fed and put to sleep. By the look of his weary eyes, it wouldn't take long. He suckled happily on his bottle until he'd evidently had enough, and wouldn't drink anymore. As I got him ready to sleep, I gave him a few kisses and raspberries (which got him giggling!), and told him I was so glad to finally have a little brother. He would soon be an uncle though, which seemed strange at his age. I guess him and his nephew or neice would be closer than we would be. Soon he was too tired to giggle anymore and I laid him in his cot. I sang a lullabye until his little eyes closed, and went downstairs to watch TV until my father and Shana arrived home. When they finally did, they said they'd had a great night and thanked me for babysitting. Having had a good night myself, I drove home and was ready for a good night's sleep. After a couple of months of house hunting, I just knew this was it. As soon as I laid my eyes on it, something just clicked. I hadn't even seen inside it, but it already felt like home. This was where I would bring my baby home to.
After looking around inside, it only reinforced what I already thought. With three bedrooms, two bathrooms, a study, and separate dining room, it was perfect! To top it off, it had an incredible pond out the back, and I could just imagine relaxing out there on the weekends with my baby nearby.
When I found out that I was the successful buyer of the house I had seen just days earlier, I was over the moon! It meant a lot of packing, but I would be buying a lot of new furniture once I had moved into the new place anyway. I needed a whole change!
The day I found out had also been my last day at work, so it brightened my spirits. My colleagues had given me a 'going away' party, which was sweet, and we knew we'd all see each other around. Now with a new home to move into, and a baby soon arriving, I had much more important projects to tend to.
When it came time to say good-bye to the house I had called home for the past three years, I shed a tear or two. I had both good and bad memories from this house and I decided to dispose of the bad, and store the good away in my heart. This was the end of an old chapter in my life, time for a new chapter to start. It was a time to celebrate, not cry! Countdown to baby begins....:) Keep a look out for Part 6!

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#13KDLANG0VIPMay 27, 2009

Great part! Dont know if she should tell Zak or not, it´s her choice or else time will choose for her!

#14raaawr!_xMay 28, 2009

oncee agaiin, another ahmaazing chapter.
keep it up (:

#15Chuck66May 31, 2009

nice nice nice

#16YrS92May 31, 2009

Very good work, I really like this story\:\)

#17TUTULAJun 4, 2009

I really like this story\:wub\: Great work\:rah\:

#18fabrizioammolloJun 9, 2009

Great part! \:rah\:

#19simsbaybeeJul 1, 2009

DO you use the cheat code to make Ava wear regular clothes while she's pregnant or do you use something else?\:D  

#20JohnnyDeppLuvaJul 15, 2009

Aww I'm so happy she's pregnant =] Its just what she needs..someone to love and someone to love her unconditionally

#21cecefaby09Mar 16, 2010

GREAT screen shots!

#22claire cool mcmillanSep 9, 2013

the sims 3 games gife the sim 3

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