Goodbye and Hello
Published Jun 30, 2009

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maxi king


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Welcome to my new story! It's the second part of The Dream, so it would be best to read that first also I tryed to go into the sims3 with the story but I noticed it's not that nice as with sims2! It doesn mean I don't like sims3! Please rate and comment on the end, I realy like to know what you think! Thank you to the CC Creators!

Welcome to my new story! It's the second part of The Dream, so it would be best to read that first also I tryed to go into the sims3 with the story but I noticed it's not that nice as with sims2! It doesn mean I don't like sims3! Please rate and comment on the end, I realy like to know what you think! Thank you to the CC Creators! As you maybe remember, Daniel ask me to marry him as we left of! So soon we was getting married! It was autum and dark already! We hat a quiet wedding but it didn't matter because we loved each other so much! We only had the "norma"l dreams the other once were gone and we thought it was because we had found each other! Found oure soul-mate and be happy forever! But after a year of happyness they started once more! A different one and only Daniel had them first! About a different world, a world in peace and with the nicest whether at all! Then I started to get them as well, I was confuesd! Why are we dreaming about that place? And why both of us, now? We got up, both highly confused, to talk about our dreams. What did it mean? We had to find out because we had that dream everynight now! I was afrait but Daniel told me that it will be ok. Daniel: We found each other because of our dreams, they don't mean any harm, you see! I get on the computer and find out about that place! And he did! Daniel looked for weeks and couldn't find anything but then suddenly he found someting. A view people disappeared, one famous, Bella Goth! And they all had dreams about a peaceful place and no one would believe them! Daniel told me and that his lates dream did tell him where to go! I still wasn't sure and afrait but we had to see for ourself and so Daniel sold everything exept the house and the car. After a week we were ready to go! I had a very strange feeling as we got in the car and we didn't speak the hole time, till we arrived. We drove far in the woods, parked the car in a big garage underneath the ground, there were lot's of cars, even very old ones! Why did no one knew from this place? We walked for a bit and then came to a door!In the middle of nowhere! It looked so inviting! Should we realy go? Well we did, Daniel opend the door and a wonderful smell came to us and the sun was so bright and warm,I never saw before, and so we went through the door! Where would we be? "Hello, we was waiting for you!" Was the first we could hear. A man around 50 was standing in frond of us. I looked around wile he explaint that we where choosen to live here and that we was standing in frond of our new home! I didn't listen anymore then, I went in and looked around, it was all so beautiful! Daniel and the man talked some more, he said that this is a world for peacful people and that we are apart of it now, he also told him about work, shops and all that stuff. After that he went away and we made us at home, it seemed to be a great place! A view days later and we already had some friends! All very nice and mostly born here but there was not many towns around, this world seemed to be small but friendly! Daniel found work as a police officer but there wasn't much for him to do, so he played chess a lot! I didn't go to work as I looked after Will but I love my garden, never had so much fun with something!It was great to see the plants grow! It was all nice but everyday somhow the same, feeding Will.... doing Dinner, talking. Someting was missing! The garden was doing great, even I had to water it every day, it never rains here! No storm, no snow! Always sun! So we decided to try for a baby, Will was fun, a lovely kid, why not having one more? Daniel loved the idea of having a baby! And as soon as we tryed for it, I was preagnant! I gess that is another thing about here, your dreams and wishes comes through so easely! Soon enough it was Will's birthday! We were so exited! We didn't have a party because Will hates to be with lot's of other people! And that is how our afternoon looks like, Will playing alone and us sitting in the sun! Will is great at school but hates it, to many other boy's and girl's! He only got one friend, a nice girl living a view streets away from us! We realy started to miss our old live, it is far to nice and easy living here! And so Daniel had a look in the internet but couldn't find anything.Then he went to the library but there wasn't books like that. He meet Dr.Smith there but he told him to be happy here and that no one leaves this place, all people that came here have died here or going to die here. No way back! A view weeks later Daniel meet that old man, he was different somehow, he told Daniel how to go back, there was only one place and we had to go at night, a full moon night! Daniel told us about it at dinner and we was happy to hear the news, going back home, a not pefect home in a not pefect world with storms and snow! But Daniel was scared because of the baby, so we would wait till it's been born! And so we did! Our lovely girl was born two days before a full moon and we called her Luna-Marie! She was such a lovely and perfect baby, born in a lovely, perfect but so boring place! Two day's later we went to the place the old man told us about! He was right, the door was there and we went happyly trough it, leaving that ever so nice place behind us. The car was still there and so we drove home and hoped that it was still like it was as we left it! It was so exiting to get back home! We wasn't long home as Greg came to see us. Greg: Where have you been ,I didn't see my son for ages now! Daniel: We where on holliday, traviling all over the world and only came home, so Will can go to school and for our new baby! Greg played a bit with Will and went home! So I put Luna-Marie on a playmate wile Daniel put some baby furniture up, we brought some on the way home and Will got a new bed as well! After everything was finished, we sad down. Daniel took me in his arms. We were both so happy to be back! Well the old man had told Daniel we never would dream again! And he was right, no dreams at all! But we didn't care, we had a nice good sleep, every night in each others arms! And that is were our story ends! It is great if your dreams comes true but not every dream turns out how you would like it, so be aware of it!

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pierreandreply4Oct 13, 2010

Wow great story and great pictures as well and i am also looking forward in reading the rest of this story\:wub\:

Golden97Oct 24, 2009

That was gr8 \:D Your a very talented story writer \:\)

mnlynnOct 4, 2009

a Great story with a built-in lesson about life.    Sometimes "having it all" doesn't truly make you happy. 

Zenta889Jul 12, 2009

great story

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