The Andretti Legacy (77)
Published Aug 3, 2009

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The Andretti Legacy

Chapter 77

The Andretti Legacy

Chapter 77
"What are you doing here?" Ian groans as Ivy reaches the top of the stairs. His eyes remain across the street, and she wonders if what she is about to say will have time to sink in before he pushes it back out.

"...I haven't heard from either of you since the wedding. I know that you just brought the baby home, and I wanted to make sure that everything was okay. I'm here if you need me, Ian." Her voice is soft and quiet, as she hopes Isis doesn't notice and come outside.

"No, really...why are you here? I know Isis didn't call you, she's been asleep since noon. I surely didn't." His voice is hard and even more mature since the last time Ivy spoke with him.

"...fine. No small talk...right to the point." She sighs heavily. The burden on her shoulders has been weighing her down for far too long. It is certainly hard to admit your wrong doings.
Ian rises from the bench, and crosses the front porch with a look of disgust smeared across his face.

"I hope you don't expect me to apologize." He growls at her, as she takes a step back. She knows that he would never hurt her, but he certainly looks very intimidating.
"No, Ian...I don't. I...want to apologize." Ivy replies softly. She can see that it catches him off-guard, but he still, stands firm. "I have, honestly, spent days and nights trying to find the right thing to say. I just...can't. So, what I am basing all of this off my heart. I hope that you can take it and hold it, before you push it right out the other ear." Ivy stares back at him, dying to know what he's thinking. "I am sorry for screaming at you and her that night. I don't know what came over me. I walked around the corner and you were kissing her...and I was mad, I was upset, I was jealous...I was so many things."

"Jealous?!" He spits out unintentionally, in shock and confusion.

" left me, alone...and then you came back...and I was so happy to have my brother. Dad was my boss, and a nightmare. Mom was still upset with me for not telling her where you'd went and why. I had no friends at work or from school...I was too concentrated on graduating and learning to make any. But, you came back...and it was like a light for me. I just...was in disbelief. Then, I introduced you to Sis...and it seemed...there was something between you two. Something special. My jealousy started there...and as time went on...I kept brewing, and I boiled over when I saw you kissing her. I was just so mad...she was going to take you from me again. were all I had. I blew up and I blew it. Just my...lack of information and you know...short Andretti temper." A small file appears on both their faces, as the statement certainly was true about their family.
"Ivy...I don't really know what to say. I do know that I probably made a bigger deal out of it than what it really was...and Isis has been pushing me to forgive you, because you are very important to her. But, I wouldn't...I was mad at you. I didn't understand." Ian stares back at her, feeling terrible, and also embarrassed at his complete disregard for her feelings.

"...I hope that you aren't mad anymore." Ivy looks down at his shoes. "I want to meet my nephew and spend time with an old friend and my brother. "
Isis steps out of the front door and closes it behind her to keep the bugs out just as Ian reaches forward and wraps his arms around his sister. She blinks a few times, then rubs her eyes. She shakes her head a little and opens her eyes as wide as she can to focus on what she's looking at.

"Ian?" Isis asks with a tired voice, and he turns to face her.
"Oh...Ivy is here. She wants to meet to Jaxson." Ian smiles kindly at Isis who stares back at her sister-in-law with a tired and confused look on her face.

"Uhh...okay." She agrees, as she pulls open the front door yawning.

"It seems like we just brought him home yesterday." Isis looks from her husband to their baby as she offers him his bottle. Though Isis has always wanted a big family, Jaxson makes her complete and fills every spare place in her heart. She couldn't possible have room to love anymore.

"He's growing so fast, too." Ian replies with a soft sigh. "Tomorrow is his birthday; I can't believe it. He'll be walking soon, talking, getting into's just incredible." Ian is still quite amazed by the living being he and Isis created. Being the youngest of his family, he's never been around a baby before. Not too mention that this baby happens to be his; it's truly an overwhelming experience.
"I need you to run to the store and get a cake for tomorrow. I've got so much I want to do around here before everyone arrives. Besides, I need to put Jaxson down for his nap since he just ate." Isis shoots a sweet smile in her husband's direction, begging him to run to the store for her.

"Oh, I guess." Ian sighs heavily and rolls his eyes with a smile; Isis punches his shoulder playfully and walks towards the nursery. "Ouch!"

"Don't roll your eyes at me!" She calls back laughing as she shuts the door behind her. Ian digs through his pockets for the keys, and heads out of the house.
Ian enters the General Store with one thought on his mind. 'The best cake available for his little boy.' He wanted everything for his son, even for the simple things like a birthday cake.

At first, Ian wanted his son to be a musical man, much like himself. But, as the days pass and he remembers his own father, Ian begins to accept the idea that whatever Jaxson wants to do is good enough for him. Now, that doesn't mean Ian won't be encouraging musical interest, but he will do his best not to push too hard.

