Reign - Part Thirteen A
Published Jun 12, 2009

Written By



Page 1 / 33!!! It's been forever since I've uploaded my story.
I've really missed you guys and I have great news. I have a new laptop, and it runs my game SO SO much better than ever.
Well, we can catch up later, here is part Thirteen of Reign!!

Please enjoy!
** If you haven't read my story, you definitely will want to start from the very beginning.!!! It's been forever since I've uploaded my story.
I've really missed you guys and I have great news. I have a new laptop, and it runs my game SO SO much better than ever.
Well, we can catch up later, here is part Thirteen of Reign!!

Please enjoy!
** If you haven't read my story, you definitely will want to start from the very beginning.
Vikki: I'm worried.
Eric: About what?
Vikki: Areana.... I think she's going to leave Victor.
Eric stared at her for a second in thought. "Well there's nothing we can do about it, Hun. We --"
Vikki: What do you mean? We can talk to her out of it.
Eric: Vikki, I don't think she loves him anymore. We can't force her to marry someone she doesn't love.
Vikki: But she 'can't' leave him.
Eric: Why?
Vikki took a second. "Because she'll never find someone good enough for her!"
Eric: You mean for you.
Vikki: What?
He sighed. "You know I love you. But you are a little too controlling when it comes to other people's lives.
Vikki: I am not.
Eric shook his head. "I'm not saying you want to know every second that's going on in someone's life, but you want to tell them how to do something. I don't mean that you Demand it or anything like that, but you want people to do what you want of them. I never said anything before, but Victor really isn't a good match for Areana, and it's more apparent every day. It's not up for you to decide who she marries."
Vikki: You think I'm too controlling?
Eric: To me? No. To the kids? Yes. To Areana? Yes.
Victor: She kicked you out?
Eric: Yea, we got in a fight and I said something I probably shouldn't have.
Victor: Dude, what'd you say?
Eric: I.... can't... really say. I don't WANT to say.
Victor: Oh come on.
Eric: I'm sorry Man, I can't.
Victor: ....Fine.
He looked around. "I uh, don't have anything in my spare room... so you have to buy a bed. Or, you know, sleep on the couch."
Eric: I'll buy a bed.
Areana: What? You're crazy.
Ivori: Why? Why not?
Areana raised an eyebrow at her. "Zane. He's a..." She stuttered over her words. "He's not a friend. I don't even think he's an 'acquaintance'. He just happens to be in the same places I am."
Ivori: He completely fits for you! I don't understand. He's a nice guy. I don't know why you wouldn't go for him.
Areana: Well you're single Ivori, why don't you see if the sparks will fly between you two?
Ivori: "I happen to like being single, thank you." She smiled at her.
Areana: Well maybe that's what I need to do. Stay single for a little while.
Ivori raised an eyebrow. "Maybe."
Areana stared forward, at nothing in particular. "You know something, Victor has really ruined my life."
Ivori: You're just now realizing this?
Areana: Well, when Ian and I had what I guess you could call our first official date, I told him what I wanted to do with my life. I wanted to be a photographer. And here I am struggling to keep my head above water.... All because of Victor. He really ruined EVERYTHING.
Ivori: We should start a club. We can call it Victor's Ruined. It will consist of people who he's screwed over and took advantage of.
Areana laughed at her, but she suddenly held a straight face.
Ivori: Areana? What's wrong?
Areana: I need to leave Victor. Like, soon.
Ivori pointed at her cell phone.
Areana: What? No! I can't do it over the phone... I have to do it in person!
Ivori: Are you sure you want to do that?
Areana: I don't see why not. And then I'll be able to give the ring back right then and not have to wait until later.
Ivori: But what if he talks you out of it? He's good at that. You and I both know it.
Areana: It's more respectable if I do it in person.
Ivori: How many people do you think he respects?
Areana: Uuuuh....
Ivori: Exactly.
Areana: Then how do I give this ring back?
Ivori: You mail it.
Areana: What?!
Ivori: Yea! Mail it.
Areana: What if it gets lost in the mail?
Ivori: Oops?
Areana: No.
Ivori: Then put insurance on it. Believe me doing that is worth more than seeing him in person. Trust me, it's worth it.
Areana took out her phone. "Fine." She dialed Victor's number and waited for him to pick up.
Areana: Answering machine... I'll try again." But she was unsuccessful.
Ivori: Maybe Eric knows where he is?
Areana pointed at her in agreement. "He might, let me call him."
Vikki: Hello?
Areana: Hey! Is Eric there?
Vikki:... No.. he's not.
