Lorelei - VII
Published Jul 2, 2009

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EDIT: I double posted the same paragraph D: Fixed now ^^,

Yo =D Welcome back~! AWWW I love you for getting this far *hugs* this chapter's title is PROVIDENCE btw, I included a complete list of the titles at the Corner since I couldn't edit them one by one. Anyways, I wish you all a happy reading~! =]


EDIT: I double posted the same paragraph D: Fixed now ^^,

Yo =D Welcome back~! AWWW I love you for getting this far *hugs* this chapter's title is PROVIDENCE btw, I included a complete list of the titles at the Corner since I couldn't edit them one by one. Anyways, I wish you all a happy reading~! =]

The rest of lunchtime went smoothly. Greg and I switched lunches; hotdogs for flapjacks, it was a nice trade. We chatted a bit and had a nice time, not noticing that time had already run out and the bell rang. Soon we found ourselves at the pool where the rest of the class is. “Is it just the five of us?” I asked Greg, as I’m clearly not used to low class population. “Yep, schedules…Alice and I only come here MWF.” Looks like I’ll be seeing them a lot since we have the same schedule. “And Yuki,” I subconsciously asked. “Whenever she can make it, I guess.” “Girls, line up!” The teacher called, “I’d also like to remind you that you’re grade will depend on your speed, so take this seriously.” Well that’s a cruel way to remind us. Doesn’t she know we have sick people…wait a sec, Hideki? He’ll short-circuit in water, right? “On your marks…” as long as he’s not in the same pool with me, I guess that’s fine. “Go!” Even though the sound of her mouth’s enough to set me running, but her shout made us go swimming for our lives. Nevertheless I threw my arms around the water and kicked as hard as I could to reach the end. My hand reached out frantically to the wall of the pool, held it and raised my head and gasped for air to fill my lungs. Seconds later Alice appeared, but Yuki was no where to be found. Then I saw her hand in the midst of blue, waving desperately. I didn’t wait for anything else; I swam towards her and dragged her to the edge. Greg and Hideki helped her up, while Alice and I pushed her towards them. Next thing was we’re already gathered over her like vultures. “Giver her some space,” the teacher yelled as she dialed on the phone. Out of breath and really annoyed from her voice, Alice and I sat on the bench. Few moments later doc, Ms. Marie arrived and took her to the clinic. Swim class resumed with Hideki against Greg – which I’m most worried about, though luckily, no robotic short circuiting happened. By three, prince Hideki was fetched by Toshiro-san and went home. Alice, Greg and I hung out a bit but they had to return to class to continue their tests, which leaves me to wander around alone. Though when I passed the school’s Zen garden I found a music sheet book, guess I should return this to the music room, huh? On my way there I heard a piano, playing a soft sad tune, then someone’s voice. ‘My broken wings still strong enough to cross the ocean with…’ I felt great determination in those lyrics, it felt sad, then again so peaceful. I followed the sound, thinking it might as well lead me to the owner of the book. ‘My broken wings How far should I go drifting in the wind?’ The sound was getting clearer, I must be close by. ‘Across the sky…’ Pass the office, across the clinic, I found it. I touched the knob, hesitated, then walked in, “just keep on flying…oh, Miyazama-kun.” Across the room, I saw her. So pale and meek, her eyes look so soft and subtle. Seeing her next to the piano, hearing the song, I froze on the spot; I didn’t know what to say. “I’m sorry for the trouble I caused. You didn’t have to,” she murmured as she got up from the piano and walked towards me. “Does it hurt?” again she asked, pointing to my scarred nose from my rescue mishap at the pool. “Oh, no need to worry; at least you’re still alive.” I cheerfully beamed. “Alive, am I really…” were her somber whispers. She stood there in front of me, her frail body shining with the setting sun on her back. Then I heard a crisp crackling sound. Next thing I knew, her hand was smoothing the band-aid on my scarred nose. Her hand lingered on my face for a moment then down to my cheek. Finally she removed it and we remained standing for what felt like hours. I looked down – my face burning, words dancing at the tip of my tongue. “Thanks,” was the only word that escaped the tango inside me. A gentle, happy sound pranced into my ears. I gazed at her once more, and saw her smile. “No problem, Miyazama-san; I owe you.” The same night I couldn’t sleep a wink. I wanted to toss and turn to get a more comfortable position but I couldn’t. I didn’t dare move, Zin was sleeping soundly beside me, and I don’t want to wake her. Poor thing had a meeting that afternoon. She collapsed as soon as she saw the bed. “Mnn…ahoho an award…oh, gosh…” she mumbled in her sleep, “oh, you’re…to…kind.” Hearing her joyous sleep talking, I knew Zin had a good day. The meeting was probably for her new book, ‘Queen of Albion’ and seems like they gave her an award. I closed my eyes tightly and smiled, I was happy for her. But the butterflies in my stomach just kept bugging me; they didn’t spare me a wink. …RING! RING! RING! “I’m not gay!” I screamed as soon as I heard the rings of the alarm clock. I looked around, trying to focus my eyes and saw Zinnia stood there in shock. “Something’s wrong…” I groaned as I plopped down on the bed, “so…wrong.” *INSERT SPONTANEOUS & ECCENTRIC MUSIC HERE*

