A Message from an Angel - Part 9
Published Jun 8, 2009

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Welcome back to Part 9 :D Hope I haven't made you all wait too long :P Thanks to everyone who's giving me feedback, and hope you enjoy this part!! Also, a big thanks to the artists of the cc in my story.

Welcome back to Part 9 :D Hope I haven't made you all wait too long :P Thanks to everyone who's giving me feedback, and hope you enjoy this part!! Also, a big thanks to the artists of the cc in my story. I rocked Candice gently in my arms as I made my way down the stairs, trying to ease my nerves. I had thought about this day often since my daughter's birth, and now it was finally upon us.
I slowly swung the door open and took a deep breath before coming eye to eye with the man who fathered my baby. Zak.
He had changed slightly from what I remembered, though the last time I had seen him was almost two years ago. His once flowing, side swept hair was now cut short, and there was now a maturity about him. His gaze caught my eye, then continued down to Candice, cradled in my arm. I couldn't read his expression. It felt as if we had been standing there like that for an eternity, when in actual fact, it had only been a few moments.
'Zak..' I started, my mouth suddenly feeling very dry. 'I want you to meet Candice.'

Suprisingly, he smiled and crouched down to Candice's level.

'Hi Candice. Well, aren't you beautiful?' Zak cooed. 'She has my eyes.'

I watched them for several minutes before I asked Zak to come inside.
After leading him through to the living room, I asked if he would like to hold his daughter.

'Yea...sure, ok. Gee, I'm not really used to babies.' He admitted, looking unsure. 'Am I holding her right?'

'You've got the right idea. Just make sure you support her neck...that's it.' I soothed.
It only took a few moments of cradling Candice for Zak to feel comfortable with her. He kissed her cheek and swung her high above him, making her giggle uncontrollably. I took a seat on the couch and smiled to myself as I watched father and daughter bond for the first time.
I couldn't help thinking, if things had been different, this scene could have been a daily occurance.
I suggested we sit out by the pond. There Candice could play in her pen, and we could talk.

'You've got a nice place here, Ava.' Zak said politely.

'Thanks, Zak. Candice and I enjoy it here. Look...I'm sorry I didn't tell you.' I replied, wanting to get to the point.

'About Candice?' He asked. 'It's ok, I mean at least you've told me now. I was extremely surprised when I read your email. I have to admit, I thought you were kidding at first, but then I realised it's not something you joke about. I'm...sorry too...for what I did. I wasn't out to hurt you.'

'It's in the past now, we've both moved on from that. There's a little reason we've been brought back together like this, and that little reason is right in front of us. We need to forget the bad things for our daughter's sake.' I explained.
'Yes, you're right.' He smiled. 'I still can't come to terms with the fact that I have a daughter now, but I guess I will in time. I'd really like to be a part of her life from now on.'

'Of course. That's what I was hoping for.' I said, gazing over at Candice playing happily. 'I have to ask though Zak, are you still with Venny?'

'No. We uh...we weren't together very long. It wasn't anything.' He replied, not able to look me in the eye. 'I'm not dating at the moment. Are anybody?'

'Yes.' I replied, without hesitation. I didn't want him thinking poor Ava, all alone again. Besides, it wasn't an all out lie anyway. Zak didn't seem too fazed by my answer, but I couldn't tell what he was thinking.
Late that afternoon, it was time for Zak to head home.

'Thank you for coming today. You will come to pick her up on Friday like we arranged?' I asked.

'No, thank YOU Ava. You've changed my life. I've got a daughter to think about now. And yes, I will see you Friday.' Zak smiled, before giving Candice a kiss and getting into his car.

Candice and I waved him off, before retiring to the warmth of our home. The day had gone better than I'd hoped.
As I put Candice to sleep that night, I told her how happy I was that she had both of her parents now. Neither mummy or daddy would be going anywhere. I was sure Zak would always be there for her now, as I would be. Jen and I sat chatting over lunch a few days later. I had told her all about Zak's visit over the phone the day after he came. So it was great to tell her again in person. As always, she shared my joy. Plus, I had more news to tell her.

'Chad called me last night, and we chatted for over an hour. He thinks it's fantastic that Candice has got her dad in her life now. He also suggested, since Candice will be with Zak this weekend, that maybe I would like to see his beach house.' I said, hardly able to contain my excitement.

'Wow! Well, if he hasn't got enough going for him already, now a beach house? All he needs now is a beautiful wife and family.' Jen hinted. 'It sounds incredible. You are going, aren't you?'
'Well...' I teased. 'Yes! I told him I'd love to. I did ask if there was a spare room though....incase he assumed we'd be sharing a room. I had no reason to worry though, he assured me there was a spare room, and insisted he hadn't invited me there for any other reason but to allow me a relaxing break and for us to get to know each other better.'

'I think you deserve a break, and a private house on the beach sounds just like what the doctor ordered.' Jen winked.

'I agree.'
'Well, she's all strapped in, ready to go.' Zak said, closing the passenger side door.

'Ok. You've got her bag...and remember she needs to be fed at -' I said, before getting cut off.

'I know, I know. You've told me three times already. I promise you Ava, I'll take good care of her. I'm her dad, there's no need to worry.' Zak explained.

'Yes, I know.' I admitted. 'It's just...she's never stayed overnight with anyone before. And she means the world to me. Call anytime if you need me, otherwise I'll see you Sunday night!'

