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Melt My Heart The Final.
Published May 19, 2009

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This is the last part of Melt My Heart.
Many thanks to Brighten 11 for the d'amour French Country Chateau, Kamikitten for Robert Hawkwood * handsome indie rocker (Blake), Anva for Anette (Morgan) all at Mod The Sims. Also I'd like to say thank you to the guys who made the custom content, clothes, hair, eyes etc, and finally thank you to you for taking the time to read my story, and for those of you who left me great feedback, it is always appreciated. anyway I hope you have enjoyed the story, and look out for new ones when The Sims 3 finally gets here!!

This is the last part of Melt My Heart.
Many thanks to Brighten 11 for the d'amour French Country Chateau, Kamikitten for Robert Hawkwood * handsome indie rocker (Blake), Anva for Anette (Morgan) all at Mod The Sims. Also I'd like to say thank you to the guys who made the custom content, clothes, hair, eyes etc, and finally thank you to you for taking the time to read my story, and for those of you who left me great feedback, it is always appreciated. anyway I hope you have enjoyed the story, and look out for new ones when The Sims 3 finally gets here!!
How could Kim do this to me thought Morgan as she ran out the room.
"Morgan wait!" shouted Blake as he ran after her.
Kim felt really bad but it wasn't a secret, Blake wanted to know so she'd told him.
When Blake had caught up with Morgan she was in the lounge on the sofa, Morgan felt upset and she was close to tears.
"Morgan listen to me, I could help you" said Blake softly as he looked at her.
"Help me one can help me, they're never coming back and I've got to live with it" said Morgan emotionally.
"You should talk about them, it could help you a lot".
"I don't know if I can, it hurts too much".
"I know it does....I know how you feel," Blake said compassionately.
"How would YOU know how I feel," Morgan snapped at Blake "I had a younger brother....Brett...he was 12 when he died, I was 14", Blake didn't look at Morgan as he said it.
"What happened?" asked Morgan when she saw the look of pain on his face.
"He was playing on his skateboard and fell and hit his head, he was in hospital for 3 days in a coma....then he died," Blake hadn't talked about his brother for a long time and it felt good to talk about him.
"Oh Blake...I'm so sorry," said Morgan feeling bad.
"Well it happened and I've learned to live with it, there's not a day that goes by, that I don't think about him".
"Have you got any other brothers or sisters?"
"No," Blake said flatly.
"How do you cope day to day?" asked Morgan curiously.
"It's hard......but bottling it up doesn't help, you need to talk about them, tell me about your mum and dad".
Morgan thought, rather than tell him I might as well show him.
"I want to show you something," said Morgan.
"What?" asked Blake, wondering what it could be.
Morgan got up and said "Come with me".
Blake followed Morgan.
When they got into the room Morgan said,
"Blake....this is my mum and one knows about this room, not even Kim".
Blake didn't know what to say, so he just stood there looking at Morgan.
"You think I'm mad don't you?"
"No...I'm just lost for words that's all......I'm honoured you'd show me such a special place.....thank you".
"I just felt it was right feels good showing you".
"I told you you'd feel better".
"Actually I do, a bit," Morgan was surprised at herself for opening up to Blake.
Morgan felt like a weight had been lifted and when she smiled at Blake her eyes shone for the first time in years, and for the first time Blake really saw Morgan, he wanted her close to him so he went to hug Morgan expecting her to push him away. But she didn't, having Blake close to her felt good. 2 hours later and Kim was watching a film, Morgan and Blake walked into the kitchen holding hands.
"Wow look at you two...what did you say to her Blake?, I've never seen Morgan look so happy," said Kim.
"We had a long talk about things and I asked Morgan if she would go on a date with me".
"Did you tell her about the bet?"
"Bet, what bet?" Morgan asked as she looked suspiciously over at Blake,
Blake gave Kim a stare, as if to say thanks a lot Kim.
Blake turned to Morgan,
"It was just a stupid bet I had with Tim".
"About what?" asked Morgan.
"I bet with Tim that....I could kiss you by the end of the week," Blake felt really bad about it now, the hurt on Morgans face said it all and Blake knew their relationship was over before it had begun, he saw her wall go up again.
"Give me your key," said Morgan, really annoyed.
"My key?"
"Yes...the one to my office, you no longer have a job with me".
"Your key Mr Harrison," said Morgan sternly.
Blake knew there was no talking to her and reluctantly gave her the key. He turned and walked out of the kitchen, feeling really angry at Kim. He was going to tell Morgan about the bet, but now wasn't the time, Kim should have known that. Morgan followed Blake and watched as he opened the front door, Morgan slammed the door behind him, then walked towards the lounge. Kim had followed Morgan and Blake, she didn't like the atmosphere in the house and was going to leave. Morgan heard Kim behind her and turned to Kim and said, "How could you not tell me about the bet, you're supposed to be my friend".
Kim folded her arms and looked down, "I'm sorry Morgan I should have told you.....I didn't want to hurt your feelings, you've been through a lot and I didn't want to add to it".
"Too late!" said Morgan angrily.
"Get out of my house," Morgan shouted at Kim.
"What?" Kim said in surprise.
"You heard me".
Kim didn't look back as she opened the front door, "I'll phone you when you've cooled down," said Kim as she left.
"Don't bother," said Morgan as she slammed the door behind Kim.
Normally Morgan saw Kim every other day, but she hadn't answered her phone or the door in the last 5 days, because she needed time to think. She didn't seem to care about anything, not even the book anymore, all she thought about was Blake, she missed him like hell and her heart ached every time she thought about him. Just then the phone rang, Morgan picked it up reluctantly knowing she had to get back to reality. "Hello".
"Morgan....are you alright...I have been worried sick about you, I've been trying to phone you for the last 5 days, I came over to your house several times but you didn't answer the door".
"I needed some time alone to think things through".
" haven't forgotten the book signing tomorrow have you?"
"Do you still want me to be there?" asked Kim.
"Yes Kim I do want you there....look Kim about what happened, I've thought a lot about it over the last 5 days and I'm really sorry, I shouldn't have gone off at you like that. I guess I was just stressed with the book signing coming up, I hate those things....I worry no one will turn up".
"I know, you say this every time, I'm sure your book will sell like hot cakes, just like the last one did".
"I hope so".
" I'd better go I'm meeting Tim in 15 minutes, still friends?"
"Friends forever".
"See you at 9am tommorrow", said Kim.
"See you then, bye," Kim was spending a lot of time with Tim and she thought it was jealousy as her heart gave a painful squeeze, but then Blakes face appeared momentarily, she couldn't figure out what was wrong with her.
On the day of the book signing the shop was packed with people waiting to get a signed copy, Morgans publisher was there too. Morgan noticed Blake standing outside and tried to concentrate on the job at hand wondering why he was there. As the day wore on Blake was still standing outside, Kim noticed and said to Morgan,
"Blake's outside, why don't you take a break and see what he wants".
"No I've got too much to do here" said Morgan. Kim noticed Morgans hand shake as she signed an autograph. By the end of the day all her books were sold out and there were still people wanting a copy.
"I'm sorry ladies and gentlemen but there are no more copies," said Morgans publisher.
The people who had copies of the book waited in line to pay for them, Morgan looked out of the window but Blake wasn't there, she felt a little disappointed. "Thanks for coming, I always need your support" said Morgan as she hugged Kim.
"Thats ok, I'm meeting Tim in half an hour I've got something to tell him," said Kim excitedly as she hugged Morgan with a smile on her face.
"Whats that?" asked Morgan, she felt her friend was keeping something from her, the pain on Morgans face said it all.
Kim could see Blake standing outside but didn't tell Morgan as he opened the door quietly,
"I've got to go I'm going to be late, I'll see you tomorrow ok".
Kim rushed out the door like a whirlwind before Morgan could say anything else.
Morgan turned round and nearly bumped into Blake, there was a hint of a smile as she asked
"Blake....What are you doing here?" her legs began to tremble and her heart thumped in her chest,
I must be ill thought Morgan.
"Morgan...I've been thinking about you for the last 5 days, I haven't slept, I can't eat, I think of you every minute of the day....I want to start over and get to know you if you'll let me".
Morgan didn't know what to say, she stood there not quite believing what Blake had just said.
"Please Morgan, I'm sorry about the bet.....I didn't know you then like I know you now, I've never felt like this about anyone, the way I feel about you...... I love you".
Morgan couldn't take it in and she looked away feeling a little frightened.
Blake loves me, thought Morgan.
"For god sake Morgan say something, I'm telling you I love you. I want to take care of you.!". His heart ached as he waited for her to say something.
Morgan wondered is this what it's like to love someone, is this what I've been feeling.
Morgan suddenly realized that she was in love with Blake, she felt frightened but happy at the same time.
Blake picked up on her feelings and said "I know you're scared Morgan...we'll get through it, I promise I will love you for the rest of my life," Morgans heart seemed to open up like a flower, and filled with love for Blake, it felt really weird to her. Blake saw the change in her as he looked into her eyes, Morgan smiled at Blake as she said,
That was all Blake needed to hear.
Blake kissed Morgan, his heart bursting with happiness, Morgan heart was bursting with love so much she thought it was going to explode. EPILOGUE.

