Reign - Part Thirteen B
Published Jun 18, 2009

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Hello hello.
I come bearing the second half of this part! :D Full of goodies.

Not blabbing and rambling today, so read and I hope you enjoy!

*** If you haven't EVER read my story, you will want to start from the beginning. Better get yourself a HUGE glass of your favorite drink, and... some munchies. =)

Hello hello.
I come bearing the second half of this part! :D Full of goodies.

Not blabbing and rambling today, so read and I hope you enjoy!

*** If you haven't EVER read my story, you will want to start from the beginning. Better get yourself a HUGE glass of your favorite drink, and... some munchies. =)
Victor: Areana Babe, I'm sooo glad to finally be talking to you!
A couple days after Areana's dream, Victor finally had called her.
Areana: You.... sound different.
Victor: It's because I'm HAPPY to talk to you!
Areana: You could have called.
Victor: I did! But it doesn't matter, Babe! I've got exciting news!
Areana: Oh.... you do?
Victor: Yes! I was going to surprise you but I'm just going to tell you. Are you ready?
Areana: "I guess..." Victor never acted so excited and corny.
Victor: We're going to buy a new house! I sold my grandparents' house!
Areana: Oh... wow.... That's really big of you.
Victor: I know!
Areana: ........ I have some bad news.
Victor: "Shoot, Babe." he heard her take a large sigh.
Areana: Victor, I don't want to marry you anymore.
Victor: What?! Why?
Areana: I don't love you.
Victor: Yes you do. Look, since I already sold the house, we can look for one anyways and hold off on the wedding. You need out of the dump you live in now.
Areana: Victor, we've been engaged for almost three tears. So there's no need to hold off on the wedding. I don't love you and I don't want to marry you.
Victor grew angry. "Keep the ring, you're going to need it when you realize how stupid you are for this."
Areana: You're wrong. I'm SMART for doing this and I don't have the ring anymore.
Victor: What! You got rid of it? You know, if you break up with me, the law states that you have to give the ring back.
Areana: Correct. Which is why you'll get it tomorrow.
Victor: If you don't have it, how are you going to give it to me tomorrow?
Areana: It's in the mail.
Victor: It's what?!!
Areana: It's innn the maaaailllll. Don't worry. I put insurance on it in case it gets lost. I did next day service, so you should get it tomorrow.
Victor: You're really going to regret this.
Areana: No Victor, I'm going to remember it. As the smartest thing I ever did.
She hung up the phone. Victor quietly set the phone on the counter and looked over at Eric.
Eric: I'm sorry Man. Sometimes things just don't last.
Victor nodded once, looking down, and slugged off to his room upstairs shutting the door.
Zane had called up Areana one day and asked her to meet him at the park.
Zane: So I thought you and I could actually meet up without randomly running into each other.
Areana laughed. "Yea. I still find that strange."
Zane: What strange?
Areana: That we kept running into each other... You don't find it strange?
Zane looked at her. "No."
She raised an eyebrow at him in confusion. There was something about him she didn't quite understand.
Areana: Where's your dog?
Zane: Oh, I didn't bring him because he'd do nothing but want to play. He'd have all my attention.
Areana: Ah.
Zane: I'm serious. he's run all over the place, up to everyone, and everything.
Areana: So he's a little high strung, huh?
Zane: "Little isn't doesn't even begin to describe it. That branch.." He pointed to it by their feet. ".. right there would probably be his first victim."
When Areana looked down at the branch, all color left her face. She instantly froze. Zane went over to pick it up.
Areana: "Don't touch it!" There was a bit if urgency in her voice.
Zane laughed. "What, is it toxic or something?" he went for it again.
Areana: No, I'm serious. Please, leave it.
He slowly got up and walked back to her.
Zane: Are you ok? You don't look well.
She stumbled over her words. "Uh... I'm fine." There was a long pause.
Zane stood in front of her with furrowed brows, wondering what was wrong. Areana looked back at him.
Zane: Areana?
Areana: I need to go, I'm sorry.
Zane: What? Why?
Areana: "I can't explain, but I have to go." She quickly turned and started to walk away.
Zane: It's just a stick, really.
Areana kept walking but quickly stopped. "It's not the branch. Really. I mean, it is, but it isn't. I would explain, but it's hard. I'll uhm, call you later. I'm sorry."
She left, leaving Zane to watch her. He looked back at the branch and then lazily pointed at it. "can you tell me what's going on?"
Not even halfway through her walk home, she started running. She needed to call Ivori. That branch was the same branch in her dream. Thoughts about what Ivori had said of people being visited in their dreams filled her head. She then started seeing Ian's face and how battered it was when she flipped his body over. More thoughts rushed in. Her head was a blur. The thought of everything overwhelmed her. The dream, what Ivori said, the branch, everything. Night had fallen and before she knew it, she was home. She ran through her gate and up to the house. One of her cats was outside. He meows at her as she got to the door.
