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As promised.. "Love and Heartbreak" The final chapter.. enjoy!

A few days later, Seth and Cameron welcomed a healthy baby boy into the family.

They named their son Logan James, after Seth's late father.

Seth was a terrific dad. He was very attentive to his son and loved to spend as much time with him as possible. It was as if the world had stopped, and Logan became the new center of his universe.

As promised.. "Love and Heartbreak" The final chapter.. enjoy!

A few days later, Seth and Cameron welcomed a healthy baby boy into the family.

They named their son Logan James, after Seth's late father.

Seth was a terrific dad. He was very attentive to his son and loved to spend as much time with him as possible. It was as if the world had stopped, and Logan became the new center of his universe.
Cameron however was having a hard time adjusting to a new baby.

She would hold Logan as if he were a stranger's son and not her own. She began to wonder what she was thinking in the first place to want to become pregnant to keep Seth, she never even wanted children.
The next day Caroline, her new partner in crime, had some very big news for Cameron.

Caroline -- "My sources tell me that Vanessa is pregnant and by the estimated number of months, we have strong reason to believe the child she is carrying is Seth's."

Cameron -- "WHAT! If that sleeze thinks shes going to parade around carrying MY Husbands baby shes got another thing coming to her!"

She devised an evil plan in her head..

Vanessa moved in with Caleb in his downtown loft. Caleb was very supportive of her pregnancy and her need for space and time. He was just so happy to have her close.
After weeks of hard work and secrecy, Caleb was finally ready to reveal his new project to Vanessa.

Caleb -- "Surprise!.." He shouted excitedly, "It's my gift to you and the baby! I tried to keep the colors neutral since we don't know if it's a boy or girl yet. I built the crib myself it took me forever i wondered how you never figured out what i was up to. Do you like it?"

Vanessa -- "Caleb! Like it? I absolutely love it!! It's beautiful!.. you are so sweet." She started to get a little emotional.
Then suddenly before either of them knew what was going on they were locked in a kiss.

It was Vanessa who pulled away first. It felt so wrong to be kissing Caleb when in her mind and heart longed only for Seth.
The following night..

Caleb -- "Vanessa, I want to apologize for yesterday. I promised i would give you all the time and space you needed. It was wrong of me to kiss you as i could tell you still aren't ready for that. I didn't mean to ruin your surprise. I'm sorry."
Vanessa -- "Cal you didn't ruin anything.. and you don't have to apologize either. It's me. If there was a way to tell my heart who to love, it would be yours."

Caleb saw the sorrow in her eyes as she spoke and decided to change the conversation.. "I have some pretty big news i have to share with you. My agent just called, I'm being offered a job in L.A., well not just any job.. my dream job! There giving me my own art studio and gallery! If i decide to accept the offer, and i'd be crazy not to, things will be ready by the end of the month. So what do you think?"

Vanessa was silent for a moment.
Vanessa -- "I think you need to get me to the hospital, and fast! My water just broke!" After an 8 hour intensive labor, Vanessa delivered a healthy baby girl she name Avery Renee. Two days later, thrilled new mommy Vanessa and baby Avery were allowed to return back home from the hospital. Jasmine made a long anticipated visit to help welcome mom and baby back home.

The months apart really helped Jasmine re-focus. She moved to SimCity and got her own place, a quaint little apartment overlooking the city's center park. Though she will always feel hurt at loss of her son and not being able to bear anymore children, she learned she couldn't forget what it meant to love a child and became an elementary school teacher. Vanessa was so proud of her little sis.
Later that night... while Vanessa and Caleb slept.. Kevin broke in..

Since Cameron knew Kevin Richards would so anything for money, she paid him off to kidnap Vanessa's baby. Little did they know that Caleb had an integrated full security system installed.
The police were there within minutes. They surrounded Kevin before he could get to little Avery. He was arrested and taken downtown to await trial. Officer Suarez -- "Does the name Kevin Richards sound familiar to either of you?"

Both -- "No officer."

Officer Suarez -- "Well as it stands, its appears the criminal was after the baby. The perp has a history of theft but none of child napping.. this might be personal offense."

Vanessa gasped,.. She told the officer of Cameron Turner and her possible involvement.

Officer Suarez made note of this and reassured Vanessa they would investigate into the matter.
After the horrible scare, Vanessa went to check on Avery who was still safely and peacefully asleep, unaware of it all.

Vanessa -- "Cal, I want to move with you to L.A., as soon as possible.."
When Kevin was granted his free phonecall from the downtown precinct he knew exactly who he would call. He was furious at Cameron for setting him up just to caught by police, it was time for payback.