'Yes, I'll see you then. Have a good weekend, I know I will.' Zak said, before I watched him drive down the street and around the corner.
A couple of hours later, as the sun was setting in the distance, Chad arrived to whisk me away to a romantic, secluded hideaway. Or that's what my hopeless romantic self wanted to believe.

'So, all set?' Chad asked, breaking my rein of thought.

'Yes, I'm all set. I'll just grab my bag and I'll be out.' I replied.

I grabbed my bag, jumped in his car, and we were off. Driving off into the sunset...
'Oh, wow! This is absolutely amazing.' I said, gazing up at the spectacular house lit up in front of me. The nearly two hour car ride was all worth it.

'Thanks. This is my home away from home. Though I've been spending more time here lately than my house in town. I'm considering living here permanently.' Chad said casually.

'Well, if I had the choice, I would too!' I smiled.
'This is the kitchen...and living room.' Chad said, showing me around the first level. 'I know it's late, so I won't show you everything tonight. You're probably tired so I'll make us some dinner, and then I'll show you the spare room.'

'Oh, thanks Chad. This is wonderful. Do you mind if I have a look out the back while you prepare dinner?' I asked.

'Not at all. Go right ahead.' Chad smiled, making my heart melt.
I can't believe I'm here, I thought to myself, it's all too good to be true. I'm staying here, at this incredible house, and I'm with the sweetest, most gorgeous man on the planet. Just to make sure I wasn't dreaming, I pinched myself. I knew I wasn't when I felt a slight pain on my arm.
With the moon shining high in the sky, the sound of waves crashing against the shoreline, the salty smell of the ocean in the air, I took a deep breath in. This was perfect.
'This looks delicious, thank you!' I said, eyeing off the meal of steak and salad in front of me.

'It's my pleasure.' Chad replied, as we started eating.

Half an hour later it was getting late, so Chad showed me to my room.
'Oh, Chad. It's beautiful! What a stunning view.' I told him.

'Yes, I like it too.' Chad replied, admiring the view. 'Well, I'll leave you to it. I'm just upstairs if you need me. The bathroom is two doors down on your left if you need it. Have a good sleep, I'll see you in the morning.'

'Thanks, Chad. You too.' I replied, stifling a yawn.
The next morning, I awoke to a beautiful, sunny day. I stretched, feeling great after a deep nights sleep, and threw back the covers. Slipping out of the covers, I rubbed my eyes and took a look out of the window. To my surprise, I saw Chad out by the pool. He looks amazing, I thought, he should go without a shirt more often! I decided I'd get changed into my swimmers and join him. 'Good morning! Did you have a good sleep?' Chad greeted me, bright as always. 'You look great by the way.'

'Thank you.' I replied, my cheeks burning. 'I had a great sleep, no interruptions at all.'

'That's great. Would you like some breakfast? There's cereal, toast...I could make some bacon and eggs..' His voice trailed off as he went inside, me following.
Later that day, we sat by the pool with a bottle of wine. We talked about everything, feeling very comfortable in each others company. The hours slipped past and we were soon watching pink, orange and red streak across the sky, signalling a sunset. I let out a sigh, knowing I only had one day left before I went back home and back to reality. That night, Chad had asked me to dress up in something nice. He wanted to take me out to dinner to celebrate our final night here. I was flattered, and took my time getting ready. I wanted to look special for Chad, though I don't know why.
He watched me walking down the stairs, almost as if he were star struck. I had achieved my goal.

'You always look stunning Ava, but tonight even more so.' Chad said, admiringly.

Blushing seemed to be a common occurance these days, being around Chad. He made me feel so...good.
We were seated at a cozy booth at a restaurant called 'Otello's' a short time later. It was a clear night, the weather just right. Without thinking, as we waited for our food, our hands touched. Neither of us pulled away, we just smiled. This felt so right. The night went by so quickly, as usual when you're having such a good time.

'Thanks for sharing this weekend with me Ava, I've had so much fun with you.' Chad said, as we were about to leave.

'Thank you for inviting me. I've had more fun than you I think.' I smiled. 'I feel great around you, so...thanks.'

'You don't have to thank me.' Chad said. 'Let's say we get out of here.'
I couldn't believe it was time to go when Sunday afternoon came around.

'Honestly Chad, I've had the best time.' I said, hugging him. 'We'll have to do it again sometime.'

'Sure, that would be great. Better get you home then.' Chad replied.
Thinking of Candice, I suddenly thought to check my mobile. I gasped when I saw it read '10 missed calls', all from today., I thought, something's wrong! All the calls were from Zak.

'Not my' I whispered to myself, a sob escaping.

'What is it, Ava? Are you ok?' Chad asked, catching sight of my suddenly pale face.

'No. We have to get!' I cried.

:O Part 10....coming soon!

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MangioJun 13, 2009

i hope Candice is okay.

Little Cloud Jun 12, 2009

Very good \:rah\: \:rah\: \:rah\:!!!!!! Simply can't wait for part ten \:D \:rah\: \:D!

Jun 12, 2009

Great part!!! Cant wait for the next one!!! I loved you cliff hanger it was GREAT!!! Hope Candice is ok!!!\:wub\:
Out of 1-5 I give you a 10!!!!!!!!

Layla830Jun 10, 2009

awsome part to this story full of suspense but i'm honestly torn between who shud be the right guy now zak seems different who knows cant wait for next part!!! \:rah\: \:D

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