Learning to Love - Part 1
Published Jun 28, 2009

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Hi all! Welcome to my second story...I really hope that everyone who enjoyed reading my first story will continue to enjoy my stories with this new one. I would love it if you left comments as it's a new story and I would love to hear your thoughts on it. Thank you...

Hi all! Welcome to my second story...I really hope that everyone who enjoyed reading my first story will continue to enjoy my stories with this new one. I would love it if you left comments as it's a new story and I would love to hear your thoughts on it. Thank you... Nick sighed, letting the door close with a soft click behind him. I'm finally moving up in the world, he thought to himself. His eyes searched the bare walls, the large, empty room. The same room which would soon become his livingroom. He had just signed a lease that would make this his for at least the next twelve months.
Running his fingers through his thick, black hair, his eyes suddenly felt so heavy. His lack of sleep was finally catching up to him.
"Is that you Nick?" The call came from the kitchen, along with the delicious aroma only his mother's spaghetti could create.

"Yea, hi mum," Nick replied, placing his keys onto the table in the hallway.

"Dinner will be ready in half and hour," His mother said, popping her head around the doorway. "How did you go?"

"Great," He said, following the aroma into the kitchen where his mother stood.
"It's all ready to go in a week's time. You and dad won't miss me too much, will you?" Nick teased, giving his mother a hug.

"Oh, of course we will Nick. Our baby boy's leaving home," His mother replied, checking on the spaghetti.

"Mum, I'm thirty-two now, I'm not a baby anymore. I should have done this years ago," Nick sighed, turning to walk out of the room.

"You'll always be our baby, Nick. Remember, dinner soon!"
Stretching out on his bed, Nick allowed his mind to wander. It would be good to finally leave this house, he thought, the house he had called home since he was a baby. He would finally have his own space. He should have done it long ago, but the time had never been right.
Suprisingly, living at home had never affected his chances with the ladies. Women seemed unable to resist him, which he knew made his friends green with envy. He was a good looking guy, plenty of people had told him that, but he knew it was his sensitivity, his charm that attracted women to him.
His mother's calls interrupted his thoughts. Just in time, as his stomach let out a knowing grumble.
Over the following week, Nick found himself busy preparing for the move. While carefully wrapping his breakables in newspaper, he realised how little possessions he had. He wasn't one to hoard, but this didn't look like enough for a man of his age.
Shrugging off the thought, the shrill ringing of his mobile startled him.

"Hello?" Nick answered.

"Hey man, what's up?" A familiar voice responded.
"Hey, Chris. Not much, just packing. Why, what are you up to?" Nick asked, knowing his good friend wanted something.

"Can't a mate just call up for a chat?" Chris replied, feigning innocence.

"Sure," Nick chuckled. "Not you, though."

"Hell, you've got me,' Chris admitted. "Well, I met a couple of chicks this morning. Asked them if they wanted to come out for a drink tonight and said I'd bring a friend. What do you say? Trust me, it'll be worth it when you see them."

"I've got more packing to - " Nick started. "Oh, why not? Give me an hour, ok?"

"Sure, man. That's the Nick I know! See ya then," Chris said, hanging up.
Over an hour later, Nick was sitting beside Chris in a club they frequented, a much needed beer in front of them.

"That's them, walking in now," Chris nudged Nick, indicating to the two young women walking in.

Nick glanced over, spotting the pretty brunette and blonde looking their way. Before he realised, Chris had waved them over.
"Hey, Nick!" Chris said, snapping Nick out of his daze. "I said, this is Melody and Anna."

"Oh, sorry! Lack of sleep," Nick apologised, giving them one of his irresistable smiles. "Nice to meet you."

"Hi," The women cooed in unison.
Several drinks later, they found themselves sinking into the softness of the club's lounges. While Chris immersed Anna in one of his heroic tales across from them, Melody and Nick got to know each other better.

"So, how long have you and Chris known each other?" Melody asked, as Nick watched her lips move lusciously over each word.

"A few years, we met through friends," Nick replied absently, hypnotised by her beauty.

" know, it's getting late. How about we go back to your place?" Melody hinted, placing a suggestive hand on his thigh.