Morgan and Blake were so much in love that they felt it was the right time to make their relationship a bit more permanent, and got married as soon as possible.
Morgan and Blake were married in Morgans back garden with Kim and Tim as witnesses, Kim was Morgan's bridesmaid and Tim was Blake's best man, they were all so happy, Morgan because she was marrying a wonderful man and Kim and Tim because Kim was expecting a baby. Blake felt like the luckiest man in the world as he kissed his bride. Morgan was so happy after their kiss, she gave Blake a hug and nearly knocked him off his feet. After the service they had some wedding pictures taken, the photographer didn't have to tell them to smile because Morgan and Blake couldn't stop smiling. Blake couldn't believe Morgan had said yes to marrying him, he felt so proud to have her as his wife and couldn't take his eyes off her. Just then Morgans face changed, Blake knew she was thinking about her parents.
"I wish mum and dad were here to see me married to such a wonderful man".
"Honey I'm sure they're looking down at you right now and feeling very proud of their daughter".
"I hope so.....I'd like to think they can see me" said Morgan.
Blake kissed Morgan's forehead and thought of his brother, and hoped the same thing, they'd both lost someone they loved and somehow that brought them closer together. "I love you Blake, more than anything in my life, I've never felt like this before".
"I love you too, we have the rest of our lives together, you've made me the happiest man alive".
Morgan kissed Blake feeling nothing but happiness and love fill her up, her icy heart had finally been melted...!!!


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topaz27Jul 31, 2009

What a beautiful ending \:\) I loved this story so much and all your pictures are amazing too \:\) \:wub\:

roseofsharon1980 VIPJul 12, 2009

YAAAAYYY!!!  What a happy ending!  Good job on the story, I loved it.

Murphy75May 27, 2009

Great ending!  I'm so excited they got married!!\:wub\:

xtinabobina VIPMay 25, 2009

What a sweet finale! I love happy endings! \:\) will you continue to write using sims 2?

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