She loves you...She loves you not: Pt2
Published Jul 8, 2009

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This is the 2nd main part of my story. Thank you for all the comments, guestbooks etc. I do try and get back to them but I sometimes forget so I apologise. Thanks also goes out to all the amazing custom content that has been made.

Edit: This took a lot longer to upload than expected. This is due to me almost completing the part and then it deleting all my story so I am a bit mad!

This is the 2nd main part of my story. Thank you for all the comments, guestbooks etc. I do try and get back to them but I sometimes forget so I apologise. Thanks also goes out to all the amazing custom content that has been made.

Edit: This took a lot longer to upload than expected. This is due to me almost completing the part and then it deleting all my story so I am a bit mad!
After their return from holiday, Katie and Alex spent just as much time together as they did before. Except Jacob had to spend time with Alex too. Despite how much Jake wanted to dislike him, he couldn't. He was a decent guy and did care about Katie. Katie knew that having Alex around all the time was making Jacob feel like a gooseberry so she tried as often as she could to spend time with Alex at his place.
Katie loved being with Alex and his house was perfect. Alex was an amazing cook, like Jacob, and it made the dates even more perfect. Jenna wasn't happy about Alex dating Katie and she was prepared to ruin their star gazing as much as possible.
"What rock have you crawled out of?" Jenna snarled at Katie, "Why don't you just go away!"

"Now now, Jenna, let's be adults," Katie replied, "Alex and I are together now."

"I don't care," Jenna shouted, "I still despise you."
"Look Jenna, just leave," Alex said angry.

"I'll remember that when you come crying to me for late night action that she just aint giving you, see you...DARLING," Jenna sneered storming off.
Katie and Alex managed to forgot what happened and spend some time alone that night. She got home to Jake and they packed their suitcases for a few days in a local lodge Alex owned. Jake intended to enjoy his time with Katie. They were after all, alone and in a different surrounding. Who knew what could happen? Jake settled his nerves by catching up on some recent music reviews and local interior design. He also played music to help Katie be inspired to paint. He just enjoyed every moment they spent together. They later went to the local village and relaxed together with some Chinese tea. Katie sampled the local food of Chinese rice whilst Jacob learnt how to be a ninja. Katie even did some shopping and bought a kimono for herself and Jacob to wear when out sightseeing. "I love it!" Jacob said twirling proudly in his komono.

"You look...." Katie started and blushed as Jacob said,

"Handsome, sexy? Drop dead gorgeous." Katie turned away, blushing for even thinking Jacob was sexy. She felt so attracted to him and hadn't even thought about Alex.

"They say if you make a wish in this Chinese wishing well, it comes true," Katie said rather quickly hoping to change the subject. She dropped her coin in the ancient fountain.

"What did you wish for?" Jake asked and moved closed behind Katie, his hand brushing her arm.

"I wished...I wished we'd be together forever," Katie said.
"We will be, forever," Jake said turning Katie around and brushing his warm lips over hers. Katie didn't resist, she'd wished for it. He kissed her so softly, his lips desperate for her. He'd waited for this moment and now she was his. She kissed him back. She tasted so sweet and worth the wait. Katie's knees felt week, Alex was a good kisser, but Jake took kissing to a whole new level. He made her weak and under his spell. They didn't pull apart. It had started raining and they didn't stop. Jake's lips nibbled at hers, showing the hunger and passion he had for her. Katie felt her foot pop, it rose in the air. She knew then that this kiss was the kiss of the man of her dreams. It was Jake, it always had been Jake. She'd just never realised it. Katie pulled away first her mind racing, "Oh Jake..." she said softly stunned.

"If you hadn't have wished it, I would've," Jake smiled as he caressed her arm softly, "Do you see it now?"

"I do Jake, I do, you love me..." Katie said tears in her eyes.

"More than anyone, since the moment we first met, the way you say my name, or get mad at me, I love how talented you are and how modest cos you won't admit it! I love how proud you're of me. I loved you when you had your natural hair, glasses and were "fatter" as you would say, you're perfect. You didn't need to change for me, I loved every inch of you," Jacob told her.

"The paintings all over it...all to show you loved me?" Katie realised.

"And because you're amazing, but yes," Jacob blushed.
"It's raining," Katie laughed as Jake pulled her closer.

"Is it?" Jacob gushed.

"I...I love you Jake...," Katie replied.

"I love you too Katie, forever, always and a day," Jake beamed. Then it hit home. Alex. She knew there and then that she loved Jake more. Jake was the one and she knew it. Poor Alex. She felt sick and guilty. How would she tell him.

"Alex..." Katie said shocked.

"Don't worry Katie, we'll sort it when home, ok?" Jacob soothed.

"But I've..." Katie said trembling.

"It'll be fine," Jake assured her, holding her trembling hands in his, "I promise."

"But..." Katie began and Jake shushed her.
He dipped her gently as he kissed her again. Katie forgot what she was arguing about and went back into the blissful moment. Then he lifted her into his arms.

"Let's head home before we drown eh lover?" he smiled.
"Will I do?" Katie asked standing beside the bed.

"Wow, just wow," Jake smiled pulling her onto the bed.
"Most beautiful woman in the world," he said as he kissed her passionately. Later Jacob told Katie to put her best dress on so she thought she was going to a posh restaurant. Instead they stayed at home as he served her favourite dessert of Crepes Suzette. "This is perfect Jake," Katie told him, "It really is. The food, being with you..."

"Could it get any better?" he replied.

"Nothing can beat this," Katie assured him.
"Not even this?" Jake said innocently, passing her the black box. Katie shook with excitement as she opened the box. Inside was the most perfect green diamond engagement ring. Her favourite.

"Oh Jake..." Katie said teary, "You sure?"

"Marry me Katie, please, I want to be with you every day, for the rest of our lives. Like you said. I love everything about you and I'd treat you good, I promise," Jake pleaded looking into her eyes and bearing his soul.
Katie looked at the ring and smiled, "Yessssssss."

Jake smiled and kissed her quickly, "Did I top the moment?"

"Yes," Katie beamed back, glancing at her ring, "I love you, so much."

"I love you too, we need to head home soon my love," Jake said sadly.
After a few hours of lovey dovey time, they packed their suitcases, put on their komonos and headed home. When Jake got home, he made that important phone call. He knew what needed to be done. He did it secretly whilst Katie slept. She couldn't find out what he'd done...

End of Part 2 :D

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fabrizioammolloJul 23, 2009

Well the plot thickens! \:\) Great chapter...

tykijonesJul 10, 2009

Who did he call? I wanna know.... But i love this story.

transam13Jul 10, 2009

interesting.... very interesting...

dancergirl7238Jul 10, 2009

where did u get katie's hair and jake's outfit on the cover(1st page)? Great story!!!\:rah\:

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