Seth was up late catching up on his paperwork when the phone rang. Seth glanced at the time and wondered who could be calling so late..

Seth -- "Hello?"

Kevin -- "Seth Turner? My name is Kevin Richards, I'm calling to inform you that your now wife Cameron and I have had several affairs throughout the past year, and that she has been deceiving you, Logan James is not your son. He is mine."

Seth froze... "WHAT?..."

Seth sat in his office and thought briefly of the past six years.

After finding out about Cameron's evil lies, Seth quickly filed for divorced. With the police on her trail about the attempted kidnapping case Cameron escaped to Europe and changed her name. The only person she remained in contact with was her father Walter who also left town soon after and who's whereabouts were also unknown.

Though it hurt Seth a great deal to find out Logan wasn't his biological child, his feelings never changed, Logan would always be his son. He was granted sole custody after Cameron's disappearance and remained a devoted and loving father.

A few months ago he and Logan moved to SimCity to start fresh. Things looked up soon after.. He made partner at the firm he was working at, and bought a house. Still however the memory of his lost love - Vanessa, followed him wherever he went.
The phone's ringing brought Seth back to reality. On the other end spoke a familiar voice.

Walter -- "Hello Seth. I'm calling to about my grandson. Now before you get off on the wrong foot i only mean to inform you that i had my will rewritten. Logan James will inherit a great deal of my wealth when i pass on. In any event my lawyer knows how to contact you."

Seth -- "Well that seems like the noble thing to do. Seeing as how his mother practically abandoned him."

Walter -- "Seth, Cameron is ill. She is seeing a therapist. Speaking of which, there is something you need to know. Cameron revealed to me that short time after Logan was born she was informed that the woman you were philandering with was bearing your child."
Seth -- "Walter, is this some type of joke? Did Cameron put you up to this?"

Walter -- "I can assure you, my daughter doesn't know i am telling you this. I just can't keep a secret like this with me till the grave. A sim at my age hasn't much time left.."

Seth was almost speechless. Somewhere, somehow, he had to find them.. Vanessa and his child.
A few weeks later..

It was a big morning for Logan. It was the first day of 1st grade at his new school, Prospect Elementary.

Seth -- "Come on champ, you don't want to be late on your first day do you?" he called to his son as he finished cleaning up the kitchen.

"No way! Lets go dad, i'm ready! I'm ready!" an overly excited Logan yelled before dashing out the door.
When Seth entered the classroom with Logan he recognized his son's new teacher instanly, it was Jazz.

Jazz -- "Seth? Seth Turner?"

Seth -- "Jasmine?" He could barely believe his eyes.. "Jazz i need to speak to you alone for 5 minutes please.."

Jazz looked hesitant but agreed.. She excused herself from her class and led Seth into the empty library.
Jazz -- "Ok Seth, you have exactly 5minutes.."

Seth -- "Look i know you must think the worst about me even after all these years and though i know i deserve it you have to understand where im coming from.. I was decieved, like Vanessa.. but by Cameron. She tricked me into marrying her. She lied, She made me believe she was pregnant with my child and as it turned out he wasn't mine, biologically anyway, he is mine now i adopted him. But she lied Jazz.. to get me to marry her and to keep me away from Vanessa because she knew i loved her."

Jazz was furious.. "That witch! That prada wearing, dior smelling, gucci buying Witch!"

Seth -- "Jazz, this is important.. i need to know where Vanessa is."

Jazz -- "Seth i don't think.."

Seth -- "Please Jazz! I know the truth! I know she was pregnant with my child.. I need to find them.. to make things right. I lost them once, i can't lose them again!"

Jazz -- "Seth, it's just that she's getting married tomorrow.. To Caleb Matthiews. I'm sorry.. I know this changes things but she's moved on.. it's been 6yrs for crying out loud!"

Seth felt his heart sink. "I'll hop on a plane this minute if i have to... Where are they?"
Meanwhile, in L.A.,

The past six years for Vanessa were full of surprises..

After moving to L.A. a new found hobby of hers, photography, became her new career and passion. She was so successful she was able to buy her own beach home. Last year, Caleb proposed to her and after all the love and support and patience he had shown her within the past years, she just couldn't say no. She loved him, but not in the way she had loved Seth.
Avery was growing up into a beautiful little girl. She was always so full of energy and joy. She had her father's eyes and every time Vanessa looked into them she was reminded of Seth.

Vanessa -- "Stand still honey, i need a recent picture of you to send Aunt Jazz."

Avery stroke a goofy pose.

Vanessa laughed.. "silly girl.."
Later that night..