Areana: What are you doing outside?
She picked him up and took him inside, then went straight for the phone.
Before Ivori could even say hello, Areana was talking.
Areana: Ivori? I really need you to come over. It's important!
Ivori: What's wrong?
Areana spoke quickly. "I can't say over the phone. Just come over, please. And hurry."
Areana hung up and leaned against the wall, holding the phone tightly to her chest. She slid down to the floor and put her head on her knees. What seemed hours later Ivori came through the door without knocking. She peeked though the living room door and barely noticed Areana on the floor. Ivori: What happened? What's wrong?
Areana slowly lifted her head to her. "I don't even know where to start." She spoke softly.
Ivori: How about from the beginning?
Areana sighed. She got up and the moved over to the couch.
Areana: Ok, so... you remember the dream I had, right?
Ivori: Yea. Did you have another one?
Areana: No. Zane called me and I met him at the park. We were walking along and talking about his dog.
Ivori: So what's this have to do with your dream?
Areana: Well he was talking about how his dog loves to play and he pointed out a tree branch as and example, and Ivori, it was the exact same branch in my dream. it pulled me right back into it. It was even in the same spot.
Ivori: .... are you sure?
Areana: I'm postive.
Ivori thought for a second. "After all this time, the branch is still there? Assuming Victor had really used it?"
Areana: I guess so. I mean, it's the EXACT same one as the one in my dream.
Ivori: Did you go check it out?
Areana: No! I flipped out and left. Zane's probably still wondering what's wrong with me.
Ivori: This is serious. We need to check this out. That branch could be evidence! Areana, this could tell us what happened to my brother. If Victor had anything to do with him dieing or not.
Areana: So should we call the police?
Ivori: Yes, but not yet. I want to see this for myself.
Zane sat at his computer. Areana's actions a few days back confused him. 'It was just a stick, what the hell was she getting uppity about?' He shook his head.
Zane: Whatever.
He got up and went downstairs for a shower. On the way, Donny came up to him. "What, wanna play?" He shook his tail, replying with a positive answer. "Maybe after my shower." Donny looked up at him with persistence. "I'm sorry, you have to wait." He continued to look at him, so Zane stared back. "Oh fine, let's go." He took him outside and let him run around the yard.
Zane: "Come here." He whistled as he bent down to pick up a stick. It suddenly reminded him of Areana. He cursed and thew it down. "Let's go. Inside. Now." Donny moped his way to the house. They went inside and Zane took his shower.
Later that evening he was getting ready to make himself something to eat, when his phone rang.
Zane: Hello...
Areana: Hey, what are you doing?
Zane: Uh... nothing. Who's this?
Areana: It's Areana.
Zane: Oh! I'm sorry, didn't recognize your voice.
Areana: It's ok. Are you busy?
Zane: I am not. Why what's up? Oh! What happened to you the other day? What was that about?
Areana: That's what I called for. Uhm, do you want to meet up or something? Get coffee somewhere?
Zane: Yea, sure. Well, uhm, I was going to make dinner, so you're more than welcome to come over. I don't have a problem cooking for two.
Areana: Uhm, yea, ok. I'll see you in a bit.
Zane: Alright, bye.
Areana: Oh wait!
Zane: Hmm?
Areana: I might want your address.
Zane: Oh, right.
He gave her his address and rummaged through his kitchen for quest worthy food. It had been a while since he had had someone over for dinner.
Shortly have Areana was ringing the doorbell. He opened the door.
Areana: Hey.
Zane: Hey.
Areana: .... So... what is that on the side of your house? People can see right in.
Zane: Yea, it's like, the landmark of my house. I usually tell people to look for that. It's.... an inside garden?
Areana: Yea... ok.
Zane: Yea, I don't know. I'm thinking of tearing it down.
They stood there.
Areana: So....
Zane: Oh! Come in, come in. Sorry.
Areana: Thanks.
Zane: Yea. So you can watch TV or something while I cook.
Areana: Uhm, sure ok. Or well, do you need any help? I'm pretty decent in the kitchen.
Zane blinked at her for a second.
Areana: Oh.... I totally didn't mean that how it sounded.
Zane: Haha, it's ok, I know what you meant.
Areana: Ok, good. But if you want help, I can.
Zane: Sure, if you want.
Areana: Alright then.
They made a nice meal together and say down to eat.
Areana: Ok, so for the main reason I called you so you don't think I'm psycho, though after this story, you may think I am.
Zane: ha, ok. I'll do my best not to judge you.
Areana: "It's kind of a long, complicated story, so I'll do my best to keep it short. Back in my senior year in college, I started dating this guy...." She explained her story in the shortest was possible explaining the important if the last five years. She talked about the dream and what Ivori had said and the reason she flipped out over the branch. ** This is the end of the last half of part thirteen **