It's time for some peace, and to give everyone a peace of my mind! Welcome to Zen's CORNER!


"Oh, is the camera rolling?"
"...yes, get on set!"
"Just a sec..."
Oh, hi everyone? I'm sorry about that, oh and you're probably wondering who this lil' angel is. This is my baby sister Erin. Say 'Hi' to the readers now sweetie, I know you wanna, d'aww~...oh wells, time for beddy time. Excuse us, and while we're away here are the chapter titles listed below:

1. Broken Family
2. Goals & Dreams
3. Mother
4. Something's Fishy
5. The Truth
6. Deviant
7. Accidents
8. Providence
9~ coming soon ^^,
Okay, goodnight now ^^, If you need neechan, just scream, okay? So where were we? Oh yeah...this episode's corner is pretty much cancelled today. I have to take care of my baby sister since she got sick all of a sudden, and we're pretty much alone in the house anyways. Of course with that nasty H1N1 virus still around I'm freakin worried! I'm supposed to have school this week too, but since someone got infected it got quarantined 'til further notice. So please, everyone, take care of your health and make sure you eat right and have proper rest. Also, like the ALL-KNOWING TV says...wash your hands o-o
*sigh* Right now, I'm REALLY tired...hmm see, 3:53 am. Ahh, I better get in before the sun shines! See you next time on the later chapters, and thanks so much for reading this far. Please remember to give feedback to keep me going, I love you all~!
WAAAAAAAAAA NEECHAN!!! Once upon a time, there was a very sleepy girl named Zen who needs to take care of her little sister who's currently hyper at the moment. Zen wishes that she would just sleep til morning...but NO. And they lived happily ever after...

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#1FenixFire93Jul 2, 2009

Aww, I love your story! And I can't wait for the next chapter \:\)
I have to ask, when will Lorelei come in or is that a surprise? \:D Anyway, I rated it a 5 \:\)
Can't wait!!! xDDDDD

#2nikki_19612Jul 2, 2009

Great Job! I can't wait for the next chapter \:\)

#3candy820Jul 2, 2009

Another great part.\:D  Waiting for part 8.\:D

#4maddiedawn07Jul 2, 2009

Arg!! I just crammed all of  these storys in my head \:D and its been 30 mins. since i started reading O.O....Im kinda hooked...Hello im Maddie and i have a Lorelei addiction \:D....Omg cant even wait til the next one :}.....Sooo O.O freggin excited O.O<.>

#5kanzenJul 2, 2009

<strong>EDIT: I doubleposted the same paragraph...oh so embarrassing~! Fixed now ^^,</strong>

#6ellestannaJul 2, 2009

"I'm not gay!" Lol. Great part can't wait for the next one.

#7fredbrennyJul 2, 2009

Love your sense of humour! \:rah\:

#8MDPDivaJul 3, 2009

Nice story! How did you get that picture?? How did you make them pose like that? Great Job!!! \:\) \:\) \:\)

#9shaml_sim Jul 19, 2009

Great, great, great! Love Zen's corner \;\)

#10codie198Jul 25, 2009

LooL Love The Story At The end!

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