Both Ian and his son celebrated a birthday within a week. With Jaxson now in his toddler years, Isis wanted to stay home with him even more. She'd partnered with her boss at the bookstore, but if she quit her job, she would definitely take an income cut.

As Jaxson grew older and older, he begged and begged for Mommy to say home with him. At one point, Jaxson went as far to ask her why she didn't like staying with him--he doesn't understand adults have jobs. But, it was then that Isis called her boss and quit working the front counter.
After Jaxson's next birthday, and he was able to attend school during the day, Isis grew stir crazy. Staying at home, alone, was so boring. Ian had Autograph Signings frequently, and was generally out of the house on his days off. She had to do something other than going completely insane. After sending Jaxson to school, Isis set out to walk the town in search of a volunteer or part time job. With Ian being a composer now, money was no problem for them. Isis' main purpose was to find something to occupy her time. She stopped in at City Hall, the School, the Police Station. Nothing was really suiting what she had in mind. Maybe she won't find what she had in mind, but at least getting out of the house and walking around is relaxing her some. She passes the local spa and notices a sign out in the front lawn advertising two part time jobs. One being a receptionist, and the other being a spa specialist. Perfect!

The Spa Specialist would certainly be more relaxing, but she has no experience with anything spa related. So, she figures surely being a partner with the bookstore and her experience there, the receptionist job will be hers.
Isis exits the building two hours later. Had she known there would be a line waiting for interviews, she never would have stopped in. As she was waiting, the fourth person ahead of her was given the receptionist job. She wanted to turn around and leave, but didn't. What if she did get the specialist job?! The idea excited her, and she waited and waited until it came her turn.

She stands just outside her new place of employment with a smile on her face. She had no idea how to give a massage or manicure someone's nails, but the Spa guaranteed they'd teach her! She can't wait to tell Ian!
Later in the evening, before Isis returns home, Ian searches for Jaxson to ask him if he needed any homework help. He searched the house through and through and found no trace of their quiet boy. Ian imagines Jaxson will do well in school, as he is very calm and good natured.

He finally notices Jaxson's t-shirt through the patio doors. He steps out onto the balcony quietly, and wonders what Jaxson is doing down by the water.

"You okay, little man?" Ian asks with a soft voice. Jaxson doesn't even acknowledge that he heard his father's voice.
" is halfway gone and I still don't have no friends." Jaxson sighs quietly. "Everyone just makes fun of me...they don't want to know me." Ian stares down at his son's back speechless. How does a man who is admired by an entire city talk to his lonely son about making friends? "I hate school...not 'cause the homework...'cause the other kids. They are mean to me." Jaxson's voice trails off as he thinks back on the rough time he had at school today. "I don't really know what to say, Jaxson." Ian slowly follows the stairs down to the little patch of grass Jaxson is standing on. "I know that's not what you want to fact, I really don't even know what you want to hear."

"Thanks, Dad." Jaxson sighs heavily and brushes past Ian walking up the stairs and back into the house shutting the door hard behind him.
"Ian?" Isis walks out the door shortly after Jaxson hurries through it. "Is everything okay?"

"...he's upset because he doesn't have any friends. I told him that I didn't know what to say...and I think he's mad." Ian sighs heavily.
She walks down the steps and stands just behind Ian wondering what she would have said. More than likely, it would have been the same thing.

"Maybe...I don't know, maybe we should have another baby?" Ian mentions quietly.

"...oh, Ian. I don't want another. I am perfectly happy with our son. What if we just took him out in public more? You the pool, the park...the beach. Ian, it's not like we can't afford it anymore." Isis replies.

"...I guess we can try that for a bit. I really don't know how Jaxson would feel about a sibling anyway. He seems so quiet all the time. Just my luck, the next kid would be loud and obnoxious and they would hate each other." Ian smiles to himself.

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#4Jaws3Aug 4, 2009

\:D Glad to see the Andretti's back! \:\) And you too, of course! \;\) Another awesome chapter!!!!

#5JohnnyDeppLuvaAug 4, 2009

Another brill chapter =] Can't wait for more :P

#6mini me3393Aug 4, 2009

Ahh, I've been missing this story so much! You definitely did not disappoint. But anyway, I would totally be Jaxson's friend! That poor little guy. I'm also really glad that Ivy and Ian finally made up. Feuding families are never fun. Overall, another great chapter in the Andretti's life story. I hope that you are doing better, we've missed you!

#7AnnwerannsAug 6, 2009

YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! MORE!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE THIS SERIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!\:rah\: \:rah\: \:wub\:

#8AnnwerannsAug 6, 2009

Missed ya Andretti's

#9ParisleafAug 16, 2009

Great part! Please keep writing ^_^

#10kitfu11Aug 19, 2009

Another great part!

#11DragonQueenOct 15, 2009

Great story line.  \:D

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\:rah\: great

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thank you

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