Vanessa was dressed up for the wedding party a few friends were throwing for her and Caleb before they officially tied the knot tomorrow. With Avery spending the night at a friend's, Caleb had promised to pick Vanessa up at 8pm. At 7:30 the doorbell rang.
Except it wasn't Caleb.

Vanessa -- "Seth? Wha..what are you doing here? how..?"

Seth was momentarily stunned by her beauty. His memories of her didn't do her any justice.. she was gorgeous.
Seth -- "Vanessa, there is something you need to hear before you decide to marry Caleb tomorrow. Cameron lied.. she used her pregnancy as a way to keep me from you, but the truth was the son i believed to be mine wasn't biologically. I divorced Cameron after i found out the truth, but my son.. i couldn't bear the thought of giving him up, i've raised him alone. A few weeks ago i found out by Cameron's father that you were carrying my child all along.. i know why you didn't tell me, you thought the worst of me and rightfully so. But Vanessa i'm here right now to tell you i can't bear to lose you again. I love you with everything i have even after all these years. If you tell me you are happy with Caleb i'll never pursue you again but tell me the truth... do you still love me?"

Vanessa looked him in the eyes and answered, "I've never stopped loving you Seth. My heart belongs to you, always."

Seth felt his heartskip a beat. He pulled her close and held her..
Then suddenly Caleb walked in..

Vanessa and Seth were on cloud nine and didn't realize he was present until he cleared his throat rather loudly.
Vanessa -- "Caleb i can explain..."

Caleb gave Seth a stern look.. "I'd like to speak to my Fiancee alone please." They didn't need to be introduced, they both already knew who the other was.

Seth -- "I'll be waiting outside."
Vanessa -- "Cal.. im sorry, I.."

Caleb cut her off.. "Do you love him? Really love him?"

Vanessa -- "I,.. I can't lie to you Cal.. Yes i do. With all my heart."

Caleb took a deep breath and prepared himself for what he was about to say next, "Then i can't compete with that.. If you love him, you should be with him. I've spent 6years trying to fight my way into a heart that isn't mine.. because i love you, im letting you go."

Vanessa was stunned.
Vanessa -- "What?"

Caleb -- "All i ever wanted was for you to be happy..."

Vanessa threw he arms around him.."Thank-you Cal.. from the bottom of my heart, for everything.."
One year later..

Seth and Vanessa were finally married! It was a very romantic beachside wedding. Simple yet beautiful.
Avery and Logan became inseparable. They each loved having a sibling and a new found family. Turns out that the doctors were wrong about Jasmine.. She was expecting twins next fall with her new man, Caleb. Who knew those two lovebirds would make sure a great match? As for Seth and Vanessa, they put all the drama behind them and focused on there future together. No more heartbreak.. just love.
~The End~

**A big thank you to all the creators of all the c.c.that was used through out this series. Also a big thanks to all who commented/rated all parts of this story! I look forward to creating more stories for TS3, so stay tuned! xoxo Jari

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#22charrayJun 18, 2009

Beautiful story \:\)  Great job on it \:rah\:

#23madkitty13Jun 20, 2009

Honestly, that was the BEST TS2 story I have EVER read. Ah-Mazing

#24spitzmagicJun 25, 2009

Perfect ending for a perfect story....\:wub\:

#25weezythreetJul 8, 2009

...i luv the name Avery!... and luv the end screen shot! good job!

#26koobooSep 13, 2009

The screenshots,the sets, the sims and everything is just perfect! Well done, I have just read the whole story for the second time ha ha, I couldn`t keep away!

#27timamaSep 29, 2009

great shots and well made sims!what expansion packs did you use??i really want the drafting table.hmmmmm anyway very very nice story.well made 5/5  \:rah\:

#28oldmember_msthickemsJan 5, 2010

<strong><em>Omg!!! I can't believe it is like 5:30 am in the morning louisiana time and I am just finishing reading all of your stories.. They were so good I just couldn't stop. I am a true book worm and these were the kind of stories I could see in book stores.. Im so looking forward to read more of this one (if possible) to see if jazz and her new man live a happy life together and your other stories.. </em></strong>
<strong><em>Ms. Thickems'</em></strong>
<strong><em>smooches \:\)</em></strong>

#29joxanthVIPJun 28, 2010

I waited until I read the whole series before commenting.&nbsp; I LOVED IT! It was just my kind of story.&nbsp; You have a great talent! Can't wait to read more of your stories.&nbsp; Thanks for sharing&nbsp; \:D

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#31KairaAIJan 11, 2011

That was amazing! I love this story!! =)) Good work!!

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