Areana: Hmm.. well would he be with Victor at all? Because he's not answering his phone and I thought Eric might know where he is. I really need to talk to him.
Vikki: Well you can leave me the message and I'll tell him when I see him?
Areana: No, Vikki, I'm sorry, but I can't tell you. He needs to hear it from me.
Vikki: Air.... What's wrong?
Areana: I can't really talk about it right now. I'm sorry.
Vikki: Areana, you're not leaving him.... are you?
Areana: Hey, I have to go... someone's pounding on my door.
She quickly hung up.
Ivori: Too bad you're at my place.... What was that about?
Areana: I don't know... I think that if I told her what I'm doing, she'd freak out on me.
Ivori: She's going to find out either way.
Areana: I know, but it'd be better if she learned about it after the fact.
Ivori shrugged. "Probably."
That night, Areana had a nightmare. She tossed and turned, but couldn't wake up. She was walking by herself to the park. It was late at night and barely anyone was out. She walked up and stood in front of the pond, listening to the crickets and frogs. Suddenly she felt that she wasn't alone. Looking around she got nervous. She decided to leave, but when she turned around, someone was in her way. It was Victor. Victor: What are you doing here?
Areana: What are you talking about? She backed up as far as she could. Victor wasn't himself.
Victor: You heard me. Didn't I tell you to never come back?!
Areana: I have no idea what you're talking about... what's going on?
Victor suddenly sprung forward and attacked her.
Areana: "Victor! Stop!" She screamed between blows to her face, but no one was around to come to her aid. Victor then pushed her to the ground.
Victor: You come back, you try to ruin my life, after I had rid you of it!?
Areana: I don't know what the hell you're talking about!!
Victor came after her again. The next thing she knew, he had her in the water face down. He was still yelling, but she couldn't understand what he was saying. She thrashed until she had nothing left. One last cry she was able to get out. It was her own name. She quit moving, and closed her eyes. Victor's grip let go and she bobbed on the surface of the pond. 'I'm still breathing,' she thought. Opening her eyes she found herself standing by the body in the water. She frantically started touching herself and looking around. Her body, hair, clothes, everything, was dry. Then she saw Victor. He walked up to the body and poked it with a branch. When the body didn't move, she seen panic rise within him. As if he had just seen a ghost, he dropped the branch and ran off. Areana looked back at the body. Slowly she stepped closer and rolled the person over. It was Ian. She leaned in closer to his face. "...Ian?" Her heart was beating faster than she thought was possible. She put her hand on his chest and felt it slowly and barely rise and fall. He was still breathing.
Immediately she was jerked away from from her dream.
Areana flung up from her bed screaming. She looked around to realize she was in her room. Immediately, she ran over and flipper her light on. She sunk herself down in her chair and stared into nothing, trying to process her dream. She spoke soft and quietly. "Ian..... where are you?" Ivori: "What!?" She was shocked. "I don't know what to say."
Areana: Tell me about it. I don't even know what to do.
Ivori: "Well" She was silent for a minute. "MOST of the time, when a person dreams, it's the subconscious at work. Or whatever is on their mind that they don't talk about."
Areana: ... ok? Sooo..."
Ivori: So does ANY part of you think that Victor killed Ian?
Areana: No! Not at all! Cheating was the only stupid thing he's ever done.
Ivori: Right! So this means that Ian's talking to you.
Areana: ...Uhm?....What...
Ivori: Yes! He's talking to you, telling you that Victor had something to do with his death. OR that Victor was the absolute last person to see him before he died.
Areana: No.... that can't be it at all.
Ivori: Areana, I'm sure of it.
Areana: I don't believe it.
Ivori: I do! I'm a full believer of the dead visiting their loved ones... or hated... in their dreams. Areana you have to believe me.... Ian's talking to you.
Areana was silent. She didn't know what to think or what to believe. She shut her eyes for a minute, but Ian's face appeared. Opening her eyes, she shouted. "This is crazy!"
Ivori: No it's not!
Areana kept talking as if she didn't hear her. "This can't be happening."
Ivori: It is.
Areana: It's too much to deal with.
Ivori: Areana.
Areana: I can't believe it -- I WON'T believe it!
Areana: What?
Ivori: You have to believe this. It's very true. Things like this can happen... and it's happening to you. Now listen.
Areana sat silent and listened while Ivori explained what should be done.
** This is the end of the first HALF of part thirteen **

