Published Jun 27, 2009

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Hey everyone heres the second part of my story, I hope you enjoy reading it :D Thanks to all of the cc creators and to everyone who commented last time, it really is appreciated.

Hey everyone heres the second part of my story, I hope you enjoy reading it :D Thanks to all of the cc creators and to everyone who commented last time, it really is appreciated. The sun shone through Sarahs window, bringing in new hope of a new day. "Oh good, your up." Ms. Striker announced upon entering Sarahs room. "I expect you to be out of bed and dressed every morning by yourself. Breakfast begins promptly at 7:30, do not be late. If you fail to arrive on time you will not be given breakfast." Ms. Striker said. Then as quickly as she came she whipped around and stormed out. Sarah got dressed, her morning a little less hopeful as before. She ran to brush her teeth, then hurried out. There were no clocks close by for her to know if she was late. Surely they had all been moved to Uncle Ben's office Sarah thought making herself smile for the first time in a while. She walked quickly through the halls. And walked.. And walked...
"Surely I am late now," Sarah whispered to herself.
Finally she found her way to the dining room. "Your late, even after I came and woke you, your late!." Ms. Striker shreiked. "I know mam, but I got lost. This house is so big and.." Sarah defended softly. Ms. Striker rolled her eyes. "Follow Alice, she will instruct you on your chores." "This way," Alice said pushing the cart into the kitchen. Sarah's stomach rumbled but she said nothing. "This is my laundry room. Ms. Striker insisted you wash all of the clothes but of course I'l help you," Alice said with a smile. Sarah looked around the room. "Oh, what a beautiful dress!" She exclaimed. "What, oh this ol' thing. It's nothing." "Did you make that?"Sarah asked. "Well, I, yes. I design clothes in here, when I have spare time. I'm not really supposed to though.." Alice said,her face flushed. "I won't tell a soul mam," Sarah said in awe. "I think Sarah, we are going to be friends," Alice said smiling. "You sure you can carry that?" "Yes, I've got it." Sarah said. "Good, take these and give them to the cook, he needed some extra rags. Then leave the basket by the stairs and you can go play," Alice said sweetly. Sarah walked down to the kitchen and gave the cook the rags. She was walking to put the basket away when she noticed something outside the window. "Oh teddy! I've found you!" Sarah exclaimed. She ran upstairs with glee, at last she had the teddy her mother and father had given to her before the fire. She set it down gently, but then caught something in the corner of her eye. "What did I tell you about that wretched thing!" Ms. Striker shreiked. She ripped the teddy bear out of Sarah's hands and held it above the window. "No!" Sarah yelled. "Please, he's my.." "This will show you to disobey me!" Ms. Striker yelled tossing it out the window. Ms. Striker went to leave the room but stopped at the door. "Do not bother coming down to dinner tonight, you will be given nothing due to your insubordination." Sarah sat up on her bed feelling hopeless. Something good had to come of her staying here. "This means war Ms. Striker," Sarah whispered.

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Cupcake101198Jul 15, 2009

Wow, I hate that Ms.Striker! How could she do that to Teddy? She looks like a butch! Nice story.

charrayJul 3, 2009

Great job on this \:\)  5.0 \:rah\:

whitmartinezJul 1, 2009

I can't wait to read more!  Great start sounds like it's going to be a great story.

drewsolteszJun 30, 2009

Excellent use of CC, and very chilling those final words! Look forward to more!!\:cool\:

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