Heh, poor Ian. Can't get any love. :P
Oh, and did you like my weather blooper? It started raining in the park, then hailing... and it wouldn't stop. Haha

Hope you enjoyed this part and the next one will be out soon. =D

Leave your comments! I love feedback.

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#1DaishiJun 19, 2009

I'm so glad she broke off her engagement, I wonder whats going to happen in the next chapter. Great job \:D

#2JillebethVIPJun 19, 2009

Great job.  Glad she dumped Victor. 

#3candy820Jun 19, 2009

Another great part. 5.0 here\:D  Waiting for the next part.\:D

#4NenehunniJun 19, 2009

Ok, Zane is starting to grow on me ^_^ He's kinda cute. As for the weather thing i guess it was kinda appropriate for the scene and what she found out. Thank god she has finally broken up with Ian, even though i'm pretty sure that you are planning some comeback of total evilness \:D
Wonderful part yet again, Cant wait for the next one 
Nenehunni xx

#5MangioJun 20, 2009

Finally she's dumped Victor. I hope Victor would not ruin her life or Ivori's. Cant wait for the next part.

#6jarletJun 27, 2009

Excellent as always!it's my favorite story at the moment and I won't miss the others parts! I had to read a few anterior parts to refresh my memory! sad for Ian but can't wait for an happy end!\:D

#7converse02Jun 28, 2009

Hmm. I have a feeling Zane shall be playing an important part. But if Victor decides to bring wrath to him, I'm totally breaking my computer screen. \:D Hahah, but good part!! Hope another comes oh so very soon. \:\)

#8eshuffNov 11, 2009

I love the dialogue, it's very natural.  Your characters just jump right off the screen!  Can't wait to find out what happens with Zane, and thank god she finally dumped Victor.  Actually I love the weather.  It's unexpected, but it adds to the shots.  And your shots are reallly beautiful.  I love the perspective you get.  It feels real.  Wonderful update!

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