Yup, there's two halves to this part.
I would like to take the time right now (while you wonder about Areana's dream) and say how SORRY I am for waiting over a YEAR to start finishing this story. I'm not even sure how many of you past readers are still active on this site, but if you are, PLEASE comment this story!! =D I want to know if you're still here.
If you're new to my story (which I'm sure a lot of you are), I hope you really enjoyed it so far and will continue to enjoy it.

The next half should be out within the next two weeks. Take care and please leave your comments!! <3

PS: Feel free to message me to catch up on the past year. ;)

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#5NenehunniJun 15, 2009

Well WOAH MUCH !!!!,
I didnt think i remembered this story so i went back and read it from the beginning and i remembered that i had started reading it but never got around to seeing it and now all of this happens. My God, for the past hour i have sat here smiling crying and being very very angry. I can't believe victor, i want to take his plumbob and tear it into small pieces, stomp all over it and and, coor, i dont know, angry things. Please dont leave it a year to bring out a next part, i'm really hoping zane magically disappears, some mad scientist discovers the res o rect o nomitron and Ian comes back and happily ever after \:D But i think you have other things planned. Just wow, i can't believe i havent been pestering you for the parts of this, i gues the story went right out of my head, dont expect an easy ride now though. I need to know what happens !! Your a great writer and the screenshots are just <3 
Love Nenehunni xx

#6inge8208Jun 15, 2009

I have been following this story since you wrote the very first part of it.  I loved it right away and I still love it now.  I'm happy you continued the story. Please keep writing \;\) .

#7candy820Jun 16, 2009

Great part. I was glad to see you back with this story.\:D  5.0 here\:D \:D  Waiting for the next part.

#8JillebethVIPJun 16, 2009

Love your story.  Had to read it from the beginning since I saw it was part of a continuing story.  Zane seems nice.  Victor has got to go and would love for them to find a way to bring Ian back.   I know the Sims have a way, but ..... oh well.  Great job.  Looking forward to more.

#9DaishiJun 19, 2009

I wish Ian could come back from the dead and they could rekindle their love for one another, great chapter, looking forward to the next part \:\)

#10MangioJun 20, 2009

Victor was so evil. The scenes were frightening. Lets hope they can tell the police...I hope Ian can be reborn.

#11charrayJun 26, 2009

Great job on this story \:\) \:rah\:

#12converse02Jun 28, 2009

Oooo. \:o An interesting twist. I really wish Areana would just leave the guy. Its rather annoying and stupid of her. ehh. But HEY!! You are still writing, YAY! \:D I may have to go back and re-read some parts because I can't quite recall. But yay! Its back. \:\)

#13sims2isallineedJul 22, 2009


#14sims2isallineedJul 22, 2009

i finally read it lol remember me. u should so publish this whole story. im talking number 1 seller. i cud so be ur illustrator

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