"Well, you don't waste any time," Nick chuckled, stumbling as he attempted to stand. "Right this way."
After dropping Nick and Melody off at their destination, the taxi had driven away silently down the street. The backlights growing smaller and smaller, until they vanished completely in the darkness of the night.
Nick's fingers rummaged for the keys in his pocket. Pulling them out, he fumbled to put them in the lock. After signalling for Melody to be quiet, he opened the door and led her to his room.
Breathless and tired, they lay silently next to each other. Nick was unsure how much time had passed but saw an orange glow forming on the horizon in the distance. He had lost count of how many sunrises he had been awake for in the past years. Without a word, Melody slid out of the bed, dressing quickly in the clothes scaterred on the floor. Nick watched her in silence. It was always the same. A night of intimacy spent with a woman he had just met, followed by a silent agreement to have no more to do with each other. There were no feelings between them, there never had been. This had become a routine for Nick, one he had long stopped reaping enjoyment from.
As he heard Melody softly close the front door, he wriggled free of the blankets entangling his body and made his way to the bathroom for a hot shower.
A towel still draped around his waist, Nick brewed himself a coffee. Taking a sip, he closed his eyes, savouring the taste of the warm liquid flowing into his body. His eyes were heavy, yet he knew they wouldn't close.
His mind flashed back to that day so many years ago, the day that he had learned the truth. The day that had changed the world as he saw it.
A noise behind him made him jump, jolting the memory to the back of his mind once again.
"Morning, mum. I didn't wake you, did I?" Nick asked, turning to face his mother.

"No, sweet. I seem to be waking earlier and earlier these days," His mother yawned, watching Nick finish his coffee. "Are you having trouble sleeping again?"

"Yea, no need to worry though, I'm fine. It's just the excitement of the move," Nick lied, giving his mother a kiss as he went to go back to his room.
Early that afternoon, Nick had some visitors before his move the following day.

"Hey Jess!" Nick cried, swinging the little girl through the air. "Who's my favourite girl in all the world?"

Jess giggled in his arms, her eyes glinting with joy.

"She's got you wrapped around her little finger," Nick's younger sister, Miranda laughed. "All packed?"

"Yea, not that I had a huge amount to pack." Nick replied with a smile.

"You won't know what to do with yourself. All that free space you can do whatever you want with." Miranda said, walking through to the livingroom.

"Almost anything. I'm only leasing it," Nick reminded her.
Nick and Miranda took a seat on the lounge, watching Jess as she played contentedly with her teddy.

"I bet you're excited,' Miranda smiled, looking over at her brother. "I know I was when Mitch and I moved into our first place."

"Yea, I am. I'm looking forward to it," Nick said, continuing to watch his neice play happily. "You moved out six years ago though, when you were twenty. You were a lot younger than I am now. It won't be party central at my place."

Miranda laughed. "Ok, fair enough. But it wasn't always like that, and definitely isn't now," She said, indicating to her daughter.
"Who's ready for afternoon tea?" Their mother asked, appearing at the door.

Nick and Miranda winked at each other, knowing there were baked goodies waiting for them in the next room. As they raced to the kitchen, in a tradition that had followed them from childhood to adulthood, Nick's heart felt heavy.
That was all of it. The last of the boxes. It had only taken two trips, and his new furniture would be arriving that afternoon. Nick had ordered a new fridge, lounge suite, TV and bed as soon as his application to lease the house had been successful. He would have plenty of time to buy the rest of the furniture for the house, having a week off from work due to his promotion. Right now, it was just about getting settled. Diving into the crystal clear water of the pool the next morning, Nick cleared his mind. On this beautiful spring morning, the incredibly blue liquid had proved too enticing to resist. Breaking through the surface of the water, his lungs filled with air. He felt droplets of water run down the tip of his nose, the morning sun warming him.
This was perfect, he knew he would love it here. Quiet, cosy and private; it was all he needed.
After a refreshing swim, Nick went to hop out of the pool. Reaching the top rung of the ladder, on his way to make breakfast, a noise made him stop. It was knocking, quiet but distinct. A strange sound in this new house which had not yet had any visitors. Nick was not expecting anyone, so was uncertain of who could be at the door. Opening the door, he found himself staring at a young woman. A woman he didn't recognise, yet a strange feeling came over him. A feeling he couldn't place.

"Uh...hi. May I help you?" Nick asked, finding his voice.

"I think so," The woman replied, clearing her throat. "Are you Nick...Nick Motley?"

"Yes, that's me," He said, wondering what she could want.
"Oh, well, I'm Adriana," She smiled, searching his face. "Adriana Chesters."

"Nice to meet you, Adriana," Nick replied, unsure what she was here for. "May I ask what this is about?"

"Sorry, I'm forgetting my manners. Would it be possible if I came inside first?" Adriana asked.

"Um...ok. Follow me," Nick hesitated, before leading the woman to his livingroom. Feeling confused, his mind spun over what this stranger could want with him.

**Keep an eye out for Part 2! Who is this woman??

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TCaulk76Sep 11, 2014

I am wondering who the woman is myself. She obviously knows how Nick is, but Nick has no clue who she is. Can't wait to find out who she is and how she knows Nick - but he doesn't know her. Or does he?

Jennifer_RDec 17, 2009

Great first part! \:rah\: I wonder who this woman is and what she wants to talk to Nick about? to find out in part 2. \:\)

coraski11Nov 11, 2009

oMG! love the story, cant wait for the second part!! \:\)

martoeleNov 11, 2009

Yes... who is she?  A 5.

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